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Minift. 4.

* Jefus therefore knowing all things Anno Joh. xviii. 4. that fhould come upon him, went forth, Ætat. 33. and faid unto them, Whom Seek ye? 5. They answered him, Jefus of Nazareth. Jefus faith unto them, I am he. And Judas alfo which betrayed him, stood 6. with them. As foon then as he had faid unto them, I am be, they went backward, and fell to the ground. 7. Then asked he them again, Whom Seek ye? And they said, Fefus of Naza8.reth. Jefus anfwered, I have told you that I am he. If therefore ye feek me, 9. let thefe go their way: That the faying might be fulfilled which he spake, Of them which thou gavest me have I loft

12. none.

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Luk. xxii.

Then the band and the captain Mat.xxvi; and officers of the Jews took Jefus, and so. Luk. xxii. 49. bound him. When they which were about him, faw what would follow, they faid unto him, Lord, Shall we fmite Joh. xviii. 10. with the fword. Then Simon Peter Mat.xxvi. Mat. xxvi. 51. having a fword, ftretched forth his s1. hand, and drew his fword, and ftroke Mar.xiv.47. Joh. xviii. 10. a fervant of the high Prieft, and cut 50. off his right ear, the fervants name was Joh. xviii. 11. Malchus. b Then faid Jefus unto Peter, 10. Mat. xxvi. 52. Put up thy fword into the fheath, for Mat.xxvi. all they that take the fword, shall perish Luk. xxii. 53. with the fword. Thinkeft thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he Shall prefently give me more than twelve $4.legions of angels? But how then Shall the fcriptures be fulfilled, that thus it Joh. xviii. 11. must be. The cup which my Father

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haab given me; Shall I not drink it? Garden. And he touched his ear and healed 51. Lak. xxii. Minift. 4. him.

Etat. 33.


c. Mat.xxvi. Then Jefus faid unto the chief Priests 52. and Captains of the temple, and the


Mar. xiv. Elders which were come to him, "Be 48.

66 ye come out as against a thief, with

"fwords and ftaves for to take me?55. Mat. xxvi. Mar. xiv. "I fat daily with you teaching in the


cc temple, and ye laid no hold on me.

Luk. xxii. * But this is your hour, and the 53. Luk.xxii.


Mar. xiv.

49, 50.


power of darkness. But all this 56. Mat. xxvi• was done, that the fcriptures of the

"Prophets might be fulfilled.

Then all the difciples forfook him

and fled. And there followed him a 51. Mar. xiv.
certain young man, having a linen
cloth caft about his naked body; and
the young men laid hold on him. And 52.
he left the linen cloth and fled from
them naked.

* And they led [Fefus] away to An- 13. John xviii. nas firft, (for he was father in law to Jerufalem. Caiaphas, which was the high Priest that fame year.) Now Caiaphas was he 14. which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man fhould die for the people. (Now Annas had fent 24. * Mar. xiv. him bound untoCaiaphas the high Prieft.)



*And they that had laid hold on Je- 57. Mat. xxvi. Luk. xxii. fus, led him away to Caiaphas the high Mat.xxvi. Prieft, and with him were affembled all the chief Prielts, and Elders, and Mat.xxvi. the Scribes.


53. Mar. xiv.

* And Simon Peter followed Jefus 15 Joh.xviii. Mar.xiv.54 a far off, *and fo did another difciple 58.Maxxvi.

Luk. xxii.



that 15. Joh. xviji.

John xviii.16.

Ætat. 33.

Minift. 4.

High Prieft's that was known unto the ghigh Priest, Anno
and went in with Jefus into the palace
of the high Prieft. But Peter ftood at
the door without. Then went out that
other disciple which was known unto
the high Priest, and fpake to her that
kept the door, and brought in Peter.

Luk. xxii. 55. × i And when they had kindled a fire in * Mat. xxvi.
the midst of the hall, and were fet 15
down together, Peter fat down among

Mat. xxvi. 58. them to fee the end.


Mar. xiv. 66. * And as Peter was beneath in the "Mat.xxvi. palace, there cometh one of the maids 69.



67. of the high Priest. And when she faw Luk.xxii. Luk. xxii. 56. Peter warming himself, the earnestly 56. John xviii.17. looked upon him. Then faith the damfel that kept the door unto Peter,


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Luk. xxii.

Mar. xiv. 67. And thou alfo waft with Fefus of Mar.xxvi.
68. Nazareth. But he denied, faying, 169, 70.
know not, neither understand I what thou, 56, 57.
Luk.xxii.57.fayeft, I know him not.
* And he Joh. xviii.
Mar.xiv.68. went out into the porch; and the cock 17.
Joh. xviii. 18. crew. *And the fervants and officers
stood there, who had made a fire of

coals, (for it was cold) and they warm-
ed themselves and Peter ftood with Mar. xiv.



Luke xxii.

Mat. xxvi. 71. them, and warmed himself. * And when he was gone out into the porch, 59. another maid faw him, and faid unto Mar. xiv. them that were there, This fellow was 70.



Joh.xviii. 25. alfo with Jefus of Nazareth. * And Luke xxii. [as] Simon Peter ftood and warmed John xviii. himfelf: they faid unto him, Art thou 25.


Mat. xxvi. 72. alfo one of his difciples? And again Mat.xxvi. he denied with an oath, I do not know 73. Luk. xxii. 59.the man. And about the fpace of Luke, xxii. * Marxiv.70.

one 59.


one of the fervants of High Priest's


26. John xviii.

one hour after Atat: 33 the high Priest (being his kinfman, Minift. 4. whofe ear Peter had cut off) faith, * Of a truth this fellow alfo was with 59. Luke xxii. him. Did not I fee thee in the garden 26. John xviii. with him? for thou art a Galilean, and 70. Mark xiv. But he be-71. 74. gan to curfe and to fwear, faying, I know Luk. xxii. not this man of whom ye Speak. And 6o. Luke xxii. Joh. xviii, immediately while he yet spake the

Mat.xxvi, thy Speech agreeth thereto.




cock crew. And the Lord turned, and 61. Mar.xiv.72. looked upon Peter; and Peter rememMat.xxvi. bred the word of the Lord, how he had 75. faid unto him, Before the cock crow Marxiv.72. twice, thou Shalt deny me thrice. 72. Mark xiv. 61. * And Peter went out, and wept bit- 62. Luke xxii. terly.

Luk. xxii.

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d Mar. xiv.


*The high Prieft then asked Jefus of 19. Johnxviii. his difciples, and of his doctrine. Je- 20. fus answered him, "I fpake openly to "the world, I ever taught in the fy

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nagogue, and in the temple, whither

the Jews always refort, and in fecret
"have I faid nothing. Why askeft 21.
"thou me? ask them which heard me,
"what I have faid unto them: behold,

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they know what I faid. And when 22. John xviii. he had thus spoken, one of the officers which stood by, ftroke Jefus with the palm of his hand, faying, Anfwereft thou the high Prieft fo? Jefus answered him, If I have spoken evil, bear witnefs of the evil; but if well, why fmiteft thou me ?


*d Now the chief Priests and Elders, 59. Mat. xxvi. and all the council fought falfe witness



High Prieft's against Jefus to put him to death, But Anno found none: yea, though many falfe tat. 33. witneffes came. * For many bare falfe

Mark xiv. 56.

witness against him, but their witness

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Minift. 4.

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Mat. xxvi. 60. agreed not together. At the laft Mar. xiv. Mar.xiv. 57. came certain two falfe witneffes, and $7. Matxxvi.6o.bare falfe witness against him, faying, Mar.xiv.57.J 58. we heard him fay, I will deftroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another 59. made without hands. But neither fo did their witness agree together.

Łuk. xxvi. 66.

[blocks in formation]

The morning come, the chief Priests

and Elders in council examine

Jefus, who owns his being the
Meffiah, to the Sanhedrim.



ND as foon as it was day, th Elders of the people, and the chief Priests and the Scribes came together, and led him into their council,


Mar. xiv. 60. And the high Prieft ftood up in the Mat.xxvi.

midft, and asked Jefus, faying, An- 62, 63. fwereft thou nothing? what is it which 61.thefe witness against thee? But he held his peace, and anfwered nothing. [And

Luk. xxii. 67. they went on examining] * faying, Art thou the Chrift? tell us. And he faid unto them, If I tell you, you will not 68. believe. And if I alfo ask you,

you will

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Mat. xxvi. 63. not answer me, nor let me go. And Mat. xiv. the high Prieft anfwered and

faid unto 62.

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