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Sure he has loft no bowels of compassion by going to heaven; they flow out as freely and tenderly as ever.-Confider,

(8.) He commands finners to come to him, The invitations are all commands; they are most peremptory: 1 John, iii. 23. “ This is his commandment, that we should believe on the name of his Son, Jesus Christ.” If you do it not, you can do nothing that will please him : John, vi. 29. « Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.” And he leaves it on us with the most dreadful certification : Mark, xvi. 16. “ He that believeth not shall be damned.” And hence it follows, that the hearers of the gospel who perish, are inexcusable ; the door was open, but they would not enter in. The invitation imports,

4. That the worst of finners are welcome to Christ: however great their burden of fin and misery be, it is no hinderance in their way to come to Christ. Where all are invited, none are excluded. But upon this I do not enlarge here, having insisted upon it at some length, when discoursing upon Joel, iii. 10. * All that I shall just now observe is, that this consideration should shame you out of your flighting of Christ, and strike at the root of that bitter despair which lodges in the breasts of many, who are yet far enough from absolute defpair of their case. The invitation imports,

5. That Christ allows sinners to come to him, rather on account of the desperateness of their case, than otherwise : Come unto me, all ge that labour, and are heavy-laden. As if he had said, “ Ye have been labouring, and yet can get no rest; let that engage you to come to me. Sit dowıı, and con

fider Whether this discourse belong, or not, to the Cola lection now publishing, cannot as yet be ascertained.

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else ; that he will give him rest, and embrace the sinner, when he fees he can do no better, when he can make no other shift.--Hence also learn, how to make an excellent use of the badness of your case, even to take up these stumbling-blocks, and break up heaven's door with them ; to make a virtue of neceflity, and the more that the burden prefleth, the more readily to go to Christ with it. True, it is never right coming to Christ, which sense of misery alone produceth ; but love may a work, which terror begins, and which when from the Holy Spirit it leads to. In a word, you are absolutely inexcuseable, that come not to Chriít, be your cafe what it will..

I now go on to what was proposed,

reft which Christ gracioully promises, and which he actually gives to such labouring and heavy-laden finners, as truly come to him. And here it must be observed, that there is a rest which they may have in Chrift ; a reft here, and a reft hereafter. In this life there is a fourfold reft to be had in Christ. - A rest,

1. In respect of fin. The rest Christ gives from sin is twofold.. : (1.) A rest from the guilt of fin. Guilt is a poilon, infecting the conscience, which makes it lo to smart that it can get no rest, as in the casc of Cain and Judas, and also with those, Acts, ii. 37. “ 'They were pricked in their hearts." This, when it feiters and becomes immoveable, is the gnawing worm in hell. Christ gives reft from it, Heb. ix. 4.; lis blood purges the confcience from dead works. The conicience, when like the ra. ging fea, is stilled by him : Isa. lvii. 18. 19. “I have seen his ways, and will heal him ; I will lead

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