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Lord, &c. and of Zacharias, Blessed be Lute 1. the L o R D God of Israel, &c. But of this, more in its proper Place; when we come to discourse upon that Part of the Ltvu steal Office.


Josephus'.; Account of Sacrifices.

But, before we dismiss the Subject of Sacrifices, it may be proper to take a View of what Josephus the Jewijh Historian delivers upon that Head; and to compare it with the Scripture Account. He fays, "There are two Ways of offering "Sacrifice; one, when it is made for "the whole Body of the People; the "other, when for private Persons. And "again, each of these is of two Sorts; "one, when the Sacrifice is wholly con"sum'd by Fire, and is what we call "a Burnt-Offering; the other, when it is "a Peace-Offering, made for a Ihankjgi"ving, and is eaten by those that offer "it.

"When a private Person offers a Burnt

«' Offering, what he brings upon that Oc

N 2 casion, "casion, is a Bullock, a Lamb or a Kid "of a Year old (the Bullocks indeed some"what older) and all of the Male Kind. "When they are kill'd, the Priests pour "their Blood round about the Altar -, and "taking away from them every unclean "Part, they cut them up into Joints j and, *' strewing Salt over them all, lay them «c upon the Wood which is pil'd upon "the Altar, and quickly kindled with the "Fire thereof. The Feet and the Fat of '* the Victim, nicely cleans'd, are likewise "laid upon the Altar, with the other "Parts: The Hide being the Fee of the "officiating Priest: This is the Burnt"Offering.

"But those who offer a Peace-Offering "for Thanksgiving, bring indeed the same "Creatures as those beforemention'd, but "older; that is, quite full-grown j and "either Male or Female, as it happens. "When they are kill'd, their Blood is "paur'd out upon the Altar j the Cawl, "the Kidneys, and all the Fat of the «' Rump, is burnt thereon. The Breast u and the right Shoulder is the Priest's * Fee* and the rest, they who bring the

« Offering

"Offering may eat, and have two Days •* allow'd for it; but, whatever is left "after that Time, they burn with Fire.

"And the Sin-Offering is made much "in the fame manner. But, if it should "Happen that any one cannot afford to '* bring the larger Sort of Creatures re*' quir'd in Sacrifice, they may offer two -** Pigeons or Turtles; one for a Burnt"Offering to God, the other for a Fee "to the Priest.

"When any one fins unknowingly\ he "brings a Yearling Lamb and a Kid of c* the female Kind, and the Priest pours the Blood thereof upon the Altar j not <c as beforemention'd, but only tingeing ** the extreme Parts of the Corners of it "(calFd in Scripture the Horns:) then the "Priest, burning all the Fat, as before, "takes the Hide as his Fee, and may eat "the Remainder of the Flesh, that same "Day j but is not allow'd to keep any "of it till the Morrow.

"But he who fins knowingly, tho' no 14 one is privy to it beside himself, must "offer a Ram, according to the Law: "whose Flesh is, in like manner, to be N 3 eaten

"eaten by the Priests, in the Temple, "the fame Day.

"When Princes or Rulers have com"mitted any Sin, they must: offer in the "fame manner that private Persons doj "but must make their Atonement, by "offering a Bullock and a Kid of the "Male Kind. The Law moreover re"quires, in all Sacrifices as well private "as publick, a Quantity of the finest "Flour to go along with it; if it be a "Lamb, one Measure; isa Ram, two j if "a Bullock three: which mixed up with '* Oil, is presented upon the Altar. As "for the Oil, it must be, for a Bullock the "one half of a f Hin; for a Ram, a third "part; and for a Lamb, a fourth Part."


Scripture Examples of Sacrifices. Let us next inquire what Examples we have in other Parts of Scripture, beside the Law, of the Use of these Sacrifices. Joshua, after he had brought the ChilJofli. dren of Israel over Jordan, and had begun his Conquests in the Land of Canaan, built an

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altar to the L o R D God of Israel in mount EbaJ, as Moses had commanded; and they®**;.


offered thereon burnt-offerings unto the Lord, 4,5.' and peace-offerings. And when the two Tribes and half, whose Possession was on the other Side "Jordan, had built an Altar, and were called to account for it by the Princes of Israel, they deny that they did it with Intention of offering Sacrifices thereon, faying, God forbid that we j0fli. should build an altar for burnt -offerings, for xx"« *9« meat-offerings, or for sacrifices, besides the altar of the Lord our God, that is before his tabernacle.

So, when an Angel of the Lord ap- jucigp vu pear'xl to Gideon, he prepar'd a spiritual '9> &cSacrifice, where perhaps he only intended a corporal Refreshment; and made ready a kid, and unleavened cakes of an * Ephah of four, and brought it out, with the broth in which it had been boitd. And the angel of God said unto him, Take the flesh 1 nd the unleavened cakes, and lay them upon this rock, and pour out the broth. And he did so. Then the angel of the Lord put forth the end of the staff that was in

* Above seven JVine-Gallons and a half.

N 4 his

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