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COLLECTIONS. Collection at Greenwich Tabernacle

4.29 13 A Benevolent Society at Deal

Rev. Mr. Griffiths, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire 13
Rev. Samuel Bottomlcy and Friends. Scarborough
Rev. Mr. Pine and Friends, Duxford
Rev. Mr. Harris and do. Fordham

Rev. Mr. Williams and du. Biriningham

Rev. Mr. Bennett and do. Romsey Letter from the Missionary lies on the islands of Great Britain

Society in Connecticut, North and Ireland should enjoy this most America, to the Directors of that our charity, that it may appear

precious of all books. We judge the London Missionary So- consistent, ought especially to be

exercised towards our own fellow. Hartford, in Connecticut,' subjects; that the souls of white May 4, 1804.

men are not less precious than those affection which never shall be dis- desire we wait for your communi. solved. While we lament the aw. cations; and that we rejoice at the ful convulsions which are in the encouragement you have given us, earth, this is our consolation,''That that we shall receive them semi. the Lord reigneth; that he will avoually. make the wrath of man to praise Wishing that our zeal and love, him; and that the remainder of as well as yours, may be constantly wrath he will restrain ; that he car. increasing until we shall receive the rieth the devices of the crafty head. end of our faith, even the salvation long; and that those who walk in of our souls, and see not only our pride he is able to debase.” We hope Saviour, but you, our honoured and you will not forget, that it was greatly-beloved brethren, face to when Moses lifted up his hand that face, in the kingdom of our com. Israel prevailed; and that it was mon Father, we are, most respect. when Samuel prayed, that the Lord fully, your brethren and fellowthundered with a great thunder labourers in the faith of the gospel, upon the enemies of his people, and and in the kingdom and patience of discomfisted them. Penitence and our Lord Jesus Christ. prayer will afford you a surer de. In the Name of the Trustees of fence than all the formidable fleets the Missionary Society at Con. and armies of the British nation. necticut, We pray that you may know, by ADEL FLINT, Secretary. happy experience, that the name of To the Directors of the the Lord is a strong tower; and that London Missionary Society. the righteous run into it, and are safe. We rejoice that you have been

of the savages, and that we are un. Honoured and greatly beloved Brethren,

der more immediate obligations to Your letters of the 12th of July those of our own nation and states and of the 22d of August, 1803, we than to others; though we ought, have received; and you will be as tar as possible, to preach the pleased 10 accept of our warmest gospel to every creature. acknowledgments for them. We With respect to this state, the have been inade, by our own happy laws have provided, even from the experience, to know the truth of first settlement of it, that every fathat ancient Proverb, “ As cold mily should be furnished with a waters to a thirsty soul, so is good sufficient number of Bibles. The news from a far country.” Is it not law, at present, provides, that in all in the exercise of love, that divine our schools the master should ca. principle, that our hearts mutually techize the children weekly, and exult at the gathering of the peo. hear them read daily in the Bible; ple unto the standard set up from and we believe that families in ge. The rout of Jesse in Europe and neral, throughout New England, are Arnerica, in Caffraria, and in the furnished with Bibles; but we Islands of the South Sea ; that our have great occasion of humility and prayers, on each side of the Atlan.' lamentation, that, notwithstanding, iic, are incessantly ascending to the there are many with us, as well as throne of Heaven, that Zion may with you, who too much contemn or lengthen her cords and strengthen disregard this blessed book. With her stakes; that she night break you wc lament that the flames of furth on the right hand and on the war are again kindled in Europe; left; her seed inherit the Gentiles, and that the pleasing, prospects of and cause the desolate places to be spreading the Protestant Religion inhabited ? Is it not this which calls through the extensive countries of forth our exertions 10 gather the France and Italy, which seemed to perishing sons of Adam to the Di- be opening the last year, are so soon vine Jesus! We hope, through the clouded, by reason of the recom. mercy of God, that it is; and, thro' mencement of the horrors of wise the growth of it, we shall rejoice We sympathize with all our bre. and exert ourselves more and more tiiren in Christ in Europe, who are for those glorious purposes.

distressed with the present calamiWe truly rejoice in the increase ties; and especially with those in of Christian knowledge in Great the land of our forcfathers' C. Britain, and that you are multi- pulchres. We are not insensible plying the number of Bibles, and that we are united by blood ; ard, making exertions that all the fani. we hone, in these bonds of fraternal

Paris, May 4, 1804. instrumental in sending the gospel to so many of the dark places of The Bishop of Amiens has openthe earth; and we hope that, not ed, in his see a subscription, intended withstanding the calamitous state to provide for the education of of Europe, your zeal and harmony young men destined to take orders, will still increase; and that God In iniploring the charity of the will enable you to effect still more faithful, the prelate exposes, in a at home, and in distant countries, moving manner, the wants of the for the diffusion of knowledge, the church; and the necessity, for the glory of the Redeemer, and the sal. continuance of religion, to continue vation.of men. We kindly receive the clerical order. " As a father," your exhortations, exciting our says he, “who opens his heart to greater zeal and exertions in the his children, we unload, in your missionary business. It is, dear bosoniš, the whole weight of our brethren, our fixed purpose to do melancholy inquietude. Already, all which God shall enable us to do since our advancement to the epis. for the advancement of our common copacy, sixty priests under us have Christianity, and to be unceasing died !" And who are to fill their in our prayers that God would suc- places ? Others, and those in ceed the attempts of Missionary So. great numbers, are advanced in their cieties in Europe and America, un. career, afflicted by infirmities. Who til “ the earth shall be filled with are to succeed them / Good God! the knowledge of the Lord, and all the piety of our ancestors, is it re. Aesh shall sce his salvation.” Our placed in us by a mortal indiffera Magazines, which will be trans- ence ? Exclusively fond of oura mitted to you with our letters, will selves, shall we fix all our thoughts, give you such ample information all our affections, upon the present relative to the state of religion in moment, without having any soli. this country, and the proceedings citude for our posterity? And are and views of our Society, that it we to see the happiness of future will be unnecessary to say any thing generations sacrificed to our indifin this letter respecting them. You ference, egotism, or irreligion, by may be assured, that with eager neglecting all means to bequeath to



other ages the religion of Jesus the 22d of May. Though it was Christ, with the great virtues which but six o'clock in the morning, a it alone inspires, and with the dear Christian friend was waiting abounding heavenly consolations for us at the post-house, and rewhich religion alone gives and af-' ceived us with such a cordial bro. fords? The deplorable times will therly love, as fills my heart with then soon come, when the night of gratitude to this day. Every ignorance, superstition, profana. thing was prepared for our reception, and all the shocking vices,, tion in his house; whatever could their attendants, will cover the contribute to our refreshment and church of France ! Her churches comfort was at hand. It being will stand; but no priest will be Sunday, we went, both before and found to officiate at iheir altars, to after noon, to difierent Protestant sing with the people the praise of churches; and I was rejoiced not thie Alrighty, to explain to them only to see them pretty well filled, their duty, and to shew them the but stil! more to hear sermons way to eternal happiness! All cha• agree:able to sound doctrine. I was rity will be extiifguished ! Orplans, particularly edified by a sermon of widows, and the children of the the Rev Mr. Rautenstrauch, who poor, will, in vain, stretch out their spoke about seeking the things that hands for a morsel of bread; – all are above, and about that true rest hearts are shut to pity. The at- for the soul, to be found in Jesus ficted will in vain look for conso- . alone, with such energy, that I lation; they will find none. left his church filled with praise They seek, in their sufferings and to God. I visited likewise the agonies, the old man near to breathe meetings of two small religious so. his la-t, the repentant agonizing cieties, wliere I felt quite at home. sinners, all in vain will call for the May the Lord Jesus bless all these consolation and support of religion! precious souls ! Fathers and mothers, if you have Among the acquaintances which any tenderness for your offspririg, I eitlier made or renewed at Stras, if a desire to preserve them from the bourgh, the following were the worst of wretchedness in this world, most interesting: and of misery in the next, inspires 1. Mr. Hebusen, a venerable old your generous humane sentiments; man, who was formerly very active it you do not see with indifference in promoting the cause of Christ; the extinction of the Christian faith, and as long as lie was in good cir. the total cessation of instruction in cumstances, spent the greatest part the evangelical religion in your fa. of his income in printing and dismilies, and in France; if you trem. persing many thousands of religious ble in thinking on that fatal honr, books; but, through the calamion that disastrous moment, when ties of the Revolution, he lost nearly Religion descends into the tomb all his property, and has only a bare with the last of its ministers, subsistence left. For these last six main 100 insensible to our prayers : years he has laboured under a linger. do not refuse a small donation to ing and painful complaint : but I our pressing solicitations which the

was greatly edified by beholding his preservation of the most invaluable humility, resignation, and unshaken of all things, and your own great conhdence in Christ in the midst of interest, claim imperiously."

these severe afflictions. Journal iles Debats. 2. A Christian lady, who for a

long time has been graatly aftlicted

both in mind and body: The sufExtracts from a Journal of a ferings of her earthly, tabernacle

recent. Tour through Part often press upon her spirit, so that, of France, Switzerland, sc, sometimes her faith fails, and her

hope vanishes.

She said to me, [Continued from page 184.]

“Often, when I am utterly at a loss After a very agreeable journey, what to do, 'a single text of Scrip. we arrived at Serasbourg on Sunday ture, or the simplest verse of an

- re

hymn occurring to my mind, proves titude, the gracious guidance and a cordial to me.

protection of Divine Providence in 3. Another Christian lady, who this and similar cases. for yours has laboured under a After a pleasant journey of two drop-ý, and has been tapped forty. days, I had the pleasure to arrive in seven time, – She looks forward the city of Basle, so dear to me with a cheeriul confidence to her from my foriner six years abode. dissolution.

Several of my particular friends 4. An aged widow, who has suf- canie beyond the Swiss boundaries fered much for many years, both to meet ine; we fell upon each from poverty and from the ill usage other's necks; and, in midst the of her husband, who persecuted vier kindest expressions of friendship, in the most cruel nianner, on ac. they convoyed me to my former count of her piety : but she al. lodgings. My heart and my lips ways returned good for evil, con- overflowed with thanks. Here's tinuing to shew him every mark of stayed a fortnight; during which conjugal affection, and to wrestle tive I received so many convincing with God in his behali; till she had proofs of the sincerest friendship the great pleasure to see her prayers and Christian affection, that the answered, by the conversion of her remembrance of it, to this day, husband about a year before his causes tears of joy and gratitude. death. She reminded me of the As it would lead me too far to description which St. Paul gives of relate all the occurrences during a true widow : “ She, that is a wi. my stay, let it suffice to mention dow indeed and desolate, trusteth the following: in God, and continneth in suppli. 1. I had the favour to preach cations and prayers night and day.” thrice in three different churches, Words cannot express how much I The sight of the people flocking to was edified by this visit: her con. · the churches, in order to hear the versation, prayers, and deportment, word of God, humbled and encou. altogether served both to humble raged me; and I was excited to and encourage me.

adoration, when I afterwards beard 5. A whole family, who for that the word preached was made many years has passed thro’a va- instrumental to the awakening of riety of tribulations. No sooner did sundry persons. the sun of prosperity appear to dawi 2. Besides the public preachings, upon them, than a new storm over. I either kept or attended several took them. They were often ob. private nieetings for edification, liged to wander trom place to place, These were likewise very numerand frequently had no resource ously attended; and I can say of a left: still they were not forsaken. truth, “ The Lord was in the inidst How salutary' is a Miction! tiow of us," blessed his word, warmed many have becn constrained there. our hearts, enlivened our zeal, conby to seek God! and how many firmed our faith, enkindled bromore are by the same means pre- therly love, and renewed in all our served in his communion, and unite hearts the resolution to devote both ed inore closely to him !

soul and body to him and his serThe 24th I leti Strasbourgh for vice. The accounts which I gave Basle; and had only left the town. them of the numbers of zealous and a few hours, when a French police. active Christians in Englund, and officer entered the house of my the salutations which I had to de. friend, in order to arrest me and my liver from many of them to their companion, supposing us to be bretliren in Switzerland and Ger. Englishmen, in consequence of the many, cansed universal joy, and war which had just broken out be stirred up a spirit of emulation. In tween France and England. But like manner my heart rejuiced to we were gone; and both of us, on see and hear that so much freal separale routes, passed the boun and vital Christianity is to be met daries without any molestation; winer he city and neighbourhood and shall long remember, with gra. of Busle ajung persons of all ranks. It is a great blessing for this city ly knew what to admire most, her that there are so many worthy and unshaken faith, her exemplary pa. truly pious ministers in it. There tience, or her humble resignation to are likewise several hundreds of true the will of God. During my for. followers of the Lord Jesus, most ner abode at Basle, I visited her of whom are in connection with the frequently for four years together, United Brethren, and the rest with and found her now just in the same the “ Gerinan Society.” — Others happy frame of mind, full of sereagain, either form sınaller separate nity and even cheerfulness, earnest. societies, or go on their Christian ly longing to depart and to be with course without joining any particu. Christ; yet waiting, with child. lar society. A spirit of mutual like resignation, for the appointed forbearance and affection pre. hour. Not a single expression of vails among the greater part of murmuring or impatience escapes these different societies; yet I could her lips. Whenever she finds her. not help wishing and praying that self assailed by extracrdinary pains brotherly love might still increase ; or hy inward temptations, she iakes all remains of a party spirit be to. her immediate refuge in the Great tally subdued, and Christ become Friend and reliever of sinners, and all in all. There are likewise in finds a ready help in every tinie of the canton of Basle, inany ministers need. She frequently follows our and laymen possessed of true piety. Saviour, in spirit, from the manger May the Lord keep, increase, to the grave; and dwells with par. strengthen, and bless them, out of i ticular delight upon the different the fulness of his grace! Amen. scenes of his suffering unto death,

3. I had likewise the picasure which afford her an inexhaustible frequently to meet a select number source of consolation. Often when of friends; or to converse with I went to her, to encourage her by single individuals upon spiritual a word of comfort, I found her subjects, and to join them in sing- speaking more comfortably to my ing hymns of prayer and praise. own soul than I could to hers; and In particular, it afforded me a great I could not help wishing that some joy to meet companies of children of our modern philosophers Inight and young people, who delighted be present at such a bed of sickness, to sing their Hosannas to the Son in order to be convinced that all of David, and to walk in the ways their boasted philosophy is not able of peace and righteousness.

to produce such a triumph over 4. Among other sick persons human misery, as is really effected whom I visited, I was particularl; by faith in Christ. struck with the case of a woman be. She is entirely maintained by the tween thirty and forty years of age, charity of Christian friends, and has who, ever since her thirteenth year, been often reduced to the greatest has been officted with a complica. extremity; but crying to the Lord, tion of very painful complaints, she has experienced many remark which have confined her almost the abie instances of a particular divine whule of that time to her bed. It Providence in her behalf, supply. is imposible for me to give an ade. ing her wants in the time of greatest quare idea of her sufferings by day need. A true spirit of prayer and and night, being sometimes totally supplication rests upon her; and it deprived of sie ep for a week toge. is highly edifying to hear hier mak. ther; at other time being unable to ing intercession at the throne of speak for ten nonths, and once on grace, not only in behalf of her fa. the point of losing her sight. Be. mily, friends, and bene factors, but sides this, she is in constant pain, also for her country, all the chil. and can take scarcely any nourish. dren of God, and the whole human ment, as her stomach loaths' all race. - Her very countenance be. food, so that it is next to incon. speaks the inward peace of her ceivable how her life is supported. heart; and there are moments when But the grace of God triumphs she appears already half transform. over all her sufferings; and I scarce, ed into an angel of God.

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