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the Lord, nor to give up wholly with his lufts; fometimes he is almoft persuaded, but never altogether. So there comes ftill one off-put on the back of another; and when the finner has been at the advising and deciding this busmess days and years, he is as far from a point the last day as the firit.--I am now to propose some confiderations,

II. For confirmation of this point.- Consider,

1. That there is no competition here in point of real value. What is the dead idol Baal, in comparison with Jehovah, the living God? What are our filthy lusts, in comparison with Chrift? Jer. xxii. 28. “ The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream, and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully; what is the chaff to the wheat? faith the Lord.” It is a disgrace on our reason, to put them in the balance together, and argues a fearful blindness with which mankind are seized, once to entertain a doubt which to chuse.--Confider,

2. That it is ingratitude of the deepest dye, not readily to fall in with the offer. When the potter is making suit to his own clay, the mighty God to his own creature worm man, to put off his offer, because of the craving of the heart after filthy Justs, these brats of hell, and spawn of the old serpent, is certainly ungrateful. The Lord might have left us with them, to have made the best of them we could, which would have been no better than death; for what else could have resulted from our drinking that cup of poison ? But now, when he comes to offer us life, how horrible is it to be wavering and undetermined, 'whether we will accept of the Lord and life, or not!--Confider,

Laftly, That this warning is on a matter of the Autmost weight, and what we have not one to-mor


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row allowed us to advise upon. Our fouls lie at stake, eternal falvation or damnation depend on our choice ; if we make the Lord our choice, we are happy for ever; if ye do not, we are ruined for ever, it is, « To-day, if ye will hear his voice," Psal. xcy. 7.; so that, if death carry you off undetermined, your eternal destruction is unalterably fixed; and what an abominable thing is it then, to be still wavering ?--I now. proceed,

III. To make some application of the subject. And with this defign, I would expoftulate with you halters, and undetermined sinners, who are not yet come to a point in the matter of your choice betwixt Christ and your lusts, in the words of the text, “ How long halt ye betwixt two opinions ?” How long will it be ere you come to a point how to dispose of that heart of yours? You have had many rich gospel-calls from the Lord, and many communion-calts, and yet you have not freely abandoned your idols, and made choice of the Lord, to this day. Still you are halting, undetermined, and wavering. How long shall it be thus ?-In managing this expoftulation, I would ask,

1. Who are the wavering, undetermined halters betwixt the Lord and their lusts? -I answer,

(1.) Ye who to this day never found the time to break your covenant with your lusts, and to enter into covenant with God, either in pretence or reality. Are there not some here, who never gave their personal consent to the baptismal covenant, who are utter ftrairgers to personal covenanting with God in Christ? they have not even expressly in words renewed the covenant made for them in baptism, much less have they ratified it with their own solemn consent before the Lord; they are woful halters, but without making this

choice they can never see heaven : Eph. ii. 12. «Strangers from the covenants of promile, having no hope, and without God in the world."-Ye are the wavering,

(2.) Who time after time flight the sacrament of the Lord's supper, not preparing yourselves to partake of it. What makes you always and constantly mere spectators and onlookers of the seal of the covenant, and that solemn engagement to be the Lord's, but that you are halters betwixt the Lord and your lufts? Were there a bargain in your offer, of which all the partners were obliged to strike hands with the party that makes it with them, and you stood by, and would not give your hand; would not that prove you not to be determined as yet for the bargain ? You would be glad to have the bargain ratified betwixt God and you, if you were really for it: Pfal. lxviii. 31. « Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands to God.”—T. this some may object,

We would fain take the sacrament, but they will not give us tokens of admission. – To this Í answer,

What hinders your receiving them, but your gross ignorance, or your ungodly and scandalous life, which certainly ought to do it : Matth. vii. 6. o Give not that which is hcly unto the dogg." But why do not ye get the knowledge of God and religion, and reform your lives, that ye may sit down at the Lord's table? And here lies the matter, you are not so far determined yet as to quit your lufts, for all the communion with God that is to be had in the facrament.--Such of you are halting,

(3.) Who have had your convictions of sin, and are in so far satisfied, that you should have given up with it, but your hearts were never brought

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Lastly, And in a word, who have not expressly embraced God and Christ, but cleave to your lufts. Our Lord has often come to you in the gospel, requiring your last answer, but you have neither yet given it, nor will you either plainly say ye will betake yourselves to your lusts and idols for altogether, nor are you come the length of an honest resolve to give over with them for altogether. Ye are undoubtedly woful undetermined halters.

2. I must ask at you, How long will ye halt, and be undetermined?

(1.) Have ye not halted long enough already betwixt God and your lusts ? 1 Pet. iv. 3. « For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles.” Have ye not often enough sent away the Lord in his messengers groaning from you, because ye could not be won yet? (1.) Young halters, may not ye, after ten, fifteen, and twenty years, or more, be at a point whether ye will be the Lord's or not? I assure you, God has been at a point with many one in that time, who never got your length, but their states are determined in another world already, without posfibility of alteration. Every seven years ye have been in the world, ye have had an year of Sabbaths, in these Sabbaths many, many a call. And will ye yet be undetermined ? (2.) 'Old halters, may not ye be at a point, after thirty, forty, fifty, or fixty years; ye have taken to advise in? will ye halt on, till ye slip into a grave, into hell, undetermined. All the fermons ye have heard, the communions ye have waited on, even all the rods and the mer. cies ye have met with, have left you where they found you, as undetermined as ever, and will ye still go away this day as undetermined as ye came:

2dly, How can you be at ease as long as such

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