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3£rfj b£i0 (7 & CTjcjr 10 |^fa 49* > LAbdtbccaose, to fonie, it may seem umaccountable at least, if not partial, m Oody to have ^hosen one particular Branch of Manjchtd, for his favourite People, ;ex«--' •tf elusive of all the rest; theTenour of the Scripture plainly shews us, that God's Fav ■* "• vour was not merely arbitrary, in this Casey but rather attending upon Merit; the most Virtuous and Pious generally enjoying the greatest Share of it; And tho' the Posted' rity of righteous Abraham, multiplied exceedingly, accordmg^oj Gods Promise; yet we find them evep ^rdwn'd with Sue-' cess, or crofs'd by Calamities, in Propor-" tion, as they observ'd otippos'd the divine Law. The whole Scheme of God's entering into a Covenant ^tli them, among other Types and Shadowings, possibly containing a Representation'i and Sample,' of that eternal and immutable Method, Dy which he wi]l always proceed in his Dealings with the Sons of Men, [viz ) That he Will confer the greatest Tokens of Love; and Esteem upon those, who are the most diligent in seeking after, and studious in performing his Will. God is no. refpefter Actsx. of persons; but, in every nation, he that K.k? feareth.

sedreth Him and worketh rightowsnefs, h accepted of Him. ti,oO Ann gn;Aioa aalM,

From me sacred Volumes we? l&twrie learn this ever-feafoaable Lcflbn;?oHiaqi»* tional Crimes, fuck as a Neglect of the true Worship of God (the'HarBingefcqf all Kinds of Vice and Immorality:} luxury, and corrupt Practices in all Shapes, in order to support it, are, at the long Run, constantly and /unavoidably attended with national Ruin and; Destruction. And, at the same Time, wcira**ft confess, that che People upon whom these Judgments were executed,, richly dje/efcvM them, because they would take tmiWarning; though God was continually raising; up, and fending Prophets among- tfeernjr who in his Name pointed out the Danger they were in, and, in the most pressing Manner, increased and exhorted them to avoid it by Repentance. ,,. ^ j,'^,

In a Word, "the whole Design of the Bible, both in the Old and New -Testaments, in a wonderful Variety of Precept and Example, gives us to understand jhat the being born under and belongings the very best Laws, and the most exceUent^Esta



blisliment in Church and State, will avail Men nothing with God, hut highly aggravate their Guilt, unless their Manners are proportioriably honest and pure. Vain, and ineffectual to this Purpose, are those Titles of Sanctity Mid Honour, by which Men agree to dignify aad distinguish one another, in this World: There are no other EleEt, no other Favourites of God, but those that habitually and constantly carry themselves according to those Rules of universal Charity,which our Lo Rd has prescrib'i in the Gospel. L 3l-3ri3 mosl'v/ n'-SH* ^°3

Be not high-minded,therefdte, butftar,yv Rom.Xj. that pretend to believe the Scriptures, and 20. boast your selves to be she People of God. For if God spared not the angels that sinned, z?et.n.\. but cast them down to bell-, If' Godfpared not the old world, but troughs in a food" upon the ungodly, saving only Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness j If God, turning the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into apes, condemned them with an overthrow* making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly, and delivered just Lot vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked^; If God spared not the natural Rom. xi r/v.^irjrtVM branches^"•


branches, the Sons of Abraham, the. Children of the Promise, take heed le}, & alf,

spare notyou, „„ A iiu^ut ~ .!>iw HiimiVi .Bstfo/*/ therefore (thou that, by- ehejœvr baptismal Covenant, art admittsd toffee a • free Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven,) the Goodness and Severity of God! en them, •which fell, severity} but towards thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness : otherwise, thou shall also Jhalt be cut off. Believe that the ways of God are equal, as thou art well affur'd the ways'of manure unequal. Be not so curiously inquisitive, as to expect that the whole Economy of God's Dispensations mould appear consistent with the various Humours, and unstable Opinions of the Generality of Men: Nor be peevish, when, after all thy most diligent Searches, thou findest that the Spring of the Universe is investigable.

Psalm ^or wnet^er ^C chooses to make darkxviii. 2. ness his secret place, his pavilion round about him is invelop'd with impenetrable waters and thick clouds of the skies; or r Tim whether he dwelleth in the light, he is still vi. 16. inaccessible, whom no man hath seen, nor can fee. So that the humble and modest


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