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MISSIONARY SOCIETY, MONDAY morning, Dec. szth, Mr. Kicherer and the three converted Hottentots, took a very affectionate leave of the Directors, after i Parting-Address from the Rev. Rowland Hill; and the same day pro. ceeded to Gravesend, whence, on the 21st they embarked for Holland, on their return home. They were all highly sensible of their favourable seception in London, by Christians of every rank anú denomination. The games of the strangers, of whom the Portraits prefixed to this Number are esteemed very striking likenesses, are as follow: -- John Van Rooy; Mary, his wife ; and Martha Arendse. John is a pure Horientot, withent any mixture with another nation, and is a very sensible judicious Christian. Mary is a very sprightly woman, loquacious, and very lively in religion. She and Martha are called Bastard - Hottentots;

- one of their parents being Hottentot, and the other Malay. Mary formerly resided at a tubacco-plantation, 105 miles from Zak River. Mr. Kicherer having occasion to send thither for tobacco, Mary heard a report of his fime, and travelled that great distance to hear his preaching, which was greatly blessed to her soul.. Martha, who is about fifty years of age, was servant to a farmer's wife, who, wishing to hear Mr. Kicherer, took her with her to the place; but forbade her to hear, as Christianity, she said, was not for Hottentots. Martha, however, used to go and listen to the singing; and greatly longed to understand the preaching. This her mistress so resented, that she beat her unmercifully with a large stick, till the blood flowed from her head. She then determined to leave her place when her year was expired, and contime at the settlement. Here she was called by grace, became a serious intelligent Christian, and was employed by Mr. Kicherer to keep his house,

The Letter subjoined, from Dr. Green, in America, will be found highly

interesting, and very judicious. We have had it some time in hand; but its appearance was unavoidabiy delayed by the more pressing in. telligence of the moment.

AMERICA. An Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Dr. Ashbel Green, of

Philadelphia, to the Rev. John Saltern, of Bridport, duted July 23, 1803.

There has been, for four or five years past, a much greater attentiori to religion in this country than for laalf a century before. God has been pleased to pour out his Spirit, in a greater or less degree, on almost all parts of our country; or at least, on some places, in almost every quarter of it. I shall not give you any general detail on this subject, as you will

And much more than I have time to write, in the Extracts from the Mi. nutes of our General Asse:nbly, on which the fullest reliance is to be placed. But I cannot refuse iny self the pleasure of informing you, that, even in this city, there is a much greater attention to religion, and many more who are hopefully brought to an effectual acquaintance with the gospel-plan of salvation, than at any former seriod sirice I have known the place. The revival, indeed, is not general ; nor such a to make any great impression on the visible state of the city. Yet the number of ina dividuals who are engaged about their souls, and who give satisfaçtory evidence that they have passed from death to lite, is fourfold as great as heretofore; and in one congregation, perhaps in the proportion of ten to one, on a comparison with former unes. The friends of vital piety are, as you may suppose, greatly encouraged. Blessed be God who has thus visited us in mercy! May all that we yet have experienced, be only the first droppings of a plentiful shower of divine grace!" The following is the Extract referred and from the bondage of corrup10 above :

tion into the glorious liberty of the The Committee appointed to

children of God, without any redraw up a statement, as the result

murkuile bodily agitations, or exir** of the tree conversation on the state ordin.zry affeciions. In this calın and of religion, beg leave to present the ordinary manner, many hundreds tollowing:

hive been added to the church in

the course of the last year; and The Assembly heard, at more multitudes of those who had before than usual length, and with more joined themselves to the Lord, have than common satisfaction, the ac. experienced times of refreshing and counts received from their Mem- consolation from his presence. bers, of the State of Religion with In many of the southern and in the bounds of the Presbyterian western Presbyteries, revivals, more Church. Since an enquiry of this extensive and of a more extraornature has become a part of the an. dinary nature, have taken place; nual business of the Assembly, it while many, within the bounds of may be confidently asserted, that these Presbyterie , have been, as is no result was ever presented to our hoped, effectually called, without body so favourable, and so grati, any exercises other than those fying to the friends of truth and which have generally attended the

progress of vital piery. There have There is scarcely a Presbytery been multitudes of instances in under the care of the Assembly, which great bodily agitations, and from which some pleasing intelli- other circunstances out of the gence has not been announced ; and usual course of religious exercise, from some of them communications have attended the work. As these have been made, which so illustris extraordinary appearances

have ously display the triumphs of ev An- been before announced by the As. gelic truth, and the power of sosembly, and as the knowledge of vereign grace, as cannot but fill them is generally diffused through with joy the hearts of all who love


out the American churches, it is to hear of the prosperity of the Re. not judged necessary to enter into deemer's kingdom.

minute details on the subject. The In most of the northern and east- Assembly would only ob:erve, that ern Presbyteries, revivals of reli. although they forbear to express gion, of a more or less general na. any opinion as to the origin and ture, have taken place. In these nature of some of those circumrevivals, the work of divine grace stances, which have attended the has proceeded, with a few excepe souchers and western revivals, and tions, in the usual way. Sinners which have atracted so much of have been convinced and converted the atiention of the religious world, by the still small voice of the Holy yet they are constrained to acknowo Spirit; and have been brought out ledge, with thankfulness, that the

last year, whie is presents a cune

of darkness into marvellous light.

tinulance, and great extension of parts of our church, where no re this extraordinary work, furnished markable revivals have occuridad, also increasing evidence that it is the word and ordinances of the indeed the work of God; for gospel have been, in many places, which the friends of piety are more generally and more seriously bound to praise his holy name! attended upon, in the course of the The Assembly cannot believe last


Than for some tinie be. that a dispensation, by means of fore ; – that infidelity is less bold which the ignorant are enlightened; and active than formerly.; and the vicious reclaimed; the errone. that, on the whole, appearances ous made to acknowledge and obey have become more encouraging the truth as it is in Jesus; the since the last conversation in the haughty infidel humbled, and Assembly on this subject. brought to bow, penitent and be- The Assenibly consider it as lieving, before the cross of Christ; worthy of particular attention, that and the general aspect of society inost of the accounts of revivats changed, froin dissoluteness and communicated to them, stated, profanity, to sobriety, order, and That the institution of praying-socomparative purity; - can be any cieties, or seasons of special prayer other than a dispensation of the to God for the outpouring of the grace of God: and as there ap- Spirit, generally preceded the rëpears to be growing evidence that markable displays of divine grace, these are the happy fruits of the with which our land has been reabove mentioned remarkable work, cently favoured. In most cases, the Assembly cannot hesitate to re- preparatory to signal effusions ci cognize in it the same divine power, the Holy Ghost, the pious have which has, in every age appeared, been stirred up to cry, fervently in a greater or smailer degree, to and importunately, Thur God build up Zion, — to confound the would appear to vindicate his own wisdom of this world!, and to

Cause! The Assembly see in this show, that when the great Head of a confirmation of the word of God, the Church will work, none can and an ample encouragement of the hinder him. It would be easy for prayers and hopes of the pious for the Assembly to select some very future and more extensive maniremarkable instances of the tria festations of divine power; and umph of divine grace, which were they trust, that the churches under exhibited before them in the course their care, while they see cause of of the very interesting narratives abundant thankfulness for this dispresented in the free conversationpensation, will also perceive, that Instances of the most malignant op- it presents new motives to read and posers of vital piety being con- fervour, in applications to that vinced and reconciled; or some throne of grace from which every learned, active, and conspicuous good and perfect gift cometh. infidels becoming the signal monu. The Assembly also observed with ments of that grace which once great pleasure, that the desire for they despised; and various circum- spreading the gospel among the stances which display the holy ef. destitute inhabitants on our front. ficacy of the gospel! But forbear- tiers ; among the blacks, and among ing to enter into minute details on the savage tribes, on our borders; this subject, they would only, in has been rapidly increasing, during general, declare, That, in the the last year, in various parts of course of the last year, there is our church. The Assembly take reason to believe, that several tholl. Rotice of this circumstance with the sands, within the bounds of the more satisfaction, as it not only Presbyterian Church, have been affords the most pleasing presage brought to embrace the gospel of of the spread of the gospel, but Christ; and large accessions of zeal also furnishes agreeable evidence of and ot istrength, as well as of mein. the genuineness, and the benign bers, given to his people.

tendency of that spirit, which God The Assembly were gratified to has been pleased to pour out upon be ntouned, that even in those his people.


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The Assembly consider the proș. still in many places abound: but pects of our church in the fron. they believe it would be ingratitude tiers as more favourable than at any to the gripcious Head of the church, former report. They are gratified as well as injustice to the friends of to hear, froin various quarters, that religion, not to announce, that the lew churches are rapidly forining, aspect of our American Zion is, in - increasing in the number of their general, unusually cheering: und members, and in their punctual at. that those that feel interested in tendance on the means of grace: the advancement of the Redeemner's that many of these churches have kingdom, while they are called been,within a short period, supplied upon by new and additional mouives with stated pastors; and that more to implore the continuance and ex. missionary labourers are still called tension of his mercy, have abund.

ant reason to be encouraged, and to Information of a very pleasing rejoice in the hope that God will nature, was also communicated to makes still inore rich and glorious the Assembly, by the delegates displays of his power and grace, from the General Association of "until he establishes Jerusalem, Connecticut, of a work of divine and make her a name and a praise grace in the various parts of that in the earth : -- until the righte. state, - especially in Yale-college ousness thereof go forth as brightin which important institution, many ness; and the salvation thereof of the youth have hopefully be as a lamp that turneth," come pious. The probable inful. ence of such an event, in so re. In a laie Letter of Dr. Rogers, spectable a seminary of learning, on of Philadelphia, he says, " I have the church of Christ generally, and baptized upwards of thirty in particularly in the state of Connec. our cities and liberties, since the ticut, cannot but make a pleasing last day of March; and upwards of impression on the friend of piety. twenty more, have been baptized On the whole, the Assembly by other ministers,

Good George cannot but declare, with joy, and Bryan, of Savannah, Georgia, bap. with the most cordial congratula- tized lately fifty-three persons of tions to the churches under their colour at one time ; and a Mr. Pute care, that the state and prospect of nfin, in one of the suuthern states, vital religion in our country, are ninety-three on the same day; one more favourable and encouraging hundred more were expected soon than at any period within the last after. In Chester county a female forty years. They see indeed much Quaker, of respectable standing in to lament, in the infidelity, the that society, has lately embraced in vice, the profaneness, the luke. full the doctrines of free and soves humness, and formality, which reign grace."

At Surry Chapel, Rev. Mr, Hill

k. 123 16
Orange Street, Mess. Townsend and Burder 108 8 6
Fetter Lane Chapel, Rev. Mr. Burder

6 Zion Chapel, by Mr. Emerson

77 13 Hoxton Academy Chapel, by T.Wilson, Esq. 31 10 Stockwell, Rev. Mr. Jackson

30 4
Holywell Mount, Rev. Mr. Platt

Well's Street, Rev. Mr. Waugli
Founders' Hall, (the Monthly Prayer-Meeting) 22 OO
Swallow Street, Dr. Trotter and Mr. Nicol

Camomile Street, Rev. Mr, Buck

15 5 9 Cumberland Street, Rev. Mr. Brown 15

Stourbridge, Rev. Mr. Richards Subscriprions received by Messrs. Hardlcaside and Reyner, No. 9, Old Swax Stairs, for the Use of the Rev 7. T. Oberlin, in distributing the Scriptures :

(See Evan. Mag. for November last, page 501, 502.) David Dale, Esq. Glasgow 201. – A Worce:tershire Friend, 21.

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Several ministers and private (late of Shaftsbury) was publicly Christians of the county of Sussex, set apart to the pastoral charge of held a meeting at Brighton on the the old Independent church at 14th and 13th of April last. After Westbury, Wilts. Mr. Stevenson, solemn prayer to God, and two of Trowbridge, introduced the servery suitable discourses, by Mr, vice ; Mr. Dunn, of Bradford, de, Ouen, of Shoreham, - and Nr. livered a discourse on the nature of Pryer, of Arundel (the first at a, &c.; Mr. Honi. Lady Huntingdon's Chapel, and the well, of Melk hair, offered the gesecond at Mr. Hamilton's Meetinga neral prayer ; Mr. Bowden, of Toot.

they agreed to forin themselves ing, addressed minister and people, into a Suciety for Spreading the from 1 Tim. i. 19; Mr. Muston, Gospel in the Dark Towns and of Devizes, concluded with prayer. Villages of Sussex. Several open. A douhie lecture followed in the ings appeared, and plans were form- evening, from Mr. Sibree and Mr. ed for supplying them, before the Hyatt, of Trome. Society separated. They met again at Chichester, Sept 29 and

Nov. 17. The Rev. D. Griffiths 30, when Mr Hamilton, of Brigh- llate student at Homerton) was ion, preached from a 'I hes. jii. l;

ordained pastor of the Independent and Mr. Chamberlayne, of Newhaven, on P:, 1XXXV. 8. Messrs.

church at Long Buckby, Nor, Owen Pryer &c. engaged in prayer. Bedford, prayed ; Mr. Horsey, of

thamptonshire. Mr. Anthony, of It appeared that attempts have Northampton, delivered the introbeen made at several places, and

ductory discourse, asked the quesa that there now is a prevailing de

tions, and received the confession; sire to hear the joyful sound.

Mr. Denny (for many years sole More places offer than ihe settled ministers can supply. It was there: pastor of the church, and afterwards

co-pastor with Mr. Moseley) offore resolved, To look out for a fered up the ordination - prayer; minister, as an itinerant, to whom

Mr. Toller, of Kettering, gave the the Society will engage that he charge, from 1 Tim. iv, 12–16; shall be liberally supported. They and Mr. Gill, of Market - Harpropose meeting again at Alfriston, borough, addressed the people, on the last Wesnesday and Thurs

from Deut. i. 38. Mr. Cox, of day in March, 1804.

Clipstone, preached in the even; Nov. 1. The Rev. I. Williams ing, from Mat. vi. 33.

Feb. 1,


Pionthly Lectures at Manchester, in the Yeur 1804.


Jan. 41

Son the importance of Right} Moseley Str. Rev.Mr. Roby
On the Necessity of Divine

Influence, in order to the Lloyd Street, Bradley

Success of the Gospel. March 7, On Faitli,

Canon Street,
April 4,

On the inputed Righteous-} Moseley Str.

May 2,
On Repentance,

Lloyd Street,

June 6, On the Example of Christ, St. George's,

July 4, On the listercession of Christ, St. George's, Jack
Aug. 1,
On Prayer,

St. George's,

On the Danger of Lukewarm->Canon Street,
Sept. 5,

On Evil-Speaking,

Moseley Str.
On the linportance of attend.

{ Lloyd Street, Johnsons
ing Public Worship,

On the Mystery and Equity Canon Streçtı Lec. 5, of Divine Providence,


Oct. 3, Nov. 7,


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