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kingdom^ not from hence. If I were what my Accusers pretend I am, I should riot be without Followers and Accomplices, who would have made some kind of Opposition in my Defence; But, nothing of this appearing, it is plain I do not pretend to any Kingdom in this World; and consequently, that the Jews have no just Grounds for delivering me up to you, upon that Account.

Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a King then? Jesus answered, Thou faift that I am a King.' I never took that Title upon my self: If therefore you desire to know of me what I pretend to be, thus much I readily confess; To this end. •was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I Jhould bear witness unto the Truth. Then Pilate said, What is Truth f what do you mean, and intend by that Word Truth? To which our blessed Lord did not think proper to make any Reply. As knowing, without Doubt, that it could not be sealonahle, in respect to either, Person, Place, or Time, to be* gin then to unfold the Great Mystery of Godliness. And to the rest of the insnaC c 3 ring

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ring Questions, which by the Instigation Matt. of nis Accusers, were put to him, he anxxvii.i2.j-wfrej nothing. Then said Pilate unto him, Hear eft thou not how many things they witness against thee? And he answer'd him to never a Word; insomuch that the Governor marvelled greatly. He wonder'd to find a Person charg'd with such a Complication of Crimes, behaving himself with so much Temper and Discretion, and such an Air of Innocence.

Then Pilate, going out to the Chief Priests, and Elders, declar'd to them, that he could find no Fault in Jesus. Upon which they began to accuse him more fiercely and vehemently than before; saying, He ftirretb up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry; beginning from Galilee to this place. When therefore Pilate heard talk of Galilee, which was in Herod's Jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who himself was also at Jerusalem, at that Time. This Compliment of Pilate, pleas'd Herod much; and was the Occasion of reconciling them together; for before, there had happen'd to be some Misunderstanding between them.


For Herod had been desirous to fee Jesus, of a long Season, because he had heard much Talk of him; and now he hop'd to have seen some Miracle done by him. But, so far was he from having his Expectations gratified, that he could not get the least Answer from him: though the Chief Priests and Scribes, who had follow'd him thither, stood and vehemently accus'd him. Herod therefore, and the Soldiers that were about him, set him at nought, and mock'd him, and to make him look ridiculous, dress'd him in a gorgeous Robe, and sent him back again to Pilate.

Then Pilate spoke to the Chief Priests, and the Rulers, and the People, and said unto them; Te have brought this man unto me, as one that pervertetb the people: and behold I, having examind him before you, have found no fault in this man, touching those things whereof ye accuse him. No, nor yet Herod; for I sent you to him: and lo, nothing worthy of death is done unto him' J will therefore scourge him (for pretend-* ing to be a King at all) and release him j For it was customary for the Governor vo "* Cc 4 to

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to release some Prisoner, at the, vFqa&;*>£ the Pastbver, whomsoever they would desire. And there heing at that *Tinae, one Barabbas, (who for a certain SeditiQja, made in the City, and for Murder, was cast: into Prison) they requested that Barabbas might be releas'd. But as for Jesus, they insisted upon it that he should be crucified^ But Pilate being desirous that J*susn should be releas'd, said to them again, Why? what evil hath he done? I have found no cause of death in him, I will therefore chastise him for his Misdemeanour, and then, let him go. , ^ <w wte*

Joh. xix. Pilate accordingly had him scourg'd, in order to his Discharge: And the Soldiers platted a Crown of Thorns, and put it upon his Head, and bowing the Knee before him, with the most ignominious Mockery and Scoffing, endeavour'd to turn him into all imaginable Ridicule. And, in this Condition, Pilate brought him out to them again, to deliver him back into their Hands. But they no sooner saw him, but they cried out, Crucify him, Crucify him. Pilate said unto them, Take ye him, and crucify him; if you will crucify an innocent Person; for Ifnd


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n(f fduit tn him. The jfcmr answers 'fnni;°"" We'4teft$e a Law, and by our Law, he mght' /«#«*>£ because he made himself theSon'"os'*

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'This obstinate Persistence of theirs, and' their alledging of a Law, in the Cafe, made some Impression upon Pilate j so he took Jesus again into the Judgment Hall, and began to examine him anew. And he faith unto him, Whence art thoU'? But Jesus gave him hb Answer. Then Pilate said unto him, Speakejl thou not unto me? Don't you think me worthy os ah Answer? Don't you know that I have power' either to crucify or release you, just as I please? Jesus answer'd, As to your power, you could have none at all, against me, except it were given you from heaven-, which is a Reason, Why you should fee just and moderate in the Use os "IV.' But, if it prove otherwise, you are not the only Person who will be to blame; for, theirs will be the greater fin, who delivered me to you, without any just Cause, in order to my suffering Death.'' -' W.<\ I -v.,\ ;;■•:.■.:■ i .»..-i'i»" .

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