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thersfield, preached to the people, ed the ordination - sermon, from
from Deut. i. 3S; Mr. Biddow, of 2 Cor. iv. 5. and engaged in the
Stambourn, concluded with prayer. ordination - prayer. Previous to
- In the evening, a sermon was which, Mr. Hepburn proposed the
preached by Mr. Dobson, of Chiss- usual questions, which compose
hill; and Mr. Judson, of Saffron what, in Scotland, are commonly
Walden, engaged in prayer. The called the Formula.
religious world will, no doubt, befessed belief of the principles which
gratified to learn, that, under a dio they coniain, and a solemn engage-
vine blessing, this interest has been ment to discharge the duties which
raised from the former labours and they enjoin, form the basis of the
exertions of that truly venerable Association. Mr. King, of Molla
servant of Christ, Mr. Berridge. trose, addressed the minister, and

March 28. Rev. John Thomas
(lately a student at Hoxton Aca-

April ro. In the evening, the demy) was set apart to the pastoral Rev. Edw. Pidgeon, who had been pilice over the church at Founders' two years and a half at the Mission: Hall, Lothbury, of which the late ary Seminary at Gosport, was there Rev. A. Crole was pastor.

Mr. set apart, by prayer and imposition Clayton prayed, and read the Scrip- of hands, to the pastoral oflice of a fures; Mr. Thorpe delivered an

Missionary. Mr. Styles, of Cowes, introductory discourse, &c.; Mr. began the service with prayer, &c: Simpson, Senior Tutor of Hoxton, An introductory discourse offered the ordination-prayer; Mr. delivered by Mr. Griffin, of PortNicol delivered the charge, from sea; who

likewise enquired of Acts xx. 28; Mr. Wilk's offered Mr. Pidgeon the reasons of his the general prayer; Mr. Burder hope, and of his desire to exer. preached to the people, from Heb. cise his ministry as a Missionary of xiii, 17; and Mr. Atkinson con. Jesus Christ. Satisfactory answers cluded.

were given by Mr. P. who likewise

delivered a confession of his faith. April 4. Mr. Lewis, who has The ordination-prayer was offered been an occasional preacher for se. up by his Tutor, Mr. Bogue ; Mr. veral years, was regularly devoted Winter, of Newport, gave the to the work of the ministry. Mr. charge, from 2 Tim. iv. 5 ; Mr. Buck introduced the service by a Scamp, of Havant, presented the suitable discourse. Mr. Lewis an. general and intercessory prayer; swered the usual questions, and an exhortation was addressed to the gave a confession of his faith; Mr. Jarge congregation present, by Mr. Nicol prayed the ordination prayer; Cox, of Fareham, from Acts xxvi. Mr. Burder delivered the charge, 18. suitably explaining and enfounded on Jer. i. 7; and Mr. Hill forcing the duties which Christians preached, from Rom.xii.4, 5. The owe to Christ's Missionaries; Mr. Managers of Orange Street Chapel Frey (the converted Jew) conclud. lent their spacious place for this ed the whole with prayer. service, which was very numerously attended.

April 11. The Rev. Mr. Hyatt

(brother to Mr. Hyatt of Frome) April 4. The Rev. David Black- was set apart to the pastoral office adder was set apart to the pastoral over the church and congregatio!), charge of the Associate Burgher late Mr. Radford's, removed from congregation of Brechin, by fasting Virginia Street to Angel Chapel, and prayer, and the laying on of Ratclifte Highway. The services the hands of the Associate Presby- of the day were opened by Mr. tery of Perth. Mr. Hepburn, of Williams, of Stepney, with readNewburgh, introduced the religi. ing and prayer. The introductory ous exercises of the day with sing, discourse was delivered by Mr. ing and prayer; after which he Thorpe, of Carey Street; Mr. preached from į Cor. iii. 6, 7. Wilks prayed the ordination-prayer, Mr. Johnstone, of Rathillet, preach with imposition of hands; Mr Platt, of Holywell Mount, deliver- were well attended each time ; and ed an affectionate charge ; Mr.

many can testify, that the Lord Towers, of Barbicani, offered up dwells in his earthly temples, and the intercessory prayer; Mr. Ball, that it is good to wait upon him. of Jewry Street, preached an ap- We understand that the doctrinal propriate sermon to the people, sermon will be printed. The subfrom Deut. i. 38, " Encourage stance of one Resolution of this him ;” and Mr. Fowler, of Ed. Meeting was, That as the Members monton, concluded with prayer. of this Association are so distantly Tlie labours of the Rev. John to meet often, a Plan is to be pro

situated as to make it inconvenient Pge Smith, Resident Tutor in the duced at their next meeting for diAcademy at Honierton, having been viding it into districts; and for an instruniental in raising a new con- Annual Association of all the gregation, and forming a small Members to be at one central place. church in that village, Mr. Smith

- The next Meeting will be at was ordained to the pastoral office

Rotherham. over them, Apr.11, ai Mr. Gaffee's meeting, Broad Street, London. April 24th, the Sixth Annual The service was introduced with Meeting of the Congregational prayer, &c. by Mr. Gaffee. A Union for Promoting the Knowledge suitable discourse was delivered by of the Gospel in the county of Es. Mr. Humphreys, who also pro- sex and its vicinity, was held at the posed the usual questions, &c. Rev. Mr. Craig's place at Bocking. This part of the service in par. The public services of the day ticular, was rendered additionally were introduced with prayer and affecting, by the repetition of the reading the Scriptures, by Mr. Solemn Covenant which this infant Thornton, of Billericay; Mr, society has adopted ; during the Hobbs, of Colchester, offered up reading of which the members de- the general prayer. The sermon noted their ratification of it by was preached by Mr. Crathern, of standing up. The ordination-prayer Dedham, from Psalm lxvii. 1,3; was then offered by Mr. Burder; and Mr. Morelt, of Little Baddow, with the scriptural rite of laying on concluded. The Committee was the hands of the Presbyterý; the renewed for the current year. charge was delivered by Mr. Barber, from Col. i. 28. Mr. May 1, 1804, a new Chapel was Goode then offered up the General opened at Cradley, Worcestershire. and Intercessory Prayer. The ser.

Rev. Mr. Palmer, of Shrewsbury, mon to the church was preached preached in the morning from Isa. by Mr. Clayton, from 1 Cor. xvi. xl. 11; Mr. Morgan, of Birming

The service was concluded ham, in the afternoon, from Psalm with prayer, by Mr. James Knight, cxxii. 6; Messrs. Edmonds, Steil, Theological Tutor at Homerton. Richards, and Mason, engaged in

prayer; and the services were On Tuesday evening and Wed

sanctioned with manifest tukens of nesday, the 17th and 18th of April, the divine approbation. was held at the Rev. F. Dixon's meeting-house, Lee Croft, Sheffield, A General Meeting of the British the Association of Ministers be- and Foreign Bible Society was held Jonging to several congregational at the London Tavern, May 2, when churches in Yorkshire, Dertyshire, the Plan of the Institution was perand Nottinghamshire. On the first fected, and the Funds of the So. evening, Mr. Phillips, of Rother- ciety considerably augmented. A ham, preached from Jude 3. On

more particular account, will the Wednesday morning, Dr. Williams names of the Officers and Com. preached on the doctrinal subject mittee, shall be inserted liereafter. of “. Predestination to Lite," froin Mat. XX. 23 ; and in the evening,

The Union of Christians held Mr. Gawthorne, of Derby, preach

their Eighth General Meeting at ed front Ps. lxvi. 6. The services

Bed.ord, on Wednesday, May 2.


Mr. $. Hillyard, of that town, even so to them; for this is the law preached in the forenoon, from and the prophets,” After a judi. Matt. ix 36; and Mr. Morris, of cious explanation of the precept Dunstable, in the evening, from contained in the text, the preacher Isa. xxxvii. 32; Messrs. Payne, of applied it to the subject of Missions Braunston, in Northamptonshire; to the Heathen. We were pleased T. P. Bull, of Newport Pagnel; to see several Evangelical Clergy. Grocer, of Watford, in Heritord. men standing at the door of the shire; and Castleden, of Woburn, church, to receive the benevolent Bedfordshire, engaged in public donations of the congregation, which prayer. The usual conterence in amounted to 2561. May divine merile'afternoon was introduced with cy abundantly prosper this and eve. prayer by Mr. Higgs, of Dorches. ry other institution of a similar kind, ter. From the reports of the Com- to diffuse the knowledge of Christ mittee and of the Treasurer, it ap- in our guilty and miserable world ! peared that prospects of usefulness, Tw a genuine disciple of Christ, the from the labours of the association, Golden Rule must ever prove an had considerably enlarged ; and invincible argument in behalf of that there was room to hope for Missionary exertions. adequate funds in the ensuing year. An affectionate and edifying letter A new Society has recently been from the ministers assembled for formed, entitled, “ The Sunday: conference at Hernhuth, in Ger. School Uniun.” This is composed inany, was read; and a reply to it, of the Teachers and active Menibers which had been prepared by the of many Sunday schools of different Committee, was approved. A di- denominations in and near London, gest of the various rules which had Their object is, 1. To stimulate and been adopted, from the commence. encourage each other in the religious ment of the Union, for their joint instruction of children and youth; proceedings, was also presented and 2. By mutual communication, tá sanctioned. Mr. Hubbard, of aim at improving each other's Stamford, Lincolnshire, closed the mode of instruction; and, 3. To conference with prayer. The of. promote the opening of new schools. ficers of the Union were rechosen. Their Quarterly Meetings are to be The attendance appeared to be as held at Zion Chapel, Chapel Street, numerous as upon any former occa. Soho; New Chapel, City Road; sion; and the same cordial unani. and at Surry Chapel. A sermon, mity prevailed.

for the encouragement of this pro. On Sunday evening, May 6, the mising Institution, was preached at Rev. Robert Hall, of Cambridge, the City Road Chapel on Wednes. preached a sermon at Salter's Hall, day evening, May 16, by the Rev. before the Corresponding Board in G. Burder, trom i Cor. viii. 1. London, connected with the Society

“ Charity edifieth." for Propagating Christian Knows ledge in the Highlands and Islands

The Somerset Association, ap. of Scotland. The text, St. Mat- pointed to be held at the Rev. Mr. thew xvi. 26. " What shall it Jones's, at Bruton, in May, is neces. profit,” &c. A handsome collection sarily postponed to the last Wed. was made for the charity.

nesday in June. On Whit.Tuesday, May 22, the The Kentish Ministers will hold Rev. Mr. Biddulph, Rector of St.

their Annual Association at GreenJames's, Bristol, preached before

wich Tabernacle the Wednesday the Society for Missions to Africa and the East, at Blackfriar's church, bath in July. Mr. G. Townsend,

and Thursday after the first Sab. from St. Matthew vii. 12." There, Mr. Gurteen, and Mr. Vincent, fore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye

are to preach.

ALL hail delightful season, Spring,

Fair daughter thou of Winter stern ; Each bursting germ and breathing thing

Revives and smiles at thy return ! Bright are the hues thy robes display,

As hung or ev'ry clust'red bough; And rich the tints of thine array,

From endless op'ning tow'rets now. . New clad in green, the dewy mead

Fresh herbage yields the grazing kine; The sportive flocks on plenty feed,

And on a velvet lawn recline.

The chilling storms at length subside;

And balmy zephyrs genily leave, A thousand odours as they slide,

To scent the morn and cheer the eve!

The vig'rous sun, with genial rar,

Sheds lustre o'er the gilded scene; And feather'd songsters warbling gav,

Express the love and praise they mean! Ah! let not man, with stupid gaze,

Behold the bounty spread around! To thee, O God, belongs the praise !

In us may gratitude abound! This fruitful earth,

yon rolling skies, Are guided by thy skilful hand : The show'rs that fall, ielacts that rise,

Descend and shoot at thy command ! Man's sinful fiesh, thou hast decreed,

Shall die ; and dust his frame consume: Yet shall thy saints, like precious Seed

Arise, in endless Spring to bloom !
Fruitless and hard ch' unbroken heart,

A gloomy wint'ry heath appears;
Till solt'ning show'rs thy truths impart,

And beaming love the spirit cheeis.
Then chang'd to joy, the Desert sings,

And blossoms like the fragrant rose ;
On earth celestial glory springs,
And sacred froit in Zion grows.


When thou wast sent the world to save) From Bethl'hem's manger to the graves Thy soul was tossid on many a wave,

My Jesus Those glorious beams, divinely bright, That fill the heav’oly courts with lights Were veil'd in tcsh from mortal sighi,

My Jesus!
Yet, tho' despis’d, thou did'st fulfill
Ev'ry kind office for us still,
With mighty pow'r and constant will,

My Jesus! Well hast thou wrought the Saviour's part; For sure, thy love, with wond'rous art, Has wound itself about this heart,

My Jesus! What grace, what skill thy lips display! They drew me from the dang'rous way; And charm me still, whate'er they say,

My Jesus! Thy head, orce bound with piercing thorny Which of glory now adorn, Outshines the lustre of the morn,

My Jesus! Had not my faith a glimpse of thee, What sight worih seeing could I sce! The sun would rise in vain for me,

My Jesus! Thv tender car thou dost incline, Vlieve'er I seck thy grace divine ; And gently whisp'rest," I am ihine,"

My Jesus!
Too false, alas, to thee I prove!
Yet wheresoe'er my footsteps rove,
Thou dost restore me in thy love,

My Jesus!
And since the love can frel no chill,
Though oft I've treated chee so ill,
To me thou shalt be lovely still,

My Jesus!
But ah! from thy bless'd word I know,
The disobedience that I show
Offends thee much, and works me wot,

My Jesus ! :
Behind Thee let my sins be cast)
And when my pilgrimage is past,
Receive me to thyselt at last,

My Jesus!

TO JESUS. - An Imitation of Couper's Verses

to Mary.
Near eighteen hundred years ago,
With pity tosch'd for human woe,
Greatly thou sufl'redst here below,

My Jesus!

Prinied by G. AULD, Greville Street, London,

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