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In the composition of a picture ordered by the king to recal his coronation, M. Gérard has found the means to avoid the stiffness of the etiquette and the constraint of the ceremony in which, all the figures must have been placed in an uniform manner, which could offer nothing graceful. He has chosen the instant when, the coronation being over, the king, placed on his throne, receives the homages of the princes of the blood; and the spectators, transported with enthusiasm, are giving the proof of it by the cries of Vive le Roi!

Near the principal group, the Archbishop of Rheims is seen, who is still invoking blessings on the king, whom he has just anointed. In the fore-ground is the vicomte de Latour Maubourg, and the duke d'Aumont, wearing his hat. Near them are the cardinal de Clermont-Tonnerre, standing, and the cardinal de La Fare, seated aside. On the right are MM. de Polignac, de Lauriston, de Brissac, Jourdan, de La Rochefoucault, the marshals de Treviso and de Dalmatia. On the other side, towards the middle, the Chancellor is seen with the prince Talleyrand and the duke d'Avaray on his left. Behind stand MM. de Brezé, de Saint-Félix, and de Boisgelin. In the front of this part sits the duke d'Uzès, grand master of the King's household, holding his staff of office. The duke de Conegliano is standing, holding the sword of constable. Near him are MM. de Maillé and de Fitz-James, M. de Crussol is a little further off. Quite in front, on the left, is M. de Serré, one of gardes-ducorps, with the surtout and halberd of a garde de la manche. In the back-ground is a gallery in which are the Princesses. Width, 32 feet 11 inches; height, 17 feet 8


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