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THE Publishers having now completed this

- undertaking in which they had enga. ged, beg leave to return their cordial thanks to their friends and the public for the flattering reception it has met with. They are highly gratified in having had repeated solicitations to add a fourth volume, if the whole of the subjects suited to meet the public eye could not be contained in the third volume. With these solicitations, how. ever, they did not judge it proper, from various considerations, at present to comply ; at the same time, they think it their duty to intimate, that, if these solicitations are continued, and other favourable circumstances encourage them, a fourth volume may in a short time be published. For, though on the outset of this undertaking, it was computed that the whole could have been comprised in three volumes, they now find that with ease they could have made a fourth. This the public may in so far be sensible of, as. they will perceive several of the subjects mentioned in the proposals originally issued, not contained in these volumes; and they have since discovered others equally if not more important and interesting

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U E, whose names are subjoined,

V having had opportunity of looking over several of these Sermons in Manu. script, now proposed for publication, have sufficient reason to'be satisfied, that they are the genuine remains of the worthy Author whose name they bear. They have been transmitted through the hands of his lineal descendants. From the hand. writing, which is such as was common towards the beginning of this century, though now rather antiquated, as well as from the information of those who had access to


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