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dread of the offended Majesty, and make us fall down, saying, “ Forgive us our debts."

5. Pray for it earnestly as a promised benefit of the covenant, and join thereto a faith of particular confidence : Matth. xxi. 22." And all things, whatsoever ye shall alk, believing ye shall receive them.” Beg of God, that he would manifest him. self to you, so as ye may be filled with holy fear of him. Ye may read and hear much of God, and little impressions be made on your spirits by it at all; but when the Lord discovers himself to the finner, his own glorious light will fo represent him as the soul cannot chuse but both love and fear him: Job, xlii. 5. 6. “ I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye feeth thee: Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

Lastly, Draw together the scattered affections and faculties of the foul, and set them on the Lord: Pfal. lxxxvi. 11. “ Unite my heart to fear thy name.” As the scattered rays of the fun will not burn, till they be collected by a burning-glass ; so the heart, walking at random, will not be filled, with holy fear. Withdraw your hearts from pur. suing vanities, and gadding after idols, and labour to see the Lord in those glasses where we may perceive how he is to be feared.

I would urge you to look to him particularly, (1.) In the glass of his word. See how he is there rea presented as one worthy to be feared : Psal. lxxxix. 7. « God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” O with what awful soleme nity may we hear him there speaking of himself, his saints speaking of him and to him! and the angels also, with their vailed faces, crying, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. Had we


eyes to discern his voice in his word, every page would fill our hearts with profoundest reverence. See him, (1.) In the shining holiness of his commandments, perfectly pure from all earthly drofs ; and when thus seen, how can the sinful creature not fear him! Exod. xv. 11. « Who is like viito thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like unto thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders ?” He appears there to be all light, and that in him there is no darkness at all. The holy, fpiritual, and extenfive law, may fill our hearts with the dread of the Lawgiver, of whose nature it is a transcript. See him, (2) In the amazing sovereignty of his threatenings. This filled good Josiah with fear, 2 Kings, xxi. 19. and Habakkuk, ch. iii. 16. Behold thence flames of wrath flashing out on the faces of impenitent finners. All the threats of men own death to be their utmost; and, O! how will a threat of death fright mortals ! But the Lord's threatenings go beyond death, and carry the matter to an endless éternity. See him, (3.) In the unspeakable riches of his gofpel-promises displayed in the word. His terrors are no more severe on the one hand, than his promifed encouragements are great on the other. If hell be in the one scale, heaven is in the other. Who would not therefore fear him?

Look to him, 2. In Christ, the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person. See God in Christ, and there fee an.object of fear and love in one. If ye would be stirred up to fear God, look to Mount Calvary, and there behold Christ groan, ing, and dying on a cross for the sins of an elect world, and you will see three awful fights. (1.) The severity of God's justice against fin, not fparing his own Son, Rom. viii. 32. Many terrible

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instances have there been of this, in the deluge, and the like. But what is the tumbling down of finful angels into the pit, the deluging of a world, the burning of Sodom,--to the Son of God dying on a cross, and bearing his Father's wrath ? O! if this was done in the green tree, what shall be done in the dry ? (2.) The channel of mercy and grace, in which they flow to guilty sinners. It is by the Mediator's stripes we must be healed; the finner's life comes in the way of Christ's death ; no mercy, no grace, but ihrough the wounds of a Redeemer. There was love frem eternity in the breast of God towards an elect world, but Justice stood in the way of Mercy's getting through to the criminals ; a way was then made by the blood of the Son of God. (3.) The price of pardon, 1 Pet. i. 19. the precious blood of Chrift; no pardon, but what is the price of blood, and that blood of infinite value ; that is the ransóın which had to be given for the captives, or they could never have been set free. O! who can see thefe, and not fear this awful and tremendous majesty thus appearing !---- Look at him,

3. In the glass of his adorable perfections. How small a portion do we know of him ! but there is nothing which we have manifested to us concerning him, but may contribute to this holy fear. On the one hand, confider his infinite power, whereby he can do all, and his universal dominion, whereby he may do what he will : Job, xxxvii. 23. 24. and xxv. 2.; his justice, holiness, omniscience, omnipresence, infinite veracity and truth, whereby ail he has said fhall be made good to a tittle, Who, then, can but fear him ? ---Consider, on the other hand, his mercy, his love, grace, and goodness, which are so unbounded and unspeakable ! Who, then, can but fear him ?-Look at him,


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(2.) For the object of this hope ; it is mercy which is hoped for. Now, there is a threefold mercy hope looks for. (1.) The mercy of eternal life itself: Jude, 21. “ Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” This is the chief thing the believer is to hope for, and he may, with the utmost certainty and confidence, expect it, 2 Tim. i. 12. This hope, even the hope of salvation, the apostle will have the Chri{tian to put on as an helmet, i Theff. v. 8. and even to stretch forth his hope over death and the grave. (2.) The mercy necessary to bring us to eternal

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