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Temperance, wherein it consists, i. 65. The advantages of it, 70. Temptations, how to forearm ourselves against them, i. 220. Temptations of evil spirits, fi. 32. Why permitted, 34. Testimony, what requisite to make it credible, iii. 271, &c. Thankfulness to God, promotes and facilitates the practice of reli

gion, iv. 261. Gives a great support to our hope and depend

ance on him, 265. Thanksgiving, of great value with God, iv. 249. What the duty

is, and wherein it consists, 270. Thanksgiving, the justice and equity of this duty, iv. 273. The

pleasure and delightfulness of it, 275. The advantage of it to

ourselves, 277 Thracians, their customs at the birth and death of men, iv. 216. Time, how to be employed by men of fortune, i. 264. Time, how to redeem it, i. 345. The preciousness of it, ibid. Times, why God has appointed stated times for public worship,

i. 531.

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Tongues, cloven tongues explained, vi. 256.
Trade, rules to be observed in trade and contracts, i. 378, &c.
Traditions of the Jews about the future judgment, iii. 203. 208.
Tradition, oral tradition, vi. 274. 279.
Tradition of the church of Rome, vi. 285.
Transubstantiation, the absurdity of this doctrine, iv. 45. V. 477.
Trent, the doctrine of the council of Trent about attrition, iv. 419,

&c. Truth, what meant by Christ's dwelling among us full of truth,

vi. 185. Vice, founded in folly and unreasonableness, iii. 543. Vice, not the less punishable because a man's religion prompts

him to it, iv. 30. Victory, not always determined to the just cause, iv. 112. Virtue, the practice of it necessary to the obtaining heaven, i. 28. Virtue, the true notion of it, i. 34. Virtues, motives to heavenly virtues, i. 162, &c. Uncharitableness, an injustice to the poor, iii. 319. . Uncharitableness to the poor inconsistent with any degree of gra

titude to God, iv. 273. Unity, our obligation to the study and practice of it, i. 150. Unity, the advantages of it, i. 329. Unity, consistent with different opinions, iv. 37. Unity of communion and affections the glory of a church, iv. 211. Universal redemption, v. 282. Uprightness, the advantages of it, v. 136. War, success of war depends on divine providence, iv. 112. Wickedness directly tends to the ruin of a kingdom, iv. 341, &c. Wicked men, plagues and nuisances to a kingdom, iv. 353. Wilderness, why the Israelites wandered forty years in it, iv. 507. Will, freedom of it, ü. 30. 89. 407. 320. 492. V. 247. Will, submission thereof to God's will, iv. 512. v. 6.

it, i. 312.

Wilful ignorance, what, v. 75.
Wilfulness, sins of wilfulness, v. 54. 68. Danger and mischief

of them, 73. 82. 84.
Wisdom, definition of it, ii. 186.
Wisdom of God not to be fathomed by natural reason,

iii. 243. Wisdom of God, v. 214. Wit, a very useful and valuable endowment, i. 515. Word, what meant by the Word, vi. 126. Why our Saviour was

called the Word, 138. World, what opinion we ought to have of the goods and evils of World, the folly of doating on it, iii. 578. World, how to be esteemed, v. 93. 95. Emptiness and fickleness

of it, 101. World, comparison between the gain of the world and the loss of

the soul, vi. 106. World, an argument of the being of a God, i. 559. ii. 44, &c. Worship, what it is, i. 88. Worship of the true God in a false manner, refined idolatry, iii.

250. Worship of God, wherein it consists, iv. 209. Worship, bodily worship, the reasonableness of it, iv. 307. A part

of natural religion, 308. Insignificant without the inward ve

neration of the soul, 311. Zeal for trifling opinions makes men careless of the weighty

things of religion, iv. 87.



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