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in Lothringen, the vineyards had anong the negro-slaves in the West sich a promising appearance, that Indies: a race of men formidable the oldest inhabitant could not re- from their number, and naturaliy collect to have seen them so pro. ill-disposed to submission. A few ductive; but a single frosty night years ago, some.pious characters in destroyed the whole; and on our Great Britain, pirying their situaarrival, we found fruit and leaves* tion, sent Missionaries to the difall consumed with the frost, so that ferent islands; and their success has scarce a green sprig could be dis- answered the most sanguine expectacerned ; for all was black, and af- tions. So many of the negroes have forded a most melancholy sight. been benetites by the preaching, How wonderful are the ways of that in most of the islands, where the God! He gives and takes away. Missionaries have been encuuraged He distributes according to his by the planters, and other respecgood pleasure ; to one abund. table whites, a great change has antly; to another sparingly. With- taken place in the n?gro character. out labour, man obtains nothing i The same description of men, who, but with the same labour, one reapis thirty years ago, were turbulent, a rich barvest, another a sciinty ferocious, and ever re.dy for the one. The same diversity of soil is most dreadful insurrections, are to be found in the moralasin the na- now meek, humble, quiet, and so tural world : Two ministers labour truly reformed, that religious newith the same diligence, zeal, abi- groes are generally selected for lity, and faithfulness, and yet, places of trust, such as watchinen, how unequal are the fruits of their &c. Nay, so thoroughly sensible labours ! One enters, as it were, of this are many of the planters, at once into the harvest, and has that, in several of the Leeward only to reap; another, after paintul Islands, they subscribe liberally too exertions, is constrained to exclaiin, wards building places of worship, “ I have laboured in vain : I have and invite the Missionaries to their spent my strerrgth for nought.”. estates, &c. I was frequently struck with admi. The Moravians and the Methoration, in observing the striking dists have particularly distinguish. analogy there is between the Bible ed themselves in this service. The and the works of God in nature. latter have nearly 100,000 slaves in In all the various stations and oc. the different islands under their cupations of human life, in what teaching ; and beg leave to refer to ever sphere a man may move, with the islands of Antigua, Tortola, regard to his calling, age, rank, St. Vincent, . Nevis, Dominica, and situation, he may find soine and St. Kiti's, for proofs of their word of instruction, reproof, or usefulness, and for the esteem in comfort in such reflections.

which they are held: but, notwith[To be continued.]

standing all this, there are persons to be found so strongly prejudiced

against thein in some islands, as An Accourt of the Opposition taking the trouble or enquiring into

to oppose their progress, without made to the Religious In- the motives which actuate the struction of the Negrocs in Missionaries, or of considering the Jamaica.

happy effects of their labour.

The Methodists were never much It has been justiy remarked, that encouraged in the island of jathe promulgation of Christianity is maica ; but, in the course of the the most ettectual method of intro. last year, an unexpected and most ducing civilization, subordination, violent interruption was put to their and mural order among the savage proceedings. Air act suddenly tribes of mankind. The truth of passed that legislature, which prothis observation has never been duced strong coercion over the con. more clearly exemplified than sciences of the Missionaries, con

trary, it is humbly apprehended, to fice, as a Missionary, in the town' their privileges both as Britons and of Kingston, Jamaica, in conjuncProtestants; and to the great liber- tion with my worthy and respectality, which our government has able friend Mr. Fish; and not the always shewed towards religionis shadow of complaint was ever alsentiments and persons. The act ledged against our characters. of the Jamaica' legislature, pro. " Within the last two years, we fesses to forbid unqualified persons became acquainted with some refrom preaching to the negroes, and ligious persons at Morant Bay to persons of colour. The Mission. (about thirty nuiles from Kingston) aries did not suppose they could whither I went occasionally to have come within the meaning of preach. I endeavoured, according such an act, being already duly to iny ability, to inculcate the docqualified; and they produced regio trines of the New Testament; and lar licences, which they had ob- many persons heard the word of tained in England, and which God with gladness of heart, would have been allowed in any among whom, there were some who British Court of Justice. How had previously been addicted to ever, they were informed that those fornication (the besetting sin of the licences would not be allowed island); but on hearing the truths there. They then applied to qua. of the gospel enforced, they were lify according to the new Jamaica persuaded to forsake their former law; but were refused ; and no evil ways. This excited a spirit sort of reason whatever assigned for of persecution in their old comsuch refusal.

panions; and they were determine It may not be unseasonable for ed, if possible, io punish me, as one of the Missionaries, Mr. Daniel the supposed cause of an interCampbell, to speak for himself on ruption to their sinful pleasures. this occasion; and, therefore, a The first thing that was done was, letter of his on the subject is here- to indict the houses as nuisances unto subjoined.

in which our meetings were held. It may be observed, that Mr. These prosecutions, however, failCampbell is a man of piety, sense, ed; because the laws did not supand discretion ; and it is believed port them : upon which, means, that most of the Missionaries are of were found to get a new law made that description.

in the colony, about Christmas last, The friends of religion and hu- which has greatly restrained relimanity will be concerned to hear, gious worship. that, except in the town of Kings- “ By this new Act of the Go. ton, there is now a total stop put to vernment of Jamaica, any person the exertions of these Missionaries who should preach, without being in Jamaica ; but it is most earnestly “qualified by law," was rendered hoped, that his Majesty's Ministers liable to a month's imprisonment will recommend a speedy repeal of for the first offence ; and other pethis new law, which is so inimical nalties were also incurred : but as to religious liberty, and to the best I had long been“ duly qualified interests of mankind.

by law," I preached, as usual, in [Extracted from the Report of Kingston, after this new act had

thie London Committee (sign- passed the legislative body, and ed) in behalf of the Metho- met with no sort of interruption dist connection,

whatever; but when I visited and

preached at Morant Bay, after the Jos. BUTTERWORTH, act had passed, I was apprehended,

Fleet Street, Secretary. and taken before the magistrates New Chapel, Ciry Road, Feb. 10, 1804: there, who committed me to priimprisonment was 'expired, I re- not meet with each other for reliturned to Kingston, where I had gious worship, , not even on Sune, resided so many years, and applied days. One of the inhabitants (Mr. to the magistrates there to qualify John Williams) a very sensible reover again; which was immesiately spectable man, was imprisoned for granted, and a certificate thereof a month, wider this new law, for given. I preached as usual after singing and praying with a few this, for about two months in friends. All social worship is, for Kingston, when I once more visit the present, therefore, at an end at ed my friends at Morant Bay; but Morant Bay; and this new law is did not venture to preach (although lamentably used to put a stop to I had been again " duly qualified the preaching of the gospel in oiher by law") without asking leave of parts of the island. It has a very the magistrates at the Bay. I specious appearance, that no per. therefore respectfully petitioned the son should preach, who is not magistrates for leave to quality be. “duly qualified by law ;” but the fore them, if they required it : mischief lies here. that when perbut the answer given was, “That sons apply to be qualified, they are they would grant no licence to refused, without any sort of reason preach ;” and as I knew they would whatever being assigned. imprison me again, if I atiempted “I cannot well refrain from ob. to preach without their licence, I serving, ihat the preaching of the desisted, and reurned to Kingston; Missionaries has been the means of but finding our usefulness thus cir- making the negroes who received cumscrived, and, in my apprehen- the truih, more moral, industrious, sion, contrary to the existing laws and happy. Our object is not to and constitution of the British Em make proselytes;- but to bring men, pire, I, with the advice of my through the grace of God, to a friends, determined to come back knowledge of the gospel ; but alas! to England, leaving my: pious it is a lamentable circumstance, friend Mr. Lish, to take care of the that there are persons to be found, fock at Kingston. My return to so devoid of all virtuous principles, England was the more necessary, as to invent and propagate the most because the magistrates at Morant gross untruths, merely for the sake Bay, by way of punishment for my of bringing Christianity into publie asking leave to preach, revived the odium. old prosecution; and not content “ If our enemies would insinewith my foriner imprisonment, en- ate, that the Missionaries, either deavoured to apprehend ne for pe- directly or indirectly, promote any nalties; and to give securities un spirit of disaffection among the neder this new law, that I should, in groes, I am free to challenge all the effect, never preach any more ; and inhabitants of Jamaica to prove the unless I had found such securities, truth of any such insinuation, I might, as I was informed, have London, D. CAMPBELL." been doomed to perpetual imprison- gth Dec. 1803. inent, "It should be observed, that the refers to the Methodists; but we

son, although I produced to them

my certificate of being “duly qua. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Campbell.

lified by law ;" which I took ont “ For more than five years I with me when first I went from exercised' the functions of my of. England. After the month of my

The above account principally Rev. Mr, West, the clergyman at

are extremely concerned to find, Morant Bay, had been obliged to that Mr. Reid, the Scotch Misa leave the island, on account of his sionary; and Mr. Swingle, the health ; and there was no licensed Baptist Minister, are completely minister of any denuinination of silenced. We shall give our Christians whatever, at Morant readers a copy of the new Jamaica Bay, nor within miny miles thereof, law: when the magistrates refused me perinission to preach the gospel.

" An Act to prevent preaching, by Per. " There were abuut 100 religious

sons not duly qualified by Law. persons at the Buy who are now ¢¢ Whereas there now exists in without a pastor, and like sheep' this island an evil, which is daily without a shepherd. They darę increasing, and threatens much dasi. ger to the peace and safety thereof, shall be a slave, such offender shall, by reason of the preaching of ille for the first offence, be committed disposed, illiterate, or ignorant en- for hard labour to the nearest workthusiasts, to ineerings of negroes house, for one month; and for and persons of colour, chiefly slaves, every subsequent offence, be senunlawfully assembled, whereby not tenced to receive a public flogging, only the minds of the hearers are not exceeding thirty-nine lashes. perverted with fanatical notions, Provided always, That whenever but opportunity is afforded to then the offence committed by a white of concerting schemes of much pri- person shall appear of extraordinary vate and public mischief; we, heinousness, it shall and may be his Majesty's most dutiful and lawful for any one or more of the loyal subjects, the Lieutenant Go.. justices of the peace, and he and vernor, Council, and Assembly, of they are hereby required to secure this your Majesty's island of Ja- the appearance of every such offenmaica, humbly beseech your Ma- der at the next subsequent supreme jesty, that it may be cnacted, and or assize court, by sufficient bail or be it therefore enacted and ordained commitment, to answer for the ofby the authority of the same, That, tence; and, on conviction, to suffer from and after the passing of this such punishment as such court shall act, in case any person, not duly see fit to inflict, not extending to qualified and authorized, or per- life. mitted as is directed by the laws of " III. And be it further enacted this island, and of Great Britain, by the authority aforesaid, That, shall, under the pretence of being a from and after the passing of this Minister of Religion, presume to act, in' case any owner, possessor, preach or teach in any meeting or or occupier of any house, outhouse, asseinbly of negroes, or people of yard, or other place whatsoever, colour, within this island, every shall knowingly permit any meeting such person shall be deemed and

or assembly of negroes, or people taken to be a rogue and vagabond, of colour, for the purpose of hear. and within the intent and meaning ing the preaching or teaching of any of this act; and be punished in the person, of the description herein. manner hereinafter directed.

before declared to be a rogie and "II. And be it further enacted a vagabond, every person so perby the authority aforesaid, That it mitting such meeting or assembly may and shall be lawful for any ma- shall, on conviction thereof, béo gistrate of the parish wherein the fore the court of Quarter Sessions offence aforesaid shall be com- of the same parish or precinct, inmitted, on coinplaint made to him cur a fine not exceeding one hun. on oath, or upon his own hearing dred pounds, at the discretion of or view, to cause the offender to the said court; and be committed be apprehended and committed to to the cominon gaol until such fine the common gaol ; and shall furth- be paid, and until the offender siall with associate with himself two have given security for his future other justices of the peace of the good behaviour, by recognizance same parish, and have authority for such time, and in such sum, to sunnnon all persons capable of and with such'sureties, as the court giving evidence, to appear before shall judge fit. them : which three magistrates so Passed the Assembly, associated shall, upon the due con

this onth day of Dec. 1802, viction of the offender, adjudge hun or her, if of free condition, to be

P. REDWOOD, Spealer, committed to the workhouse, there Passed the Council, 18th Dec. 1802, to be kept to hard labour, for the

M. ATKINSON, CI. Conc. first offence, for the time of one month; and for every subsequent

I consent, this 18th day of Dec. 1802,

G, NUGENT, for the time of six months each; and in case the offender When the above act, and the cir.

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quunstances attending it, are taken will be repealed, and free toleration into consideration by our wise and given tir religious worship through liberal Government, we cannot en- out his Majesty's dominions. tertain a doubt, but that this law

Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Morris and Friends, Twrgwynn,

Rev.). J. Richards and Friends, Hull

f. 10,20



The public mind has been lately The solemn service was thus cone much agitated respecting the ill- ducted: – Mr. Cornelius Winter, ness of our, gracious Sovereign, of Painswick, prayed. A short dis. which was particularly alarming course, on Mark xvi. 15, was deliat this juncture ; we have the plea. vered by Mr. Vos. Mr. Wilks sure to find, the bulletin of this day asked the questions, and received (23d) announces, that his health couis the confession of their faith; which tinues mending; and we sincerely was given by Mr. Des Granges, in hope, the Lord will hear the united the name of all the Missionaries. prayers of his people for his Ma- Mr. Nicol offered up the ordina. jesty's recovery, that he may still tion-prayer, accompanied with im- . long continue a blessing to the position of hands; Mr. Waugh deNation and the Church.

livered a serious charge, on Acts Ir is extremely singular, that in xxii. 21, “ Depart.for I will send one of the French Newspapers (Le thee far hence to the Gentiles;" Fournal des Debars) the Missionary and Mr. Steinkoffpt concluded the Society, of London, is severely service with prayer, — The house stigmatized as the tool of the Eng- was thronged with an attentive aulish Government, to promote its

dience, who witnessed the solemn political designs in France!

transaction; and whose fervent

prayers, we trust, will receive a We hear, with great pleasure and gracious answer in behalf of the inthankfulness, that two clergymen, tended missions. in Ireland, who had been men of

Mr. Vos, accompanied by Mrs. the world, living in carval pleasure, Vos; Mr. Palm and Mrs. Palm, have been awakened and converted and Mr. Ehrhardt, are intended for to God. One of them, by means the Island of Ceylon. Mr. Ringle. of reading “ The Village Ser- taube (who, like Mr. Vos, was ormons ;” and the other, by reading dained abroad) Mr. Cran, and Mr. “ The Village Dialogues ;” and Des Granges, are intended for a that both are become lively, zeal. Mission on the Eastern Continent. ous, and useful ministers of the The whole body go together from gospel.

Harwich to Tonningnen, in Den. On Friday evening, Feb. 10, the mark; and from thence, about the following Missionaries were ordain. ist of March, in a Danish vessel to ed at the Scots Church, Swallow Tranquebar, where they will sepaStreet, London : Mr. George rate, and repair to their different Crai, Mr. Augustiis De Granges, stations. Let the people of God Mr. Joirann, Peter Matthias Ehr- bear them in their minds, when adhardi, and Mr. Johann. David dressing the throne of grace; in. Palm. The two first have been treating the Lord to grant them a under the tuition of Mr. Bogue, at safe passage to the place of their Gosport ; - the two latter, under destination, and abundant success the care of Mr. Janicke, at Berlin. in their arduous undertaking.

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