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and ordinances.
hath used to z push in time past, B. C. 1491. 13 If it be torn in pieces, then let
and his owner hath not kept him

him bring it for witness, and he in: he shall surely pay ox for ox:

z ver.29. shall not make good that which and the dead shall be his own.

was torn. CHAPTER XXII.

(CHAP. 22.)

14 T And if a man borrow aught 1 Of theft and other offences. 29 Of 1 or, goat. of his neighbour, and it be hurt, or the firstfruits.

a 2Sam. 12.6. die, the owner thereof being not a man shall steal an ox, or a

Pr.6.31. with it, he shall surely make it

Lu.19.8. shall restore five oxen for an ox, b Job 24.14.

15 But if the owner thereof be with and four a sheep for a sheep. Joel 2.9.

it, he shall not make it good: if it be 2 TIf a thief be found b breaking Mat. 24.43. an hired thing, it came for his hire. up, and be smitten that he die,

16 T And if a man entice a maid there shallcno blood be shed for him.

c Nu.35.27.

that is not betrothed, and lie with 3 If the sun be risen upon him,

d Jer. 16.18.

her, he shall surely endow her h to there shall be blood shed for him:


be his wife.
for he should make full restitu- e ch.21.34. 17 If her father utterly refuse to
tion; if he have nothing, then he f Deut.25.1. give her unto him, he shall 2 pay
shall be sold for his theft.

2 Ch.19.10. money according to the dowry of
4 If the theft be certainly found in
his hand alive, whether it be ox,

g Heb.6.16.


18 T Thou shalt not suffer a or ass, or sheep, he shall d restore

witch i to live.

h Deut.22.28, 19 F Whosoever lieth with k a 5 TIf a man shall cause a field or

29. beast shall surely be put to death. vineyard to be eaten, and shall 2 weigh. 20 T He that sacrificeth unto l any put in his beast,

and shall feed in i Lev.20.27. god, save unto the LORD only, he
another man's field: of the best

Deut. 18.10. shall be utterly destroyed.
of his own field, and of the best of 1 Sa.29.3,9. 21 T Thou shalt neither vex a m
his own vineyard, shall he make e Rev.22.15. stranger, nor oppress him: for ye

k Lev.18.23,

were strangers in the land of Egypt. 6 TIf fire break out, and catch in


22 Ye shall not afflict any n thorns

, so that the stacks of corn, 1 De.13.1-11. widow, or fatherless child. or the standing corn, or the field,

23 If thou afflict them in any wise, be consumed therewith, he that

m Lev. 19.33. kindled the fire shall surely make


and they cry at all unto me, I will

surely hear their cry; restitution.

n De.24.17.

24 And my wrath shall wax hot, 7 If a man shall deliver unto

Ps.94.6,7. his neighbour money or stuff to

Is. 1.17.

and I will kill you with the sword; keep, and it be stolen out of the


and your wives shall be widows, o man's house; if the thief be found,

Jam. 1.27.

and your children fatherless.

25 If thou lend money to any of let him pay double.

o Jer. 15.8. 8 If the thief be not found, then


my people that is poor by thee, thou the master of the house shall be


shalt not be to him as an usurer, p

neither shalt thou lay upon him
brought into the judges, to see
whether he have put his hand unto

Ps. 15.5.

usury. his neighbour's goods.

Eze. 18.8,

26 If thou at all take thy neigh9 For all manner of trespass,


bour's raiment to a pledge, thou sheep, for raiment, or for any man


the sun goeth down: Job 22.6.

27 For that is his covering only, it ner of lost thing, which another

is his raiment for his skin : wherein challengeth to be his, the cause of

r ver.23.

shall he sleep? and it shall come to both parties shall come f before the s 2Chr.30.9. pass, when he crieth unto me, that judges; and whom the judges shall t Acts 23.3,5. I will hear;r for I am s gracious. condemn, he shall pay double unto

Jude 8. 28 T Thou shalt not revile t the 10 If a man deliver unto his neigh

3 or, judges. 3 gods, nor curse the ruler of thy bour an ass, or an ox, or a sheep,

4 thy ful

people. or any beast, to keep; and it die, u Mic.7.1.

29 T Thou shalt not delay to offer

4 the first of thy ripe fruits, u and or be hurt, or driven away, no man

of thy 5 liquors: the firstborn of 5 tear.

thy v sons shalt thou give unto me. 11 Then shall ang oath of the LORD v ch.13.2.

30 Likewise shalt thou do with
be between them both, that he hath w Lev.22.27. thine oxen,

and with thy sheep :
not put his hand unto his neigh- 2 Lev. 19.2.
bour's goods; and the owner of it

seven w days it shall be with his
shall accept thereof, and he shall

1 Pet.1.15, dam; on the eighth day thou shalt

16. give it me.
12 And if it be stolen from him,

y Lev.22.8. 31 T And ye shall å be holy men
Eze.4.14. unto me: neither shall ye eat any

flesh that is torn of y beasts in the

field; ye shall cast it to the dogs. D2


whether it be for ox, for ass, for 9 Deut. 24.6. shalt deliver it unto him by that


his neighbour.

seeing it:


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Drivers laws and orilinances. EXODUS, XXIII.

An Angel is promised. CHAPTER XXIII.

B. C. 1491.. 16 And the feast of harvest, the 1 Of slander and false witness. 2 Of

first fruits of thy labours, which other offences and duties. 20 An (CHAP. 23.) thou hast sown in thv field: and Angel promised, with a blessing, if ior, receive. the feast of ingathering, which is in they obey him.

a Ps. 15.3.

the end of the year, when thou THOU shalt not l raise a false a

b Pr. 19.5.

hast gathered in thy labours out

Ep.4.25. report : put not thine hand


of the field. with the wicked to be an b un

Job 31.31.

17 Three times in the year all thy righteous witness,

2 answer.

males shall appear before the LORD 24 Thou shalt not follow a mul- d ver.6. God. titude c to do evil: neither shalt e Mat.5.44. 18 Thou shalt not offer the blood of thou 2 speak in a cause to decline 3 or, wilt my sacrifice with leavened bread. after many to wrest judgment. thou cease neither shall the fat of my 7 sacri

3 | Neither shalt thon counte- to help fice remain until the morning. nance a poor d man in his cause.

him? or,

19 The first of the firstfruits of 4 T If thou meet thine enemy's e


thy land thou shalt bring into the ox or his ass going astray, thou

cease to

house of the LORD thy God. Thou shalt surely bring it back to him

iedae thy

shalt not seethe m a kid in his again.

for him;

mother's milk. 5 If tnou see the ass of him that

thou shalt

20 T Behold, I send ann Angel hateth thee, lying under his bur- surely leave before thee, to keep thee in the den, and 3 wouldest forbear to help it to join

way, and to bring thee into the him; thou shalt surely help with with him. place which I have prepared. him.

f ver.3. 21 Beware of him, and obey hi 6 Thou shalt not wrest the judg- g ch.34.7. voice, provoke him not: for he wil ment of thy poor f in his cause. h Pr.17.23. not pardon your transgressions: for 7 keep thee far from a false mat


my name is in him. ter; and the innocent and righte- the seeing. 22 But if thou shalt indeed obey

5 soul. ous slay thou not: for I will not

i Lev.25.3,4.

his voice, and do all that I speak justify the wicked.

6 or, olive

then I will be an enemy o unte 8T And thou shalt take h no gift;

thine enemies, and 8 an adversary

trees. for the gift blindeth 4 the wise, k Deut.4.9.

unto thine adversaries. and perverteth the words of the

Ep.5, 15.

23 For mine Angelp shall go be righteous.

1 Jos.23.7. fore thee, and bring thee in un 99 Also thou shalt not oppress a Ps. 16.4. the Amorites, and the Hittites, and stranger: for ye know the 5 heart Ho.2.17. the Perizzites, and the Canaanites of a stranger, seeing ye were stran

the Hivites, and the Jebusites; an gers in the land of Egypt.

7 or, feast. I will cut them off. 10 And six years i thou shalt sow

m ch.31.26.

21 Thou shalt not bow down ti thy land, and shalt gather in the

n Ge. 15. 16.

their gods, nor serve them, nor do 1

Is.63.9. fruits thereot:

o Ge. 12.3.

after their works; but thou shalt 11 But the seventh year thou shalt


utterly overthrow them, and quite let it rest and lie still; that ihe Zec.2.8.

break down s their images. poor of thy people may eat: and 8 or, I will 25 And ye shall serve the LORD what they leave, the beasts of the afflict

your God, and he shall bless u thy tield shall eat. In like manner them that bread, and thy water; and I wil thou shalt deal with thy vineyard, afflict thee. take sickness v away from the and with thy 6 olive-yard.

p ch.33.2.

midst of thee. 12 Six days thou shalt do thy work, Jos.5.13. 26 There shall nothing cast their and on the seventh day thou shalt 9 ch.20.5.

young, nor be w barren, in thy land rest; that thine ox and thine ass

r Lev. 18.3.

the nunber of thy days I will fulti

De, 12.30. may rest, and the son of thy hand

27 I will send my fear * before

Ps. 101.3. maid and the stranger may be re

8 ch.32.20.

thee, and will destroy all the peo freshed.


ple to whom thou shalt come: an. 13 And in all things that I have


I will make all thine enemies tur said unto you, be k circunspect : t Jos.22.5.

their 9 backs unto thee. and make no mention of the name u Deut.7.13. 28 And I will send hornets y be of l other gods, neither let it be 1.33.16. fore thee, which shall drive out heard out of thy mouth.

Mal.3.10. the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the 114 Three times thou shalt keep v Ps. 103.3. Hittite, from before thee. a feast unto me in the vear.

w Deut.28.4. 29 I will not drive them out from 15 Thou shalt keep ihe feast of « Jos.2.9,11. before thee in one year; lest t. unleavened bread: (thou shalt eat

Sa. 14.15.

land become desolate, and the beast

2Ch.11.14 unleavened brand seven days, as I

9 neck.

of the field multiply against the commanded ihee, in the time ap

y Deut.7.20.

30 By little and title I will der pointed of the inonth Abib; for in Jos. 21.12.

thein out from before thee, un it thou camest out from Frypt; 2N1.34.3,&c. thou be increased, and inherit the and none shall appear before me De, 11.21.

land. empty :)

31 And I will set thy : bounds An Angel is And the feast of here fruits of thy labour -hast sown in the field east of ingathering, batt End of the year, we gathered in thr leber field. ree times in the rear hall appear before the

u shalt not offer the Etice with leareneda hall the fat of my is un until the more first of the first Chou shalt bring ne LORD thy God. In

seethe ilk -Id, I send any

to keep the i

bring thee in I have prepared of him, and her ehim not: for det ar transgresses him.

shalt indeed Jo all that is

an enenko ad 8an adres saries. selp shall / ing thee in the Hittites the Canes Jebuste,

Moses colled up.

EXODUS, XXIV, XXV. The glory of God appears. from the Red sea, a even unto the B. C. 1491. and be there: and I will give thee sea of the Philistines, and from the

tables m of stone, and a law, and n. desert unto the river: for I will

a Nu.34.3.

commandments which I have writdeliver the inhabitants of the land b Jos, 1.1. ten; that thou mayest teach them. into your hand; and thou shalt Ps.72.8. 13 And Moses rose up, and his drive them out from before thee.

b Jos.21.44.

minister Joshua; and Moses went 32 Thou shalt make no covenant

up into the mount of God. with them, nor with their gods.

c ch.34.12, 14 And he said unto the elders, 33 They shall not dwell in thy


Tarry ye here for us, until we land, lest they make thee sin against

Ps. 106.35.

come again unto you: and behold, me: for if thou serve their gods, it

2Cor.6.15. Aaron and Hur are with you; if will d surely be a snare unto thee. d Ju.2.3. any man have any matters to do, - CHAPTER XXIV.

let him come unto them. 1 Moses is called up into the moun

(CHAP. 21.)

15 And Moses went up into the tain. 3 The people promise obe- a ver.15. mount, and a cloud o covered the dience. 9 The glory of God ap

ch.34.2. mount. peareth.

b ch.28.1.

16 And the glory p of the LORD ND he said unto Moses, Come

c Nu.11.16.

abode upon mount Sinai, and the

cloud covered it six days; and the Aaron, Nadab, and 8 Abihu, and d Deut.5.27. seventh day he called unto Moses seventy c of the elders of Israel;


out of the midst of the cloud.
and worship ye afar off.

e Deut.31.9. 17 And the sight of the glory of
2 And Moses alone shall come f He.9.19-21. the LORD was like a devouring fire
near the LORD; but they shall not 13.20. on the top of the mount in the eyes
come nigh, neither shall the people 1 Pet. 1.2. of the children of Israel.
go up with him.

18 And Moses went into the midst
3 And Moses came and told the 3 15:22:19. of the cloud, and gat him up into

Is.6.1,5 people all the words of the LORD,

the mount; and Moses was in the and all the judgments: and all the h Eze. 1.26. mount r forty days and forty nights. people answered with one voice,


CHAPTER XXV. and said, All the words which the


1 The offering for the tabernacle. LORD hath said d will we do.


10 The form of the ark. 17 The 4 And Moses wrote e all the words i Mat.17.2.

mercy-seat. 23 The table. 31 The
of the LORD, and rose up early in Rev.1.16.

the morning, and builded an altar
under the hill, and twelve pillars,

ND the LORD spake unto Mo-
k Ge. 18.8. A

ses, saying,
according to the twelve tribes of 2 ver.2, 18. 2 Speak unto the children of Israel,

that they 1 bring me an 2 offering:
5 And he sent young men of the

of every man that giveth it wil-
children of Israel, which offered m Deut.5.22. lingly a with his heart ye shall take
burnt offerings, and sacrificed peace n Ne.9.13.

my offering
offerings of oxen unto the LORD.
6 And Moses took half of the blood,

0 ch.19.9.

3 And this is the offering which ye

shall take of them; gold, and siland put it in basons; and half of p Lev.9.23.

ver, and brass, the blood he sprinkled on the altar.


4 And blue, and purple, and scar7 And he took the book of the 9 Deut.4.36. let, and 3 fine linen, and goats' hair, covenant, and read in the audience

Eze, 1.27. 5 And rams' skins dyed red, and of the people: and they said, All


badgers' skins, and shittim-wood, that the LORD hath said will we

Hab.3.4,5. do, and be obedient.


6 Oil for the light, spices for anoint

ing oil, and for sweet incense, 8 And Moses took the blood, and


7 Onyx stones, and stones to be
sprinkled it fon the people, and said, " ch.34.28.
Behold the blood of the covenant,

set in the ephod, and in the breast-

which the LORD hath made with (CHAP. 25 )

8 And let them make me a sanc-
you concerning all these words.
9 T Then went up Moses, and

1 take for

tuary; that I may dwell b among me.

Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and se- 2 or, heave

9 According to all that I shew c
venty of the elders of Israel;
10 And they saw g the God of


thee, after the pattern of the taber

nacle, and the pattern of all the Israel: and there was under his feet a 2Cor.8.12. instruments thereof, even so shall as it were a paved work of a h sap


ye make it.
phire stone, and as it were the body 3 or, silk.
of heaven i in his clearness.

10 9 And they shall make an ark d.
11 And upon the nobles of the

b ch.29.45.

of shittim-wood: two cubits and a children of Israel he laid not his

2Cor.6.16. half shall be the length thereof, and

Rev.21.3. a cubit and a half the breadth hand: also they saw God, and did

thereof, and a cubit and a half the c Heb.8.5.

height thereof. 12 TAnd the LORD said unto Mo- d Heb.9.4.

11 And thou shalt overlay it with ses, Come up to me into the mount,


bow dom out thors om, and pages. ethel I berat and in


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eat k and drink.

pure gold; within and without shalt

The mercy-seat.


The golden candlestick. thou overlay it;and shalt make up-! B. C. 1491. 27 Over against the border sh: on it a crown of gold round about.

the rings be for places of the stav 12 And thou shalt cast four rmgs e ch.16.34. to bear the table. of gold for it, and put them in the

31,18. 28 And thou shalt make the stav four corners thereof; and two rings


of shitum-wood, and overlay then shall be in the one side of it, and

De. 10.2-5.

with gold, that the table may b

IK1.8.9. two rings in the other side of it.

borne with them.

2Ki. 11.12. 13 And thou shalt make staves of

29 And thou shalt make the

2Ch.34.14. shittim-wood, and overlay them Rom.3.2.

dishes thereof, and spoons thereu with gold.


and covers thereof, and bowi 14 And thou shalt put the staves into f ch.37.6.

thereof, 5 to cover withal : of pur the rings by the sides of the ark, that Lev.16.13. gold shalt thou make them. the ark may be borne with them. Rom.3.25. 30 And thou shalt set upon the ti 15 The staves shall be in the rings

Heb.9.5. ble shew-bread o before me alway of the ark; they shall not be taken

4 or, of the 31 9 And thou shalt make apcan from it.

matter of dlestick of pure gold; of beater 16 And thou shalt put into the

the mercy- work shall the candlestick be

seat. ark e the testimony which I shall

g 2Chr 3.10.

made : his shaft, and his branches give thee.

h ch.26.34.

his bowls, his knops, and his flow 17 And thou shalt make af mer

ver. 16.

ers, shall be of the same. cy-seat of pure gold: two cubits k ch.30.6.

32 And six branches shall come ou and a half shall be the length there- Lev.16 2. of the sides of it: three branche of, and a cubit and a half the Nu.7.69.

of the candlestick out of the op breadth thereof.

1Sam.4.4. side, and three branches of th 18 And thou shalt make two che- 2Sao.6.2. candlestick out of the other side: rubims of gold, of beaten work

2Ki.19.15. 33 Three bowls made like unt shalt thou make them, in the two

Ps. 80.1.

almonds, with a knop and a flowe! ends of the mercy-seat.


in one branch; and three bowl 19 And make one cherub on the 2 ch.37.10.

mae like almonds in the othe

1K1.7.48. one end, and the other cherub on


branch, with a knop and a flower the other end; even 4 of the mercy- m Iki.6.20.

so in the six branches that com seat shall ye make the cherubims

out of the candlestick. on the two ends thereof.

m ch.37. 16. 31 And in the candlestick shall á 20 And the cherubims shall stretch Nu.4.7. four bowls made like unto almonds forth their wingsg on high, cover- 5 or, to pour with their knops and their flowers ing the mercy-seat with their out withal. 35 And there shall be a knop undel wings, and their faces shall look Le.24.5,6. two branches of the same, and a one to another; toward the mercy

1Sam. 21.6. knop under two branches of the seat shall the faces of the cheru

Mal. 1.7,12.

same, and a knop under twe bims be.


branches of the same, according to 21 And thou shalt put the mercy

p ch.37.17.

the six branches that proceed out seat above h upon the ark; and i


of the candlestick. in the ark thou shalt put the testi- Zec.1.2.

36 Their knops and their branches mony that I shall give thee.


shall be of the same; all of it shali 22 And there I will meet with thee, Rev. 1.12. be one beaten work of pure gold and I will commune with thee q Zec.1.2. 37 And thou shalt inake the from above the mercy-seat, from k Rev. 1.4,12. seven lamps thereof; and they between the two cherubims which rch.27.20,21. shall 6 light the lamps thereof, that are upon the ark of the testimony, Le.24.3,4. they may give light over against it. I of all things which I will give thee

38 And the tongs thereof, and the in commandment unto the chil

2 Ch.13.11. snuif-dishes thereof, shall be

6 or, cause to dren of Israel.

ascend. 23 7 Thou shalt also makel: athe jace of he make it, with all these vessels

pure gold.

39 Of a talent of pure gold shall table of shittim-wood : two cubits shall be the length thereof, and a sch.26.30.

10 And look that thou make them 8 cubit the breadth thereof, and a Nu.8.4. after their pattern, which was cubit and a half the height thereof. iCh.28.11. shewed thee in the mount. 24 And thou shalt overlay it Acts 7.44.

CHAPTER XXVI. with m pure gold, and make thereto Heb.8.5. Directions for the Tabernacle. a crown of gold round about.

which thou 25 And thou shalt make unto it a wast caused the tabernacle with ten a cur border of an hand breadth round to see.

tains of fine twined linen, and blue about, and thou shalt make a

(CH ÁP. 26.)
a Chr. 17.1.

and purple, and scarlet : with che golden crown to the border thereof

i the work of

rubims lofcunning work shalt round about.

thou make them.

a cunning 26 And thou shalt make for it


2 The length of one curtain su four rings of gold, and put the rings

or, em.

be eight and twenty cubits, and the in the four corners that are on the broiderer. breadth of one curtain four cubits: four feet thereof.

and every one of the curtains shall

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he golden candidat inst the banas or places of the sun ble. chalt make the sun d, and overler tu t the table must m.

shalt make sure Eind spoons then ereof

, and he er withal: 0 make them. It set upon the

before me 216 alt make apu gold: beat

candlestok and his trade

s, and his same. sshall come three brand

out of the anches of

e other sit ade like and a fi three hou in the -nd a tous

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Curtains of the tabernacle. EXODUS, XXVI. Boards of the tabernacle. have one measure.

B. C. 1491. another: thus shalt thou make for 3 The five curtains shall be cou

all the boards of the tabernacle. pled together one to another; and

18 And thou shalt make the c other five curtains shall be coupled

boards for the tabernacle, twenty
one to another.

b ch.36.14, boards on the south side south-
4 And thou shalt make loops of &c. ward.
blue upon the edge of the one cur-

19 And thou shalt make d forty
tain, from the selvedge in the cou-

sockets of silver under the twenty
make in the uttermost edge of an- 2 or, cover-
pling; and likewise shalt thou

boards; two Sockets under one

board for his two tenons, and two other curtain, in the coupling of

sockets under another board for the second.


his two tenons. 5 Fifty loops shalt thou make in

20 And for the second side of the the one curtain, and fifty loops

tabernacle on the north side there
shalt thou make in the edge of the

shall be twenty boards:
curtain that is in the coupling of 3 in the re- 21 And their forty sockets of silver;
the second, that the loops may take mainder, two sockets under one board, and
hold one of another.

or, sur

two sockets under another board. 6 And thou shalt make fifty taches


22 And for the sides of the taberof gold, and couple the curtains to

nacle westward thou shalt make gether with the taches; and it shall

six boards. be one tabernacle.

23 And two boards shalt thou make 7 And thou shalt make curtains

4 hands.

for the corners of the tabernacle of goats hair,b to be a covering

in the two sides. upon the tabernacle: eleven cur

24 And they shall be 5 coupled totains shalt thou make.

gether beneath, and they shall be 8 The length of one curtain shall

coupled e together above the head be thirty cubits, and the breadth of

of it unto f one ring: thus shall it one curtain four cubits: and the

be for them both; they shall be for eleven curtains shall be all of one

the two corners. measure.

c Nu.3.36.

25 And they shall be eight boards, 9 And thou shalt couple five cur


and their sockets of silver, sixteen tains by themselves, and six cur

sockets; two sockets under one
tains by themselves, and shalt dou-

board, and two sockets under an-
ble the sixth curtain in the fore
front of the tabernacle.

d ch.27.10.

other board.

26 T And thou shalt make bars of 10 And thou shalt make fifty loops

shittim-wood ; five for the boards on the edge of the one curtain that

of the one side of the tabernacle, is outmost in the coupling, and fifty

27 And five bars for the boards of loops in the edge of the curtain

5 twinned.

the other side of the tabernacle, which coupleth the second.

and five bars for the boards of the 11 And thou shalt make fifty

side of the tabernacle, for the two taches of brass, and put the taches

sides westward. into the loops, and couple the 2 tent e Ps. 133. 1.

28 And the middle bar in the together, that it may be one.

1Cor.3,16. 12 And the remnant that remain

1 Pet.2.5.

midst of the boards shall reach

from end to end.
eth of the curtains of the tent, the
half-curtain that remaineth, shall

29 And thou shalt overlay the

boards with gold, and make their
hang over the back side of the ta-

f Ep.4.16. rings of gold for places for the bars:
13 And a cubit on the one side,

Col.2.19. and thou shalt overlay the bars

with gold.
and a cubit on the other side 3 of

30 And thou shalt rear up the ta-
that which remaineth in the length
of the curtains of the tent, it shall

bernacle according to the fashion g
hang over the sides of the taberna-

8 ch.25.9,40. thereof which was shewed thee in cle on this side and on that side, to

the mount.

Acts 7.44. 31 T And thou shalt make ah vajl 14 And thou shalt make a cover

Heb.8.5. of blue, and purple, and scarlet,

and fine twined linen, of cunning ing for the tent of rams' skins dyed

work: with cherubims shall it be
red, and a covering above of bad-

32 And thou shalt hang it upon
15 T And thou shalt make boards h ch.36.35.
for the tabernacle of shittim-wood

four pillars of shittim-wood over

Lev.16.2. laid with gold: their hooks shall be
16 Ten cubits shall be the length

2Chr.3.14. of gold, upon the four sockets of
Mat. 27.51.

of a board, and a cubit and a half

Heb.9.3,8. shall be the breadth of one board.

33 And thou shalt hang up the

10.20. 17 Two 4 tenons shall there be in

vail under the taches, that thou orie board, set in order one against

mayest bring in thither within the
vail the ark of the testimony:


cover it.

gers' skins.

standing up.


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