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son,why all agree that it is the fame Month as March with us.

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They always began their Months with, the New Moon: and before the Babylonish Captivity, distinguisti'd them by no other Names than those of, first, second, third, and so on, to the twelfth. Upon their Return,' they brought the Names of the Babylonian Months with them; which were these; Nisan, March j Zif or Ijar, April; Swan, May; Tamuz, June; Ab, July $ Elul, August; Efhanimox Tisri, Septcm^ ber; Bui or Marejhuan, October; Chi/leu, November; Tebeth, December; Sebaf, January; Adar, February.

One half of these Months consisted of thirty days, the other, of twenty nine, alternately; which made the Number of three hundred and fifty four: and for the other eleven Days and odd Hours, which were over and above, they had an Intercalation, every other Year, by adding another Months which they call'd Veadarx


that is, another Adar j which consisted
every second Year, of twenty two, and
every fourth Year, of twenty three Days:
and by this means they made their Years, .
one with another, pretty nearly answer
the Æquinoctial Year, consisting of three
hundred sixty five Days, five Hours, and
forty nine Minutes.

That they had no Way of distinguishing their Months, before the Captivity, but by their numerical Order, appears from the following passages} In the first month Gen. viii. (our September) the waters are said to he *3' dried up from off the earth: Whereas we are told, just before, that the fountains of the deep were broken up, on the seventeenth day of the second month: by which we find the Deluge continued between ten and. eleven Months. In the third month the Chil- E.xod


dren of Israel came into the wilderness of Sinai, being our May; for then they began to reckon from the Emigration. When Jerusalem was besieged by the Host of the King of Babylon, above a Year and a half, we are told that, on the ninth day of the 2 King» fourth month, the famine prevail'd in the xxv* city; by which means it was taken. In



Numb. the first day of the fifth month Aaron diea xxxii.38.

°. Among the Appointments of David

Houshold, we read of a particular Capi Chron. tain, for every Month, by Number; the xxvii. 9. fixtb Captain for the fixth Month, &c. The Levit. fifteenth day of the seventh Month, was Zech. 1. t. the Feast of Tabernacles. In the eighth

Month, the word of the LORD came to

Zechariah. In the ninth Month of the xxxvi. 9. fifth Year of Yehoiakim King of Judah,

they proclaim'd a Fast. In the tenth Month, the tops of the Mountains were

seen, as the Flood began to abate. In the Deut. i.3. fortieth Year, in the eleventh Month, Moses

deliver'd the whole Law, in a RecapitulaJer.lii. 31. tion. In the twelfth Month, the King of

Babylon brought forth the King of Yudab out of Prison.

To thew that they likewise us'd the Names of the Babylonian Months after the

Captivity, in the Book of Ether, we read Efth.iü.7. of, the First month,that is the month Nifan; Esth. and of the third month (that is the month Etth. ii. Sivan ;) and of, the tenth month (which is 16... the month Tebeth ;) and of the twelfth Esth.ii.7.

Kings month, that is the month Adar. In the month vi. 1. Zif which is the fecond month, Solomon be


gan * 'to build the bouse of the Lord J which

was Jinijh'd in the month Bui, which is the^1^?

eighth month: And dedicated, in the Year

following, in the nmnth Ethanim, which is '..^S5

the seventh month. In the Prophet Zecba

riah we meet with the ninth month, called Zed*.

vii i

Chifleu; and eleventh month, Sebat. ib. i. "7. And the Wall of 'Jerusalem was finish'd Neh- viin the Month Elul, or August. 5*

Thus we fee why their Months are sometimes call'd by Name, and at other times, mention'd only by Number. These Months being Lunar, beginning always with the full Moon, cannot exactly correspond with those of ours; and therefore, there must be sometimes Two of the one, to answer One of the other, according as it happens.

By W E E K 3.

Their Months were divided into Weeks, each consisting of seven Days; every ft

* The Authors of the Books of Kings and of the Chronicles, whoever they were, are allow'd have written them, after the Captivity.

ventb Day being a Sabbath, ot Day oi Gen.ii.3- Rest; according to God's own Institution who is said to have rested on that Day, after he had spent the other fix in creating the World. We find frequent mention of Weeks, hoth in the old and new Testament: And the Words by which they are express'd, both in the * Greek and Latin, plainly shew that they are understood to consist of just seven days.

Their Days, as also their Nights, consisted each of twelve Hours; but of different Lengths j according as it happen'd to be either Winter or Summer. For their Day began at Sun-rife, and ended at Sunset: therefore their Hours were longer in Summer, and shorter in Winter. For Jehn ii. which Reason our Lord says, Are there 9' not [twelve hours in the days If any man 'walk in the day be Jlumbleth not, because be seeth the light of the world.

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* In the Greek "EC^cu. In the Latin Septimana.


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