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Those friends of yours who ap- English breed, with an early difpear not to be over fanguine in the position to fatten. I have Chilver pursuit of agricultural improve- lambs of the last season very close ment, perhaps, are prejudiced by to the Spanish, defcendiug fume floating opinions. Had they marked from Ryeland ewes, and some from the result of actual experience, I the old Wiltshire. These are now presume, they would have found with the Spanith rams; their offMeep of the Spanish admixture spring will be, as I think, equal with Ryeland, and other small fine. in fineness to native Spanith ; inwooled sheep, to have produced deed the Aceces of some of their from an afligned breadth of pasture, dams have been adjudged to be so by more and better mutton, more and the manufacturers here. I mean to better wool, than the native. All exhibit these lambs, also fome ram those who have had actual experi- lambs of the same descent, at our ence, and I know many, are deci- next general meeting, to be holden dedly of this sentiment.

on Tuesday the 14th instant. I have a small flock of ewes de

NEHEMIAH BARTLEY. scending, on the female fide, from SIR,

Buth, Sept. 6. the Wilt thire breed, and repeated In answer to yours of the 5th, it crollings with the Spanish ; the car. is my intention to dispose of a few cafe is now reduced to the size of of the mixed ram and Chilver the Spanish, i. e. to about half that lanıbs, wamely, 10 of each, which of the Wiltshire ; but fleeces of I did not mean to announce till the the Wiltthire, I understand, will meeting of the Society. The lownot exceed, on the average, 3!b. eft price of the rams will be 20 to 4lb. per fleece. These ewes of guineas each, and of the Chilvers 6 mine, with carcases so reduced, guineae. Should you,

on these produced last thear-tine fleeces terms, be disposed to take a ran or weighing 64lb. each, on the aver-. two, and not exceeding 5 eves, 1 age worth 4s. per Ib. in the flecce. will chule for the best, and set then A clothier in Somersetshire is now apart previous to the meeting. manufacturing the wool, with a They nominally contain something view to claim the premium against of the English blood; but, in point all competitors.

of fact, their fleeces will prove
NEHEMIAH BARTLEY. equal to the native Spanish; indeed
Bath, Sept. +

the fleeces of their dams have been I will take care to procure for so adjudged by manufacturers ; of you 5 Ryeland ewes. A few days the latter, I have disposed of all I fince I received 35 of these from chute to spare at 6 guineas each. the neighbourhood of Rofs, be As to carcale, the lambs are conlonging to Sir J. Hereford, for the fidered to be much handfon:er Spanish rams. The same drover than that of the entire Spanith.. had with him between 40 and 50 The Chilvers are now with the wethers ordered by Lord Digby, Spanish rams; for perhaps the proSherborne caftle, intended to be per time to produce is that pointed fatted for his Lordlip's table. out by nature, and the method is I have engaged with this person for become of general adoption. In a about 30 ewes, which I expect will national view also; it is to diffute be brought here in the course of a the improvement more rapidly. fortnight, and that the price will be The ram lambs ought also to be from 255. to 30s, each.

thus employed. Lord Somerville prefers Ryeland Lord Somerville has disposed theep for croiling with the Spanish, of a two-tooth ram of the first cross in which preference I incline to at 30 guineas ; and I have another concur, and particularly because of the same cross waiting here they carry tiver wool than any other for a gentleman at 35 guineas.


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02. 20. Mr. URBAN,

Nov. 1. TH He lille brass look herewith fent I NOW proceed to Mr. Gifford's fig. 1, 2, 3) fon representations of re- readers with the opening of ihe firli Saligious subjects: which may, perhaps, tire; the two last paragraphs of which be deemed a cariolity. The characiers are certainly to be preferred to Dryden. are Rullian ; and it has very probably • What! while with one eternal mouthbeen the pocket-companion of some

ing hoarse, person of diftinction.

Codrus persists on my vex'd ear to force Yours, &c.


His Theseid ; must I, to iny fate resign'd, Fig. 4. is an antient seal, fent for Hear, oNLY hear, and never pay in kind? explanation.

Muft this with faice and folly rack my head

Unponith'd ? that, with fing-long whine Mr. URDAY,

OA. 21.

me dead? CHE ring (fig. 5) is of filver, and Mnft Telephus, huge Telephus ! at will,

The day, unpunith’d, waste? or, huger still, fields in the Itle of Thanet. The de- Ortites with broad margin over-writ vice is plainly two hands conjoined; And back, and-Oye gols! not finish'd yet ?

Away-knd's not my own house so well but the infcription is offered for thic

As the trite, thread-bare themes o‘l which elucidation of your antiquarian corre

ye dwell;

(winds roar, Z. COZENS. 1pondenis.

Mars grove, and Vulcan's cave! how the

How ghosts are toilor dontheStygian Ahore, Mr. URBAN,

08. 24.

How jason stole the goldco fleece, and how T!

IIE ring (fig. 6) was found, about TheCentaurs foughtonOthry sihagsy brow,

50 years ago, 1:1 a ficld adjoining the walks of Fronto echo round and round the herinitage on the river Itciien, at (The clum:5 trembling with th' eternal Southampton; of which an account found); may be teen in Sir Harry Englefield's While high and low, as the mod fit invades, learned “ Walk round Southampton ;" Bellow the same dull nonsense through the

Thades. a work much.esteemed by every admin rer of Antiquities. The ring is in the I 100 can write - oce, at a pedant's frown,

I pofleflion of Arthur Hammond, esz.

pour'd my frothy fuftian on the town, of that town.

An explanation of the Andidly prov'd that Sylla, far from pow'r, infcription is requelied.

Hid pats’d, unknown to fear, the tranquil

hour : Mr. URBAN,

Now I resume my pen ; for, since we meet Lancaster, 08.94. Such (warms uf derp'rate bards in ev'ry Truwing in opredentes Itree!,

pretty accurately a stone pillar 'I were vicious clemency to spare the oil now to be seen at Foley, a farm-louse And hapless paper, they are fure to spoil.” about a mile to the North of this town. It was lately found in a field near the venal's sixth Satire, where he describes

The translation of that part of Juaborementioned house, about 18 inches Mellaliva lost to decency, is ably done. below the furface of the ground, by Boxh Juvenal and his iranslator seem fone workmen who were digging for the foundation of a lime-kilo. The to have exerted all their powers to do stone is very entire ; and the letters, irandation of it a certain air of light

juftice to the theme. Dryden gave his which are cut into it, and not raijed, neli; but Mr. Gifford has happeli to or in relievo, are very legible, except presented the character of his original. the two lines inarked with asterisks, which are much ettuced by time. The

“ Start'lt thou at wrongs that touchi a ftone is about 2 feet 8 inches in height private name, by two feet in breadth. On one lide of At Hippia's lew docis and Veiento's Mame? it is the axe, and on the other side the Turn to the rivals of the Immortal Powers,

And mark how like their forrunes are to cutting-kuife, neaily cut in relievo. By giving this a place in your useful

Cimdius had scarce begun hie eyes to close Miscellany, it may probably inciic Ere from his ride bi: Melialına role fome of your ingenious correfpondents (Accuftona'd long the head of hate to flight to tavour the publick with their opi- for the rank mattress, and the hood of nions on lo curious a piece of antiquity, night),

ceal'a and at the fame time mucli oblige, And with one maid, and her dark hair con.

Yours, &c. M. TERRY. Beneath a yellow tire, a ftrumpet veil'd!. GENT. Mag. Nouenaler, 1802.



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She list into the ftesve infeen, unknown, Heaps which o'er common fortunes proudly
Aici fare a cell, ye reeking, for l.el own. rise,

[rige. There, fringing off her dreis, th' imperial As o'er the dolphin towers the whale in

[toor, Hence, in those dreadful times, at Nero's Sind with hais hrcafts, and sked, at the word

Efword, And Niew' B! *n nic1ts, , ali that cama, The rulina band unsheath's the murd'rous The woma: borethec, in Lycrica's name: Ruh'd to the swelling offers of the grex, Aluline, ailers.loy sith many a wile,

And seiz'u the rich domaio and lordly leat ; And akz'ü her price, and cook is, with a While i weetly in their cock lofts Nept the imile;


door. Anil when the hour of hufibers was expir’d, And heard no soldier thund'ring at their And all the girls ciimir'd with lighs retir'd, The trav’ller, freighted with a little Yell.2' 11+ could Ale did, flowly the past, wealth,

[Realth; All av her mars, and thuich-r cell the lat. Sets forth at night, and makes his way hy Suill raging with he fever of iesire, E’en then he fears the bludgeon and the Her veins aliturgil, and her blood all fire,

blade, Exhauried, but unsatisfied, the fought And starts at ev'ry rush's waving Thade : Her home, and to the emperor's pillow While void of care the beggar trips alog,

brought [with pris'nous (lews, And in the fpuiler's presence crolls bis Cheeks r. nk with sweat, limbs drench'd song." The fteam of lamps, and odour of the ftows.": The Time of Juretral alluded to was

As a note ou one part of this passage - Evertere domos totas optantibus ipfis we have

Dificiles." 1:5 bare breasts, and gilded, &c.] The Which Mr. Gifford translates criticks do nnt seem to under fans this

“ The gods have heard with too indulgent passage; they either su; pole Metsalina's

(pray'rs. ħrealis to he bound with golden fillets, or

And cru'h'd whole families beneath their they change auralis (gilded) into ornatis (heautiful): hu! Juvenal is to be understood But Dryden seems to have faftened literally-i!ie popiliæ were covered with on its import with greater cale : golul leaf; ? ipecies of ornament which, " Whole lioules, of their whole defires however repugnant to our ide:is of beauty, pofleft, is efed by many of the dancing girls and Are often run'd at their own request.” privileged couriezans of the Eust to this

On the passage which has jusi beer d. 8.

quoted Mr. G. has thefe notes : The tenth, that poetic, fervidl

, and

Milo tries Ixljefiic Surire, which Bp. Burnet res His quond'rens arms, &c.] The story of commended to his clergy in his Pastorał Milo is told in two words by Roscommon : Letters, is translated by Mr. Gifford

• Remeinber Milo's end, with peculiar energy. "The spirit of Weig'd in the timber which he trove to


rend.' lincs leems to liave been toe fubtle for The traveller, &c.] Pauca licet portes, Mr. Gitford's Mule to transfer with &c.—This, which all tranflators take for full effc&t.

an imaginary case, I believe to be an histo" In ev'ry cliñe, from Ginges distant rical fact. The poet is Itill speaking of ftrean

Nero's time; and he alludes to the cautious To Gades, gilled ny the Weftern beam, parience of those whe, being in poffeffion Few, from the clouds of mental error free, of a few valuables, wished to remove them In its true light (is good or evil fec.

without being feen: no&te iter ingreffus ; For what, with reason,do we leek or thund even thus they trembled for their Tafitý. What plan, low happily loc'er begun,

The of Nero is again noticed na That, when achiev'd, we do not with the welfth Satire, which see." undone?

The first of the passages in question The gods have heard with too indulgent is explained with confiderable eale ; 2 ers,

["way’rs. German commentator would have làAnd crush's whole families here at their

roured us with 30 dry quotations, lius Bowiltered this, by folly or by fate,

bralf to applicable, perhaps, cither to We beg pernicious gfs in ev ry itate:

Milo or the timber. A copious tid, a full and rapid Row

Another favourable speciinen may Of eloquence lays many a (peaker low;

be selected from the firme Satire; where E'en tres pihitlelf is Fatai; Milo tries His owndrius arms, and in the trial vies.

Jurenal, having takerr bis ftand upon But the 105 ný wealill five till fiore dan the theatre of the world, fummons beI'rous "lovil

fore him the illufirious characters of all (Pou an xivell, emotsi, tuo fondly lov’d); ages, to thew, from the principal

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