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never see the light of another day ; but, bless the Lord, be spared my

sinful life, and did not give it into (Continued from page 259.)

the hand of the destroyers, at the After this I went with a friend, to remembrance of which, I desire to be hear Mr. S—, at Pentonville chapel. thankful for his goodness co me, an As we were entering the chapel, my unworthy sinful creature, as I feel friend said, they have begun, if you myself to be, at this day, though it do not go, in the name of the Lord, is above 23 years since. At this time I you will not be accepted; this was got much weaker, and very unable to such a blow; I felt as if a feather sit close to work; the person with would have knocked me down: though whom I was, was much displeased, I did not know what that meant, I because I did not sit up with his wife desired with all my heart, to go in till twelve at night, she worked at the name of the Lord, that I might the lace joining, and did more if I be accepted. After the service, as we was with her. When nine o'clock returned, she remarked, they saw the came, I was so weary, and my sight difference between us, for they put so bad, I could sit no longer, and me in a pew; I believed her, and obliged to go to bed, though I could wished I was as good as she. I lived not rest. At times, all my sins from with her eight months, then lived my childhood, were set before me, with another who made no profes- and this troubled me, seeing the Lord sion, sometimes we went to church, was a just God, as well as holy, but to hear Mr. Gurney, and oftentimes how he could be just, and justify the to chapel; to hear Daniel Wilson; in- wicked, I could not see; it seemed deed to speak truth, I went to many to me, a thing impossible. This was places of Worship, and all I could also set before my mind : you are a learn, was without holiness no man miserable creature, you cannot eat, shall see the Lord :" to me they were and you will soon go blind, your inall miserable comforters, for I had no ward part is very wickedness; the Lord holiness to bring, but seemed to get looketh at the heart, and

will by no more unholy. I now began to see means, clear the guilty ;" you had the holiness of the Lord; that he better put an end to yourself at once; must be just to his threatenings, and out of your mind you will


and would in no wise clear the guilty. then what will become of you. My Now I felt more undone, than ever I heart meditated terror, and my life did before; when I lay down at night, hung in doubt about me. Mine I I was afraid of sleeping, dreading fire thought a very singular case, and in the night, that I should be burnt, that there was no one like me; I and then what would become of me. went from one place of worship to At other times I had such a sight of another, and as none ever touched the holiness of God, and my own upon my trouble, I concluded it must wickedness, that I was fearful the be singular indeed; my heart seemed devil would be permitted to take me so desperate that I dreaded seeing a away in the night, both body and knife when alone, for fear I should soul, for it frequently appeared to me, commit suicide, for which I knew as if he stood at the foot of my bed, there was no forgiveness. There ready to tear me out of it. Oh, who seemed no way of escape, all refuge

in describe these feelings, they to failed me, and no man cared for my me were so awful, my blood seemed soul. One Lord's day evening, I went to run cold; I have laid and trembled to a chapel in Little St. Martin's Lane; so much so, that the bed felt as if it the preacher was a stranger; he read shook under me; my fear was, I should his sermon, the text was, I am the way, the truth, and the life :” here I sentation of a palace on fre: now I saw for the first time, there was a feared it was all over me, for I should possibility of the Lord, being just, be crushed in the crowd. If the and yet justifying the ungodly; this Lord would but spare my life, raised in mealittle hope, I was thankful and bring me out safe, I vowed I there was a way, for to me it seemed never would go into one again : and, a great thing; and how good the bless the Lord for ever, he has so put Lord was to make a way, though I bis fear in my heart, that I have been feared he would never save me ; yet I kept by his mighty power, from ever could not help thinking, what a mer- entering one, to this day ; I may truly cy it was, the Lord could be “just say, " the Lord preserved me whitherand the justifier” of the wicked : this soever I went.' One night, I dreamed appeared very wonderful. Soon after the devil was flying after me, that he this, it came into my mind to pray the caught hold of me. I screamed out, Lord, that if it was his will, he would and awoke in great horror and agitaplace me with those that did indeed tion, fearing, though he had not got fear his name. A way soon appeared, me, it would not be long. But, bless and I went to Stratford, (in Essex) to the Lord, bere I am, a monument of Mr. Tovey's. I had been there but mercy to this day. About the year a little while, when it came into my 1818, I went to Stratford ; Mrs, mind, you see the Lord has answered Tovey had asked me to come and re. your prayer, he has granted your re- side with them, some time before I de. quest, in placing you with those that cided to go; but from what turned out fear his name, and love his truth. If since, I am sure it was the Lord's will I they knew what was working within, should go; being now near Westthey would not permit you to remain Ham, I paid a visit to my old mistress, in their house! I thought I would who had frequently told me, when take care and not let them know, and I wanted advice or a friend, to come I kept it from them for a time. But to her; for while she had a shilling I I must go back a little, as it shews should have half. When I got there, the mercy and goodness of God in she said to me, 'Some of my young not cutting me off in my iniquity. friends have offended me very much, The friend with whom I had lived when I see you it brings their contook me to Covent Garden Theatre : duct to my mind; therefore I do not I once visited one before, and was wish to see you any more; I know very much delighted. I thought it you have done more for me than any would divert my mind; but when one apprentice I ever had.' I wished there, I wondered how they could her good morning, and have never make such fools of themselves ; these seen her since. The Lord in his thoughts went through my mind, kind providence provided for me, and

Suppose the place should take fire, I have never wanted her friendship. and you burnt, what would become

[To be continued.] of you?' They then brought up a ghost, covered with a white mantle, with a fiery serpent on each side ; this appeared to me very awful, and seemed to say, 'you will not be long TORY.”-1.Cor. xv. 54. here ;' after this came thunder and lightning. This was to me so pre- As honey is not truly honey when sumptuous, I thought if the Lord had it bath lost its sweetness, no more is sent thunder and lightning, and de. the death of the righteous truly death, stroyed us, what an awful thing it having lost its bitterness, and fearfulwould be. Then there was a repre- ness, and the terrors in the godly.




Are we to things of earth more dead ?

Do they to us unwholesome prove ?
Be merciful unto me, O God, be merci- Is there within continual dread
ful unto me; for my soul trusteth in thee." Lest we from stedfastness remove.
—Psalm lvii, 1.

Is sin to us a bitter thing,
CROSSED and perplexed on life's rough sea, Casting great gloom across the mind;
My dearest Lord, I fly to thee;

And in the service of our King
Thou art my only hope, and still

We can true pleasure only find ?
I look toward thy holy hill :
Oh, let thy goodness now be free,

Is it great joy to tread the court
Dear Lord, be merciful to me.

Which Jesus frequents here below;

To hear the wonders he hath wrought, Cast down and sore oppressed with grief, His will and promises to know? Thou, thou alone canst give relief; All comforts fail on every side,

And do we oft God's word peruse, In Christ oh let me safely hide :

With earnest love and humble fear ; Now let thy faithfulness be free,

Anxious to share its joyful news, Dear Lord, be merciful to me.

And see our way to heaven more clear? I've looked on every side in vain,

Is it to us employment sweet No helping band can I obtain ;

To fall before the throne of grace; All, all is vanity below,

And have we at the mercy-seat To me, dear Lord, thy favour shew:

Beheld Immanuel's smiling face? Now let me succour find in thee,

Great God, thy word we will believe, Dear Lord, be erciful to me.

And ever cast our anchor there, Hast thou not in thy word of grace,

Which only will our souls relieve Bid sinking souls to seek thy face?

From dismal thought and gloomy care. Thou knowst I've looked, and looked again, Send down thy Spirit from on high But cannot e'en one smile obtain,

To cheer us through this wilderness; Yet still I'll look alone to thee,

We then the powers of hell defy, Dear Lord, be merciful to me.

And Father, Son and Spirit bless. In days gone by, thy helping hand

But if we are deceived in heart,
I saw, it brought me safe to land;

And nothing know of life divine;
Oh, let thy power once more appear,
To soothe and banish all my fear :

Spirit of God that life impart,
My hope is fixed alone in thee,

And all the glory shall be thine.
Oh, let me now thy mercy see,
Appear and help me now I

Thou know'st my cry from day to day,

DESIRES ON A SABBATH MORNING. Stretch forth thy hand, the sea divide,

GREAT Comforter, descend this day,
And turn the current of the tide;

And from my mind remove away
Let sovereign goodness shine on me,
And yet be merciful to me.

All earthly, sensual things ;

Let me in spirit praise and pray, Deptford.

And worship in th' appointed way

Our glorious King of kings.

Assist thy minister to preach,

And to my heart direct his speech
And have we passed from death to life?

By thy almighty power;
Enquiry this of vast import;

Bid unbelief, that foe, begone,
Has there within commend a strife Let me by faith approach thy throne,
Between what grace and nature 's wrought? Be this the appointed hour.


J. H.

Oh, may I feast upon thy grace,
See my Redeemer's smiling face,

Talk with him as a friend ;
His secrets to my soul make known,
And bid me claim him as my own,

My life, my way, my end.
Oh, let me feel the cleansing blood,
Of Jesus, our incarnate God,

The balm for every wound;
May I but sit at his dear feet,
I'll listen to his accents sweet,

And hail the joyful sound.

If humbled at the Saviour's feet,
Lost in ourselves, in Christ complete,

Our loss, eternal gain.
That precious blood on Calvary spilt
Will cleanse the soul from all her guilt,

Wash all her stain away ;
From leprosy aud every stain
This sanctifying blood makes clean,

Defilement cannot stay.
Then fearful, tempted, trembling saint,
Who mourn and make a sad complaint,

With Satan sore annoyed;
Pressed down with sin, and guilt, and shame,
The precious blood will wash you clean:

“ Cast down, but not destroyed.”
Here poor backsliders, base and foul,
Can find a cleansing for their soul

From sins of blackest die;
The fountain open stands for such
As feel their sin and guilt is much,

Yea, sinners black as I.

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Dear Jesus, come, upon me shine,
And this polluted heart of mine

From wandering thoughts set free;
Tell me, oh, tell me thou art mine,
And, clothed with righteousness divine,

I stand complete in thee.






What would poor doubting christians do,
When Satan, sin and self pursue,

When unbelief annoyed;
If God could ere unfaithful prove,
Or change bis everlasting love?

They must be all destroyed.
Corruptions rise and stir within
Envy, and pride, and every sin,

Which drives us to despair ;
Spiritual pride, that awful foe,
And with these many others too,

And free-will, all are there.

Thus foes within and foes without
Cause us to tremble and to doubt,

Lest we should be deceived;
But oft our ever-blessed Lord
Whispers these soul-reviving words,

“ Cast down, but not destroyed.”

DEAR Jesus, at thy feet

A helpless soul doth lay,
His sin and sorrow is so great,

He knows not how to pray.
Dear Lord, with pity look

Upon his help!ess case,
Oh, do not let him sink to hell,

But save him by thy grace.
Yet, Lord, he is afraid

He has no rlght to pray,
And if he does

attempt to speak
He knows not what to say.
Dear Jesus, thou canst make

The blind their sins to see,
The very dumb thou makest to aise

Thy name, then, Lord, make me.
Dear Lord, I'll try again,

Though dumb, and scarce can see,
Yet thy strength my heart shall say, -

Dear Lord, remember me.

'T is then we feel, and know, and prove
How faithful is our covenant God,

Though we are faithless still ;
His everlasting counsel stands,
And we shall bow when he commands,

Though we resist his will.


How humble then ought we to lay,
And at his footstool weep and pray,

Aud mix with love our prayer ;
We weep because with sin defiled,
But love because we 're rcconciled

To God by precious blood,
Though in ourselves we are depraved,
In Jesus Christ we shall be saved

If we are born again ;

Whence but from heaven should men un.

skilled in arts,
In different ages born, in different parts,
Weave such agreeing truths? or how, or why
Could all conspire to cheat us with a lie?
Unasked their pains, unwearied their advice,
Starving their gains, and martyrdom their


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