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confirming the stories that had preceded ister and would pay one a handsome him.

salary. O'Neil is recognized as one of the most conservative miners in Nevada, and his III. The Letter from Bishop-elect word is taken by those who place their fortunes in mines.

Robinson “Rawhide is the greatest camp for its

My Dear Mr. O'Neil: age that I have ever seen," said O'Neil last night. “It is bound to be one of the

A friend in New York City has just liveliest mining cities in Nevada. But

sent me an excerpt from one of Nevada's what we need now is a minister. I have

papers, very complimentary to yourself, left my work at Rawhide to come here

and stating that you are desirous of seand make an effort to secure a minister

curing the services of a clergyman for and a church for the camp.

Rawhide. I presume you have someone

We don't care what denomination. What we want

by this time. My letter to you is only is a good earnest preacher who will act

by way of expressing my appreciation as a sort of safety valve, as it were, and

of you as a man of the type that sees

something in righteousness. It is most assist in guiding us back toward the straight and narrow path when we stray

encouraging to one engaged in Christian

work to find a man in another walk of too far. I have started the list and will be at the Overland Hotel all day to-mor

life who is willing to leave his work in row to receive applications and pass upon

order that he may do something for the their qualities for taking charge of the

betterment of his fellows. I beg, therefirst church to be started in our coming

fore, to assure you of my warm apprecity.” Several preachers who are num

ciation, and I hope some day to meet you bered among the unemployed here and in

face to face, and take you by the hand. Sparks started to-day for Rawhide as

Very sincerely yours, the result of Dave O'Neil's statement

HENRY D. ROBINSON, that the camp was without a min

Bishop-elect of Nevada.


THE GROUP OF BUILDINGS AT SOOCHOW Mr. Ancell says: "A hideous group of houses is wedged right into our lot. The owner has offered to sell to us, but at a price that is prohibitive. As to our residence, it has been long since so good a house was built in the mission

for so little money"



UR new school buildings are ways. Among other things, there is less

finished. The new session be- of embarrassment about avowing one's
gan in February with a capac- self a Christian. Time has been when a

ity for about eighty boarders boy might be laughed at who came out and fifty day-pupils. The new school has before the others, declaring himself a five large class-rooms, and we are retain

candidate for baptism. It is not likely ing three of those in former use. As the

to be so now, but is regarded as one's house in which we foreigners have been

personal right to act on his convictions. living is just behind the new building

After the recent examinations at St. and exactly suited to school uses, we

John's College, I overheard our boys have built off on one side a house for the

talking things over. They were saying foreigners and turned our present domi

that at the examination the question was cile over to the school. That can be bet

asked, “Are you a Christian ?” One boy ter utilized by the school than any build

said: "I replied to that, ‘Not yet.'” ing we could have erected for $1,750, the cost of our residence. Now, while our

A short time ago we had an unusual plant is still much smaller than it ought

experience. Over at Sandaung, where to be, we are better fixed for work than

Mr. Standring has been working, there is we have ever been before.

an old lady who has become an earnest During the last half year we have ac- enquirer. During an illness, Mr. Chang cumulated over $400 above all expenses.

went to ask after her. Just as he arA good deal of this will have to go into rived he met one of the family coming new furniture, but our prospects for the

out with a note to him. It was a request opening are good, and we will soon re

from the old lady that prayers should be coup the expenditure. The cost of tuition offered for her by the Church. It was has been increased about 20 per cent. her own thought.

During the year, five pupils were ad- Another interesting old lady has been mitted as catechumens, seven were bap- discovered here. When she was young tized and five were confirmed. One she had some association with Christians, other is ready for baptism and one for and her brother is a member of our confirmation. A good spirit exists in the Church in Shanghai. After she was school, which shows itself in various married she could not keep up her asso


THE NEW SOOCHOW SCHOOL-HOUSE "The old house just in front of the school is being pulled down. It has done duty as our chapel up to the present. It will be rebuilt on one side as a temporary church,

and will eventually become the assembly room of the school" ciations; but she told our ladies, when no encouragement whatever, she had they found her out, that for thirty years been in a measure faithful. Now she has she has prayed every day to the Chris- been baptized and confirmed—blind, and tian's God! Is not that something for led up by the hand to the altar rail, she the imagination? All those years, with has had her first Communion.

The new school buildings of which Mr. Ancell speaks were made possible by special gifts received while he was in this country last year, and by an appropriation of $5,000 from the Board of Missions.




LEVEN years ago last February

the first patient was brought to the Hospital of the Good Shep

herd, at Fort Defiance, Ariz. When I am asked, “How many Indians have been treated during these years ?” I have to reply that I do not know. It is not the number coming in that so concerns us but, How have we helped these people? Have we been kind and patient with them? Their old superstitions are very hard to root out; it takes time to gain their confidence and to direct them to improved ways of living.

We have among our eye patients at present an Indian who was a scout at Fort Wingate, N. M. He has been under treatment for nearly five months. He had been tortured by the medicine men, and his condition was most pitiable. But

he would never have come to a white man for help had he not been desperate, for he loved not the white man and his ways.

His eyes are improving and there is a change in his disposition. The poor man has felt the distance from his home and the long separation from his family. We sent for one of his children and insisted that the little boy remain for an extended visit. The child was very happy and the father was so pleased. Soon a little daughter is coming to make a visit.

At first this patient was most unwilling to come in to prayers; now he is always ready. Not that he has any desire to be instructed in our religion. But he listens and, being a thoughtful man, will he forget all ?







ISHOP KNIGHT, accompanied pected that the building may be occu

by Archdeacon Steel, has just pied on Easter Day.
returned from a trip to the Isle

of Pines, holding services at McKinley, Nueva Gerona, Columbia, Santa Rosalia and Santa Fé. He was

NOTHER Church school has been greeted by large congregations every

started in Cuba, at Guanabacoa. where, but especially at McKinley,

It is under the direction of the Rev. H. where the service was held on a week

C. Mayer, and has now seventeen pupils. night, and at Santa Fé, where the service was held on a Sunday night. Owing

S to the difficulty and danger of travel in

RCHDEACON STEEL is now going order to attend the night services at McKinley, it has been decided that it

to Guaniguaníco every month. will be better for the missionary to

“Guaniguaníco," he says, “is the name of make two visits to the island each month,

a very large tract away at the western end so that the people at McKinley and

of Cuba. The union chapel is called El Nueva Gerona may have day services,

Centro because it is in the geographical and on Sunday. It is hoped and ex

centre of this tract. On Guadiáno Bay

is the town site of Ocean Beach. As the pected that in a short time a resident missionary will be stationed on the isl

railroad is completed now as far as and, who may have a motor cycle, and so

Guane, one may avoid the terrible ride be able to reach all the places, which now

in the volanta, and take the wagon at number seven.

Guane. El Centro is twenty miles, and T

seven hours from Guane, and Ocean

Beach ten miles further on. I go to CHE work on the new Holy Trinity Guane by rail, and then take a lumber

Church, Havana, has progressed to wagon thirty miles to Ocean Beach, the such an extent that it is confidently ex- same day. Sunday morning I have the

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Secretary Taft on Missions Abroad


service there, and then return as far as limited number of tickets has been alGuaniguaníco, where I have the after- lotted for the use of Churchmen. They noon service. We have thirty-four Cana- may be obtained from Mr. John W. dian Churchmen on the tract. I wish Wood, 281 Fourth Avenue, New York. you might hear the service. So full and This Laymen's Movement was inauhearty, and so well sung!”

gurated in New York City in November, 1906. Since that time it has been taken

up heartily in all parts of the United SECRETARY TAFT

States and Canada. A commission of

six laymen went by invitation to Great ON MISSIONS Britain last summer, and the Movement

was at once organized, both in England ABROAD

and Scotland. The secretary of the

Movement in Scotland is now spending HE Laymen's Missionary Move

some weeks in the United States and ment has arranged a men's

Canada, studying the methods by which meeting in Carnegie Hall, New

whole cities have been able to double or York, on April 20th, at 8 P.M., treble their missionary offerings this when Secretary Taft, Mr. Silas McBee,

year. editor of The Churchman, Mr. John R. The meeting in Carnegie Hall will be Mott and Mr. J. Campbell White will

in the nature of an international gatherspeak. There will also be presented a ing of the Movement. Men will be prespreliminary report of the Laymen's Com

ent from all parts of the United States mission, which has been making a per- and Canada. sonal investigation of foreign mission

T fields this year. Over sixty prominent laymen are members of this commission. ROM St. Augustine's School, RaSecretary Taft has seen much of mission leigh, comes a set of very interestwork in the Philippines, and in other ing pictures in the familiar picture postparts of the Orient, and will speak of his al style. The set of ten can be obtained observations of the work.

from the Rev. A. B. Hunter, Raleigh, Admission will be by ticket only. A N. C., for 25 cents.






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