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Lordship was presented with a very valu- very unfavourable reception on his return; ahle diamond ring, as a mark of his Im- for, instead of having his supposed wrongs perial Majesty's favour and approbation. revelled by Bonaparte, he has been exiled

The Emperor Alexander lins, it is fail, lo his country-leat in Normandy! ordered tleat the loss fuftained fry British

TURKEY. fwhjects, thround the embargo laid 0:1 their By the Definitive Treaty of Peace conThips by the Emperor Paul, fhall be made cluded at Paris on the 25th of June, begood. According to the determinition of tween the French Republic and the Ottothe Commiflion of Liquida'ion, the whole man Porte, the relations formerly sublifting fum amounts to 700,000 roubles.

between the two countries are renewed. The editor of the Hamburgh Gazette huis The free navigation of the Black Sea is been requested to contradi&t the reports,

C10.coded to France *; and the Contracting spread on the Continent, of a corresponda Parties agree to take vigorous measures to ence having pisfeil hetween the Emperor clear from all pirates wie seas navigated by of Ruffia and the King of Sweder, on the

The vellets of hoh States. The French subject of the Camini de Panin.

Republic and the Sublime Porle mulually' PORTUGAL.

guarantee the integrity of their respective General Laines, the French Minister at pofíeflions. It is declared by the creaty to the Court of Portugal, departed very ah be expremly understood, that each Scale ruply on the morning of the roth Av. grants to lie other all the advantages whia's grit; and the following art cle appeared have been or shall be granted by either to in the Official Gazette on the 14111:

any other Powers, in the fame manner as Lifen, Aug. 14.

if they were expreilly ftipulated by the “ General Lifnes, Envoy Extraordinary treaty. The Porte allents to all that was and Minister Plenipotentiary of the French stipulated with respect to it in the Treaty Republic, left this Court in the morning of of Amiens, ali the articles of which, had the 10th instant; a measure which he took ving any relation to Turkey, are formally from his own proper will, and which is renewed.—The publication of this treaty at the more unexpected, a the civilties and Conftantinople was received with uncomattentions paid to him by this Court, in die

mon marks of exultation : and the cannon monttration of the friendihin, perfet hare were fired three times every day, for ebres mony, and good understanding fubfifting days, from all the canles on the canal. between this Monarchy and the French Re

Gen. Brunc, who lately commanded iis public, have been constant and repeated, Holland, is named as Armador to the and as there does no exiit any actual on.

Citoman Court. ject of difcurfion between the two Governa Paliwan Oglou has at length made his ments, which can alter, in the nighteit ve peace wh te Porte. liis alio alleited, gree, the happy relations of this country

in lellers from Conftantinople, that the with France, relations which this Coult British invans have completely evacurated dehres ethicaciously to promote, and even

the territory of Egypt. The Beys in Oper to render more intimate."

Egypt, however, till oppose the Turks in The folio ving is said to be the true more a very determined manner. of General Lilies quitting Portugal: Tuo

AMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES. ships from France, configned to a Mr. W. Trolle Huse of Allembly of Jamaica, de R-, merchant of Lisbon, had two

a Jemand has been made by the Govern. thirds of their cargo prohibited geo's in

ment of the island, that the colony shoull cafes, which were all palled as the French provide for the maintenance of 5000 troops Ambassaitor's haggae; but on the arrival

intended for its defence. This proposal of the third vellel, Don Manique, the In

the Allembly has negatived by a majority tendant of Lisbon, thought there was fout of 24 10 6. play, and had some of the casks opened ; The concluçon of peace between Moanil, intent of privite eit:cts, they were

rocco and the United States of America filled with piece-goods. Nice of this

has been officially announced. proceeding was sent to Larnes, who lent his aid-de-camp to the Custom house. A

COUNTRY News. violent altercation ensued hetween the pai- i Fuly 5. A foldier, who had been absent ties, which terminated in blows; the s'di. nine years, returne! to Birming bum, and de-camp was taken to the guard-house, found his wife cohabiling with another but liberated next day. The general wait, man; he demandled brr, and she went ed imm-diately on the Portuguefe Minister with him; huc, tving 1.ft some things in for Foreign Affairs, and in a rough manner the hands of her piramoui', the went to 'told him, “the Prince, bis matter, was a ferch them, well the wretch fi lt cut her

; that tliere was no gerament; throat, and then his own. thit ail was anunciy; and that thev wer: faves to the English," &c. &c. He inte * The lame has fince been formally hned upon palloors, and uit he went. confirmed to the vellets of Great Brita General Leines, it appeius, met with a any laer dependencies, (S:- p. 867.)


Fuly 21. The cloathing factory belong. Considerable damage was done in the . ing to Mr. Nash, of Trowbridge, was set on neighbow hood of Newrafile.--Near Alnwick fire, and burnt to the ground. It seems the two women were killed by the lighta woollen-manufacturers are incensed at che ning.- At Alwick-upon Dearne, the roots introduction of new machinery, which de the roots of large trees were torn up, part prives ihem of a part of their employ. of the church was unroofed, and several

July 23. The cloathing-mills at Clifford barns were destroyed.-At Whitting bami were set on fire, and entirely consumeii. and Tbrunfin, about 3. in the afternoon,

Aug 5. The powder-mills at Cork blew the hemisphere became dark, and several up this day with a tremendous explosion ; vivid A Thes of lightning, with tremendous by which accident 7 men loft their lives. claps of thunder, inftantaneously followed.

Aug. 10. A violent storm of rain fell in A shower of large hail ftones followed, that the grounds of Mrs. Blayny, of Abberley, seemed as pieces of ice, by which many Worcester Thire, attended with thunder and windows of the village are broken. A corlightning. An oak tree, containing about rent of rain afterwards descended. A man three tons of timber, was perfectly barked, mowing in a field near Wbirting ham was and broke off about three feet from the Itruck down by the lightning, but foon reground, one part being carried over a hedge covered. A farm:r's wife at Thrunton, to the distance of 10 or 15 y.res; part of who had with her child gone to bed to con- . it was shivered into lach, I he boughs and ceal herrell, as he imagined, was firuck , bark were scariered in every direction, so apparently dead; and her !bud. found as to cover near a quarter of an acre, her on the poor motioniefs. She was reThe line afternoon, between 4 and 5, stored; but her face, back, and arms, are Newbold-upon. Aron, Cburcbuver, Great Hain much huit. The lightning dial considerable borongb, and part of Monks. kirby, in War dainage to the rool, and penetrated into wickihire, were visited by a tremendous the ground dor, making a hole through a form. It advanced in a direction from brick, as if it had heen a gun ball. --The S. W. to N. E. and descended with an im- Tiglituing at Yarmoutb, was truly awful. petuosity which carried all before it. Its The tempet was off ac fer, and at foine, range was not extensive, not exce'ding a

diftin e

It began in the S. and finished mile in brendin. The number of windows in the N. E. Large bodies of the cle&ric demolished in Churchover was very great: tire, in spiral and other furills, burie.I in one house only, above 200 were broken. themselves in the sea. 1o Cefterfouer grounds, and in Street-fills

, L. Baib, Sept. 8. Yesterday afternoon, the devastation in this particular was still 'ahont half-pait 5, 1. Garnerin and Mr. greater. There injuries, however, were" Glassfuurd ascended. The weather was imali in comparison to the damage done lo' propitious, and the ascent very granda the crops. Many fields of com were com- The wind being modurite, and the almopletely laid waste, and the hopes of the sphere clear, M. Garnerin hovered over. year in a few minutes b'afted. It pursued Bath for some time, and was critind?!y seen its course over Leicesteithre, hy Bildewell, waving this fogs at a gieat height, hy the Claybrook, and Leir, where it did confider cbeusards alleinbed in the city, on the able dainage. In many fields, the coin neighbouring hills, and on the roads from, was cut by the hail ftones as if with a Bain for many iniles. He then fiecrel a fcythe. A person in the liberty of Bitter South-E3t course, and about half-pait 7 well has sufta'ned near 200 l. d.image. landed at Mell park, a distance of 16 miles,

I riug. 24. This week there were some, Liverpool, Sept. 14. About ten this
very heavy forms in different parts of the evening, a smoke was observed to issue
cruntry. At Barrow, in Lincoloshire, from a room in the warehouses belonging
al out in the afternoon, a violent storm to Thomas France, Eig. al Goree, whose
of wild and rain comn.enced from the spacious and lofty frorit bas long attracted
South-Wett, and in five minutes is bore the admiration of strangers. In a few
down severul elm 1:ees of 25 years' growth, hours this immense pile, trigether with that
near lo G. Uppleby's, esq.; allo a garden large and commodious range of warchouses
wall, 12 feet high and 45 yards long, aud which was erefted in frunt, at the distance
a viveyard and green- kouse, 42 feet long, of 16 yarıls, as well as that which extends
were entirely demolished. The vine tress from it, in a line to Water-stieel, wis a.
were in full bearing, and nearly torn up heap of ruins; and a gieat proportion of
by the roots. The village is situate at the all ihat rich and various produce, with
North-East extremity of a valley, along which every apartment of these buildings
which the fury of the storm seemed to be had been stored andcrowded, was consumed.
directed, as no material damage was lus The following is a pretty correct sale-
tained within a quarter of a mile of eiher ment of the loss.
fide of the vallay. Nearly all the houses, France's Warehouses 6 £0.26,000
&c. in iis Way lave listened damage. As Dawson's disco

8,000 a person was forking hay from a waggon Front Row of ditio, belong

} 3 ing to diiterent persons

18,000 to a itack, a guil of wind overturned both 11k and wig 901, and hurled the man, In all

To £.52.0.0 wab the bay, illoaditch at some distance...


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About 1400 hods. of Sgar,

was crowled by every description of per-15 oba! sofCo'ton, Coffee, } 243,000 funs.

A hout half-paß s, a small pilot Grain, Taliow, Hemp, &c.

balloon was laurched, to ascertain the cor£:950o.

rent of air, which proved to be very light Iosured about.

from the Southward and Westward, with

a clear horizon. The parachu'e confitted, Supposed loss .. £..0,0

of a cale or bag of white canvas, or failGreat part of the da nage was in foreign cloth, formed by 32 gores into a hemisconsignments, and ove at Dantzię

, will loro pherical form, 23 feet diameter, at the top 60,0001.-A meeting of the principal fuf- of which was a truck, or round piece of ferers was convened on Thursday morning, wood, 10 inches in diameter, with a hole when a committee was appointed to super. in its centre, faftened to the canvas by 32 intend the removal of the rubbith with all short pieces of cape. At about 41 feet from potible expedition, in order to recover the the top of the canvas, a wooden hoop about property which it is supposed is now bu- 8 feet in diameter was put on and tied by ried in the ruins in very considerable quan. a string from each seam; so that, when the tities. A great number of men have al- balloon ascen led, the parachute hung like ready heen set to work, but considerable a cuitain from this hoop, between the bala difficulty is experienced in taking down loon and a cyli drical baskt (covered with such of ihe walls as are yet left it ınding.- canvas, about four feet bigh, and two feet We are sorry to have to add to the above and a quarter diameter), in which M. Garaccount, that in taking down a part of the nerin ascended. He exerted himse f much ruins on Saturday the 18th, Mr. Phillips, in attaching the apparatus of his parachute io the employ of Mr. Foster, was so dread to the net of the b lluon. At about 5 fully crushed, that he died in a few hours. minutes before 6 he entered his machine;

and, amidst the plaudits of an immense DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. multitude, the balloon ascended in a maTuesday, Aug. 31

jestic manner, Garnerin wa ing the tria This night, about 12 o'clock, a fire coloured Aag. Every eye was fixed, in broke out in the cellar of Mr. Davis, oilo expectation of the parachute bein, sepaman, opposite the Eart-India-house, which rated from the balloon; which in io mie communicated to Mr Swift's, trunk-maker, nutes attained an inmense height, when Mr. Ward's, the Shiptavern, and Mr. Park's M. Garnerin cut the rope. The rapidity Geneva warehoule. It was at length got of the descent for the first 30 seconds was under, but not until it had confumed the astonishing. The machine was at that time above premises, with the top part of Mr. Complete'y expanded, and for about a miTinkler's house, and the back part of the nu'e caine down steadily ; it then began to King's Arms, and damaged some other swing v.olently, I k: the pendulum of a buildings. Mr. Swift, who is 8+ years of clock, which increased to such a degree, age, was got out safe with great difficulty. that the basket appeared freqiiently on a Monday, September 6.

line with the parachute, while the cotton The Lecture tounded by the Hon. Ro- seemed fallen-in on the o'h r fide. The bert Boyle, “ tor proving the Christian re descent occupied rather more than 10 min ligion againit infidels," is appointed to be

The parachute alighied in a field preached at the church of St. Marly le al the back of St. Pancras church-yard, bow, London, by the Rev. William Van about 100 yarus E.It of the roail; where Mildert, M. A. rector of the said chuich. ncar sooo people and 50 horlemen foon The course will conift of 24 lectures, to collected. M. Garnerin, on horsehack, be preached (according to Mr. Boyle's preceded by several gentlemen, was then will) on the firit Monday in the respective conducted home in lafety ; though noc months of January, February, March, without much inconvenience froin the April, Miy, Sepiember, October, and presture of the mob. l'he balloon descendNovember. The first hegan this day. ed in lafety the nex day at Mr. Harding's, Tuesday, September 21.

near Farobim Mill, Suriey. Perhaps no spectacle ever more eagerly

Wednesday, September 29. engaged le pubic attention chans Mr. Gar After an impreifive discourice by Mr. neriu's promise of a descen! by a parachute. Hitchins at St. Laurence's church, on the The exper ment was in this country nowe imp rtance of the choice of a chif mavelle, and by many bel crou impract cable, giurice, and the arduous responsibilities of with lfely to the qe ton of the aë ory.ul. that elevatel office: the Livery of London Asearl, this day as i 2 o'clock, the tices returned Mellis. Price and Perring to the and avenues leadio. to North Audley street Court of Aldermen; who, agreeabl, to anbegan to be altroved by a namber of fpec- tient custom, pruce dej to a scrutiny ; talous; and long hefire 4, the top of every and Charles Price, elq Alderman of Farhouse that could command a view of the rogdon Whou!, was declared duly rlccle', ground whence the hall on was to ascend, to the univerlal satisfaction of the Hall. GENT. MAG. September, 1002.



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Vol. LXX. p. 183. Prince Ferdinand, The county of Westmorelanı! mnd not as Grand Master of the Order of St. John be in object of conte0 ; he ale aj s return. of Jerusalem, has raised a monument to ed the members. In Carline h ence the memory of Count Finkenftein, who possefled an infrence; but lost it, i

with died senior of the Commandery of Bian the county of Cumberland, after his die denburgh. It is a bust, by the masterly pute win the Duke of Poulant bicy hand of Schadow, of Carrarian marble, in he iften attempted to reg in, but never an antiqne habit, to which the celebrated could succeed; in the county he 11.5 10c. Gedike has, by order of his Royal High- ceeded as to one of the members. He ness, made the following inscription : purchased the horvogh of Halereie, in To the Memory of

Surrey, in 178.... N thing is faid thout CHARLES-WILLIAM

Col. Lowther, the legacy to whom is far Count of FINKENSTEIN,

short of what might have heat ranitly Counlellor to Three Kings,

expected. He kept his eftite at L l ham, the Nestor of the Order of St. John, in Middlesex, unoccupied for my ears, both in Years and Wisdom,

that the recior might not receive the Grand Master,

P. 686. Lieut. col. Monfeil was die FERDINAND,

scended from the antient tamily of that Brother to King FREDERICK, name in the county of Lim: rick. He enerected this Monument,

tered into the service as an enligna in the MDCCCII.

26th or Cameronian regiment of foot, on Vol. LXXI. P. 189. A correspondent in the 3d of Mrch, 1760; and, o'i the s3th Cripplegate bas en: bled us to improve the of February, 1762, was promoted to a article of Archdeacon Hand. He was not lieutenancy in the agth regintent; a corps 60; if he had lived till the 8th of April which, fion; its first entrance into the fero lift, he would only have completed his vice, has heen distinguished for discipline, 534 year, being born Mar. 28, 1749, 0. S. interior economy, and gallantry.

With at Mavelyn-Ridware, co. Slatford. Mrs. that regiment he went to North America Hand certainly died in the bloom of life; in 1765. Sept. 13, 1769, he purchased a but the left three children, which are all company in it, and returned with the living : 1. Newton Dickenfin (taking the corps to England, in 1773. Vigorous names of both his grandfate) is now a measures bemg decided on against the fudent in the Temple; 2. Witain, mar American Colonies, Capt. Monsell em. ried, and in irade with a very capital Irish barked with his regiment for Quebec, in linen-factor in the cy; aul, 3. Mary February, 1776, and landed in May fola Anne, ahout 19 years of age, now with lowing. Doring the whole of that wai, her guardiall, a very respect the gentleman, Cpt. M. (who was the second senior capin Statford fhire, He did not elect a mo tain) was actively employed; and, from nument in Westminile! abbey; but placed huis philanthropy of mind and groerous a very neat ole in t! own ch'irch at difpoficion, he was of important service Cripplegaie (ex zuted either hy Bacon or to the Royal caule in conciliating and reBank), ('

pine delign of thal of Mis. foring numbers of the deluded Americans Niglieingale, in Weitniinster in they, and wiicia the fortune of war put into the built a vaalt for her, in which he altu hics hards of the Britih ariny, many of wliom interres. He never married a second evite. are now well artiled in the province of

P.584, b. The Rev. Dame) Bainju ilie. Quebec, under the mild government of figned the lecturi fhip of $1. Berse' Fiok, Britain.

In November, 1780, Capt. M. Threadneedte ( Gracchurch) streel, was primated io the rank of major. Afminy years linie, and wet 10 America. ter the pace of 1783, the 29th regiment At the time of his deith he was curate of was ordered t) grifon Niagara, KingSt. James's, Duke' place; and had a pena fton, &c. Being second in command of tion proin Government as an Anierican thereg ment, he was sent to the last-menLoyaiitt.

tioned place, where he acted not only as P. 587. The sum of 10,cool was depo., military commandant, but alfo as civil gofited with the gentleman who was to burd' vernor of the infant ferilement. In ih s the thin. The work was begun; but Sir situation, by liis amiable manners and inJaines haratled the builler lo perpetually, nate love of justice, during a period of that he deated to return the money, and above two years, he reconcile: Il differe take any loss on bimtelf which might hap) ences, formed uleiul regulations, promo'ed pen from the work which had heen jone.

improvenienis, auch, finally, mited the new Sir James was with difficury prevaled on town to foch a 1.ate as to induce his Mato accept it without interlit being paid to jesty's Minifters, when it was intended to hm..-P. 588. He allo fought a duel with establish a feat of government in that pirt a lestused Serjeant who al wade fee of the extensive province of Quebec, to Wibus chracter in his fi.och on a trial piich upon it for that purpose. in Noo 00 ie 1:18 causes. In this cac the S-r

veribei, 1797, he returned to Eigland. jcaut is isid to have ihub liis own ive.-- with the reglingnt. On tie blevet pro-



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VO unters to

W35 D.OWO Out.

moon appearing in the Gazelle, in No. P.789. Mr. Samuel Laurence died in ve .bel, 1790, he git th rank of lieute- his putt year, at his house in Cheapfide, non-clevel; and, on the 24th of August, where he had refided near 40 years; and 1792, wlule in Windsor dury, le fuc was interved in Bunhill-fields. He was one Cee ied his fiend, Lieut-crl, Campbell, as of the numerous descendants of the Rev, m jos of the 29th. His health being im Philip Henry, a man whose unaffected piery pared, from long and act ve servic-, he and pr mitive simplicity were an honour to formed the relo'uti.on of ietiring, which the age he lived in, and whose conduct, as he did on the 13th of November, 1793,

a mioriter of the Gotpel, exhibited a fair and was succeeded by Capt. Hvv Attin, example to all those in the same situation. W 0, fome time ago, fell a victim to the barbarous cuftoni of duelig in the East


T Calle Ejen, the wife of Row. Monsell, for fome time afer this, refided 15. land Burdon), esq. a son and heir. in the neighbourhood of London; but, On the arrival of the intelligence at Sunabout four years ago he re noved, with derland, the mit lively demonftrations of his family, to Manchester, where he died joy were exhibited. The bells of the on the 24 of June lait, after an illness of churches rung a merry peal at different hx days, and was intarred in the colle- intervals throughout the day; the iron giale church of that pace. The couple bridge, the lasting monument of Mr. was carried to the grave by fix ferjeants of Bordon's public spirit, was thrown open the regiment of dragoons quartered there, for all pallengers, withour toll; and in the who attered then selves as

evening there was a brilliant illu.nination pay this mark of iespeet to a brale nld ve of the wbole bridge ; and, though a candle lerin and most worthy man.

A few se. was piaced on every spike of that beautia lect friends attended on his folemn occa ful and extended arcli, the serenity of the fion. Col. M. will be long regrested in evening was such that not one of them that town, hy áll ranks of people, for his urbanity and social viitues. He has left a 20. At the castle of Hanau, the herewidow and we son, a lieuten aot in the diery Princets of H-ir- Catfel, sister to the Corps of Royal Invalids, to lament the loss King of Prullia, a prince. of one of the best of inen.

R. 24. ti Dublin, the wife of Col. William P.722. Thomas Wale, who died July Raymond, a daughter. 29, 1796, is by mittake stated to be the The wife of Henry Fearon Heath, esq. of lajt of the tam ly. Gregorv, the eldest fun, Soutli Sluelds, a son and her. died in his father's life lime, unmarried; 25. At Belmont, Bath, the wife of Capt. but an::ther ton, Charles, a colonel in the Wylie, A Jaughter. araiyn is now living, baving inarnied a 26. The la y of the Bishop of Chester, a daigbier of Dr. Sherrard, of Hunting lou, fon, neing her thirteenth child. hy, whom he has two loin, both living. 20. At his Lordfhip's feat ac Montreal, Thomas Waie, his fa:her, left alio two in Keni, Lady Anheitt, a son. daughters: 5. Marg ije', pouy living at In Harley-freet, the wife of John DeSlachtord, and unro red; 2. Mary, Maia nilin, efq. M. P. a daoghter. ried to the Kev. Mi. Pentherton, rector of Mrs. Taylor, of Hilcon-itreet, a fron, a valuable living a 11-land, in which he 30. In Curzon street, May-fair, the wife was prile ted ly the Ma quis of Abercorn, of foracio Townien«, etq. a fon.

P.781. M De Verdion lodged at Mr. 31. At her father's, Spork-brook-he use, Aller's, No 38, Upper Charles-itect, Bitunghan), the wife of Francis Linda Haczon-garden.

worin, jun, esq. of Cragan), co. Westmeath, P.782. The Rev. Charles Harward was in Ireland, a lon. appointed dean of Exeter on the translia At Aboy'le castle, the Counters of tion of Dr. Buller to the deanty of Cine Aboyne, sfon. terbury, and died at his family-f-al, cailed Lately, in Vcrrion-fq'iare, Dublin, Lady Hayne house, in the parish of Plympton, Catharwe Brou now, inter to the Earl of Devon. Ralph Broes was canon and Mea i, i ton. chancellor of Exeter, archdeacon of Tot Ai St. John's. co. Wexford, tle wife neis, vicar of Heiherton, near l'ornets, of Charles Hul, « fq. a fon and neir, Un Ottery, and M. A. of Edmund-hail, AC Buckilen, ca. Hilinguon, the wife Oxford, 1760.

of Konert Hunt, ely a fon. P. 185. Mr. Waller was the youngest lo Hanover - ouildings, Souhainpton, of the ciglie daughters of Eldred Lincedoc Mrs. Henry Drummond, a Jaughter. Lee, eiq. of Cocon, near Bridgnorin, co. On Epping forelt, the wife of Thomas Salop. Her husband died Dec. 13; 1786. Brd, esq. of twins.

P.786. Baron Herbert died on the 20th Sept of. At Cannon. hall, co. York, the of Mrch. His son was prelented to the wife of Spencer Scannope, eiq. a daughter, King Sept. 23; he is quile a young mall, 5. At the abbey, Shrewibury, the lady of and attracted much) notice by the p-culiary Sir Charles Dakley, bart. a ton. of bis drels, being attired in a white falin veit.

6. The

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