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A.s Aaron was constituted High-Triest, so all his Sons were appointed Priests, and consecrated by Moses, by a special Commission from God, at the same Time. J ivill sanctify both Aaron and his sons to Exod. minister to me in the Priest's office. And, at the First of the House of Aaron was, from Time to Time, to succeed to the High-Priests Office, so the Priesthood wai to be supplied out of the rest.

By the Priests, we may understand, those only, who were admitted to officiate in the Sacrifices, and to use and take care of the sacred Implements within the Tabernacle and Temple; under the Inspection of the High-Priest: of which we need not bring any Proofs here, having done it so amply above. But, we shall fee wherein they were inferior to the High-Priest, both in Dignity and Authority; if we pursue our Enquiry under the same Heads; as, how they were habitedafter what Manner, consecrated . 4 what 470 R EL I G I o u s Af r Ai H S.

what Qualifications were rcquir'd of" them
and the Nature of the Offices, which the)
were to perform.

Vestments of the PRIESTS.

Instructions for the Habit of the 'Prtejls, are given, at the fame Time, with those relating to the High-Priest: where it is Exod. said j And for Aaron'j sons thou /halt make 4oV1&c coats> and thou Jhalt make for them girdles; and bonnets Jhalt thou make for them-, for glory, and for beauty. And thou Jhalt make them linnen breeches; from the loyns, even unto the thighs they Jhall reach.

This Habit seems to have been well adapted to their officiating about the Sacrifices, in two Respects, Coolneis and Cleanliness; that they might, at the fame Time, be easy to themselves and inoffensive to others. For, upon such Occasions, only, was this Habit worn by them; as we may fee, from the Injunctions intermix'd with Ezekiel's Account of his vi

xKvhs. sionary TemPle- The PrieJis, the sons of Zadok, that kept the charge of my fanftu


ary, when the children of Israel went astray from me, they shall come near to me, to. minister unto me, and they Jhallstand before me to offer unto me the fat and the blood, faith the Lord God. They Jhall enter into my sanSluary, and they jhall come near to my table to minister unto me, and they shall keep my charge. And it pall come to pass, that when they enter in at the gates of the inner court, they Jhall be clothed with linnen garments; and no wooll Jhall come upon them whilst they minister in the gates of the inner court, and within. They Jhall have linnen bonnets upon their heads, and Jhall have linnen breeches upsn their loyns: they Jhall not gird themselves with any thing that caufeth sweat. And when they go forth into the outer court, even into the outer court to the people, they Jhall put off their garments wherein they ministred, and lay them in the holy chambers, and they Jhall put on other garments; and they pall not. sancJify the people with their (sacerdotal) garments.

And besides the Injunctions of Moses, we find the Priests generally wore a Linnen Ephod when they minister'd j at least a.yx Re Lig iStfs Apb A I i&s.

in the Time of Saul, they are /aid S xxii"i8. have done so; ÆPfo/z Doeg si* jGdomk fat the Command of £<zm^ tlpon tk Priests, and stew on one day, four/cor. and stve persons, that did wear' nen Ephod: If this Ephod were Indeed any thing more, than the ordinary Habit of Linnen, which they were oblig'd to wear, when they attended upon the Sacrifices. Be that as it will, we find ft was of Linnen j and consequently much inferior to the other rich and stately one which the Law prescribes for the HigSPriest.

The Manner of their Consecration, and the Conditions requir'd to qualify them for their Office, are altogether the fame with those relating to the High-Priest: except that the latter, when he was consecrated, Exod. had oyl poured on his head; beside the A

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7. * spersion of Oyl and Blood, which was made .afterwards upon him and the Priejls, and upon their garments, in order to hallow

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The Office of the PRIESTS.

Their peculiar Office, being likewise, mostly, to take care of the Lamps, the Shew-Bread, the Oblation of Incense, the Vessels of the tabernacle, under the Inspection of the High-Pries-, and to prepare the several Sorts of Victims, which were to be ofFer'd either by him, or themselves j we have little more to fay of them, ■upon that Head. To the office of Eleazar, Numb. the son of Aaron, the Priest, pertainetb the iy' l6' oyl for the light, and the Jweet incense, and the daily meat-offering, and the anointing oyl, and the oversight of all the tabernacle, and of all that therein is, in the fanciuary and in the vessels thereof

And at any Time, when the Camp was to move, Aaron and his sons were to take the Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Shew-Bread, the Candle/lick, and the Altar of Incense, and to cover them up severally, with Decency and Care; after the Manner which is punctually prescrib'd in the Law. All which was to be born and

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