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Santerre, in treating this subject, as may seen no 52, has represented Susannah alone in the Bath, but watched by the Elders. Lodovico Caracci, in the picture we have before us, has chosen a more advanced stage of the scene. The two old men have already approached Susannah, who appears to wish to fly and screen herself from their looks; but one of them has seized the garment she is endeavouring to cover herself with; Susannah appears to say to them : «Alas, I am in trouble on every side though I follow your mind, it will be my death: and if I consent not unto you, I cannot escape your hands. Well, it is better for me to fall into your hands, without the deed doing, than to sin in the sight of the Lord.»

Lodovico Caracci's pictures are remarkable for the breadth and vivacity of the light: he has also given to his heads expressions full of fidelity and sentiment, as may be seen in this painting which formed part of the ancient Orleans Gallery. It has since been in the Angerstein Collection, and is now in the British National Gallery.

Height, 4 feet 11 inches; width, 3 feet 10 inches.


Santerre, en traitant ce sujet, ainsi qu'on a pu le voir sous le no 52, a représenté Suzanne seule au bain, mais épiée par les vieillards. Louis Carrache, dans le tableau que nous voyons ici, a donné un instant plus avancé de cette scène. Déja les deux vieillards se sont approchés de Suzanne qui paraît vouloir fuir et se dérober à leurs regards; mais l'un d'eux a saisi la draperie dont elle cherche à s'envelopper; Suzanne paraît leur dire : « Je ne vois que péril et qu'angoisses de toutes parts, car, si je fais ce que vous désirez, je suis morte, et si je ne le fais point, je n'échapperai pas de vos mains; mais il vaut mieux tomber entre vos mains sans avoir commis le mal, que de pécher en la présence du Seigneur. »

Les peintures de Louis Carrache se font remarquer par des lumières larges et vives; il a aussi donné à ses têtes des expres. sions justes et pleines de sentiment, ainsi qu'on le voit dans ce tableau qui a fait partie de l'ancienne galerie d'Orléans. Il a passé depuis dans le cabinet d'Angerstein, et se trouve maintenant au British Museum.

Haut., 4 pieds 8 pouces; larg., 3 pieds 8 pouces.

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DUTCH SCHOOL. cococooooooo J. STEEN. 0000000000se HAGUE MUSEUM.



A young woman, finding herself unwell, has just sent for a physician she presents to him her arm, and the doctor whilst feeling her pulse, seems to have some doubts as to the malady, the cause of which is carefully kept from him. The young girl who is standing near her mistress, appears to anxiously await the physician's decision, who, probably, will also be silent, as to the true source of the disorder.

The artist has however taken care to impart his thought by some accessories, to which, at first, no great attention is given. A statue of Cupid, holding one of his poisoned darts, is placed on the corner of the mantle piece. This indication is already sufficient to give a clue. But he has wished to express his idea in a manner still more palpable, by displaying over the chimney-piece part of a picture, the composition of which represents a horseman, riding away at full speed. He is followed by a servant, and is, no doubt, going to join the army but the glory he seeks to acquire, forcing him away, his absence can but increase the fears of her, by whom he is tenderly loved ·

Among John Steen's pictures, this is one of the few that present nothing trivial. It is painted on wood, and forms part of the Museum at the Hague.

Height, 5 feet 11 inches; width, 4 feet 10 inches.

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