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A cumberer long of the ground, koan, quick-footed Time hath run I frutless and barren appear; lis annal fix'd career;

Yet suil doth thy mercy abound,
And, with unceasing siep, begun

And gives me another New Year!
A pew eventtol year.
Fit season, sure, by Hear'a design'd

How many, who dreamt of delays,

And fancy'd lie's phantoms were truth, For retrospective view, To call the period past to mind,

Cut off in the midst of they days, And life begin ancw.

Or snap'd in the blossoms of youth,

Have drop'd, like the leaves from the How swift the flight of Time hath been!

bough, How short the past appears

Swept down, like the corn in the ear
A scanty glance surveys the scene But I have been spar'd uncil now,
Of many absent years !

And enter another New Year!
Yet short and Meeting as they are,
Important things depend

The days that are past I behold;
On what report to Heav'n they bear,

Alas! how unhecded their tirghi! And how their tight shall end ! They seem like a cale that is cold, -From God they come, and space afford

They are gone like the visions of night!

How few cau ar urmost remain !
For man's delight and use :
To God they fly, with full record

Their close now uncertain, tho' ncar! Of blessing or abuse.

Anew may I live, if again

I live to another New Year!
I would my squander'd days redeem,
My years misspent bemoan;

The Sabbaths rich seasons of grace, And all my future life esteem

The soul to improve and adorn, As held for God alone.

They are gone,

but how feeble their


It has fed like the dew of the morn! Thou God of my life, unto thec,

The loss that I cannot retrieve
With sorrowful heart, I complain,

Now calls for the penitent sear;
The years ihou hast added to me, For this I am suffer'd to live,
So ott have been added in vain!

And hope for a better New Year)

Thou Source of Existence and Ancient of Days,
How faithful thy promise! how wond'rous thy ways ?
Through ages succeeding thy bounty was known I
Unchanging thy being, eternal thy throne !
Thou Fountain of Life, and thou Father of all,
The worlds and the creatures began at thy call1
Thy word bid Creation in order arise ;
Laid Earth's firm foundation, and furnish'd the skies )
The Sun's fervid glory, the Moon's silver d face,
The bright Stars that spangle the regions of space,
Revolve at thy pleasure, and shine by thy light,
Our seasons to measure, our day and our night!
Thy numberless creatures upon thee depend;
For thou art their Maker, Preserver, and End!
Thou givest them daily their rest and their food;

And all things that really shall work for their good!
Time witness'd our fall, and ihy sentence so just,
That limits our years and consigus us to dust!
And Time saw the Savjour our sorrows sustain,
Te spise us to favour and glory again!


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Time wings round its circle; yet, swist as it dies,
Thy blessing ihe wants of thy children supplies !
I hy wisdom directs the in through darkness and fear's
Thy power protects them when danger is near!
Lite's changes uncertain thy goodness controuls,
For peace to their spirits, and lealth of their souls !
In all their denials thy patience they prove ;
And find all their trials are swecten'd with love !
Time hastens away to eternity fast,
As rivers are lost in the ocean at last.
O God, we adore thee, for hope so divine,
Of reigning in glory, eternally thine !


Jer, xvi. !

The Gentiles shall corne unto thee, from the ends of the carth, &c.

JEHOVAH spake, and truth attends his word,
is The Gentile nations shall confess their Lord;
“Mess ah's reigu shall o'er the world extend;
" And his firm throne endure wil time shall end !
Each passing age the promise blest reveals ;
Each distant clime the spreading conquest feels;
Each dirt 'reat tribe shall by the cross be won;
And all the kingdoms be in Jesus one

Europe, once Pagan, barbarous, and blind,
Now civiliz'd, enlighten'd, and refin'd,
Avows the Christian faith ; while thousands share
Its blessings, who disgrace the name they bear !
Vet Europe hath its righteous souls, who aim
To spread around the world a Saviour's name:
O'er seas and desarts bold they persevere ;
And lo! at length, the first ripe fruits appear !

Who are these of olise hve,

Valid forms of human race,
Uitering language harsh and new *,
! Strangers from some distant place?
Children these of Nature rude,

Life with them was but a state

To be wietched, and to die;
And their cverla sting fate

Waken'd not an anxious sigh !
What a change in these is wrought!

In a land af darkness bor; By oppression's rod subdued,

Europe's ridicule and scorn. Wand'ring wild o'er Afric's plain,

Their untuior'd hordes abound, And degraded lite maintain,

Like the brutes that graze around. Naked, but as filth arrays;

Arikss, but as want constrains; Lawless, but as passion sways,

Or as hopeless stav'ry chains. Knowing not their Maker's name ;

Having not the means to know; Void of decency or shame,

And unconscious of their woe,

Trophies rich of grace divine
From Death's gloomy shadows broughta

Humble lights for God to shine !
What could break old habit's force,

Siem the holds of sin secure,
Turn corrupted Nature's course

Into channels clean and pure ?
Mark them,

Savage once, and wild ;
Now auora'd with smiles serene,
Gentle, itachable, and mild,

Decent look and pious mcan.
Hark! Roigion joy doth bring,

Tuning grateful, cheerful praise i
Sweetly Jesus' love they sing

In their native siraple lays !

* The Hortcnto: Clap Language.

Health or wisdom, pow'r or art,

Hail, thou blessed gospel, hail ! Might attempt the change in vain : Where chy faithiud heralds run, These can dever reach the heart,

Peace, and love, ant jov pr.vail, These the wretched tribes disdain.

Giory is on earth begon! *I was ide gospel's joyful soun!,

Slaves of sin releas'd by th:e, By the voice of love convey'd,

Jesus' friends and servants are, Reach'd their misery profound,

Form on earth his family, And is pard’ning grace display'd!, And his heav'nly kingdon siiare !)

Say, boasting Infidel, can all your schemes

To civilize the world, such converts find?
Could vain Philosophy's delusive dreams,

Or Reason's morals thus reitew the mind,
Would your philanthropy the work design,

To seek the wretched of the human race,
'Mid Iceland's snows, or Afric's burning line,

To spread the knowledge of a Saviour's grace?
God works by means that prove his sov'reign hand;

Inspires the humble to confound the wise ;
Efects, by simple agents, movements grand;

Marks out the track, and ready strength supplies !
Nor wealth nor iame attend the arduous deed;

But toils and dangers strew the rurgid way :
Unbought they labour, and unarm’d succeed;

Their sword is truth, and souls renew'd their pay 1
O ve, who mourn a world in error dead,

Whose spirits cry, “ Lord, let thy kingdom come,
Who long to see the glorious gospel spread,

And pant to welcome wandringsinners home, --
Rejoice! your p: ay’rs have reach'd the throne above!

Go on; the word hath rach'd reniotest lands !
Your work of faith, and labour sweet of love,
Shall prosper in the great Redeemer's hands!


On the Prospect of Iirvasion.

The Concert,
No more, my soul, let sensual joy,
Or earthly shares thy peace annoy:
Let trilles, vain as thesis, employ

ETERNAL Sov'reign! gracious Sire!
To the sewing the strong desire, --

To thee our prayers ascendo
Turn back thy wrath, ihy anger say,
Aau. vous not in foes a prey;

Bo prove our gracious friend!

Trach! Lord, our sins as mountains rige;
And justice loud for vengeance cries

To thee, the fudge of all!
But while that justice frowns severe,
Mercy's sweet beams our spirits cheer;

loro thy hands we tall!

The sin deluded dreamer.
Disdain the gay, but worthless dlow'rs;
For nobler ends exert thy pow'rs,
And consecrate thy happier hours

To praise chy gruas Redeemert
Reviewi:g former inisspent years,
What folly and what sin appeats !
My God, i muourn, with groans and tears,

My grievous misbeliavisur!
Thy patience each past hour displays :
Be thine alono ny fucure days!
Oh guide my heart, my lips, my ways,

Toglovily my Saviori
From foolest stains og vit and shame,
Oh, cleanse my soul in Jisus naine !
To suffer and in die be care,

From codles wor to case us!
Such love hast line o siniers stovn!
Such grace to me, the chie, inace known i
In ev'ry heart rrect thy Drone,

Andreigt for over, 1 29:1

Oh, look on hin, in whose blest face
Ibere shines resplendent sou’reign grace,

And all our crim s forgive !
Oh, for his sake, let us enjoy
That sätsed, pure, and noly joy,

And bid us rise and live!



[Translated from the Dutch]
Taken down and barmonized by James Hancock.

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Zi - on's King! thou Son of God, Ex - alted on thy Father's throne!

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Printed by G. AULD, Grerille Street, London,


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