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1836 V. 3


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In reprinting the pieces which constitute the present volume, I have adopted the text of the following editions:

I. Eight Sermons Preach'd at the Honourable Robert Boyle's Lecture, in the First Year Mdcxcii. By Richard Bentley, M. A. The Sixth Edition. То which are added, Three Sermons: One at the Public Commencement, July 5, 1696. when he proceeded Doctor in Divinity; another before the University, Nov. 5,1715. and one before his late Majesty King George 1. Feb. 3, 1714. Cambridge, MDCCXXXV. 8vo.

The Boyle Lectures were originally put forth each as a distinct publication, the first six in 1692, the last two in 1693, London, 4to : and during the latter year a general title-page was prefixed to them - The Folly and Unreasonableness of Atheism de monstrated from The Advantage and Pleasure of a Religious Life, The Faculties of Human Souls, The Structure of Animate Bodies, and The Origin and Frame of the

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World, &c. In the fourth ed. London, 1699, 4to, the author made various important corrections and alterations.

Before sending to press the seventh and eighth of these Lectures, Bentley addressed several letters to Sir Isaac (then Mr.) Newton, respecting the use to which he had there turned the discoveries of that great philosopher. The answers of Newton, first published by Richard Cumberland, Four Letters from Sir Isaac Newton to Doctor Bentley. Containing Some Arguments in Proof of a Deity, London, 1756, 8vo, are now appended to the Lectures.

Of the three Sermons on different subjects the original editions are: Of Revelation and the Messias. A Sermon Preached at the Publick Commencement at Cambridge. July 5th, 1696. London, 1696, 4to. A Sermon upon Popery: Preach'd before the University of Cambridge, November vh, MDccxv. Cambridge, 1715, 8vo. A Sermon Preach'd before His Majesty King George, at his Royal Chapel of St. James's, on Sunday, February 3, 1714. Publish'd by His Majesty's Special Command. London, 1717, 8vo.

II. A Speech by Dr. Bentley, Archdeacon of Ely, to the Clergy of that Diocese, at his Visitation held in Cambridge, December 13, 1716. In The St. James's Evening Post, (Numb. 246.) From Thursday, December 20, to Saturday, December 22, 1716.

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