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A day approacheth, in which every behold a far more glorious scene than .ch overwhelmed the mind of the prophet

The divine Saviour will appear in his _lory, and in the glory of the Father, with . holy angels.Then every action will be 1 in an impartial balance ; etery character fully made known; and every unpardoned ressor will be struck dumb in the presence Judge, or will be only able to say, 'Wo is

I am undone! while the awful words, part ye cursed into everlasting fire, prepared or the devil and his angels," shall fill him with ror and sink him into despair. But at present re is hope: and those discoveries of guilt which id to humble us, and prepare us for welcoming

salvation of God, should be considered as intimable mercies, the forerunners of “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

But perhaps these subjects have rendered you ineasy and dejected; and you have on that acount deemed it best to divert your attention from them, and at any rate to keep on good terms with your own consciences. You therefore neglect the scriptures, and such books, company, or preaching, as formerly disquieted you ; and, hearkening


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No endeavours were persuading him, that he character and services : i that the vision had bewila spired groundless alarms. heavenly messenger


peace “ he was a man of polluted lip

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and injuries : are in
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a servant, in deer porte slavery. And whatever le d situation and circumstar to serve the Lord Jesus by ention to his peculiar duties ess, and contentment; he " adorn the doctrine of God certainly meet with a gran he were sent, like Isaiah

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“ unto the uttermost all that come to God through him ;" he will soon rise superior to his desponding fears, and possess “ a good hope through grace,” that his “ sins though many are forgiven ;” or, at least, that his iniquity will at length be purged away.

But whoever may be the messenger of the broken in heart, the Holy Spirit is the author and giver of this blessing. “When the Comforter “ is come,” saith the Lord Jesus, “ he shall con

vince the world of sin ;” and “ he shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine and shew it unto

you.” When humiliating convictions have prepared the heart to welcome a free salvation, the divine Comforter enables the sinner to see the glory of God, and the harmony of his attributes, in the person and redemption of Christ : thus he finds

peace and joy in believing,” and at length “ abounds in hope by the power of the Holy “ Ghost!” This consolation is the effect of regenerating grace, and accompanied by a new creation of the soul to holiness. The faith that justifies is living and active: it “works by love" of God and man ; “ purifies the heart,” and “ overcomes the “ world ;” and thus renders the believer fruitful in good works, to the glory of God through Jesus Christ. -The live coal from the altar may therefore be considered as an emblem of those spiritual affections, that are kindled in the believer's heart by the Holy Spirit, which prepare, animate, and even constrain him, to devote his talents to the glory of God, and to employ them according to his com

John xvi. 8-15.

mandments. This is “the baptism of the Holy “ Ghost, and of fire,” with which Jesus baptizes his true disciples : these sacred influences penetrate and enlighten the mind, warm and elevate the affections, consume the dross of low and carnal passions, and transform the whole soul into the very nature of that divine Agent by whom they are produced.

IV. Let us then proceed to consider the effects of this encouragement on the prophet's disposition and conduct.

The vision had struck him dumb, filled him with consternation, and indisposed him for his prophetical office. But now, hearing the voice of the Lord, saying, “ Whom shall I send, and who will

go for us?” he answered without hesitation, “ Here am I, send me.” Neither the consciousness of his unworthiness and insufficiency, nor the prospect of difficulties, perils, or self-denial, produced the least reluctancy to the important and arduous service. His love to the Lord, and zeal for his glory, rendered him willing to go any whither, to any person, or on any message. He was ready to face a persecuting tyrant or an enraged multitude ; to travel over mountains and seas, or through inhospitable deserts. He declined not hardship, poverty, or negleet; but was so desirous that the name of God should be hallowed, his kingdom promoted, and his will done on earth even as in heaven, that he exulted in the thought of being employed as an instrument in such a work. He could not indeed equal the fervent zeal and rapturous worship of the Seraphim, but he desired to emulate the promptitude and alacrity with which they per

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