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INVESTIGATION. In 1895 we carefully investigated the narration of the healing work of JESUS and his disciples, as recorded in the New Testament, and became convinced that the dual command of JESUS the CHRIST,“ Preach the gospel and heal the sick,'' is not revoked, but is inseparable and authentic now, hence such healing is not only possible to-day, but never was more needed than now, and should ever be associated with the preaching of the gospel. With this perfect standard of Divine healing before us for consideration, we purchased books on Christian Science and Divine healing, and studied them with the Bible for four years, doing but little else. This helped instrumen-, tally to direct our thought to God, the eternal SOURCE of all Good, and the essence of all goodness; just as the mariner's compass helps the mariner.

Books and personalities are merely instruments or channels, and like the needle in the compass they wabble more or less, but are helpful in so far as they direct our thought to a higher understanding of God, and our relation to Him.

In 1899 we saw clearly that it was our privilege to close all other books for the meantime, and read carefully the Bible all through, with GOD OUR IMPERSONAL AND INFALLIBLE TEACHER, being always in His holy presence. No book contains, and no mortal personality knows the whole of TRUTH. TRUTH is infinite and fills all space, as do the activities of the limitless Mind of God, SPIRIT. Eternity cannot reveal the whole of GOD (TRUTH), because the activities of the limitless Mind of God are not only eternal, but infinite.

No book or person is absolute authority. DIVINE AUTHORITY, God, is the only real Authority, compounding man, and is

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absolute RIGHT;

this exists in the Divine and human consciousness of God and Man, inseparable one.

All the religious movements, church organizations, sects, or cults, of all kinds down the ages and to-day, doubtless have and know fragments of truth, and none of these possess the whole of Truth, neither do all put together do so; TRUTH Is God, and is one compound inseparable, unchangeable, indefinable whole, but our conception of truth is fragmentary. We wish them God speed in so far as they present“ the truth which maketh free.?!...!

God is TRUTH, 80 Truth is eternal, infinite, and unlimited. Books and persons are finite, limited, and have a beginning - and end; the best they can do is to tell us of fragmentary truth, and direct us how to grow in the understanding, demonstration, and consciousness of our Divine Principle, God; so as to live in harmony with Truth and Love in heaven here and now. Heaven is a state of Divine and human spiritual CONSCIOUSNESS. Heaven is not a place or locality, as many suppose, but it is a state or condition of harmonious consciousness, possible to enjoy here and now. What a joyful revelation of Truth this is!

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On November 15, 1899, with the following predominant thoughts before us, we commenced reading the Bible carefully through in humble dependence upon God, writing down such passages of Scripture as impressed us as being most suitable to sustain or correct, from the Bible our present thoughts; our desire to condense led us to omit much that seemed too good to exclude.

Present Thoughts Detailed on November 15, 1899.

Eternal SPIRIT, God is All-in-ALL, and there is no matter, in the real and spiritual universe, or in God's Kingdom.

All is Good, Spirit, and His infinite manifestation; matter is no thing, thoughts are things.

Preach the gospel and heal the sick and sinner, according to the Divine Principle of the New Testament, as demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.

God and Man, Principle and idea, co-existent, co-eternal, and inseparable One, are the infinite Father and Mother of the universe.

The POSSIBILITIES as demonstrated by Jesus the CHRIST, are in the scope and embrace of our inheritance, by virtue of the natural, divine, and eternal Law of absolute RIGHT.

To reach these infinite possibilities, we must choose to comply with the essential conditions of spiritual growth, understanding and demonstration.

God is the only real AUTHOR, TEACHER, Revealer, Interpreter, Helper, Healer, Sustainer, Protector, Unfolder, Leader, Founder, and eternal SOURCE of all Good; and He is infinite Intelligence, Principle, Substance, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Consciousness, Light, Life, Truth, and Love.

God has never chosen any mortal, personality, or materiality, all down the ages, nor does He recognize any.

God is Good, SPIRIT, LOVE, and LOVE is All-in-ALL.

“ Let thy thoughts be spiritual, thy heart pure, and thy hands active in good works."

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