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tween genuine faith in this gospel entered upon the ministry of the and final salvation.

gospel, he entertained thoughts of From the illustration of these relinquishing his theological studies reasons, the author, who powerfully for a military life, seemingly from felt his subject, draws the following

an apprehension of inadequate stedjust and spirited reflection :

fastness of character. His talents “How base and criminal is their con

were conspicuous from his child. duct who accommodate to the prevailing from the commencement of his

hood, and excited general attention taste theic manner of professing the go5. pel! The plain simplicity of the gospel; public services. He appeared as or its sublime mysteries, or the strictness

an author in 1784 ; when the first and spirituality of the laws which it two volumes of his Sacred Bioteaches us to dócy, - are opposite to theit graphy were published; and five faste why are esteetned, or who affect to more were added at successive pebe called, Men of Wisdom ; and, to pre- riods. In 1795 he collected the serve a reputation ainong them, or to ba- sermors he had occasionally printed, nish from religion an unfashionable air, into two volumes. His other pubthey are manly relinquished or disguised. lications were mostly translations But let those who allow themselves to be influenced by such considerations, remem

from French authors; some of ber the awful words of our Lord Jesus: - which are omitted in the Memoir " Whosoever shall be ashamed of me, and

and Critique written by a pupil of of my words, in this adulerous and sin. Dr. Hunter's, and prefixed to this fol generation, of him shall the Son of selection from his written disMan be ashamed when he cometh, in the glory of his father, with the holy angels.” The first volume contains séven. To resolve that the sentiments and man

teen Sermons, with several Adners of the times shall direct and limit, dresses and Prayers; all upon sacracur profession of the doctrines, or our

mental occasions. The second vo. practice of the duties of Christianity, is to give them up to be directed and limited

lume comprizes an equal number of by a world which liech in wickedness ;

Sermons on various subjects; with and are those who are led captive by

some Addresses, chiefly at funerals. Satan, at his pleasure; or is Satan, their In a posthumous collection of diswasier, entituled to say, “ Hitherto shall courses, many of which appear to your faith and holiness go, and no far- have been delivered during the ther?” Do important truths become earlier part of Dr. Hunter's ministry, einpty or insignificant speculations, be the same degree of polish, as in his cause they are so accounted by men, own publications, could not be exwhose eyes the God of this world hath pected; but we doubt whether the blinded? Are holiness of heart and cir

serious reader will not judge this cumspect behaviour the same things with being righteous overmuch, because they deficiency to be more than compenare represented by thuse whose carnal

sated by the simple and manly elominds are enmity both against the nature quence which characterizes most of and the laws of Goa"

the Sermons and Addresses now printed. They have, in general,

the additional recommendation of Sermons, and other Miscellaneous Pisces, by the late Henry Hunter, of many Sermons; published by

a more evangelical strain than that D. D. To which are prefixed, a Biographical Sketch of his life, and persons of avowed orthodoxy and a Gitical Account of his Writings. volumes, as one of the niost valu“

piety. We regard the first of these Svo, Two Vols. 185.

able companions to the Lord's Dr. Hunter was born at Culs Table that have appeared. Two ross, in Perthshire, in 1741; en- prayers, offered on occasions of that tered the college of Edinburgh at kind, might, we think, have beçti thirteen years of age; was licensed omicted. They are inequal to Dr. to preach, 1764; was ordained min Huntor's Usutul exercises in public nister of South Leith, 1766; and devotion, which were marked by me took charge of the congregation at happy choice of scriptural lars London Wall in 1778. Before he guage,

We' add, as a specimen of the Also, The Report of the Directors, and style, a brief extract from the ninth a List of the Subscribers. 25. 6d. Sermon, on Luke xxii. 19, 20:

The first of these Sermons, which : “Do this then, o Christian, in remem

was delivered at Surry chapel (enbrance of the week and lowly, the selte

titled The Universe Jehovah's Temple) denied and patient Jesus! And, when

is founded on that memorable pasthus employed, suppose him once more sage (1 Kings xviii. 36, &c.) in which addressing ilace in such terins as these :- Jehovah, at the request of Elijah, “ How ili does pride becoine thee, O my proves his superiority to Baal by fire. disciple and my friend, when thy, Master Mr.T. enquires first into the nature was pleased so to debase himself! Was he so poor? Blush then, to think that

of the controversy between Ahab, thou wert ever ashamed of poverty, and

the patron of Idolatry, and Elijah, anxious to avoid it. Did I condescend to

the servant of the living God; and, wash my servants' feet? - And dare


secondly, Shews the importance of reckon the meanest office of chality, and the controversy, or the aspect it ineekness, and selfodenial beneath you :- bears to the entire scheme and ultiDid I assume or affect state and magnifie mate design of divine revelation. cence : and can you be vain of costly Under the first particular, he traces furniture, or asparel, or equipage? When the steps of Jeroboam, who had you behold me ascribing all the glory to imbibed the principles of idolatry God, will you cover, and seek, and deo in Egypt, and introduced them into light in the applaus: of men? pleased not himself, do you deserve the effectially from the family of Da

li Christ Israel, to detach the people more name of his di ciples, if your only, or your vid. He considers Baal as the re. great seudy be how to please yourselves ? Did the most outrageous insults and in- presentative of the solar fire, which, juries excite ny compassion, not my an- proceeding from its central body, ger? and shall every tritiing piece of dis. extends its infiuence to the extrerespect, every little injury, every insignie mities of the system; and, returnficani affront, blow up my servant into a ing back upon a principle of me. flame! Did I diink off iny cup of un- chanical circulation, gives life and mixed bitterness without rosining? --- and

motion to all things in its course. shall the smallest drop of gall cause thee : murnur and complain'? Why? o Supposing the frame of nature to be why has the example of your Master so

intelligent, and independent of the little influence upon you ? Remember

hand that formed it, it became the me, and be humble,' and patient, and object of love, of confidence, and of mortified to self and the world.” Vol.1.177. terror. An Advertisement, prefixed to

“ But who is this that cometh in the the first volume, announces the de.

name of the Lord, with his credentials ia

his hand, and all the powers of nature un. sign to publish a selection of Let.

der his controul! He comes to a seri, and rers, chiefy by members of Dr.

not only to affert but prove, by the most Hunter's family, pursuant to a plan indisputable evidence, the sovereigoty of which he had formed. In this view, the God whom he worships, over the hea. the Editors deprecate the charge of vens and the earth which be created." ari attempt to draw further upon The author points out, under the the fund of private friendship: second head of his discourse, the That they may be fully acquitted importance of the controversy, &c. of such a charge, it seems neces. and shews that the law, committed sary, however, that the proposed to writing by Moses, restored by publication should be sold cheaper Elijah, and completed by Messiah, than the present.

was designed to establish the wor. ship of God upon the ruins of ide

latry, - to prescribe the nature of Four Sermons preached in London, at that worship which is acceptable in

the Tenth General Meeting of the his sight, through the mediation of Missionary Society, May 9, 10, 11, Christ, – and to reclaim the uni. 1804. By the Res. Wm. Thorp, verse from the power of Satan, who Lordon; Rev. J.-Bennet. Romsey; • has usurped the doininion over it, Rev. D. Dickson, Edinburgh; and and restore it to its primary inse as 3 Rev. T. Scott, Astor - Sandford. temple sacred to the true God.


375 Mr. T. enlarges on each of these On these points Mr. B. enlarges positions with great energy and in with considerable ability, and with glowing language, of which the fol. much warmth of evangelical piety; lowing passage is a specimen : and concludes with an animating ad.

dress to the Society ; from which “Friends, and followers of Immanuel,

we transcribe the following para-
I congratulate you.

If angels in the temple above graph:-
are spectators of what passes here below, Every encouragement surrounds us to
kowever they may look down with pity

rouze us into action. Science and com-
and contempt on the elevatioits of human merce have gone before, as the pioneers,
pride, the uneasiness of ambition, the mi- and prepared the way for the noble army
sery of covetousness, the rage of envy, the

of Missionaries 1. The extensive territo. tornient of lusi, the noise of drunkenness,

ries which Britain holds in the most dis-
the madness of infidelity, and all the vota-

tant clim , a:ford the greatest facilities for
ries of the god of this world, whether in us to enter in and occupy the fields which
Heathen or Christian countries; they must are white already to the harvest. The
you with peculiar approbation ;

concentrated force which the unparalleled
they bend from their thrones of glory to

union of Christians in this cause has proexplore the mysteries of human redempe duced, may enable us to grasp what others tion; they learn from the churches of would singly have wished for in vain. Jesus the manifold wisdom of God at. Without presuming to obtrude my advice cending your Missionaries through every

with regard to proper plans and field; of cline; they perform the kind office of mi. labour, let me only ask, what more disnistering spirits to the heirs of salvation, tinguished mark of eminent religion thua converted to the true God by your instru- ardent zeal fir the glory of God in Christ? mentality; and, hovering round your So

Was nor this the sta. llp of peculiarity conciety, they sing in si!ains of heavenly spicuous on the forehead of Paul, of Luther, harmony as you proceed,- .“ Glory be to

of Calvin, of Edwards, Biainerd, and God in the highest, on earth peace, and

Whitfield. On this ground I tread with good-wili towards men.'

reverence; for I feel beneath my feet the The second sermon, by Mr. Ben

as hes of the holy man by whose zeal this

building rose. I see his apostolic spirit het, of Romsey, was delivered at

bending from the skies, while, as he hovers the Tabernacle, on Wednesday

over the favourite spot, his Heaven ai. evening. The subject of this dis

quires new relishi, to behold his tabernacle course is, Messiah's Success propor- thus filled with a Society, formed to actioned to his Merits. The text, “Becomplish the object for which he preached hold, my servant shall deal prudents and travelled, laboured and suffered, lived ly, &c. Isa. lii. 13-15. The

and died. author

proposes this subject to “ I hear again the voice which so often the Missionary Society, pointing

shook this place. “The blessing of the out a basis as broad as their most

my God be upon you. Let thy work

appear, O Lord, unto thy servants, and thy comprehensive plans, and firm as

glory unto their children, and let the the weight of their structure can

beauty of the Lord our God he upon them, demand. “ You learn here,” saith and establish chou the work of their hands he, that missionary exertions rest upon them.” Make them wise to win on this unshaken rock; that the souls, that they may with me “ shine as justice of the Divine Government the brightness of the firmament.” May will bestow on Messiah honours and they "fura many nations to righteousness, rewards equivalent to his unparal

and be as the stars for ever and ever. leled sufferings." - "Look back,

“Let the whole earth be full of thy glory.'' then, and sympathize with your Sd.

My prayers are ended.” Now welcome

eternal praise ! vicnr in his unparalleled suilerings,

(To be conciuded in our next.) his visage was so marred, &c.

" Look forward, and anticipate The Powers of Genius, a Puem, in his destined honours, -— My servant be exalted, &c.

Three Parts. By J. B. Linn, A.M. «« Look up, and adore the equity Mr. (now Dr.) Linn, of Phila. which maintains a due proportion delphia, lately distinguished him. between his rewards and merits,”- selt as the antagonist of Dr. Priesto He shall sprinkle many nations, Bc. ley, in America. The learned so

See the Note, p. 67.





cinjan instituted a comparison be. Away, thou fully of an empty world, tween Socrates and Jesus, giving Thou alry bubble gilded by the sun! the palın otexcellence to the latter; Come to my heart, thou sou’reiga hope of but considering both in the same

Heav'n, light, as eminent philosophers and Reiga o'er my actions and my wandering phlanibiopists. Mr. Linn and his

thoughes ; bretiren were grieved to see the Son My bed of death illuminate ; and lead

A son of sorrow to his tather's home. of God thus degraded, by placing o what is life without the love of God, him on the parallel with a Heathen Without the arm of mercy to support philosopher, who, though eminent A sinner without strength Eternicy, in the schools, was by no means a Thoy ocean boundless, where the thought spotless cliaracter; whereas Jesus,

is lost, even in his human nature, was Our years and ages are to thee voknown, “ holy, harmless, and undefiled.” Thy moments are eternal ! Time was nor,

Dr. Priestley, in his reply to Mr. Thou didst exist ; and thou shalt still move Linn, says, “ The reading of your When Time shall sweep his iran scythe ns poein on Genius, when I was at Phi. fadelphia, led me to form a ligh Othea receive me to thy arms, my God!" opinion of your ability, though out of the line of your profession." Horæ Lyricæ : Poems chiefly of the Widely as we differ from the

Lyric kind, in Three Books. By I. theological opinions of Dr. Priest.

Watts, D.D. To which are added, ley, we pay a high respect to his li.

English Iranslations of the Latin terary talents, and have the plea.

Pieces. By T.'Gibbons. 2d edit. sure, in the present instance, to Foolscap 8vo, 65, 6d. boards; Deray agree perfectly with him. The sub.

18m0, 45. 6 d. boards. ject of this poem, indeed, would

The works of Dr. Watts cannot not have brought it before us in a theological review, being rather need our encomiums; but we have moral and literary than religious.

a pleasiire in announcing editions of It is throughout, however, perfect and which are rendered particularly

: ; ly consistent with the character of the writer ; and the notes subjoined interesting to English readers by the

addition of Gibbons's Translations are equally instructive and enter

of the Latin Poems. taining. But some of the additional

A very neat poems are decidedly religious, par. portrait (by Chapman) is prefixed. ticularly the Midnight Hynm; from which we shall extract a few lines

LITERARY NOTICES. as a specimen of the author's mano Two new editions of Mr. Bogue's

Essay (fine and common) are in the “Ohasty traveller thro’the vale of tears, rations and improvements.

press, with very considerable alte O stay thy siep, and weep o’es wretched

Mr. Churchey, of Brecon, South man! Weep o'er those honours fallo, fall'n so Wales (author of an Elegy on Mr.

Cowper) is about to publish, by Talk not of dignity, but humbiy look

subscription, a new Essay on Man, Du him who died, that man might live pon principles opposite to those of again.

Lord Boling broke.



SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. LECTURES delivered at the Parish 1804, before the Society for Missions to Church of Wakefield, 1802, on that part Africa and the East, instituted by Meine of the Liturgy contained in the Morning bers of the Established Church; being l'rayer. By T.Rogers, M.A. 2 vols. 12010. their Fourth Anniversary. By T.T. Bide

Sermons on Important Subjects. By the dulph, M. A. of Bristol. Also the Report lare President Davies. To which are of the Comınillee, List of Subscribers, &c. added, three Occasional Sermons, Memoirs 8vo, !s. of the Author, &c. 8vo, 3 vols. bds. Il. 15.

A Sermon on Behalf of the Protestant Single Sermons.

Ucion, delivered at the Meeting-house ia A Sermon preached at the Parish Church Moorfields, May 13, 1904. By G, Clayo of St. Ange, &c. Blackfriars, May 22, 109. 8vo, is.


Ertracts from a Journal of a ing this day's journey I grew very

recent Tour through Part ill; and felt greatly concerneil at of France, Switzerland, &c.

the idea of arriving sick at my pa

rents' house, and turning their joy [Continued from page 333.]

into sorrow In this situation I On Thursday the 9th of June I turned to iny Saviour, poured out left Basle, to proceed to my native my heart in prayer, committed my country, accompanied by a Chris- ways to him, and found rest, com. tian friend. We passed through fort, and peace. I had hardly been several Roman Catholic towns and two hours in Balingen, when a dear villages, where the festival of Cor. friend of mine hastened from a pus Christi was celebrating. In neighbouring village to meet me ; the moruing all appeared to be and, after welcoming ine with great devotion; but towards evening they cordiality, invited me to preach for fell to eating, drinking, dancing, him the next morning. I declined and a variety of tumultuous diver- it on account of any indisposition; sions, which continued through the but he would take no deniai. Findnight, and greatly disturbed mying him so very urgent, I retired rest. I could not but deeply la- for a while, feli on my knees, and ment the ignorance of this people; laid my case before the Lord, and sighed ardently to the Lord to earnestly praying hun to vouchsale open their blind eyes, and convert me his direction. After

prayer, I their hearts. Early in the morning felt myself greatly streng hened; we proceeded, on foot, to Schaft. and, notwithstanding my weakness, Hausen, about twelve English iniles I cheerfully engaged to preach. distant. I felt rather unwell, and Having been refreshed by the conit began to rain liarder and harder; versation of soine Christian friends, so that we got thoroughly wet. I retired to rest. Although my At the same time I was seized with sleep was disturbed with synıptoms a lowness of spirits, and felt a dis- of fever, yet I arose in good spirits, position to murmur; but soon call. strengthening myself in God, and ing to mind the hardships which went to the above village, where I my Saviour endured on his jour. preached with great freedom; and, neys, I revived, — all discontent I trust, not without a blessing. vanished, -and a peaceful serenity Afterwards, I dined with the wor. of mind succeeded. The sky like. thy minister and his large family. wise cleared up, and we arrived at During dinner - time he related Schaffhausen in better condition many wonderful instances of the than we could have expected. We hand of Divine Providence, in pro. turned in to an aged disciple of te ing and delivering him out of Christ, now with his Lord, who dangers and distresses, which could received us with cordial brotherly not but fiil me with astonishment. love, and refreshed us both in body I had likewise the pleasure to conand soul.

verse with some of his children, After dinner we travelled in a from ten to twelve years of age, who post-chaise thirty miles farther, and already experienced the grace arrived in the evening at Tuttlin God in their hearts, and live in a gen, the first town on the borders blessed communion with their Sa. öt Wirtemberg. I cannot express viour; often retiring to pour out my joy and gratitude of heart, after their hearts in prayer to him in their so long a journey, to tread again child like manner. my natiye soil. After spending an After dinner I proceeded to the agreeable night with a Christian city of Tuclingen, where I had friend, we proceeded in the same spent five years of my academical manner to Balingen, where we ar

The recollection of the șived early in the afternoon. Dur. many blessings bestowed upon me



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