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Mat. xvii 12

whom it is written, Behold I fendr m^fj^efen-
ger before thy face, which Jball prepaqem
way before thee. For all the prophets jmd the
law, prophesied until John. And, if jpwrf?
receive it, This is Elias which wsj&.to
come. In another place he fays to his dis-
ciples after John the Baptist was beheads, j
J fay unto you that Elias is comfy
and they knew him not, but have done unto
him whatsoever they listed: likewise shall (ii/q
the son of man suffer of them. Then tfieJifk
ciples underflood, that he spake unto them of
John the Baptist. .,;A\4 - 5 v&

SECT. XVIII. N \o > v,
The Manner of Consulting tiMk^'* *

Among the several Ways of asking Counsel of God, among the Israelites, that of having Recourse to his Prophets being onej it will not be amiss, in this Placegtqgive a short Account of them all. „\.

The most lolemn Way, and which,, at the Beginning of their Government was most in Use among them, was that consulting God by the Oracle. When theHigh-Priefl, approaching the Mercy Seat, which was upon the Cover of the Ark tfj • • the

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the ^Covenant, enquir d: of God, concerning nje JromtH in Question j! and received an Mfwet^cither in the Negative' dr'Affirmauve. ■ - , /

**ftoWay, God himself allows'of, in tpejbaw; to prevent, them from running after we impure Dæmons of the'neighbouring Heathens, upon all Occasions." 'After he "had ^ivcri A/o/?) precise Directions how to "iriaW she Mercy Seat, Hfe faysj 'There 1'<&#/■meet theQ and I will commune d with BetXJrom above the Mercy Seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of thVteftimony% of All,things which I will give, thee' jn wmqianAwnt unto the children of Israel.

'ThftheV, i'6c<&dinglyp Moses w*hf; to ctfftsijlt^Gotl, ltjp6ri all Occasions; and from thence it'is that the Lordspeaks to him: Thus,5 we read; When Moses was gone into Numk the tabernacle of the congregation ''to speak "' 9' with Himjhen he heard the voice ofonejpeaking uniohim, from off the Mercy Seat, that was 'iifbn -the ark of tejlimony; from between ^he two cherubims. And the Lord spake uiitd Moses, faying, &c. (whence the Exprdflion of, God's dwelling between

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the cherubims, which we meet with in Scripture. R'vji* crttu ww&\ tyntak Wnm

Again, after the Death of Jojhua, we Judo-, i. i. find, The children of Israel asked the Lord, faying, Who ft all go up for us against the Canaanites^r/?, to fight against them ?. And the Lord said, Judah Jhali go up: Behold, I have delivered the land into his hand. ;sdnT

Judg.xx. Again; 'The children of Israel arose, and 18.23.z8. went up to the house of God, and asked counsel of God, and said, Which ofusjhallgo up, first, to the battle against the children of Benjamin ? And the Lokd said, ]udahJhallgo up, first. And when, not having met with the deiir'd Success, They ashed counsel of the Lord, saying, Shall I go up again to battle against Benjamin my brother? And the L 0 K D said, Go up against him. And having {•"•reeded ill the seconds Time, we find them yet more desponding, and seemingly unwilling to think it was the Lo R D's Will that they mould engage with the Benjamites any more; yet they fast, and pray, and enquire of the Lord sayings"Shall I yet again go out to battle against the children of Benjamin my brother, or shall I cease? And>^



tfcljdKDfaid', Goup; for to morrow, I will deliver them into thine band. For the Kenjamites had been exceeding impious and rebeHmis; so as to deserve an exemplary Punishment, even from the Hands of their Brethren.

Again} when they consulted God about the Election of a King, he names, first, , Sam.x. the Tribe-, secondly, the Family; thirdly, ZI'zzthe Person, Saul the Son of Kijh. And, when he could not bc'found, they enquired 'of A&rfr&RD further*, if the man stould yet come thither? And the Loivd answered, o Behold be hath bid himself among the stuff: And}ibeynm and fetched him thence. And when there bid been a Famine, three years, z cam. in mMndimx*i& enquired of the Lord; xxi- »• and theSlSGRT} answered, It is for Saul and his bloody1 house.

©f^his Method of consulting God, we hear-no'more, after the Destruction of the Temple; when the Ark of the Covenant, and the Mercy Seat which was a-top of it were lost: It being upon their Account that the-Holyxjf Holies where they stood, was czlVUpthtOracle. And it is said of Ahito- ;.K^f tbek^Qsx the Counsel which be counselled in z Sam. It Y4 tbojeTM-1*'

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theft* days, was asifa man had enquirtik&kt the orach of God. boiBoinw ^Fhc Ways of consulting-God,--4>eiMe the Oracle, were either by the Propb.etis.or the High-Priests, or by Dreams. Qf ail which we have mention, in the following Instance. When Saul, by forsaking God, had caus'd God to forsake him; it is laid i Sam. And when Saul enquired of the Lor ©, the xxvm. 6. L 0 R D anf>wer.edhim not; neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor byprophe^ c-j 2r»

The High-Priest does flat seem to have * been qualified for resolving any Questions of this kind, unless, he was dress'd in the Ephod, to which the Breast-^Plate belongs in which were the Urim and Thummim; as we have spoken at large before. Then^ ibse, when David was greatly distressed^ and had a Mind to enquire of the Lor... i Sam. this Way; He said to Abiathar tbtr Priest, 'Ahimelech'j/c>», I pray thee, bring me hither the Ephod -, and Abiathar brought thither the Ephod to David. And David enquired at the Lord, faying. Shall I pursue often, this troop? Shall I overtake them? AndI'flftcA . answered him, Pursue; for thou shall surely J overtake them, and,without fail, recover all.

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