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H 6 i ir* P M Il S'& N >9i- j 47 But, as to their Error, in not believing Resurrection; an Error of a pernicious Jaturd, as it tends to' deprive Mankind of Blessings of a Social Life bere,znd cuts fF the Wretches who are so unfortunate s to be misted by it, from eternal Happiiess, hereafter; Our blessed Loud took I?are, effectually, to confute and/«/ to silence these stupid Maintainers of it, at a Time when they attempted to sneer and ridicule Him by, what they took to be an unanswerable Question: Whose wife of the yfa^ii, seven men that had married her, a woman 23. shoiild be at the resurrection?'

This gross sensual Supposition of theirs, in making the Cafe improbable, the better to palliate their own Incredulity, he explodes by saying, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the sower of God. For, in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are, as the angels of God in heaven. But, as touching the resurrection if the dead, have ye not read that •which was spoken unto you by God, saying, Ij?XQli am the >God of Abraham, and the God of 6. Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. And


when the multitude beard tbist they
astonished at bis doSlrine.

We have only one thing to observe £xjtther in relation to the Sadducees; whicH is, that this mostrous Opinion of theirs was abetted and follow'd by the most considerable People among the Jews ; such as the Beta, monde, as it is call'd, is mostly made up o£ in the present Age. [When the Apo/Hes, after the, Death of Christ, began to attract the Regards of the People, borh by their Doctrine and Miracles, and multitudes of believers were added to the Lord;

Acts v. then it Is said, The High-Prieji rose up, and

17' all they that were with him {which is the sett of the Sadducees) and were silled with indignation j and laid their hands on tbe Apostles, and put them in the common prison. Now the Reason of the Sadducees being so active against the Apostles was plainly

Acts iv.2. this, Because they preach'd thro' J Es Us, the resurrection from the dead. '■ i

The Herodians were a Sect, who differed from the Rest of the Jewst by be

• ii >'■> lieving that Herod was the Messiah: Grounding their Opinion upon that ceJe

2? 10. bated Prophesy of'Jacob-, Jbe sceptre stall

depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from ■frioeen his feet, until Shiloh come; and •zfo him Jhall the gathering of the people be. "hcfe Marks they, mistaking the Nature f Christ's Kingdom, thought suited xactly with Herod; because he was a tranger, and withal, a -f- Great and Lourishing Prince.

This Opinion, Herod judg'd it proper for him to encourage, because it so manifestly tended to support his Power and Grandeur: And for this Reason it was, that we find him so troubled, when the Mat. ii. •wife men came from the East to Jerusalem,'» &cto worship Him that was just then born king of the Jews: and that he could act so exceeding inhuman a Tragedy, as to order all the Children, under two Years old, to be put to Death, in and about Bethlehem.

And, upon the fame Account, we find the Herodians, afterwards, so busy and sollicitous in joining with the Rest of our Lord's invidious Enemies. No sooner did he begin to work Miracles, and make

f Hi was firnamd, The Great.


Himself known by his heavenly Doctrine, Mark. iii. but we find, the Pharisees tventjorth, ti 6' Jlraitway, with the Herodians, took counjt, against Him, bow they might deftroy\ bin, Mark xii. Again; Tie Pharisees and the Herodians. IJ" are sent to him, to catch him in bis wsris. Mark Therefore, our Lord charges his DiiciVUK I5' pies, to beware, not only of the ieavenr, the Pharisees, but of Herod also j that is, of the Herodians. This is all we find necessary to be observ'd, in relation to the Affairs of Religion, among the People 4f Israel.,.*.. i.i 1 ' .* ... f

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SECT. I. the Chil Government.

WE come, next, to discourse of their Givil Government. Having, according to our blessed Lord's Direction, render'd unto God, the Things which art God's; that is, having gone through all thoses Particulars, which more immediately relate to spiritual Matters, and divine Worship; we shall now endeavour to rtn

tetr- unt-d Cæsar, the Things which are ^æsat'-s^'tff give such Account of thfc-Tem>oral Administration of the Israelite*, as he Holy Scriptures furnish us with/ " > And tlhis we shall do, by inquiring after ind laying together what may be found relating to these three Heads, Councils, Judicatures, and Magistrates. The Good and Happiness of all Nations, arises and grows from their respective Councils j from such ■wholsom and beneficial Laws, as the wisest Heads among them are, from Time to Time, able to devise: And these again, must be defended and maintain'd by the 'regular Administration of Justice.

But because, neither Councils can be summon'd and adjourn'd, upon Occasion; nor Laws, when made, be put in Force and Execution, so well, without a sufficient Power being delegated by Commission and Trust to some Person, under i whom others again should be subordinate, for the same Intents and Purposes; Therefore these are what we may call Magistrates: And whom, after we have treated of the other two Branches, we shall consider in their proper Place. *


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