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By Him the World in Christ believ'd,

By Him God's Word was writ and taught. His Word made, and his Word new makes,

He giveth (knowledge,) Life and Sente, Tho' by the Sapiential way,

Yet by Love's (potent) Influence. If Miracles and Holiness

Had not Chrift's Gospel ( Turelė) seal'd Christ had not had a Church on Earth,

rosy Nor had been credibly reveald. As on the first unformed Mass,

God's Spirit mov'd, gave Life and Formi, So He first form'd the sacred Word,

Then (by it) those that are new bord. The holy Gospel is his Book,

Written (and preachd) by Christ's Command, Indited by the Holy Ghost,

As (true as) if with Christ's own Hand. O praise eternal boundless Love,

Who Ibines (on Man) with vital Beams, Refresheth dry and thirsty Souls,

With the celestial (living) Streams. He gives us Light when we are dark,

He quickens us when we are ) dead
And by unfeigned Faith and Love
Unites us to our (gloxious ) Head-

Part 2.
Lord, let's know him by whom we know,

And know Christ by tby (holy) Dove,
And live to him, by whom we live,

Love him from whom's all (bolz ) 'Love. It's He inditeth att out Songs,

(In which) thy Glory we proclaim, It's He that sweetneth to our Souls The Mention of thy (holy.) Name.


Should Should we not magnify his Grace,

And his high Praises (daily) sing? Who teacheth us with joyful Hearts,

To magnify our (Heavenly) King. He intercedes 'twixt Christ and us,

The (holy) Fire by him doth burn: He gives us the Delires and Groans, : The (Thanks and) Praise which we return. He preach'd thy Word to us, within,

And made it to us ( Pow'r and ) Life, He us’d it to destroy our Sin, :

Gave us (our) Creed, and (our) Belief. His Teaching deeper went than Man's,

(Thy Word) he wrote opon the Heart, Our mad Resistance overcame,

A (holy) Nature's more than Art:
He made thy. Word searching and sharp,

Yet (Twezt and) pleasant to our Taste z
He made thy Service our Delight,

Make it (yet moze) so to the last. O Thou that art this holy Fire,

Inflame our Souls for thy own Praise. Thou who do'st Love and Joy inspire,

Keep (these in) Vigour from Decays. All Glory to the sacred Three,

One Everliving (Bleed) God; As at the first still mag he: be.

(By all) belov’d, obey'd, ador’d. Amen.,


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