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her eye. In the morning I arose early and set out upon my return homeward. For the first day a deep gloom overspread my mind - it was the day of regret for the separation from friends dear and beloved. He who through life has had no calls upon his affections, and has associated with a few only of his own sex, who may have been attached to him, will best know how to enter into the feelings that then oppressed

my heart

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Having settled the business which had de. tained me for a few days in London, I was preparing to leave it on my return home, when, upon entering the straights of a coach-officeyard, my hackney-coach came in contact with an elegant drab-coloured chariot, which was at the same instant turning out of it; an occurrence which produced a strange discord of bitter and unharmonious sounds from the mouths of

porters and ostlers, and “all the other vagabond race that infest the purlieus of an inn.” The abuse and rude violence of my Jehu, backed by the wanton insolence of others of his tribe, was met by the trim driver of the chariot with the most unruffled meekness and command of temper; and it was only after some exertion on my own part, with the assistance and support of a police-officer, that the affray was terminated; but not before some injury had been done to

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