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at all for money\ thou Jhalt not make merchandise of her, because thou hast humbled her. How amiable do the Manners of those appear, in every Light, in every Circumstance of Life* who are the People of i God, and continually adjust their Behaviour according to his Laws! They are, i not barely just, but humane, tender, and j susceptible of the softest Passions, even in : the Hurry of the Battle* and amidst the j Spoils of War.


'the Captain of the Host.


The Person who in Scripture is call'd Captain of the Host^ is of the fame Nature Vvith him whom in the modern Phrase, we style Generalifjimo j one who had the entire Command of the whole Army. Such were Jojhua and the Judges, under the primitive Constitution of their Government, as it was settled by God himself j and such, under Saul their first King, was Abner\

I We read that Abner {the son of Ner) cap- 2 Sam.

I tain of Saul'-f Host, took Ishbometh the fin »• 8of Saul (after his Father's Death) atid brought him over to Mahanaim j and made

i him king over Gilead, and over the Aslw

I i rites,

rites, and over Jezreel, and over Ephraim, and over Benjamin, and over- all Israel And, afterwards, when Abner was tteac/jej^lii.j8. rcjusly murder'd, The king (David) foikuntt bis servants, Know ye not that that then is a prince, and a great man fallen fkii day in Israel?

What Abner was to Saul, the fame Joab 2 Sani. was to David. It is said, Joab was over ail xx,a3' the hojl of Israel. And when David was inclin'd to havelfrael and Judah number'd, —xxiv.2. be said to Joab the captain of the host, ivbich was with him, Go now through all the tribes of Israel, &c. ,«.;,v

When Absalom was forming a Rebellion 2 Sam. against his Father, he made Ama& captain *m 2*# qf the host instead of Joab. And when, after the Death of Absalom, David was desirous of recalling to their A7iegiance, those who had enter'd into the Rebellion with him; he gives Zadok and Abiathar, the Priests, Instructions for negotiating that Affair with the Heads of Absalom % Party; This, among other Expedients, being one; * And say ye to Amafa, art not thou of my

* 2 Sarti. xix. 13. The Mother of Amafa was David'/ Sifter, as was also the Mother of Joab. 1 Chron. ii. 16. bori& tiiidAof my flejh? God do so to me, and more also, is thou be not captain os the host before me continually, in the room os Joab. 1 ■ ^ ^imasa enjoy'd the Post but a very little Time,'if at all. Indeed we find the King ordering him (as in that Capacity) to as- xx. 4 semble the men of Judah within three days. But whilst he was out upon that Business, *Joab, coming to him with a Shew of ^ Friendship, stabbed him, in the fame treacherous Manner as he had done Abner before. Yet, after these Villainies he had Interest, or rather Power enough to continue Captain of the Host, all the Days of David. But, toward the latter End of them, joining with that Party which would have set up Adonijah, he brought tjpon himself the Fate which he had long before deserv'd.

When Solomon succeeded to the Throne", We read that Joab fled unto the tabernacle I *^nS? of the Lord, and caught hold on the horns I of the altar-, where he thought to have found Protection; but, upon refusing to come forth was slain there by Benaiah, at the Command of Solomon. The king said unto him, Fall upon him and bury him j that thou mays take away the innocent blood I I i 2 which

which Joab Jhed, from me. and from tit
house of my father. And the^o^D shall
return his blood upon his own heal &bo fell
upon two men more righteous andwkeits?\ taan
he, and flew them with the sword* my fa-
ther David not knowing thereof
Abner the fin of Ner, captain of the hosttf
Israel, and Amasa the son of Jether, cap-
tain of the bofiofiJudah. itjiw >ir.

From these Accounts, it appears that the Captain of the Host possess'd a great Share of Power; in a manner equal to that of the King h\mfeM.rtiI)Qvhi seems to nave been afraid of- ^BflAl otherwise he would neve/ have suffer'dshim to live, after those bloody Assassination*. : And we may observe that, when Eli/ha the Prophe^ ^on being hospitably entertain'd byShunamtiie} was desirous to make het some Acknowledgment for it, he bids Gebazii ;bjs t Kings Servant fay to her, in these Words, Behold Jv- thou hajl been careful for us with: a4l this care; what is to be done for tbee? Wouldfi thou be spoken for to the king, or to the captain of the hojl? , 1. ,f fjVor

M 111 T A R Y A FF A I R §j 4 8 j

V^V\ (l^,i^CT' m- ... >; ^'

G^P^sM N s 0/* Thousands &c

The rest of the Officers that govern'd , the Army we find cajl'd by the Titles of Capt aim of 'Thousand*, Captains of Hun* dr eds, Captains of Fifties, and Captains of ^Tens. Who probably were of the fame Rank with those whom Moses constituted in the Wilderness, Rulers of Thousands, dec. and, at first, acted in a dquble Capacity, being at the fame time civil Magir strates, and military Officers,

The Captains of Thousands seem to have been much the same, as Colonels of Regiments with us j and the Captains of Hundreds might probably answer to those who, in our Army, have the Command of Troops and Companies j the Captains of Fifties and Tens, to our subalterns, Serjeants and Corporals. . ■ ,

Among the List of David's Adherents while he fled from Saul, and kept himself 1 Chron, close at Ziklag; after several Names men- X"T I+* tion'd, it is said; These were os the sons of Gad, captains of the host: One of the least was over an hundred, and the greatest over gthousand. Again, we read of others said I i 3 tq

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