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19 DEC 1967





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My Lord,

Many are the considerations which induced me to solicit your Lordship’s permission to prefix your Name to this Volume. Among these, the high sense of regard I entertain for your Lordship’s disposition and character ; for the inflexible and honourable manner in which the most arduous duties of a conscientious mind have been discharged, and the principles of a benevolent heart so ;

edly supported ; are not among the least. These, independent of the obligations I owe your Lordship’s kindness, are more than sufficient to make it an enviable distinction to place at the head of these pages a name, connected with every thing that is mild, candid, and liberal.

Believe me to remain, my Lord,

Your Lordship’s obliged and very faithful servant,

George Wilkins.

near Southwell,

April, 1816.


A His Grace the Duke of Atholl. Her Grace the Duchess of Atholl. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. Sir T. D. Ackland, Bart. M. P. Sir James Affleck, Bart. Mrs. C. Acton, Ipswich, Suffolk. Colonel Addenbrooke. James Alexander, Esq. M. P. 2, Seymour Place, (s copies.) Mrs. Alexander, (2 copies.) Thomas Atkins, Esq. 35, Dover Street. Mrs. Arbuthnot, Blackheath, Kent. J. P. Auriol, Esq. 131, Park Street, Grosvenor Square. H. E. Austen, Esq. Shalford House, Surry. Rev. John Austen, Chevening, Kent. J. M. Aynsley, Esq. Littleharle Tower, Northumberland, (2 copies.)

B The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol. Sir John Barrington, Bart. Swainston, Newport, Isle of Wight. Sir Charles Blunt, Bart. Lady Blunt. Rev. Dr. Barrow, Prebendary, Southwell, Nottinghamshire. George Barrow, Esq. 'Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Mrs. Barton, Westerham, Kent. Mrs. Baumgartner, Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire. Rev. John Becher, Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Rev. William Becher, Prebendary, Southwell. Miss Blunt, 35, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square. Rev. J. D. Borton, Rector of Blofield, Norfolk. Sir William Beechey, 13, Harley Street. Rev. Brook Boothby, Rector of Kirkby, Nottinghamshire. J. Hawkins Browne, Esq. 15, South Audley Street. Mrs. Hawkins Browne. Rev. H. Browne, Rector of Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire. Frederick Browning, Esq. King's College, Cambridge. William Brummell, Esq. Wyvenhoe, Essex (2 copies.) Mr. Burgess, Cotgrave Place, Nottinghamshire. Miss Burroughs, Bath. William Bushby, Esq. Cumberland Place.


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Earl of Caledon.
Hon. Lady Cockerell, (2 copies.)
Mrs. Caldecot, Rugby Lodge, Warwickshire.
G. Caldwell, Esq. Fellow and Tutor of Jesus College, Cambridge.
Rev. T. Catton, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.
H. Cazenove, Esq. 42, Broad Street.
Rev. B. Chapman, M. A. President of Caius College, Cambridge.

Rev. Dr. Clarke, Professor of Mineralogy, Cambridge.
Rev. Hall Clay, Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

Mrs. Conolly, 37, Portland Place.
Rev. John Conybeare, Batheastern, Bath,
Rev. Wm. Conybeare.

- 1,
Miss Cox, Blackheath, Kent.
G. Cuming, Esq. Brook Street.

Earl of Dalhousie.
Earl of Dartmouth.

come on: Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Durham.


Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.
Lady Harriet Drummond.
Lady Dolben.
Thomas Dashwood, Esq. Crescent, Bath.
Mrs. Dashwood.
Alexander Dashwood, Esq. Merton College, Oxford.
Rev. Dr. Davy, Master of Caius College, Cambridge.
Rev. J. Day, Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge.
Rev. William Dealtry, Wigginton, near York.
Mrs. Dent, Brickendonbury, Hertfordshire.
Rev. James De Visme, Newent, Gloucestershire.
Colonel De Visme, Hatch, near Taunton, Somersetshire.
Rev. J. Dickes, M. A. Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge
Captain D'Oyle, R. N.
Dr. Drake, Hadleigh, Suffolk.
Rev. Dr. Hay Drummond, Prebendary of York and Southwell, (2 copies)
Mrs. Hay Drummond.
James Drummond, Esq. M. P. Dunira, Perth.

Earl of Elgin.
Viscount Elmley
Lord Erskine.
Honourable Miss Erskine.
Richard Earle, Esq. St. John's College, Cambridge.
Rev. P. Elmsley, Pheasant Grove, Chislehurst, Kent.
Rev, Archdeacon Eyre, Babworth, Nottinghamshire.

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