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Jwetest thou the High-Priest fa? To mittl Jesus replied, If I have spoken evil, bts witness! of the evil; but, if wett, toby fatest thou me?

They hop'd to draw him m td aceft? himself; but, that Project not fbeceedite, we are told the Chief Priests and Eiders, and all the Council sought false fFitnt[; against Jesus to pit hint to Death And, accordingly, many false Witneffa offer'd to testify against him: But tb<?/ were so ill concerted, and blunder'd so egregioully in their Evidence, that it would not do. At last there stood vp 'Matt. two false Witnesles, and said, This fellow said, I am able to destroy the temple of God, Mark a„j f0 build it in three days', or, / will W' 5' destroy this temple that is made with bands, and, within three days, I will iu/'/d another made without bands* But neither, so, did their Witness agree together.

Upon which, the High-Priest, desirous of drawing him into a Confession, stood up, and said unro him, Anfwerest thou nothing? What is it which these witness again/ tbee? But Jesus held his Peace, and answered nothing. The High-Priest, there



fores spoke to him again, and said, I adjure, thee*-by the living God, that tbmt^II us i whether Thou be the C H a i s T, the fin of God? Jesus then spoke calmly, and withou* Hesitation, to this Effect; I am: And, though I appear in a mean Form, now; nevertheless, I fay unto you, Hereafter Jball ye fee the son of man, sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the , clouds of heaven.

Upon this, the High-Tries, to shew the

great Transport of Indignation this Answer

put him:into, very indecently, rent his

Clothes; and, addressing himself to the rest

of the Judges, said, He hathfpoken blasphemy;

what further need have we of witnesses?

Behold, now ye have beard his blasphemy,

what think ye? They answered, and said,

He is guilty of death: And so they all

coadem&d him, and adjourn'd the Court.

Then k was that those who had him xx^c in custody\ insulted him in a very brutish and barbarous Manner; spitting in his Face, buffeting and deriding him, various ways, during the rest of the Night. He was left to the arbitrary Insolence of a Parcel of Slaves, the very Dregs of his Enemies;


Cc all


all his Friends having forsaken him, and Jled. Or, if any of them had been courageous enough to venture in with the Crowd j they hop'd to pass for his Enemies; and, when challeng'd, durst not confess that they belong'd to him. For though Love and Fidelity to their Master had prevail'd with two of his Disciples, Peter and John, to get Admittance into the High-Prieji's Palace; that they might hoar and fee a little, how Matters were like to go j yet, the former of these, Peter, while he stood and warmed himself, in the High-Trieste Hall, among the Servants and Officers, happening to be suipected by some of them, of belonging to Jesus, denied with an Oath, two or three Times, that he so much as knew him.

This, Jesus (notwithstanding Peter's boasted Resolution of dying with him) both foresaw, and foretold. The Court, therefore, being up, and Jesus brought out into the Hall to be kept in Custody there 'till the Morning, at the same Time that he was treated with all Sorts of Indignity, by the Servants and Officers, had


s an Opportunity of casting his Eye upon

- Peter, while he was in the very Act of

denying him: Which so affected the poor

unhappy Man, that he went out and wept


The next Morning early, the Chief Priests, and Elders, and Scribes, and all the People being assembled, and the Court fitting, Jesus was led once more into Luke their Council. And they having a mind xxii* 66, to know whether he continued in his former Confession, put the fame Question to him again, saying, Art thou /fo Christ?67. tell us. And upon his returning much the fame Answer as before, after a short Consultation among themselves they confirm'd their former Sentence; and immediately led him away to the Judgment Hall, and deli ver'd him to Pilate the Roman Governor; praying Execution.

But, it being the Day before the Pafover, they would not enter into the Judgment Hall themselves, lest they should be defil'd by it; that is, disqualified, by going into- the House of a Heathen; Pi/ate therefore came out to them, and asked them, what Accusation they brought against john C c 2 Jesus : xviii. 39.


Luke Jesus: They told him, they ha&fml xxui. 2. fellow perverting the nation, <w4 fa*' bidding to pay tribute to Cæsar, pretending that be himself was Christ; that

King,, . ,• a noij/1

Then Pilate went, and took his Seat, in the Judgment Hall, and began to examine Jesus, who stood before him; saying j Art thou the King of the Jews? To which Jesus answer'd to this EsJohn sect; Tou fay that I am; and others have x*111' 34» told you so; But I never pretended to claim any such Title. After which Pilate proceeded, It is not I that fay this of you; am I a Jew? do I know any thing of your Prophesies concerning your Mejiah, or King, that is to come? Thine own nation and the Chief Priejls have delivered thee unto me, in Order for Execution; What hast thou done? Vw>»"\ ir

Then Jesus (without denying that he was the Mejiah, the Christ, the Anointed, and consequently a King) answered, My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants sight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: But now is my 4 kingdom,

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