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never been brought into collections appropriated to the use of chil. An Address to the Voluntcers of Brom dren. We, therefore, consider it löy, Bow, and Westham. By W. as an acceptable present to the

Newman. 8vo, 15. friends of the institurions, for whose With equal modesty and good use it is published; and cheerfully sense, Mr. Newman, from 1 Tim. recoinmend it, both as a cheap and vi. 12, exhorts his military audi. suitable publication.

ence to fight the good fight of

faith; and be the faithful soldiers FAST SERMONS, AND

of Jesus Christ.

a Sermore Sermons to Volunteer Corps. The Royal Soldier :

preached at the Parishes of St. Lau. The Protection of God our best

rence and St. Mary Magdalen, Confidence in Time of Danger :

Milk Street, &c. By W. Best, the Substance of a Sermon preached D. D. 8vo, is. before the Volunteers at Surry Chapel. By R. Hill, a. M. Svo, os.

This is a republication of a Ser.

mon preached before the Lord This is an energetic discourse Mayor and Court of Aldermen in on Psalm xx. 7, 8, "Some trust in

1745, 6; and named The Royal chariots,” &c. The author pays soldier, in honour of William, then some respectful compliments to the Duke ot Cumberland : but the Volunteers, who, in vast numbers, publisher has taken liberties with crowded the chapel : he represents his author, which we consider as the excellency of our constitution, wholly unwarrantable and unpre, the horrid scenes exhibited in

cedenied. He has nut only abridged France, and the dangers of inva- the Sermon, but he has metamor. sion : he then shews, that while we

phosed the persons mentioned in laudably prepare for defence, we

it: the Duke of Cimberland gives must avoid a sinful dependence on place to the present Duke of York, svarlike preparations, " remember- and Lewis xiv. to Bonaparte ; and ing the name of the Lord." He he makes his author talk (prophe. particularly recommends the ob- tically no doubt) of his destroying servation of the Lord's Day; and his own men by poison ! - We are concludes with affectionate

surprized also to find a Sermon, so counsel to young men.

respectfully dedicated to the Duke A Sermon, preached to the Loyal of York, printed on such vile teaMacclesfield Foresters.

By Meln paper ! ville Horne. Svo, 15. This eloquent discourse is found. ed on Neh. iv. 14; from which the

LITERARY NOTICES. preacher, in very nervous language,

The volume announced from Mr. animates his hearers to fight in the Jefferson in our last Number, concause of their King and Country, in an humble dependence upon the Sermons and Essays, as mentioned by

sists of Poems and Essays," not divine mercy.

mistake. A Sermon, preached on the Day of The Rev. D. Bogue is preparing

General Fast, at the Parish-Church for the press two duodecinio voof St. Giles, before the St. Giles lumes of Essays on Missions, which and St. George Bloumsbury Voline are intended to be published by teers. By the Rev. W. Gurney, subscription. A. B. With the Ceremony of she We understand that a new edi. Consecration of Colours, &'c. Svo, is. tiva is in the press, of the excellent This discourse is on the same text

and popular Discourses of the late as the preceding; and if it must

President Davies, of America, yield to it in eloquence, it yields to which have become extremely none in Christian patriotism, or mis scarce in this country. nisterial fidelity.



MISSIONARY SOCIETY. BY a Letter just received by Mrs. Palm from Rotterdam, we learn that the Missionary Society there has received Letters from Dr. Van. DERKEMP, at Algoa Bay; in which he mentions, that he had been ill for a long time ; but was mercifully restored : and the Lord had so blessed his labours, that he had baptized more than two hundred Heathen!

We have the Pleasure to hear likewise, that Mr. Kicherer, and the Converted Hottentots, who accompanied him, arrived safe in Holland.

By Letters which our Baptist Brethren have received from India, we learn, that Mrs. Thomas, the widow of Mr. J. Thomas, is dead. Felix Carey has been ill, in some danger of a consumption ; but hopes are entertained of his recovery. Mr. Carey's second son, William, las also been received into the church. The work of God goes on among the natives. They have seldom had an ordinance-day without some additions. As they cannot find employment for all the converts at Serampore, and as many of them come from a considerable distance, it is their practice now, after baptizing and receiving them into the church, to send them home to their country and kindred, to tell what the Lord hath done for them. Among the converted natives, there are two or three whom our friends encourage to preach the gospel to their countrymen. They have been cruelly beaten by them, and their lives threatened ; but have borne it with much Christian patience and fortitude ; declaring, in the face of their persecutors, that they were more concerned for them than for themselves. One of them is a young Brahman, and who has lately been married to a young Christian female,

MISSIONARY PRINT. The friends of the Missionary Society are respectfully informed, That a capital PRINT, engraved by Bartolozzi, from a Picture painted by Şmirke, is now on sale at their Publisher's *, at a reduced price. - This Print, twenty-eight inches by nineteen, represents the Cession of the District of Matavai, in the Island of Otaheite, to the Missionaries. The Directors having received a number of these fine Prints from the Proprietor, as a part of payment for the copy: those persons who purchase them, will thereby contribute toward the general support of the Missionary Society.

Kelso Association, North Britain

Rev. Mr. Towers's Congregation, Barbican

22 15 6

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• See the Advertisement on the Cover of this Nurnbera


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power, &c.

twenty-three persons, who lrave ex . The following Extracts of Let- perienced delivering mercy. The

ters from abroad, muy be en- private and public Religious Socouraging to the People of cieties increasing ; new places of

God in Britain : - worship building, &c.-A wonder. From a Minister at Berlin, Aug. 30.

ful display of God's power was wit

nessed a few weeks ago at the Bap“When I reflect on the awful state tist Association, held at Redstone, of England, I feel more than words in this cominonwealth. 3000 peocan express; but when I think what ple assembled.

The preaching numbers there are, whose prayers continued Friday, Saturday, and continually rise unto God, my heart Lord's Day, from eight in the mornis filled with the utmost gratitude ing till after night, without the to the Lord, who is able to protect least intermission. The hearers, them from their wicked and pro- my correspondent writes, were li. fane enemy."

terally wedged, as to numbers; and East Friesland, Sept. 15.

fixed, as to attention, the whole "I fear not much for England

season. A great many were brought from Buonaparte and the French. others were made to shout aloud,

to cry out under a sense of guilt; There are more with


on account of soul - emancipation; against you; because the Lord has a great multitude of children in opposers were silenced by Jehovah's your country. He will, doubtless, hear their fervent prayers; and, the Lord is also astonishingly visi-

The good and blessed work of for their sake, give security. There ble in Georgia, South and North are also in Germany, many, who Carolina, &c. &c. and to the eastdaily unite in prayer for England's ward of

this metropolis; at Boston, welfare.'

Newbury Port, &c. A Mr. Pope,

a Baptist minister in North Caro. MADEIRA.

lina, has, within eighteen months, In the month of October last, a

or less time, baptized 1300 persons. dreadful calamity befel the town of

By a letter, which I received toFunchal, the capital of the island day, from the Rev. Mr. Holcombe, of Madeira. A mighty torrent, of Savannah, I find that in that occasioned probably by the burst- city they were, last month, expe. ing of a water-spout, rushed down riencing such marks of divine re. from the mountains; and carried gard, as to claim their liveliest graaway, with irresistible force, three titude. On the first Lord's Day in bridges, a magnificent church, October, he baptized a young man mansions, warehouses, cattle, and (a Jew) on a credible profession of several hundreds of the inhabitants his faith in Jesus Christ. Mr. into the sea. The darkness of the Holcombe speaks of him as posnight, the horrid roar of the waters, sessing very promising abilities. the cries of the sufferers, and the The Saturday succeeding this pleas. terror of all, forined a scene of in. ing event, he baptized, in presence expressible distress. — May we not of a crowded assembly, a late Fesay with the Psalmist, “. Come, and deral Judge (the Hon. Mr. Clay) see the works of God! he is terri- spoken of, taken in every view, as ble in liis doing toward the children the greatest man that Georgia has of men ?"

ever produced: he is already licensed by the church to preach

the gospel.-Mr.Holcombe adds, That AMERICA,

the spirit of preaching and exhortExtract of a Letter from the ing among the ministers of Jesus in

Rer, Dr. Wm. Rogers, of that state, and of hearing among Philadelphia.

the people, exceeds every thing of

the 'kind heretofore experienced Dear Sir,

Nov. 18, 1803. among them. When God works, SINCE I wrote you in May, I who can lett! I suppose you will have been called upon to baptize have beurd i

of Philadelphia, as well as New that a suitable person offered as a York, having been again visited by Missionary to the Indians : but the the yellow, or malignant fever. Committee has now been able to My family continued in the city the avail themselves of the labours of whole time; and were mercifully the Rev. Gideon Blackburn, whom preserved. I went about pretty they have engaged in a Mission to much as usual ; preached every the Cherokees. They wish not to Lord's Day twice in our meeting- be iinproperly sanguine; but Mr. house, which is situated in the most Blackburn's acquaintance with those populous part of our metropolis. It Indians (in whose vicinity he reis true, pur congregations were very sides) his apparent qualifications small; but God, I trust, was with for the work, and the cordiality us. Two Sabbaths in succession, with which he has undertaken it, both morning and afternoon, I de- furnish, as they think, a good foun. livered discourses from Psalm xci, dation whereon to build a strong 1-4. As the Lord hath appeared hope of success. He has in charge for our salvation from the pestic immediately to attempt the estalish. lence, so it is my fervent prayer ment of a school on the border of that he will appear for your salva. the Indian territory, for the education from war and all its horrors. tion of the Aborigines. In our country, we enjoy great Mr. John Chavis has been em. peace and prosperity. Oh! that it ployed for two years past as a Misa might be the case universally. sionary to the Blacks in Virginia and

Through infinite mercy, myself North Carolina : he is a black man, and family are well. Mrs. R. who has had a liberal education, unites in love to self and Mrs. W. and has been regularly introduced From, my dear Sir, yours most into the ininistry. His diligence siucerely,

and prudence have been commendWM. ROGERS. able; and he has not been unsuc-,

cessful." Extract from the Report of the N. B, The American Mission

Stunding Committee of Mis- aries are divided into four classes :sion, connected with the Ge- 1, To settlers on the frontier; – 2, neral Assembly of the Ame- To places in the interior where the

gospel is not established : rican Presbyterian Church.

Negroes; - and 4, To Indians. * Ir was not before this year

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3, To


Oct. 12.

A new Meeting-house Rev. Isaiah Birt, at Plymouthwas opened at Clipstone, in North. Dock (who was prevented being amptonshire. Messrs. Edmonds, present, by an afflictive providence.) Wake, Blundel, Fuller, and Cave, One had been a member of Mr. engaged in the morning-services; Humphreys's church, at Stokeand Messrs. Griffiths, Sutcliff, and gumer; and the youngest belonged Jarman in the evening.

to Mr. Saffery's church, at Salis.

bury. Their wives -also stood in Dec. 1, 1803. FOUR MISSION- the same religious connection; and ARIES were set apart for that im- appear to have their hearts Huch set Fortant service, in the Baptist meet- upon the same work with their hus. ing - house, Broadmead, Bristol. bands. Their names are Richard Two 'of them had been members and Rhoda Mardon, John and Hanof the church under the care of the nah Biss, William and Eleanor

She say,

Mocre, John and Elizabeth Rowe. in different places of worship, At the designation, Mr. Humphreys and transcribed them for onr use, began in prayer; Mr. Saffery read We select, therefore, such only Isaiahı xi. and prayed; Mr. Sut. as did not appear in the former cliffe (under whose tuition they had Papers. been placed about twelve months) stated the design of the meeting'; Among other questions, the follow, and requested the Missionaries to

ing were asked : give a short account of their reli- Q. Now, Sir, as they profess gious principles, and the motives this Christian faith, I ask, What which excited them to enter on this fruit that faith has produced ? important work; which they all A. She say, Sir (viz. Martha) did in a modest and satisfactory that she was before in death. muw manner. Mr. Sutcliff then came in life ; before, she not have hapdown into the table-pew, the front piness, O no, no, she have very of which had been removed, that dreadful life! - before, she was there might be a convenient space blind, now she see; and every way for the young men

to kneel to. can trust upon Christ. gether, and for the ministers to Sir, it could be that perhaps she is stand on either side of them, who a little better; but she don't know : joined Mr. Sutcliff in laying their she shall never say that she be. hands on the heads of the Mission. come better, that she be worse aries, while he implored the di. than before in her own eyes. She vine blessing on their undertaking thought once that she was better and future Tabours. Mr. Fuller than cthers; but now she say with delivered to them an affectionate Paul, she chief of simers.' The address, from Gen xxviii. 3, 4; Lord, he shew her more and more, and Dr. Ryland concluded in prayer. by Spirit, of sin in her heart, that

- They were all newly narried, she can't say she better : from day except Mr. Biss, whuhas one child, to day she worse. about eighteen months old. They After returning from chapel to a wek expected to sail the beginning friend's house, Mary observed, of next week; but being detained that her sweating in the chapet hy contrary winds, they had time to. (which was extremely crowded) endear themselves much to many made her think of the Lord Jesus in Bristol, by their amiable and sweating blood for her. When godly deportnient. They set sail, asked, Which she preferred, Lonhowever, on Jan. 3, 1804; when don or Africa? She said, “ Here. many of their friends accompanied you have fine house and fine thing ; them to the ship, which lay at but not room to pray :- - in Africa, Kingroad, over against Pill, and we have not fine house ; but plenty had a most affecting parting, not room to pray." She said, O what expecting to see their faces any great goodness of God, while są more on carth; but praying that inany thousand of countrymen know they might meet them, with many not God, God put his Spirit in her converted Hindoos, the fruit of their heart! and not only so, but bring labours, in the kingdom of God. her, so far to see dear people of

God. - When thanked ice their A further Account of Confer- company, she said, “ You no tank

me; me must tank yon; and if we enfes with the Hottentots.

get good by being wgether, we HAVING reason to believe that the nuust tank Lord Jesus."

Accounts of the Public Exami- At Sury Chapel, the first ques.

nations of the Hottentots, which tion proposed to them by Mr.Hill, I appeared in two former Numbers, was this: What quantity of good

have afforded much pleasure to works is suficient to merit Heaven? our readers, we are happy to have A. She say, By nature we can do it in our power to make the fol. no good work; and when we, by lowing addition to them, a friend Spirit, do gooi work, then we no having taken down their answers think tu merit ilcaven thereby. She

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