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In fair array, each comely deed.
She hears alone thy potent strain,
All other music charms in vain;
In vain the sprightly notes resound,
That from the gilded roofs rebound,
When the light-footed troops advance
To form the quaint and orbed dance;
In vain unhallow'd lips implore,
She hearkens sole to thy chaste lore.
Then bring the lonely Nymph along,
Obsequious to thy muse-like song;
Bid her to bless the secret bow'r
And heighten wisdom's solemn hour.
Bring Faith, endued with eagle eyes,
That joins the earth to distant skies;
Bland hope that makes each sorrow less,
Still smiling calm amidst distress;
And her the meek-ey'd charity,
Not least, tho' youngest of the three.
Then add warm Friendship to the train,
Social, yielding and humane;
And, seldom on this earth survey'd,
Silence, sober-suited maid,
Knowledge the Sage, whose radiant light,
Darts quick across the mental night,
And by his side advance the Dame
All glowing with celestial Aame,
Devotion, high above that soars,
And sings exulting, and adores,
Dares fix on heav'n a mortal's gaze,

And triumph ʼmidst the Seraph's blaze;
Last to crown all, with these be join'd
The decent Nun fair Peace of Mind,
Whom Innocence e'er yet betray'd,
Bore young in Eden's happy shade :
Resign’d, contented, meek and mild
Of blameless mother, blameless child.
But from these woods, O thou retire !
Hood-winkt Superstition dire;
Zeal that clank her iron bands,
And bathes in blood her ruthless hands;
Far hence Hypocrisy away,
With pious semblance to betray,
Whose angel outside fair, contains
A heart corrupt, and foul with stains;
Ambition mad, that stems alone
The boistrous surge, with bladders blown;
Anger, with wild disorder'd pace ;
And Malice pale of famish'd face;
Long-tongu'd Clamor, get thee far
Hence, to wrangle at the bar;
With opening mouths vain Rumor hung;
And Falshood with her serpent tongue;
Revenge, her bloodshot eyes on fire,
And hissing Envy's snaky tire;
With Jealousy, the fiend most fell
Who bears about his inmate hell;
Now far apart with haggard mien
To lone Suspicion listning seen,
Now in a gloomy band appears

Of shallow Doubts, and pale-ey'd Fears
Whom dire Remorse of giant kind
Pursues with scorpion lash behind:
But chiefly Love, Love far off fly,
Nor interrupt my privacy;
Contemplation's sober ear
Disdains thy syren song to hear;
Then with thy treach'rous train begone,
Contemplation comes anon.


Now on the flow'ring turf I lye, My soul conversing with the sky. Far lost in the bewild’ring dream I wander o'er each lofty theme; Fain would I search the perfect laws That constant bind th' unerring cause; Why all its children, born to share Alike a father's equal care : Some weep by partial Fate undone, The ravish'd portion of a son; Whilst he whose swelling cup o'erflows, Heeds not his suffering brothers woes; The good, their virtues all forgot, Mourn need severe, their destin'd lot; While Vice, invited by the great, Feasts under canopies of state. Ah! when we see the bad prefer’d, Was it eternal justice err'd ? Or when the good could not prevail, How could almighty prowess fail?

When underneath the oppressor's blow
Afflicted Innocence lies low,
Has not th' All-seeing eye beheld ?
Or has a stronger arm repellid ?
Next the bold enquiry tries,
To trace our various passions rise ;
This moment Hope exalts the breast,
The next it sinks by Fear deprest;
Now fierce the storms of Wrath begin,
Now all is holy calm within.
How we in constant friendships join,
How in constant hates combine;
And how, in each unguarded part,
MONIMIA's form assails my heart.

Ah me! what helpless have I said ? Unhappy by myself betray'd ! 1 deem'd, but ah I deem'd in vain, From the dear image to refrain ; For when I fixt my musing thought, Far on solemn views remote ; When wandring in th’ uncertain round Of mazy Doubt, no end I found; unblest and erring feet! What most I sought to shun, ye meet. Come then my serious Maid again : Come and try another strain; Come and Nature's dome explore, Where dwells retired the Matron hoar;

There her wondrous works survey
And drive th’intruder Love


'Tis done. Ascending Heaven's height Contemplation take thy Aight : Behold the sun,

thro' Heaven's wide space, Strong as a giant, runs his race: Behold the Moon, exert her light, As blushing bride on her love-night : Behold the sister-starry train, Her bride-maids, mount the azure plain. See where the snows their treasures keep; The chambers where the loud winds sleep ; Where the collected rains abide Till Heav'n set all its windows wide, Precipitate from high to pour And drown in violence of show'r: Or gently strain’d they wash the earth And give the tender fruits a birth. See where Thunder springs his mine ; Where the paths of lightning shine. Or tir'd those heights still to pursue, From heav'n descending with the dew, That soft impregns the youthful mead, Where thousand flow'rs exalt the head, Mark how Nature's hand bestows Abundant grace on all that grows, Tinges with pencil slow

unseen, The grass

that clothes the valley green;

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