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on betrer terms; express serious doubts of principles. In one particular he will find
its continuance; and dread the least ay himself under difficulty: his free and inde-
pearance of jealousy towards an enemy, in pendent mind will revolt at the instructions
folent at all times in power, and aggran which he will receive from one part of his
dised hy our conceffions. This was not the conftituents, while his wifhes and connec-
language or the practice of our ancestors. tions may lead him forcibly to adopt the
But we must submit to the new order of sentiments of the other. In this he will
things, which we cannot controul! Let it find some embarassment; an embarafsment
be further recollected, that in this concur. necessarily arifing from the strangely mixed
rence of sentimiert, the motives and rea- interests by which he has been supported.
foning of the parties are far from the fame: From this diftress nothing can relieve him,
the one fubmits to the Peace, because it is but the manly adoption of that found prin-
the ad of Government which they dare not ciple of the Conftitution, " That the fervice
offend by their opposition, and because they of a Member of Parliameni, is a service of per-
fancy it may prove a leiser evil than the feat freedom," subject only to ihat responsi-
continuance of war : the other, chimvious bility, which is imposed by the recurrence
against the war, even before we were en of a new election, on occasions like the
gaged in it, and during the whole time of presert.
its continuance, receives the Peace with a

Au attempt has been made to confound fullen acquiescence, dilati:fied, in both in my conduct in the year 1990, with that Aances, with any measure wich might which has been pursued by my present opfurnith a chance to their country of cushing ponent. But I can refer to the memory of the exorbitant pretensions, and dangerous you all, and in particular to Mr. Hale, that intrigues of France.

no two cases were ever more diffimilar. In In regard to the hostility which has been the year 1790, on the very morning of the pointed against myself, this is the short hire Diffolution, I expressed to Mr. Hale my tory of it: my success in the year 1790 was decided disapprobation of the manner in never forgiven hy one branch of the pre. which he wis introduced to the county, and fent coalition, nor remembered either with my fanguine hope that there would be found gratitude or approbation by the other, from a proper spirit in the Freeholders to resent ine moment when I was found not to be a it. This i repeated more emphatically at tool fuited to their purposes. The dormant the nomination, in the form of resolutions, fpleen of 12 years concealment, rarkling which the meeting adopred, and declared in the breast of disappointed ambition, me a Candidate at the same time. This was to be brought into activity whenever was five days before the election. Mr. the occasion Mould occur, and all injections Lambe, on the contrary, absents himself from of inconsistency were lost in the deligl.tful the nomination, where Mr. Plumer and contemplation of a sweet revenge, fancti- myself were unanimously approved of, not fied by that truly orthodox article in the announcing himself a Candidate till the day creed of Jesuits and Jacobins, that " Any before the Election. means may be used to obiain a favourite end." Reports are in circulation, (I know not

Influence of various kinds has been prac- how founded), that the new allies already tised in many Elections before the present; begin to feel fome jealousy and uneasiness in and whatever is common, ceales to be no their present connexion. How, indeed, can ticed. But are there no exraordinary fea- it be otherwise? Or when was it ever tures in the present trans. ction? If the con- known that leagues engaged in without some science of any man tells him that he has for. common and honest bond of union, wero feited his promise, folemnly pledged to me, of long continuance, or productive of any he most find some better palliation of his public good. Unjuftifiable in their motives conduct, than the miserable plea, “ Tbat from the beginning, thoy can hardly fail to be bus no will of Lis own." But what thall erd in mutual dilappointment. Far be is be said for the linerality and virtuous feels from me, to say any ihing which can widen ings of those, who can find a gratification the breach between them. But the pride in iequiring the facrifice of friendihip and of the Republicans will surely be mortif-d, of honour, at the shrine of thieu inordinate when they find, on 31 inspection of the ambition?

Poll, that in the fix Hundreds where their I have abstained from saying any thing itrength was supposed i principally to lie, of the Hon. Gentleman who has been op iheir Candidate was compleatly beaten : posed to me. It is fufficient that you have and tliat they owe their majority, in the made him the object of your choice. But other two, meiely to the coahuion, which it is fair to observe, that, hitherto, his ha buch being amamelof, affect to ceny, and bits have not been those of a man of busi to a secret canvass actu lly carried on bry nefs; and, if y, u have rejected me from a the Courtiers, and not explained, tili it disapprobation of my cunde:et, (though that was found convenient for them to unite m is far from proved,) it will be recollected opposi g me. that you have adopted him, without any ex. By the decision of this day you have in. perience of his talents, or knowledge of his deed, Gentlemen, contracted very mowa


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the sphere of my public duties : but I have the virtuous and the gond, there to enjoy others yet to perform; and I can allure you the society of many valuable friends, whose with truth that, onder no circumstance or fidelity and attachment, long experienced, change of situation, will you find me less are rendered now far more dear to me, by disposed, than I have hitherto constantly the assurance, that they applaud that very been, to attend to your concerns as a Ma conduct and those principles, which prejugiftrate, a neighbour, and a friend dice and misguided zeal on the one hand, should be asham-el of myself, if I could feel and an illiberal resentment on the other, resentment ag'inst any man for wliat has have charged against me as a crime. In paffid, or if such events as these could that crime, I thall glory to the last hour

Seir obe onliant mood of my calm e bougbes, of my life « On put obem into misbecoming pligbt.I remain with all due respen, Gentlemen,

I retire to the walks of private life, I Your onedient humble servant, trust, with the regard and approbation of Bayfordbury, July 12, 1802. W. BAKER.


sociate itself with all the generous maxims Paris, Auguft 4. The audience of the of government--il will fecond, by all the Corps Diplomatiqne yesterday was ir ter means in its power, every amelioration rupted by the introduction of the Conser which shall have tor its end the prevention vative Senate. Citizen Barthelemy, the of the return of those evils by which we President, (poke as follows:

have been so long afflicted, and the exten“ Citizen First Consul, --The French, fion and consolidation of those benefits grateful tor the immense services you have which you have conferred upon 15. It is rendered to them, wish that the first Ma- its duty also to contribute to the accomgistracy of the State Mhould be irrevocably plishment of the wishes of the people, placed in your hands. In thus conforring

which have been manifested in a manner it upon you for life, they only express the so honourable to their zeal and their dir. opinion of the Senate, as stated in its Se. cernment. The Senatus Consul!um, which natus Confultum of the 8th of May. The the Senate in a body now present to you, nylion, by this solemn act of gratitude, con Citizen First Consul, contains the exprerfides to you the talk of consolidaling our son of its own gratitude. The organ of institutions. A new career commences for the Sovereign will, it was of opinion, the First Conful. After prodigies of valour could not better fulfil the intentions of and military talents, he has terminated the the French people, than by calling in the war, and obtained everywhere the most ad of the Arts to perperulate the rememhonourable conditions of peace. The brance of this memorable event.” French people, under his auspices, have After this Adurels, Citizen Barthelemy, assumed the attilude and character of true the Pr:fident, read the act, of which the greatness. He is the pacificator of nations, following is the tenor: and the restorer of France. His name alone

SENATUS CONSULTUM. is a tower of strength. Already an admi. niftration of less than three years has almost Extract from ebe Regifters of ibe CONSERVAmade us forge that ep«ch of anarchy and

TIVE SENAT* of the 21 of August, 1802. calamiries which seemed to have dried up The Conservative Sumate, consisting of the sources of public prosperity. But evils the nuuber of members prescribed by the yet remain to be healed, and inquietudes to gold article of the Constitution, deliberabe diffipated. The French people, after ting upon the metlage of the Consuls of the having astonished the world by wari ke Republick of the 29th uli. after having exploits, expect of you, Citizen Firtt Con lieant the report of the Special Committee, ful, all the benetiis of that peace which you cha.ged win the verification of the regis. have procured for them. If leeds of difcord ters of ihe votes given by the French peo. ftill exist, the Proclamation of the Perpe. ple, seeing the proces Verbal prepared by tual Consulate of Bonaparte will ditfinate the Special Committee, and which states, them. Every one will now rally around that 3,577,259 citizens have given their him. His powerful genius will support futóriages, and that 3,568,185 citizens have and preferve all. He exifts only for the voted, that Napoleon Bonapaile thould be profperily and the happiness of the French appointed Conful for life ; considering people. His constant etforts will be din that the Senate, established by the Constirecicd co increase the national glory and tution as the organ of ite people, in every national greatnels. What balioi', in fict, thing in which the fucial compact is inie. better deserves happiness, and of what retted, onglie to manifest in a splendid people more enlightened, or more lenfi. manner the national gratitude towards the ble, can be desire the titeem and attach- conqu ring and pacificating Hern, and to ment? The Conservative Senale will af. proclaim lulemnly that it is the will of the GENT. MAG. dugujt, 1802.

French JO

French people to give to the government Ascension Day. every necoflerv itability and independence, The Allumption of the Most Blessed jo order to ensure the prosperity and glory Virgin. of the Republick ; decrees as follows: The Fêle of All Saints.-[The SUP

Art. 1. The French people do appoint, PLEMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION and the Senate do proclaim, Napoleon Bo wethal' give t length in our next Number. ] naparte First Consul for life.-2. A Italye

Paris, Aug. 1 The Mon teor contiins of Peace, holding in one hand ibe laurel of an ar idle, wiich may he roridertd as an victory, and in the g:her llie decree of the atlicial deni il of all intention on the part of Senaie, hull attest to poterily the giati Frnce to become a party to any dilmem. tude of the nation.-3. The Senate thail berment of the Turkish empire ; and convey to the Erft Contul the exprention which also contradicts the reports, that of the confidence, the love, and the aumi. have been la'ely in circultion, of other sation, of the French people."

European Prowers baving formed a projet (Signed) BARTHELEMY, President. for the partition of that empire. Il pb

VAUBOIS and F AKGUES, serves, that this is not the momeul uhen

it can he suppored that the Furft Consul By the Conservative Senate, thic Sec.-Gen. will occupy himself with schene of age

(Sigred) CAUCHY. grandizement and conquelt; and that, so The First Contul replied to the Senate far from this, all the former relations with in these terms:

the Sublime Porie have been renewed ; “ Senators --The life of a citizen belongs whilft it must be seen, this is is ruher the to his country. Tlie French people with intereft of France theine Örtoman empire that the whole of mune thoud be confe. Arould be re estahl ihed in all its fiengih crated to them, obey their will. In and all its power. giving me a new and perm nent pledge of The trading interet of France continues their confidence, they imple upun meile to use every exertion to prevent the condury of resting the system of their law's churn of a Commercial Treaty with Eng. upon provident inftitutions. By my effiirts, land; and the Miniter of the Interior bas by your allittance, Citizens Senators, and written leveral letters, for the rurpose of that of all the Au'horities; by the corifi- 'removing the apprehenfions which the ma. dence and will of this immense peopl- ; 11. pufaf1er: entertain upon this subject. He berty, equality, and the prosperity of carefully a visel, any direct contr diction of France, will he secure from the c prices The itatenent of a Tre.ity of Commerce of furture, and cunceitingy of uity. ter g nou up in the tapis; but aftiums, The best of people with the happiett, as that no incature in which commerce can they most defe ve to be, and the happi be interested will he adopted hefore it is niís will contribute to that of al Europe. well u cighed in the political bilunce; and Satisfied with having been called, hy liie that them at e lighteneu merchants of the order of Him from whicem ali thugs em. Rupuhlick will be consulted when the nate, to reftosa upon est jutt:C, hier, opening of commercial i elasions with this ain equality, I thail hear the knell of my county in li be under difcuffio:). Tait lour without regitid nithout any M Tilleyrand, the French Minister for iryuielu je as to the opinion of fuiure gene F reign Att is, formerly Bishop of Aur?'!'*. --Sena'ois, rtieve my thanks for !!!!, bus lately been unsrucked by a special bo pariptra a preceding. Te Sene las brief from the Pope (wnich las received

i's crure for what the French illetleri of the Fift Coulul), aizal ha been 1

olleet, an' doeth bus mort 10 Tendredio a lay ard tecular character. ty Cedied it with every thing 4 let'es from Paris, giving an account

ins to be dire lor the hippie of the celebration of the i5ib init, says, Mitzy'. It's extremely grair " The Fère of yesterday tie joint ce31. 31. Tnce of this so the lebration of the Fut Cinkul's n mination

Pient.” for I fe, of ! is birth day, and of the Con. Teinnipal part of

At eghit in tie morning the Fête Scolio! utha Si'!'.

was annuued by a ditcharge of caunen. . CONSILIUTTON, High mats at 10, the meti opolitan leverai D

for p:oetuingilie Church of Nulie; wliere M. Feich L.35 frimentem si'ch yndlie Literues (uncle of Bonaparte) was consecrated ArchC! Gaid an CC1, tom any infringe. buhop or Lyons. Al cight in the evening, 1,"[to ulici!!!!! be exposestion the illumination took place, and with an ito no entience of the Pope authony, as inomiceivable rapiaty. The Chateau of exerce by the Cire. Legile; tie thie Thailleries, lie Place de la Revolution, Dun:rer of holivays ba heen reduced, by win the 'Avinnally, &c. the palaces of the an Inculum of the Sorcieign Puniitt; and Leg Native Bodies, the Price Vendome, in forure the only Featto winch will be ce. tre none of the Officers of Siait, and Gelebrated in France, hendes Sundays, are: neral Officers, formed a blaze of light.

The Nativity of our Saviour Jesus Chrift. The two façudes of the Thuilleries were

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illuminated with feyeral rows of lights. that France Mhould suffer the Swiss to enjoy That next the gardens had, in addition, their own country, unmolested and oninthe arcades furrounded by lamins, and a sulled by a foreign force.--" May that naluttre depending from the centie of tra (lays the Moniteur, with unblushing arcile in the main body of the Citeau ; gravity), which history has always held out the gardens were filled with pyramids of to us as a model of energy, of courage, lights, and the halon surrounded by lamps. and of morals, hencefortl, fatigued with The Place de la Revolution was also revolutions, rally round its government, Crowded will ryran'ds. I thould think, and sacrifice all paffious to its interest, its that in these two cortiquons (pots there in lep-nience, and its glory!"--This from could not be less than a million o! lamps. the nation that produced these revolutions, The Flace de l'endome w-s the most ale that toused thore pollions, that wolled gant illuminati in, a d coufitted of a civile thit independenc“, is adding mockery to of talces imed of variegated im, about injuftice. We may add another wild, that 15 fet i high, formounted hy a civic court, Switzerland may never again have the bearing the illuminated name of a departo blefiing of French liherty! met, and the iri- olourel wing on The inhabitants of the Cantons of the tp; the number of the tarie's cire Schwitz and Underwald have formally responding to the of the departments. In demanded to be separated from the Helthe centie, round the Tree of Liberty, the vetic Republick; alledging as their moDecree of the Senate, which ordained the tive, that the Constitution of their ancerFéte, &c. was written on a transparency. tois is the only one which is suitable to A concert on the centre steps of the Toilla their habits and their manners. This de... illeries. In de Conse, vatoire, the band mand was addressed to the French Munira co: htted of 300 persons. A vidcano from ier in Switzerland, requesting he would the Pont Neu -- fire-works from the gar use his influence for the gratification of dens of Tivol, Harreau de Chantilly, &c. their wishes. They urge, that the union closed the evening; on which occafion between them and the Helvetic Repuball the theatres were ihut; whereas the lick, under its Now Constitution, was a preceding evening mit of them were forced and unfortunate marriage, and that opened gratis. By the account of the po the only remedy is a divorce. lice, the number of English present was At Lawis, on the 27th of June, the 16000

fruits of the field, the vines, the hirvelt, “ Henriot, an ingenious Anagrammist, in a word everything, were J ftroyed hy discovered the following Anagrain for the a terrific storm of ball and thunder and occasion of the 15th:

lightning. More than 30 0 trees, among “ NAPOLEON BUNAPARTE serat-il Consul which were many cheinus and almond a Vie,

[ou. trees, were torn out of the ground. The La-le peuple bon reconnoiffant votera houses and the roofs were damaged by the

“ There is only a huling ciarge of a, form in the most lamentable in anner. In to e.",

an adjoining Italian Republick, this storm A divifin, consisting of two fail of the has occafioned damages which are incalcuIine, (wo frigates, and iwo brigs, is itiled table. to have failed from Toulon for Tunis, with

HOLLAND. an aij-de-camp of the Firtt Consul on It could not he imagined that the Dutch board, for the purpose of obtaining from had any desire to retain the French troops the Bey an explicit avowal of the causes in their remories. The intelligence of the which have induced the Tunisian corvairs evacuation of Svitzerland was not overto insult, as they have lately do e, the Re. looked as a fair opportunity for remonpublican flag. A more formidabie force Itrating to the French government. А will, it is thought, he employed against similar favour was requeitet for the Bathe piratical Regency of Algi0.-It ap. {avian Republick, and a foular obligation pears, that the different Pines of Europe has been conferred. have cootributed in the course of the last An Amnesty for the Darch emigrants three years to the maintenance of this has at length heen agreed to by the Legile wretched and contemptilile government lative Body of the Katavian Republick. It (if such it can be called) not less than half is even extended to all tho'e who have a million of money. Great Britain, France,' borne arms against the Republick. Those Spain, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, and only are excepted from its henefits, who Portugal, fcem, in this general account, to were instrumental in delivering up the be funk into the degrading state of uitru. Durch ficet to the British in the year 1999. ments of convenience to the Dey, whom Hague, Aug. 14. The following is an he treats as franges, which he is enabled authentic cupy of the Treaty concluded beto squeeze as le pleales.

tween France and the Prince of Orange: SWITZERLAND

Art. 1. His Highness the Prince ot Nafa is at length relieved from the burden of a fau Orange Dillenburg Dietz formally reEscach wmyIt was high time, indeed, nounces, for himself and his bears and ruce

pre ext.

ceffors, the dignity of Stadtholder of the Nassau Orange Dillenburg Dietz, may take United Provinces which now form the Ba poffetlion of the States and Territories al. tavian Republick. He also formally re lotted to them as indemnities, nounces all rights, claims, and pretensions 3. The present Treaty shall be ratified whatsoever, which arise from the above. by the Contracting Parties within 40 days, mentioned dignity; as likewise all domains or froner if possible. and territorial property ftuated in the said Paris, 2416 May. 1802. Republick, or in its colonies.

MARQUIS DE LUCCHESINT. 2. His Highness the Prince of Nallau

GENERAL BURNONVILLE. Orange Dillenburg D erz, the Princess his

ITALY. confor!, their children and heirs, thall en Disturbances of a serious nature had joy all permanent or annual rents which broken out in Bologna, of which the they live in the Batavian Republick, in scarcity ani de arness of provifions were the time manner as or her poífeffors of either the cause or the

The rerents in the said Republick.

storation of tanquilli'y has, however, 3. To indemnify the House of Nallau been effected by means of th: Frercb'roops. Orange Dillenburg Dierz for the renunci Since the changes in the Free h Confti. ations and ceffions in the first Article of Cution, that of the l'alian Repuoluk has the present Trealy, his Highness Thall re heen altered, for the sake of uniformity. ceive, 1. The bishopric and abbey of Fulda. The Moniteurs have given long decrees on 2. The abhey of Corvey. 3. The abbey this subject. One of them regulates the of Weingarten, with its dependencies. payment of the personal tax, by which the 4. The Imperial town of Dormund, in expences of the government are princi- ! Westphalia, and Ysny and Buchborn, in pally to be defrayed. The fathers of twelve Southern Swabi., with their territories children are to be exempted; the tax is and dependencies. His Highness Toll por- not in any case to exceed three livres ten sess for ever, and in full sovereign pro- fous a lead; and it is liable to he dimis perty, for himself, his heirs and succes- nished, in case the state of the public treaJors, the above-mentioned bishopric and fure will admit. House-owners are to be abbeys, which shall be secularized in bis answerable for their lodgers; and merfavour, and the Imperial towns, with all chants, &c. for those employed in their the territory belonging to them; under the service. In walled towns, where tolls are condition, that his Highness thall engage paid on articles of consumprion, an increase to satisfy the existing and acknowledged of these is substituted for the personal l»x. claims to certain inheritances appertaining Another decree regulates the mode of acto his House, in the course of the last cen- quiring and perfecting the rights of citizentury. This satisfaction shall be determined thip, viz. residence on the 261h of Januby Arbitrators, to be appointed by the two ary 1802, landed property to the value of Contracting Parties.

3000 crowns, or commercial property to 4. The inheritance in the new States the value of 50,000; naturalization to be which mall he assigned to the House of obtained by pelilion, stating the grounds of Nassau Orange Dillenburg Dietz shall be the claim. The rights of citizenship are segulated in the following manner: The forfeited hy the acceptance of a place in male line shall succeed to the exclusion of any foreign couniry where distinctions of the female; hut in failure of male heirs, birih are admitted; by the acceptance of the female shall enter into all their rights. pensions from foreign Powers, without This clause thall extend to all the legiti- the consent of the goveroment; by being mate offspring of his Highness the Prince sentenced to a disgraceful punishment; by in a direct line; and, in cale of the failure residence in an enemy's country, after the of that line, the above-mentioned Territory, term fixed by the government for returnStates, and Sovereignty, shall devolve to ing; and by fraudulent bankruptcy, legally the Royal House of Prullia.

proved. A third decree establishes a civic 5. Pis M jesty the King of Prussia, and regifler in every commune, where the the Firtt Consul of the French Republick, names of the citizens must be inscribed ; in the name of the French people, recipro and this inscription is an indispensable precally guarantee, in conjunction with his liminary to being allowed to exercise any Highness the Prince of Natlan Orange office. Dillenburg Dietz, the indemnifications of

GERMANY. the ceded or conquered countries, as they The Emperor is fo fully convinced of are ftipulated in this Treaty.

the inefficacy of resistance to the plan of 6. His Maj fty the King of Prussia, and Indemnities which has been formed by the his Highness the Prince of Natlau Orange other Powers, that he has dispatched a Dillenburg Dietz, in like manuer acknow. metienger to Berlin, with an afsurance that ledge the Batavian Republick.

he will give every facilicy to the arrange7. Immediately after the exchange of ment of this important business. Orders the ratifications, his Majetty the King of have been iffued for the evacuation of the Pruilia, and his Highness the Prince of territories which are to form the Pruffian

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