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PAGE Doctor Prideaux 131 Cheating the Devil . 171 Absence of Mind 132 Cardinal Mazarin ibid Saint Nicholas ibid Bishop Alcock

172 Rival Candidates 141 | Clement VII.

173 French Clergy ibid Pulpit Eloquence ibid Epitaphs 145 Flagellation

174 Cemetry of Pere la

Bishop Williams

175 Chaise

ibid Singular Prayer 176 Candles in the Church 147 | Auto da Fe

ibid Italian Preaching . 148 Rugeri

177 Management

ibid Cardinal Richelieu 178 Thomas Aquinas 149 Relics

ibid Picture of Papistry ibid | Antiquarian's Prayer 179 Quakers

150 Pope Julius II. ibid Christian Names 151 | Interference of Provi. Bishop Jewel


181 Doctor Tresham ibid George Whitfield . 185 Pope Leo X

154 Father Gonthier ibid Rev. Mr. Mattinson 154 Whimsical Title of a Pastor Extraordinary 155 Religious Book 186 Indulgencies : 156 | Pope Callixtus .

ibid Religious Will

157 | Atheism and Scrofula Expensive Monument 158 cured by a Sermon 187 Saint Bernard ibid Auto da Fe

ibid Purgatory 159 Wonderful Relic

189 Clement VI

161 Icelandic Christians ibid Gros Teste Bishop of Rev. Martin Maden. 190 Lincoln

162 Cyprian the Martyr 191 Archiepiscopal Privi. Religious Rapture 194 lege 163 Pious Books.

195 Clement XIV. 163 Retaliation

ibid Mystical Jargon 164 St. Michael and all Auto da Fe ibid Angels

ibid A Mistake

165 The glutton Mass 196 Archbishop Usher


EpiscopalAbstemious. The Inquisition 166

ibid Cardinal Mazarin 167 St. Bartholomew

196 Manichæans ibid Clerical Devil

197 Doctor Garlick 168 Personification

ibid Cromwell and the Pu. Cathedral of Toledo 198 ritans ibid | Puritans

ibid Pope Clement V.; 169 Pious Punning



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PAGE Methodist Footman 203

Saint Ignatius

241 Bishop' Horseley ibid Rishop Jewel

ibid Father Santeul 203 Martyrs

242 Exaltation of theCross 204 Abbot Brehman

244 Miraculous Judgment ibid | Pope Pius IV.

245 Bishop Berkeley 206 Cardinal Turlone ibid Doctor Gee

207 Saint Chrysostom 246 The Cross of Constan- Flagellants

247 tine ibid Bishop Ridley

249 Bishop Folliot

210 | Epitaphs William Huntingdon 211 Sixtus VI:

ibid Cardinal Beaufort

Christmas Day

251 Presbyterian Zeal ibid Miraculous Judgment ibid Rev. John de Bongy 216 Papal Venality: ..

252 Effects of Methodism 217 Moore Bishop of Ely ibid Rev. Mr. Swinden 221 Scotch Covenanters ibid Flagellation ibid Indulgences

255 Dr. Donne

222 Religious Reparteé 257 Ecclesiastical Preco

Protestant Zeal

ibid city 223 Curious Picture

258 Monkish Philosophy 224 Religious Mummery ibid Judgment by the Cross ibid Saint Bruno

264 Bishop Damasus. 225 Instructions to a ChapSaragossa,Monument at 227 lain.

266 Les Filles Dieu 228 Ulric Zuingle

268 Scotch Friars 228 | Ah! Oh!

269 Papists and the Virgin 229 Rev. Mr. Felton and Effects of Patronage 232 Handel

271 The Monks and Char- Bardseye Island in Jes V.. 233 Wales

272 Urban VIII

ibid Miraculous Credulity 273 Ignatius Loyola 234 | Anti-Christ

275 Donatist Circumcel. Popish Martyr

277 lions

ibid Mary and Edward VI. 281 Church Property 236 Wolsey's NaturalChilExcommunication. ibid dren.

284 St. Agatha 237 Bishop Watson

286 Father Pope 239 John Huss

287 The Abbot of Baigne 240

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OUR LADY OF CARDIG AN. Previously to the dissolution of monasteries in England, by king Henry the Eight, there was at Cardigan, an image of the Virgin, which was “. much resorted to by pilgrims, even from distant parts, and produced very considerable revenues to the Church. Tradition asserted that it had been discovered swimming in the river Teivi, with a lighted wax taper in its hand; that after its removal, this taper burnt for several years without any dimunition of its substance, but that on some persons committing perjury in swearing upon it, it was suddenly extinguished, and never burnt afterwards. Hence it became esteemed an invaluable relic, and, as such, was declared by the monks entitled to receive adoration. The dissolution of monasteries, of course

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