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Valdez, Alaska.-From New York to Valdez

(illus.), 116
Van Buren, Right Rev. J. H.

Is “The story of Mercedes" true? 552

Story of Mercedes, 174
Van Deerlin, H.-Japanese, Hawaiians, Chinese

and Spaniards studying in one class, 559
VIRGINLA, Diocese of
Christmas in the Virginia mountains (illus.),


Wakamatsu, Japan.-Kindergarten at Waka-

matsu (illus.), 309
Wakayama, Japan.—Wakayama and its out-

stations (illus.), 265
Walhalla, North Dakota.--Baptism on the North

Dakota prairie (illus.), 288
Walke, Rev. R. A.-- New Year's Eve at St.

Paul's College, Tokyo, 366
Walker, M. P.-Mann Hall and what it means

for China, 846

See Olympia, Missionary District of
Waste Win, 220
Ways and means, 291
Welbourn, Rev. J. A.

All Saints' Day in Tokyo, 31

How to reach St. Matthias's from Tokyo, 453
WESTERN COLORADO, Missionary District of

Beginning work in Western Colorado, 91
Establishing the Church in a new community

(illus.), 438
On the trail in Western Colorado (illus.), 921
Pioneering in Western Colorado (illus.), 713

Staging by sleigh, 263
Wheeler, c. R. -Pan-Anglican Congress, 466
Whitcombe, L.-Sketch, 369
White, Rev. R.-Sketch and portrait, 863
White Rocks, Utah.-Happenings (illus.), 140
Wightman, M. E.-Sketch, 857
Williams, Right Rev. A. L.-Bishop's sugges-

tions about the apportionment, 42
Williams, C. W.-Sketch and portrait, 856
Winsor, H.-Sketch and portrait, 367
Conferences, 1907, Dec., 68; 1908, Jan., 143;

Feb., 307; March, 310; April, 470 ;

Sept., 813; Oct., 895; Nov., 976
How the Woman's Auxiliary can help meet

the present call for workers, 63
Travelling Secretary, 733, 807, 890, 973


Junior department, 203, 220, 223, 307
Woman's Auxiliary in Shanghai (illus.),

Annual meeting of the Honolulu branch,

A Sokwai of the Nippon Sei Kokwai (illus.),

Fourteenth annual report of the Kyoto

branch (illus.), 811
United States
How the Auxiliary works in the Good Shep-

herd Mission [Morganton, North Caro-

lina] (illus.), 304
South Dakota Indians and the Woman's

Auxiliary (illus.), 139
Young woman's branch in Los Angeles Dio-

cese, 467
Women, Work among See Bible-women;

Woman's Auxiliary
Wood, Rev. R. E. - Christmas in the heart of

China, 928
Woods, L. J.

Full household at Fort Yukon, 657

Sick calls from Fort Yukon, Alaska, 64
Woodward, E. L.-Opening of St. James's Hos-

pital, Anking, 25
Worthington, Right Rev. G. - Bishop Worthing-

ton (portrait), 132
Wuchang, China

Christmas in the heart of China (illus.), 928
Day's routine (illus.), 464
Library in sight for Wuchang, 53

See also Boone College
Wusih, China.-New venture (illus.), 642
Wygant, M. E.-Sketch, 959
WYOMING, Missionary District of
Five thousand miles through Idaho and Wyo-

ming (illus.), 765, 869
From the mining towns and ranches (illus.),


Xochimilco, Lake, Mexico.-Floating islands of

Lake Xochimilco (illus.), 195

Yamagata, Japan.-Outpost in Japan, 545
Young People's Missionary Movement.

[International convention), 296
(Silver Bay conference), 702

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Episcopal Theological School

Cambridge, Mass.



FACULTY Rev. George Hodges, D.D., D.C.L., Dean

Homiletics and Pastoral Care, and Liturgics Rev. P. H. Steenstra, D.D. (Emeritus)

Interpretation of the Old Testament
Rev. Henry Sylvester Nash, D.D.

Interpretation of the New Testament
Rev. Maximilian Lindsay Kellner, D.D.

Old Testament Languages
Rev. Edward Staples Drown, D.D.

Systematic Theology
Rev. Philip M. Rhinelander

Religions and Mission
Rev. Henry Bradford Washburn

Ecclesiastical History
Mr. Robert A. Woods

Mr. William Alden Paull

Music and Reading


The Missionary Budget

A Practical Discussion
of Some Business Details

SENT FREE ON REQUEST TO The Corresponding Secretary

281 Fourth Ave., New York

Access without charge to Harvard University libraries and many courses of special lectures. Men prepared to meet present problems, theological and social. Opportunities for city mission work in Boston under experienced direction,

For Catalogue or other information apply to the DEAN.


I. AT HOME Alaska: Right Rev. Dr. Peter Trimble Rowe. Philippine Islands: Right Rev. Dr. Charles Henry Arizona: Right Rev. Dr. John Mills Kendrick,

Brent. Asheville: Right Rev. Dr. Junius Moore Horner. Sacramento: Right Rev. Dr. William Hall MoreHonolulu: Right Rev. Dr. Henry B. Restarick.

land. Eastern Oregon: Right Rev. Robert Lewis Pad- Salina: Right Rev. Dr. Sheldon Munson Griswold. dock.

South Dakota: Right Rev. Dr. William Hobart Hare, Idaho: Right Rev. Dr. James Bowen Funsten.

Right Rev. Dr. F. F. Johnson, Assistant Bisbop. Kearney: Right Rev. Dr. Anson Rogers Graves. Southern Florida: Right Rev. Dr. William Crane Nevada: Rev. Dr. Henry D. Robinson, Bishop-elect. Gray. New Mexico: Right Rev. Dr. John Mills Kendrick. Spokane: Right Rev. Dr. Lemuel Henry Wells. North Dakota: Right Rev. Dr. Cameron Mann. Utah: Right Rev. Dr. Franklin Spencer Spalding. Oklahoma and Indian Territory: Right Rev. Dr. Western Colorado: Right Rev. Edward Jennings Francis K. Brooke.

Knight. Olympia: Right Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Keator. Wyoming: Vacant. The Bishop of Idaho is in Porto Rico; Right Rev. Dr. James H. Van Buren. charge, by appointment of the Presiding Bishop.

II. ABROAD Brazil: Right Rev. Dr. Lucien Lee Kinsolving. Kyoto (Japan): Right Rev. Dr. Sidney Catlin Cape Palmas (Africa): Right Rev. Dr. Samuel Partridge. David Ferguson.

Mexico: Right Rev. Dr. Henry D. Aves. Cuba: Right Rev. Dr. Albion Williamson Knight. Shanghai (China): Right Rev. Dr. Frederick Hankow (China): Right Rev. Dr. Logan Herbert Rogers Graves. Roots,

Tokyo (Japan): Right Rev. Dr. John McKim.

HATIEN CHURCH : Right Rev. Dr. James Theodore Holly,


IMPORTANT NOTES THE CLERGY "HE Clergy are requested to notify “The Mailing Department, 281 Fourth Avenue,

New York," of changes in their post-office addresses in order that the Board'. publications may be correctly mailed to them. SUBSCRIBERS UBSCRIBERS will observe that the address label indicates the time to which subscrip

tions are paid. Changes are made in the labels on the 15th of each month. If subscriptions are received later than the 15th, the change in the label will appear a month later. CONCERNING WILLS T is earnestly requested that inquiries be made concerning Wills admitted to probate

whether they contain bequests to this Society, and that information of all such bequests be communicated to the Treasurer without delay. In making bequests for missions it is of great importance to give the exact title of the Society, thus : I give, devise, and bequeath to the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, for the use of the Society .. If it is desired that the bequest should be applied to some particular department of the work, there should be substituted for the words “FOR THE USE OF THE SOCIETY,” the words "FOR DOMESTIC MISSIONS," or "FOR FOREIGN MISSIONS," or "FOR WORK AMONG THE INDIANS," or "FOR WORK AMONG COLORED PEOPLE," or "FOR WORK in AFRICA," or "FOR WORK IN CHINA," etc.

Tissot's Bible Pictures

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281 Fourth Avenue, New York

NOW READY The American Episcopal Church

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