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learned bishops speak none other things than what Christ and his apostles spoke and taught before them.

My design in insisting on some particular truths is not to exclude others, such as Christ's incarnation, satisfaction, resurrection, &c. &c. which are generally necessary to be known in order to our obtaining eternal life. But the profound ignorance of some, and the virulent opposition of others against these gospel-truths, makes it needful to vindicate and establish them at this time. Indeed I wish this work had been done by some abler hand. But I say, as Peter in another case, Such as I have, give I thee. And how ungrateful soever this undertaking may be to some pharisaical christians, and heterodox preachers, yet I am willing to hope it will find a favourable reception with all those who have a hearty concern for the honour of Christ, and an inward experience of the gospel-salvation.

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Of Original Sin.

1. THE Imputation of Adam's sin to all his posterity,
proved from the Homily on the Misery of Man, and from
that on the Nativity of Christ. The same truth evinced
from Rom. v. 12. where it is shown from Altingius, that if
we should allow the Samosatenians to translate Eq’å by
for that, that very translation would confirm our doctrine.
The apostle prosecutes this argument, ver. 13—19. The
same showed from 1 Cor. xv. 22. Archbishop Usher's ac-
count of this inatter. Some reject this doctrine. The
reasonableness and equity of it shown. First, All men
were in Adam's loins. Secondly, Adam was our covenant
head, Gen. ii. 16, 17. Bishop Reynolds quoted. Thirdly,
God the sovereign Creator of mankind, had a right to fix
their happiness upon what terms he pleased. God could
have prevented the fall of Adam ; but he permitted it, be-
cause he saw the divine glory and human happiness would
upon the whole be most promoted thereby. Three reasons
why preachers should preach this doctrine.


Of Justification by Faith.

I. MEN can do no good works acceptable to God before

Faith and Justification, proved from the Homily on Good
Works, and Thirteenth Article. Bishop Sanderson's judg-
ment. This doctrine evinced from Prov. xv.8. An abuse
of that text corrected. The same is showed from John,
xiv. 6. Rom. viii. 8. xiv. 23, Heb. xi. 6. Inferences.
First, The necessity of faith in Christ. The reasonable-
ness of exhorting christians to believe in Christ, demon-
strated. Secondly, The impossibility of justification by
works. Bishop Beveridge quoted. Our adversaries vari-
ous distinctions of justification, proved to be groundless.

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