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To M E M O Rr.


OTHER OF WISDOM! thou, whose sway

The throng'd ideal hosts obey;
Who bid'ft their ranks, now vanish, now appear,
Flame in the van, or darken in the rear:

Accept this votive verse. Thy reign
Nor place can fix, nor power

restrain: All all is thine. For thee the ear, and

eye Rove thro' the realms of Grace, and Harmony:

The Senses thee fpontaneous ferve,

That wake, and thrill thro' every nerve. Else vainly soft, lov'd Philomel! would flow The foothing sadness of thy warbled woe:

Else vainly sweet yon woodbine shade

With clouds of fragrance fill the glade ; Vainly, the Cygnet spread her downy plume, The vine guíh nectar, and the virgin' Lloom.

But swift to thee, alive, and warm,

Devolves each tributary charm :
See modeft Nature bring her simple stores,
Luxuriant Art exhaust her plastic powers ;

* According to a fragment of Afranius who makess Experience and Memory the parents of Wildomas

Usus me genuit, Iviater peperit MEMORIA,

OPIAN vocant ne Graii, vos SAPIENTIAM.. The Passage is preserved by Aulus Gellius, Lib. XIII. Cap. 8.


A. 2

While every flower in Fancy's clime,

of old heroic Time,
Culld by the hand of the industrious Muse,
Around thy fhrine their blended beams diffuse.

Hail,"MEM'RY! hail. Behold, I lead

To that high fhrine the facred Maid ;
Thy daughter the, the Empress of the lyre,
The first, the faireft, of Aonia's quire.

She comes, and lo, thy realms expand !

She takes her delegated stand
Full in the midft, and o’er thy num'rous train
Displays the awful wonders of her reign.

There, thron'd supreme in native state,

If Sirius flame with fainting heat,
She calls; ideal groves their fhade extend,
The cool gale breaths, the silent show'rs descend

Or, if bleak Winter, frowning round,

Difrobe the trees, and chill the ground, She, mild Magician, waves her potent wand; And ready fummers meet her wing'd command.

See, visionary Suns arise,

Mid silver clouds, and azure skies;
See, sportive Zephyrs curl the crisped streams;
Thro' shadowy brakes light glance the sparkling beams :

While, near the secret moss-grown cave,
That stands beside the crystal wave,


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