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How Does the Church Help Negro Boys and Girls


Daily the Church is developing for Churchman, and is to-day the principal our boys and girls their mechanical skill, of that institution and also the archteaching them the dignity of labor and deacon for work among colored people transforming them into honest, indus- in the Diocese of Southern Virginia. trious and desirable citizens. I would Again I could tell of a noble woman like to tell you how the Church took a brought up under Church influences who little boy from the woods of North Caro- organized a school in a bush arbor, and lina, trained him in her ways, admitted

taught there for six weeks until she built him to Holy Orders, and made him a

a log cabin in which the school was conman of great and wide influence among

tinued. A little church was erected and his people; how he rose step by step until

then she taught school during the week his voice was heard on the floor of the

and read the prayers of the Church on General Convention, and how he died a

Sunday and taught the Catechism. hero, at the post of duty in a great storm

I could tell also of another woman who, that swept over one of our far southern

after years of earnest working and great cities,

sacrifice, saw the fruits of her labors in a I could also tell you how she took an

beautiful chapel, crowded from Sunday other boy from the malarial swamps of

to Sunday with children eager to learn Florida, and, after years of training, he

about the Church. is now the honored vice-principal of the

I could give many instances of earnest, greatest Church school for the education of Negroes.

self-sacrificing work done by men and Likewise she found another boy in the women once boys and girls in our Church country districts of Virginia, gave him

schools, but if I have written enough to his first lessons and prepared him for his

show how the Church can help or has life's work. He it was who founded the helped in the past to make the Negro greatest Normal and Industrial School boys and girls good citizens, then I have for Negroes yet attempted by not written in vain.

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To prosper with Thy blessing all schools and orphanages, and make them fruitful nurseries of noble lives.

To bless those who, as teachers and pupils, are gathered in the Sunday-schools of Thy Church that they may grow in grace and in the knowledge of Thee.

To bring to children of joyless lives brighter days and better hope.

To biess with enlarged success the efforts of the Sunday-school Auxiliary in their gifts and sacrifices during the coming Lent.

To grant to those to whom Thou hast committed the care and training of children such patience, sympathy and love that they may worthily fulfil their great work.

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For the sweet and silent years of the Holy Childhood.

For the light and gladness brought into the world by little children.

For the grace of Christian nurture, which is the blessing and protection of childhood in lands where the Gospel is known.

For the infuence of Christian homes and the benediction which they shed upon the nations of the world.

For all true Christian parents, who through patience and affection train souls for the Kingdom of God.

For the opportunity of blessing childhood, protecting youth and planting Christian homes among all nations.

For the good example and the loving service of those men and women who are ministering to children in this and other lands.

For the growing interest and cooperation of the children of the Church in the upbuilding of the world-wide Kingdom.

behold Thy face in heaven, so they may evermore protect Thy little ones on earth from all danger, both of soul and body, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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INTERCESSIONS "That it may please Thee"

To guard and protect the innocence of children, and by their example to win men and women to a worthier life.

To bless all family life, direct parents in their sacred task, and give to Thy children a fear and love of Thy Holy Name.

orphan and the destitute enter into Thine ears: rescue them from the perils of a sinful world and bring them to the refuge of Thy Heavenly Home, for the sake of Thy Holy Child Jesus, our only Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

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With their little bags about their necks, in which they bring their pennies



OMEN in heathen Africa, get the women to be hearers of the

they tell us, are kept in Word. A few may be seen at the doors
the background. If men of their huts, listening. They must be

are a journey, their visited at their homes, and there taught

are to be seen before or be- that the Gospel is for them as well as the hind, bearing their traps. Even when the men meet, whether politically or This is what the members of the socially, the women are excluded. Even Woman's Auxiliary of Trinity Memorial when the missionary goes to preach Church, Monrovia, try to do, going to the to them it is a difficult matter to heathen women in Kroo Town, and telling them the story that has blessed their from the African Mission for the United lives. In the mission field of Africa Offering in 1907. women are growing up to know some- Nor are the girls at Cape Palmas bething entirely different from the life of



hind in this interest and work. Miss the heathen women.

Woodruff says that the girls of Brierly In Monrovia there is a Junior Branch Memorial Hall become members of the of little women who take part in the Auxiliary as soon as they have been conwork that their mothers are doing. The firmed, the older girls working with the Babies' Branch has been formed also, Woman's Auxiliary, the younger formand holds its meetings twice a month. ing a Junior Department. On special Mrs. Ferguson and other women of the festivals, as Christmas and Easter, the parish are teaching them, preparing them' girls are always among those who help for future usefulness and to love the to clean and decorate the church, gatherOhurch. Here they are assembled, with ing the flowers to make it beautiful. their little bags about their necks, in They are as happy in preparing for which they bring to the meetings the Easter as for Christmas, and are always pennies to be put into the treasury. up bright and early, long before the time They, as well as the Juniors and the for the sunrise service, and. walk to the women, shared in the $110 which came church in line, singing Easter hymns.





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(When Deaconess Drant was in Richmond in October, she told the leaders among the Little Helpers of the sick children she has found among the Chinese in San Francisco, and the Little Helpers decided that this year they would try to raise $500 to fit up a children's ward in the Chinese annex, which Bishop Nichols would be glad to have in connection with St. Luke's Hospital.) N August, 1906, THE SPIRIT native tongues, she would have a mar

Missions contained a picture of vellous influence on our Oriental comthe refugee camp home of True munity, and make of them a powerful

Sunshine, the Church's Mission lever for moving the millions of heathen to the Chinese of San Francisco. in China; for every convert who returns We now have a cottage in Oakland, to his native land becomes a missionary with five rooms suitable for the carry- to break down the prejudices against ing on of our classes and also avail- Christianity. I knew of one man who able for a free dispensary. But soon the left our night-school for a visit to Chinese will return to San Francisco, his home, who, although he was not a where their Chinatown is being rebuilt. Christian, yet became one at once, after If the Church could seize the opportun- living again in the darkness of heathenity, and buy a lot and build a hospital dom in his own country. there, making it a training-school for We need the lot and the temporary workers among the Orientals; if she building for hospital and schools. When could give a settlement house where the buildings are

up we shall need schools and kindergartens could be equipments for them; we need helpers to maintained for both Chinese and Jap- go

into this field so ready for harvesting; anese; if she could have a chapel where above all, we need the prayers of the the service could be rendered in their Church for the outpouring of the mis

The Woman's Auxiliary


to worship her, because she would be angry with those left behind who have descendants, and would help the devil to do all evil things against them. If we had had a free dispensary to which the family could have brought their child, her life might have been saved.

We have a wide opportunity for our mission among the Orientals of our city, and one of the most far-reaching privileges which the Church has to-day, in my mind, is a ministration to their suffering bodies, bringing to them a practical example of the love of Christ. This is a peculiarly situated mission

a foreign-speaking population. It is to a people despised and rejected by many of those who have the light of the Christian religion; it is to a people who are hungry-hearted for some good news which will put into their empty hearts the true God. Oh, that God would send us a speedy answer to our prayers, that we might bring many of them to know and love our Blessed Christ!

sionary spirit here, that we should do this work as it should be done. It is waiting for us.

A family in one of the large tenement shacks had just moved to Oakland from San Francisco, and the mother died suddenly, at four o'clock in the afternoon. The friends saw that two of the six children were also ill, and called in the doctor, who pronounced the cases diphtheria. I found a nurse who was willing to take care of them for five dollars a day. It was a hard test of our faith to know that there was only a paltry $35 available, but I felt that that little money would surely be enough in God's hands, and I sent the nurse to them. Her work was no sinecure, for there was no appliance for heating the one poor room, her meals were sent from the Chinese restaurant, and she had to do whatever washing was necessary in the adjoining vacant room. I supplied her and the children with warm wearing apparel from our relief stores, and friends sent other help. The Red Cross kindly paid the nurse for the many weeks she attended the case, and I felt that my faith that the meal and oil episode would be repeated was justified. The tenementhouse people speak lovingly of True Sunshine, and one very old woman walked a long distance to call on us at New Years, and told us how good we had been to prevent the disease spreading among all the children in that big house.

Another case was one of a dear little girl, a Sunday-school child of True Sunshine-Ah Oi, only four years old. She was taken ill with spinal meningitis, and after suffering for several weeks in the living room which was the home of the parents and six other children, she died at one o'clock in the morning. The family could not have the body removed until one o'clock in the afternoon, and one may imagine the effect on the little children of having such a spectacle before them so long; for the Chinese are especially superstitious concerning death, and would be afraid of the spirit of this child who had died without descendants

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