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to contend. In this conflict we are blessings, compared with those of an taught many hard, but salutary les. earthly nature, which perish in their sons, the issue of which result for our using. We are only as travellers good. Oh, how often are we in such at an inn, for a night, and shall soon seasons, routed by our enemies, when arrive at home, our entertainment in the heat of their sharp engage- here is all provided by an unerring ments, we have lost sight of our di- wisdom. It may not be exactly corvine Immanuel. Then we are op- respondent with our natural desires ; pressed very sore by overwhelming but this I fully know, it is exactly doubts aad fears, until we are again such as best suits our case. The favoured with a renewed manifesta. entertainment we meet with, and the tion of loving-kindness, and the ex- accommodation we may bave given us ercise of faith is again wrought in at the inn, in which we abide for our hearts, so as to enable us to be the night, may prove inhospitable, hold our Jesus with us. Oh, the but we are going home, and when we sweet serenity, and heavenly tran- safely arrive, we shall be crowned quillity we enjoy, when held again in with immortal glory, and our sun his embrace. It is the frequent lot there shall no more go down. What of God's children, to walk much in then are a few trials, compared with darkness : but“ darkness shall only the blesscdness which shall follow? endure for a night :” the resurrection And what are a few crosses, com. morn will soon appear to disperse all pared with the starry crown of glory, the midnight terror which so fre- which will be given us at that day? quently surrounds them, and usher These contemplations into which I their immortal spirits into the glorious have been led, have often been a consummation of all their wishes. We source of consolation to me, and have must not expect, nor are we war frequently been made the means of rapted from the will and testament checking my murmuring spirit, in of our beloved Jesus, to hope for a outward tribulation, (of which I have path of roses. The rose which is had a large share) and the end therethe glory and ornament of the garden, of has been most salutary to my soul. and emits to the smell the most fra- Our dear Lord, who sees at one comgrant perfume, must have a piercing prehensive glance the end of all thorn its constant adherent; and the things, as well as their beginning, lily, the

humble lily of the knows well that thorny trials in our valley, has only a valley for its birth, path, are best adapted under his and obnoxious weeds for its compan- sanctifying influence, to wean us from ions : so it is in life, we must have in the beggarly elements of this present our cup many bitters, mingled with evil world. And though our gracious the sweets of mercy : all of which are Father might remove his children nicely proportioned to us in that ex- from the surrounding scenes which act ratio and degree which shall pro- allure their eyes and captivate their duce the important end designed; senses; yet he has sovereignly apand oh, when these light afflictions pointed for the trial of their faith, are accompanied with sanctified that they should sojourn for a time, effects, how powerfully do they re- to humble them, and to prove them, mind us that this is not our rest, and to instruct them what was in but that in heaven, we have a more their hearts.” "I pray not that rich and enduring substance; and thou shouldest take them out of the how effectually do they discover to world, but deliver them from the us, under the operation of the blessed evil thereof,” was the solemn and Spirit, the surpassing excellence and effectual prayer of our gracious intrinsic worth there is in spiritual Lord. We might soon arrive at Canaan's happy land, were it the grod wound sin has made, and the train pleasure of his will, and consistent of miseries that issue from it; and we with the gracious purposes of his in- are brought into a sweet experimenfinite and unchanging love towards tal acquaintance with the efficacy of us, we might have been new crea- the balın of Jesus' blood, and the tures in Jesus, and just sipped at the value of so great a physician. Here I streams of his precious love, and have can behold nothing desirable to court been immediately introduced to the my stay longer than the number of overflowing fountains, without tasting my days allotted me. The presence the bitter draught of sin, or have pain of my precious Lord and the enjoyfully comprehended by lamentablement of his love can alone make earth experiences the extent of evil in our tolerable. Without it I want all that hearts, if it had been for our advan. can yield true peace. I am tired of tage : but unerring wisdom, and ab- sin, and feel my spirits heavily cloggsolute predestination, run counter to ed with cumbrous mortality. Oh, such a course, for the decree has for more patience and resignation. passed, that the way to the crown is The footsteps of our Lord are fre.. by the cross. And how frequently quently in the deep; we cannot trace has it been manifest to be bis blessed his hand in many of his dispensations, will, that we should endure a great yet we are assured that " what we

fight of afflictions,” and be subjec- know not now we shall hereafter.” ted to many bitter portions, ere we Of this we may rest assured, that alarrive at our last long home. I have though we know not the wisdom of often had to bless God for the wis. the plan devised in eternity, and dom of the plan in appointing tri. brought forth into action in time, bulation for the path of his dear chil. by which all our intricate course is dren; sensible as I am, that when he regulated, that all his dealings are is pleased to sanctify them, there is fraught with love, and shall hereafter much blessedness realized; and es- form part of that celestial anthem, pecially have I had reason to adore we hope to sing when we reach the his love in the appointment of these heavenly city. The days of our mourntrying seasons, as without them I ing shall then be ended, and God should sail without ballast, and soon shall wipe away every tear from our become a desolate wreck on the eyes. The blessings of eternity will quicksands of pride, vain glory, and be ever unfolding, yet never unfolded. high-mindedness, or founder on the Oh, my fellow travellers to the abodes dangerous rock of self-righteousness of bliss, my companions in tribulation and error, to my inconceivable confu- and in the kingdom and patience of Jesion. It is in the school of affliction Christ ; may we endure hardships we rightly estimate the real value of as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, outward good; and in this school knowing he is leading us by a right we are taught by the influence of the way to a city of habitation.” Here Holy Spirit, what we are by sin, by we meet with and see, to our eternal nature, and by practice; and it is joy, the glorious High Priest of our only in this school we can learn the profession, who died for us : it is he exceeding sinfulness of sin as beheld who by his death. hath opened the in the light of Calvary's cross, our way for the ransomed of the Lord to lost and undone state as sinners, and pass safely from time to eternity. that our only refuge and asylum of Death, in truth, transmits the weary mercy is in Jesus., For our spiritual labourer or fatigued traveller, into life is a pilgrimage of affliction ; we the embraces of God in Christ; his are favoured with a deep conscious. journey is ended, and now he shall ness of the incurable nature of the rest in the palace, in the presence and in the love and joy of Immanuel. And the beauties, the glories that city disWhen the tent of the body in the

plays, course of pature is taken down, the

Inspiration's own language imperfectly paints. spiritual inhabitant must leave it, not for ever, it is true, but for a time;

But the “ gate of one pearl," to thee open'd

shall be, that is until the end of time; then it

And thou all those beauties, those glories shall be raised up again, in a manner

behold, suitable to the dignity of the blessed For that Saviour a mansion has prepared for spirit which inhabited it; for it is

thee, laid in the grave a natural body, a

And thy dwelling henceforth is the city of

gold." body of the same nature as the earth in which it is laid ; but it is raised a

And, perhaps, in the portal the glorious spiritual body, changed into a spirit.

band ual nature, capable of immortality as Of kindred and friends, long removed from well as the coul. But the soul is

thy sight,

Breathing welcome and bliss, soon around glorified, when the house of this ta

thee shall stand, bernacle is dissolved : it enters into

Array'd in the garments of heavenly light. glory immediately, and is conducted into the heavenly regions of eternal Transporting re-union, bright meed of all peace. Now the immortal spirit


Who on earth bow'd in meekness and faith opens its eyes on beings like itself, of

to the rod; a spiritual nature ; glorious creatures,

Still thankful alike, if the thorn or the rose, such as it never saw before, and is

Was strewed o'er the path-way that leads to ushered into the presence of the

their God. eternal King: leaving suddenly the regions of darkness and woe, they

There is “ light on the hill," and the valquickly arrive at the splendour of Ascend, happy pilgrim, thy labours are o’er;

ley's soon passed, eternal day. The pearly gates of the

The sunshine of heaven around thee is cast, celestial city are open continually, And thy weak, doubting footsteps can falter they enter, and are conducted to the tbrone where their glorious Saviour

Brighton. sits : the precious soul enters into his glury, and feels more transport than the happy apostles did on the holy

FRAGMENT. mount; it is glorified with his glory, clothed with splendour and majesty A bee stinging a dead body takes as a king and priest unto God; put no burt, but stinging a live body, in possession of the mansion prepared loseth both sting and life together. for it; an house eternal, an immor. In like manner death, so long as

it tal, unchangeable home in the pre-stung mortal men only, which were sence of God and the Lamb, and in dead in sin, was never a whit the the enjoyment of every glorious bles- worse, but when it stung Christ once, sing, and all illuminated with that who is life itself, by and by it lost light of which God in Christ is the both sting and strength. Therefore

, source and fountain. How great, as the brazen serpent was so far from how glorious, how resplendent the hurting the Israelites, that contraridignity of the redeemed, glorified, wise it healed them : after the same happy soul; thou hast now eternal re. sort death is so far frum hurting pose in the bosom of thy God, for any true Israelite, that on the other ever, Amen. Hallelujah !

side, if affliction as a fiery serpent, On pilg:im! that hill richly circl’d with rays, stung us, or any thing else hurt us, Is Zion ; lo, there is the " city of saints !" it is helped and redressed by death.

Do more.

W. C.




never see the light of another day ; but, bless the Lord, he spared my

sinful life, and did not give it into (Continued from page 259.)

the hand of the destroyers, at the After this I went with a friend, to remembrance of which, I desire to be hear Mr. S—, at Pentonville chapel. thankful for his goodness co me, an As we were entering the chapel, my unworthy sinful creature, as I feel friend said, they have begun, if you myself to be, at this day, though it do not go, in the namegof the Lord, is above 23 years since. At this time I you will not be accepted; this was got much weaker, and


unable to such a blow ; I felt as if a feather sit close to work; the person with would have knocked me down: though whom I was, was much displeased, I did not know what that meant, I because I did not sit up with his wife desired with all my heart, to go in till twelve at night, she worked at the name of the Lord, that I might the lace joining, and did more if I be accepted. After the service, as we was with her. When nine o'clock returned, she remarked, they saw the came, I was so weary, and my sight difference between us, for they put so bad, I could sit no longer, and me in a pew; I believed her, and obliged to go to bed, though I could wished I was as good as she. I lived not rest. At times, all my sins from with her eight months, then lived my childhood, were set before me, with another who made no profes- and this troubled me, seeing the Lord sion, sometimes we went to church, was a just God, as well as holy, but to hear Mr. Gurney, and oftentimes how he could be just, and justify the to chapel; to hear Daniel Wilson; in- wicked, I could not see; it seemed deed to speak truth, I went to many to me, a thing impossible. This was places of Worship, and all I could also set before my mind : you are a learn, was “ without holiness no man miserable creature, you cannot eat, shall see the Lord :” to me they were and you will soon go blind, your inall miserable comforters, for I had no ward part is very wickedness; the Lord holiness to bring, but seemed to get looketh at the heart, and “will by no more unholy. I now began to see means, clear the guilty ;" you had the holiness of the Lord; that he better put an end to yourself at once; must be just to his threatenings, and out of your mind you will go, and would in no wise clear the guilty. then what will become of you. My Now I felt more undone, than ever I heart meditated terror, and my life did before; when I lay down at night, bung in doubt about me. Mine I I was afraid of sleeping, dreading fire thought a very singular case, and in the night, that I should be burnt, that there was no one like me; I and then what would become of me. went from one place of worship to At other times I had such a sight of another, and as none ever touched the holiness of God, and my own upon my trouble, I concluded it must wickedness, that I was fearful the be singular indeed ; my heart seemed devil would be permitted to take me so desperate that I dreaded seeing a away in the night, both body and knife when alone, for fear I should soul, for it frequently appeared to me, commit suicide, for which I knew as if he stood at the foot of my bed,

no forgiveness. There ready to tear me out of it. Oh, who seemed no way of escape, all refuge can describe these feelings, they to failed me, and no man cared for my me were so awful, my blood seemed soul. One Lord's day evening, I went to run cold; I have laid and trembled to a chapel in Little St. Martin's Lane; so much so, that the bed felt as if it the preacher was a stranger ; he read shook under me; my fear was, I should his sermon, the text was, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life;" here I sentation of a palace on fre : now I saw for the first time, there was a feared it was all over me, for I should possibility of the Lord, being just, be crushed in the crowd. If the and yet justifying the ungodly; this Lord would but spare my life, raised in mealittle hope, I was thankful and bring me out safe, I vowed I there was a way, for to me it seemed never would go into one again : and, a great thing; and how good the bless the Lord for ever, he has so put Lord was to mak

there was

a way, though I his fear in my heart, that I have been feared he would never save me; yet I kept by his mighty power, from ever could not help thinking, what a mer- entering one, to this day; I may truly cy it was, the Lord could be

just say, "the Lord preserved me whither. and the justifier” of the wicked : this soever I went. One night, I dreamed appeared very wonderful. Soon after the devil was flying after me, that he this, it came into my mind to pray the caught hold of me. I screamed out, Lord, that if it was his will, he would and awoke in great horror and agitaplace me with those that did indeed tion, fearing, though he had not got fear his name. A way soon appeared, me, it would not be long. But, bless and I went to Stratford, (in Essex) to the Lord, here I am, a monument of Mr. Tovey's. I had been there but mercy to this day. About the year a little while, when it came into my 1818, I went to Stratford ; Mrs, mind, you see the Lord has answered Tovey had asked me to come and re. your prayer, he has granted your re- side with them, some time before I de. quest, in placing you with those that cided to go; but from what turned out fear his name, and love his truth. If since, I am sure it was the Lord's will I they knew what was working within, should go; being now near Westthey would not permit you to remain Ham, I paid a visit to my old mistress, in their house! I thought I would who had frequently told me, when take care and not let them know, and I wanted advice or a friend, to come I kept it from them for a time. But to her; for while she had a shilling I I must go back a little, as it shews should have half. When I got there, the mercy and goodness of God in she said to me, 'Some of my young not cutting me off in my iniquity. friends have offended me very much, The friend with whom I had lived when I see you it brings their con. took me to Covent Garden Theatre : duct to my mind ; therefore I do not I once visited one before, and was wish to see you any more; I know very much delighted. I thought it you have done more for me than any would divert my mind; but when one apprentice I ever had.' I wished there, I wondered how they could her good morning, and have never make such fools of themselves ; these seen her since. The Lord in his thoughts went through my mind, kind providence provided for me, and •Suppose the place should take fire, I have never wanted her friendship. and you burnt, what would become

[To be continued.) of you ?' They then brought up a ghost, covered with a white mantle, with a fiery serpent on each side ; this appeared to me very awful, and seemed to say, ' you will not be long TORY."-1.Cor. xv, 54. here ;' after this came thunder and lightning. This was to me so pre

As honey is not truly honey when sumptuous, I thought if the Lord had it hath lost its sweetness, no more is sent thunder and lightning, and de. the death of the righteous truly death, stroyed us, what an awful thing it having lost its bitterness, and fearfulwould be. Then there was a repre- ness, and the terrors in the godly.


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