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To the Board of Missions



RS. BURT writes from Crow forgetting all else, fly into the work

Creek: “Our South Dakota with renewed zeal.
delegate to the Woman's Aux- "Our guild opened Friday with ser-

iliary meetings at Richmond vice at the church, at which over sixty went from Crow Creek. I think it was were present. After the service they the event of her life, that trip! She is came to the lace room, where they held full of it, and says it will take her all their business meeting. The delegates winter to tell us all about it. I am so to the convocation first gave their reglad the privilege was hers."

port, after which they proceeded to the No wonder an Indian delegate from election of officers for the new year. South Dakota enjoys the triennial of Everything passed in such an orderly the Woman's Auxiliary! She has way, yet with much interest and enknown the pleasure of the guild meet- thusiasm, in which all seemed to join, ing at home, its happy work for the without the least show of unpleasant home parish, and its missionary prayer feeling. There were about fifty at the and giving; she has shared the delights business meeting, and our little room of the annual convocation meeting, was crowded; the chairs were filled and when with her fellows she has laid be- the older ones sat on the floor; many fore her bishop the united gifts to be had to stay out of doors. I often wonused within the district and without. der if at other places preference is 'These things have prepared her to ap- shown to the younger ones! Here, if preciate the larger gathering, when a younger member enters the room women from all parts of the Church little late, one of the aged ones will get assemble for their great united service up and offer her chair, then herself go and offering of thanksgiving. She looks and sit on the floor, and the young girls back to the day when, sitting by the never think of such a thing as sitting missionary's side, the convocation dele- on the floor. They would stand through gates counted out their money and re- the whole service rather than do such a solved what part should be

thing. It is really quite amusing sometributed toward this; and when the times to note the reversed order of overflowing golden almsbasin was raised things, is it not? to the altar in the Richmond church, “A beef had been given to the guild her heart rejoiced that the Indian by some one, in memory of some dewomen's gift was there. A private parted friend, and that meant a feast letter from Yankton Agency shows of course, which was one reason of there something of the methods of these In- being so large a number present. Our dian workers.

average attendance last year was from “After spending a few weeks among twenty-five to thirty, and I presume it one's own people and friends, it seems will be about the same this year. The hard to settle down to work again, but Yankton women

are certainly devoted when our good women get together to to their guild work, and to me it is both begin their new year's activities, I seem interesting and inspiring to work with to catch the spirit of enthusiasm, and, and among them.”



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T last we have our organ in use, mothers, helped us, and on Christmas

for the first time on the Sun- morning there was a short service at day after Christmas. It would ten o'clock, attended by both the schools,

have been a treat to have had with a few of the grown people. it for Christmas Day. We like its tone Our Christmas preparations were very much, and its appearance is neat, great rush, and on Christmas Eve it quite in keeping with our other exceed- was midnight before we got to bed, and ingly simple church furniture.

not one Indian child's present had been The little church seats, comfortably, marked. It was found, too, that more fifty people in its ten pews.

There are

were wanted, and a few extra ones had twelve windows, of plain glass. When to be purchased. the bishop was here last he mentioned Here is a brief sketch of the Monday a church where they were going to have and Tuesday before Christmas and of a new altar, and he thought perhaps the the day itself. old one might come to us, but we have On Monday at nine in the morning heard nothing more about it, and sup- Miss Carter went up to the school to pose it has been disposed of otherwise. train some of the children to sing in So for the present we are using a box, the entertainment. At 1:30 we both, covered with white cloth.

with Red Moon and East Wind, went At Christmas time the church was up for a fuller rehearsal. Then with prettily trimmed with cedar and pine, the white children we went into the brought by some of the white boys who, church and began to decorate, and after with their sisters and two of the supper, getting the boys to bed, we went The Woman's Auxiliary



off again for about two hours; all this to watch the parents of the Indian chilin addition to the usual work.

dren. Their faces just beamed while On Tuesday morning there was some the little ones were singing the Christwashing to be done and dinner had to be mas songs. Of course the distribution cooked, and then came our Christmas

of the gifts was the feature of the box to be unpacked and the things piled evening. All this festivity meant up, and at seven at night we were again great deal of preparation and many at school for a full rehearsal, and that practices were required. My girls came night an Indian woman with her daugh

here almost every afternoon, after ter appeared, thinking it was the time

school, for some little time. for the entertainment. They came to

It seems almost impossible to make stay for the night, as we were having

out a proper quarterly report, as I am our supper in a most hurried way, and

not asked how many meals I have theirs had to be prepared also.

cooked or about sweeping house and Our Christmas dinner consisted of

washing dishes; and if I should put cranberries, given to us already cooked,

down having paid two visits, how it and a salad very quickly made, with a

would look! But perhaps to keep the cup of tea; then came hard work all the

house after the manner of a missionary

home is of some benefit, and we welcome afternoon, with the help of two of our

to it such of our friends as the Indian dear little white girls, the mother of one of them marking and packing presents.

woman and daughter I have mentioned,

and Corinne, who was with us when her Miss Carter had to help with the tree

baby came, and who, before she left, was while I cleared the rooms, and at last

baptized with her baby girl and little we were ready for the evening enter

boy, the older girl having been baptized tainment. There were tableaux, and

before. Corinne's husband, Mountain Miss Carter had trained some Indian

Lion, a name which amuses us greatly, girls to take part in one of them. They

for he is so gentle he ought to be called looked very pretty and did very credit

Meadow Lamb, told Corinne that she abls, as we thought. Two of the white

must stay at home now and not gamble; girls spoke in such a way that I felt

that was

what it (baptism) means. proud of them, and the whole occasion

Four of my class of Indian girls have passed off very well. It was interesting also been baptized.






OR six months I have had the start it now has and the strides it is

privilege of helping in the Hos- making in the good graces of the Indians pital of the Good Shepherd. all over the reservation, as they see for

The opportunity for good work themselves the cures that are made here. here is wonderfully great. Indeed, They are a delightful people—these there seems almost no limit to what the Navajos-at once so shrewd and so inhospital might accomplish, with the good nocent, and with such a refreshing sense

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of humor. They are the most absorbing

MRS. MATTHEWS'S and trusting of patients, and when they are installed in the ward their confi- WELCOME HOME dence is artless enough to be rather pathetic, because they think such omnip- [In the summer of 1906 Mrs. Matthews otent people as these white people at was forced by ill health to leave Cap the hospital can cure any one. A great Mount and was absent till October, 1907] many of them come from the clutches of the medicine men, having been fleeced ARRIVED here quite safely on by them of all their worldly goods. Just

October 24th. Mr. Matthews and what the dominion of the medicine man

all the white people, and many of means does not come home to us until

the boys, came on board to meet the ignorance and ingratitude are actu- The captain invited all to lunch, so ally seen. But

surgery is something it was quite a frolic. The boys had no medicine men cannot compass; and there school or work for the day, which made the hospital is especially striking in its it a gala occasion for them, too. results. Most of the time that I have Mr. Matthews had everything beautibeen here there have been ten and twelve fully prepared for me. The house is patients at once, and when they are nicely painted inside, and a large stone operative and very sick cases the strain bell-tower has been built. This cost $100, upon one nurse is heavy and night work and the money for it was raised here. is almost impossible.

We are very proud of this, for it is the I suppose the cry for workers and funds first thing which has been done through is an old story from the mission field, the efforts of our little flock. We have but the need is so great. Our sick in been two years raising it, but we are dehospital are even now having to go with lighted it is done. Also, have out the medicines they need.

If our

beautiful new chancel carpeting, and Church people could only know the suf- strips for the aisles and choir. This fering which these Indians have help- we bought with the Church alms. Now lessly to endure, it would seem as though Miss Ridgely's girls and our boys are all even those who can bear with equanim- working to raise something toward an ity the Indian's ignorance and heathen- organ fund, but for this we are going to ism would be moved with pity for the ask help from home, as we shall need actual bodily pain.

$450 in order to buy an organ built for As I leave, I venture to say on Miss the Tropics. Mr. Matthews was most Thackara's behalf that there is work glad to hand my school over to me. The here which would legitimately occupy the boys have advanced well since I left. time of two nurses instead of one. It is To-day he and all the boys are seining, a problem to get nurses to come to such and meanwhile I am trying to answer an inaccessible place, but I shall try. It some of the accumulated letters. We is an impressive thing to realize what have a hundred boys now, and I am sure one woman has accomplished in gaining one hundred boys, anywhere, are enough the confidence and great affection of to keep one busy. But Mr. Drake is a these Navajos for miles around. It great helper. could only be realized when Miss Miss Ridgely seems so well, but we Thackara returned from the East: big hope she may be able to come home next and little Indians rejoiced; old Indians year for a short stay. put their arms around her and wel- The frame of the little church at Bencomed her back, having feared that she du is being gotten out now by the people, had left them forever.

but it is very slow work, as all native Of course the hospital must be kept work is. As soon as it nears completion open for a place of refuge, physical and we shall send for the zinc, etc., from spiritual.

England, and soon have it up.

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