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laws, --- to nobles, as the guardians of the liberty they enjoy, — to the king, aş him whom the laws of God and man require to be honoured, they are brought to follow their example, and example frequently operates more strongly than precept. If şuch hapless creatures see, men eminent for their piety entering the sacred temple with their heads uncovered, and falling on their knees, when in the act of supplication, they learn from the oụtward gesture to consider this as done from veneration to the Almighty Being in whose house they are; and by this they are themselves led to 'meditate upon his perfections with feelings of respect and reverence, and thus going on from one step of consideration to another, they are at length led from that which at first was merely an outward obeisance to entertain and cherish the inward feelings of fear and love towards their Maker. He who knows any thing of human nature must be sensible of this; and the more he knows of man, the more he will be convinced of the truth of the observation.”

“ Friend,” said Hannah, “ though we cannot agree with thee, yet what thee sayest has reason

in it; and I trust that we each of us do that which seemeth right in our sight.”

At this friendly speech of her mother, the eyes of Rachael were again turned upon me.

“ I should like," said she, “ if we were not at our journey's end, to ask thee many things concerning what thee hast seen in foreign lands, when thee wert with the country's host: for, surely, thee could tell of marvellous things.”

“ I could tell you more than enoagh," I replied, “ to convince you, that the British soldier in the field of battle, though fighting for his country, his home, his liberty, and his religion, fights without the excitation of wicked passions ; nor does he wantonly shed a single drop of blood, nor harbour a feeling of hatred to his fellow men; and when the conflict is past, the sufferings of his enemy sink deeply in his breast, and cause him to spare neither fatigue of body nor exertion of mind to alleviate them, and to prove that, even in the midst of war and contention, Christian charity is still uppermost with him, as the guide and spring of his conduct. I could tell you, Rachael (if according to the custom of your own persuasion, I may so address you), many a plaintive tale that would interest you and many others, to convince you, that the soldier who is brave has a heart formed for virtue, and that he carries in his breast the tenderest sensibility and the kindest feelings; that he deserves not to be regarded with abhorrence as a man of war, much less as a man of blood; but as one exposed to many temptations in a profession which the natural diversities of the human mind and the unfortunate excesses of human passions render necessary, yet in the midst of these, discharging the duties he owes to God and man with constancy and sincerity.”

The tender heart of my young fellowtraveller was affected at my words. The coach stopped - Simon and Hannah bade me a kind farewell, and upon getting out to assist them in alighting from the vehicle, I thought Rachael held my hand firmer and for a longer time than mere convenience or safety required; butI might be mistaken.

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