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Gospel-Principle the Foundation of Gospel-Practice } or, the great Duty of receiving Christ, and walking" in him, opened, - - "*?

Col. ii. 6$ As^fe have received Christ JesuJ, the Lordi

»'. so tvalk.'ye in him.

After a copious introduction and succinct division os the words, shewing the. scope os the apostle, and sense of the verse, the following general -topiicsmre liandied al great length, v':-z.

I. Tl'c Believer's charaeter and dignity, as a receiver of Christ Jesus

the Lord, delineated, '*, 14V

*. The act of faith, as it is a receiving Christ, opened) ihid.

What is supposed in it, ihid. Christ is offered in the gospel, I4, 15

To whom he is offered) IS

Upon what grounds) 18

For what ends, 2d

In what capacities) 46, 80

What the-act of faith consists in, 27

Its nature and qualities opened, 28

2. The object of this act, viz. Christ, considered) 35

Bvrth doctrinally and personally) 35, 37

3, The capacities Christ is received in) 40

As a Jesus and as a Lord, 41, 42

II. The believer's duty, viz.. to walk in Christ) opened) 4t>

1. The denomination of the duty, 47

It denotes practice, ihidi

.ffr imports progress, v 51

It implies permanency, j 2

2. The qualisications of the duty) si

What this walk supposes, 55

. What it excludes, 57

What it includes, 59

What it infers, 64

III. The rule of the believer's duty, and the proportion it should bear

to the reception of Christ, evinced, 66

.1. The proportion of this walk considered, both as to the act and manner of the reception, ibid.

2. The proportion of it as to the object received, in the text, 70

As the Christ, doctrinally and personally, 71

As a Jesus, to walk in him before God and the world) 7%

As a Lord, the Lord of } our life, time, graces, comforts, ordinances, duties, &C. 74 The proportion of the heliever's walk is to be suitable to all the particulars deduceable from these three generals, 79 Al

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