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lost and perishing soul can beartily I hope your dear partner is well. cry,

May the dear Lord open her eyes • Other refuge have I none,

more and more to a keen sense of her Hangs my helpless soul on thee.'

lost undone estate by nature, give

her a heart to seek his dear face, and How sweet is a free, full, and an ever- make himself precious in her sight, lasting salvation, to such & needy and never suffer her lo rest in any helpless soul as mine, my soul pro. thing short of himself alone. I shall claims, none but Christ, none but write soon to some of the friends, Christ. I often, look back, to when accept my kind unfeigned regards, God in his tender mercy, first opened and believe me to remain, your's in my eyes, which was, about four or five truth and love, years before you knew me, and you have known in some measure, the

Wallingford. things God bas done for my soul, but was I this moment on my death-bed, I do honestly and humbly declare in the presence of an heart-searching I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy God (forgetting all I ever passed transgressions for mine own sake, and wiil through, in comforts or distress) I de

not remember thy sins," Isaiah xliii. 25. clare that my helpless soul in all her My very dear christian brother and filth and misery, rests her eternal all, sister, in union bond with our glorious both for grace and glory, on the per. Jesus, who is the great speaker in the son, work, blood, and righteousness words just referred to, who is properly of the Lord Jesus Christ : upon this and truly God, and I shall, dear reader, rock, hangs my eternal all, I have no if so be you are one who loves Jesus on other hope or rest, nor do I want any; account of what he hath done for thee, any one is welcome to profession, or and in thee, just speak a little of him, possession, let me have a precious as known and realized in my heart, Christ and all the rest may go, for and when the Lord was pleased to sure I am,

reveal himself, and where, is still pre

cious to my soul, and I do believe, • None but Jesns, Can do helpless sinners good.'


dear Lord will never let me fur

get it; the first portion of his dcar I was glad to hear that matters are word, which broke in on my soul was, going on well wiih some of you. Mr. that in Isaiah ix. 5. For unto us a S~'s testimony refreshed my heart. child is born, unto us a Son is given, May the dear Lord in much mercy and the government shall be upon be a spirit of wisdom and revelation his shoulders, and his name shall be unto you, to keep you from false called Wonderful, Counsellor, the ways and evil works, and work in you Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, that which is well pleasing in his and the Prince of peace.” Prior to this sight, and reveal unto your precious from my dim-sightedness, I entersouls, the abundance of grace and tained many imperfect views of the truth, which is in Christ, over and person of Jesus Christ, and was conabove our every folly and every fault. stantly wrangling with the language Give my love to P. and T. and all the of Watts, where he saith, friends. I really long at times, to be

“ Well might the sun in darkness hide, with you, knowing in my very soul,

And shut its glories in ; I shall spend an eternity with many When God the mighty maker died, of you, to sing, “ Worthy is ihe Lamb For man,

the creature's sin.” that was slain and hath redeemed us :. unto God, by his own precious blood.”. And I went on fighting against it,


" and

till the Lord was well pleased to AM, THAI I AM; and how soleton speak out his word, with power to the declaration of our glorious Jesus, my heart, and my heart melted under · if ye believe not that I am he, ye his word; the child born, and Son shall die in your sins ;" dear brotber given, much arrested my mind, and and sister, to know Christ experimenthen followed the remaining part of tally in the heart by faith, is to bave the portion, which assured my heart, eternal life, and to be destitute of him, that the child born, and Son given, is is to be destitute of that life, Jesus properly and truly, the Mighty God; gives his dear sheep, for, saith Jesus, I aud then my dear Lord still confirmed know my sheep, and am known of it more in the language of the Holy mive, and I give unto them eternal Gbost, by Zechariah xiii. 7. “Awake life, and they shall never perish, O sword, against my shepherd, and neither shall any man pluck them out against the man that is my fellow, of my hand ; and if you just turn to saith the Lord of Hosts ;" who himself John xvii. 2, 3, verses, you will find in his one glorious person, was a

what that eternal life is, for there our man of sorrows and acquainted with dear Christ, in addressing bis digrief, and also wept at the grave of vine Father saith,

as thou hast Lazarus ; and even then he was Jesus given him power over all flesh,

that Christ únderived, the same yesterday, he should give eternal life to as many and to day, and for ever.

The divine

as thou has given him; and this is nature in union with the nature of the life eternal, that they might koow church, the eternal word, which was thee, the only true God, and Jesus made flesh, God manifest in the flesh; Christ whom thou hast sent;" he was found in fashion as a man, yet this same Jésus whom with wicked saith the Holy Ghost, the God of the bands, they have taken, crucified, and whole earth shall called, in one- slain, according to the determinate ness, and equal with Jehovah the Fa. counsel, and foreknowledge of God, ther, and eternal Spirit; how king is my God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ in Solomon was led into the sweet secret whom dwelleth all the fulness of the for himself, Prov, viii. 30. where our Godhead bodily, my rock,


salvahead Christ saith, Then I was by tion, and eternal life; who though he him, as one brought up with bim, was found in fashion as a man, thought and I was daily his delight, rejoicing it not robbery to be equal with God. always before him ;" this proves to us and by him I have the knowledge of the eternity of the person of our glo- the forgiveness of sins. And be it rious Christ, in oneness of existence remembered, that Jehovah bath not with the Father, do mark this word, merely drawn a cross over them, but "in the beginning was the Word, and blotted them out. Here is a most the Word was with God, and the blessed testimony of the Lord him. Word was God;" and then consider self, I, even I am he who blotteth in connection with the whole, Mat. out their sins, or transgressions for thew i. 23. “ Behold a virgin shall mine own sake.” Now just carry the be with child, and shall bring forth a idea for a moment to the act of blotson, and they shall call his name ting out, for when this is done it canEmmanuel, which being interpreted, not be brought forward again. If a is God with us,” and he is the second man when he has settled an account, Adam, not the man, but the Lord blots it out, he can never more see whal from heaven, properly and truly man, it was, be there ever so great a willand properly and truly God, Jehovah ingness in him to do so, and Jehovah Jesus, who told Moses; that he was declares that he will not; so that the the God of Abraham, the God of iniquities of God's elect family are all Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the I blotted out by himself, Jehovab bath

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done it, and that for ever. Precious heirs of the grace of life, and may mercy, that sin, with all its power the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the and guilt, is destroyed by our glorious Father of glory, give unto you, dear Jehovah Jesus, who trod the wine. Mr Editor, whom I esteem for the press alone, and of the people there truth's sike, the Spirit of wisdom and was dupe with him ; he took the cup revelation, in the knowledge of him, from the hand of his divine Father, the eyes of your understanding being which might not pass from him, a cup enlightened, that you may know, filled with dregs of eternal death, what is the hope of his calling, and he swallowed up for his dear children. what the riches of the glory of his Thus he made an end of sin by the inheritance in the saints. sacrifice of himself, and not a part of

Remaining your's in union bond, himself, but himself, on the tree, who has been the plague of death, and the of eternal life. destruction of the grave, so that sin with all its guilt, death with all its horror, and the grave, is destroyed by Jesus Christ, my Friend and Brother, in dear covenant union, and the know. ledge of this in my soul makes me love and adore him who is any all and My dear brother in Christ, passiog in all, so that I feel I cannot live tbrough the deep waters of tribulaenough to his glory, who hath done tion, walking in darkness, and having such great things for me. A know- no bright shining, may the Holy ledge of this will never lead a mon Ghost so sirengthen thee with might into a licentious course of life, for the in the inner man, that you may be more I bnow of it in my heart, the enabled to trust in the Lord, and stay more I hate sin, so that even a word thyself upon the God of Israel; and spoken in haste osten grieves me, may the great Eternal condescend to stops communion with God, and leads bless these few remarks, to the glo. me into captivity to the law of sin rifying of his own great name, to the which is in my members, but not joy and rejoicing of thy heart, and to under it, precious mercy, so that the confusion of Satan. while I groan, under sin, leing

I would ask my dear friend, Why burdened, from being led captive is thy countenance so sad—why so to it, I can rejoice in that sin is despairing - why so desponding? made an end of, and sing with Isaiah, What is thy state and condition ? “ Behold God is my salvation, I will Is there no hope in Israel concerning trust and not be afraid, for the Lord thee? Art thou beyond the reach of Jehovah is my strength and my song,

God's mercy ? Art thou any thing he also is become my salvation.” worse than a sinner? If thou paint

I send this forth to you, Mr Editor, thyself in colour the most odious, whoever you are, for insertion in your yea, as black as the devil himself, still Magazine, if you think it wortby it can only be said of thee, thou art your notice, and the notice of the a sinner.

And the only question I I ord's family, for whom I feel myself would ask thee, is this : Hast thou a particularly interested, having no other feeling sense of thy sinnership-hath aim, but the g!ory of my God whose the Holy Ghost convinced thee that I am, and whom I serve, and the wel. thou art a singer ? Oh, yes, say you ; fare of his children ; and it is the I feel I am a vile sinner, a depraved petition of my heart, that his blessing sinner, a worthless sinner. Take day accompany it to the hearts of his comfort, then, my brother, thou art children; whom he hath made fellow the very character for whom Jesus

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died; hear his own most gracious of old, “I sink in deep mire, where words (may the Holy Ghost apply there is no standing, I am come into them with almighty energy to thy deep waters, where the floods oversoul), “I came not to call the righ flow me.” Oh, my dear friend, this teous, but sinners to repentance.” cannot be ; they cannot overflow the Again : the Holy Ghost proclaims, poor trembling, sinking child of God “ This is a faithful saying" -because (although to sense and feeling it may it is the words of a faithful God; one appear so), for Jehovah Jesus says, who cannut lie, one that never said "When thou passest through the nay to a poor sin-sick, Christ-seeking waters, I will be with thee; and soul—"This is a faithful saying, and through the rivers, they shall not worthy of all acceptation” (and surely overflow thee." of thine my dear brother), that May the Holy Ghost enable thee Jesus Christ came into the world to to discover, that though thou art save sinners, of whom,” says Paul, passing through a tribulated path, it

I am chief.” But no, says my dear is a right path, and a path through friend, I think no one can be so vile which God's people have passed in as me; I have such hardness of heart, all ages. It is no strange way, my such impenitency, such unbelief; yea, dear friend. It is a pathway, the a very mass of sin. Well, I would result and end of which shall be most tell my dear friend, that if he did not blessed to thy soul. And, though thus feel his state as a sinner, he now, from the fierce accusations of would not be a fit subject to receive Satan, the father of lies, and the a full and free salvation, at the band power of unbelief in thy soul, thou of God. And I would also ask thee, art writing bitter things concerning Do you think that after God has ma- thyself, by and by, thou shalt bave nifested such love and mercy, in Jesus speak peace, and pronounce to breaking up in some measure the thy soul, and give thee the rich and depth of depravity and corruption of blessed enjoyment of them, “ I know your heart, and given you a feeling the thoughts I think toward thee, sense of your need of Jesus as your thoughts of peace, and not of evil.” Saviour, that he intends to destroy Fully confident I am, from the ex. you? Oh, no; I would say in the perimental teachings oi the Holy language of Manoah's wife, if the Ghost, and his divine testimony in Lord had intended to destroy you, he the Scriptures of truth, that where woold not have showed thee such he has given a poor sinner a feeling great things as these. How very bless. sense of his sinnership, so that the ed are these words of the Holy Ghost, poor soul cries out, "Woe is me, for as descriptive of a poor, trembling, I am undone ; I am a man of unclean tempted, distressed, and devil-con- lips;" and also taught that poor soul, fused child of God, when he says, that without an interest in the blood “Oh, thou afflicted, tossed with and righteousness of the Lord Jesus, tempest, and not comforted.” Is this, his case is hopeless ; here, I say, my dear friend, any way similar to 1 am confident, that God will give that the feelings of thy soul? Art thou soul spiritual light and life; hence tossed about with the fierce winds of arises the conflict between the two Satan's temptations, plunged hither natures, and gives the soul to feel

and thither, no firm standing, no an- what the apostle did, when he made chor-hold, not able to lay hold of use of those words, “I find a law in

God's immutable promises in Christ, my members warring against the law by reason of the swelling of the of my mind, and bringing mighty waters of temptations, and captivity to the law of sin, which is crying out with one of thy brethren in my members.” And where there

me into


is not this spiritual light and life, consequence of which, the soul is there is nothing known of warfare, often found crying out in fervent there is total darkness, there is no breathings, "Say unto my soul, I am fear of God, there is no longing de- thy salvation." By and by a little sires after Christ.

hope springs up, and then a promise “In thy light,” says the psalmist, spoke home to the beart, something we shall see light.” The light that of forgiving love sealed home on the God imparts, enables the poor soul conscience, and Jesus's presence to see out of obscurity; the light somewhat enjoyed in the soul, and that God imparts, exhibits the dark. the poor soul knows in some measure ness, the unclean, and wretched state what it is to bave peace with God of man by nature, so that the poor through Jesus Christ our Lord; Sasoul, viewing himself in God's light, tan withdraws, corruptions lurk into is frightened at himself, and often their dens, and all is calm and tranwishes he never had an existence ; quil for a season, and the poor soul the terrors of mount Sinai alarm him, goes on cheerfully under these feel. a guilty conscience condemns him, the ings, thinking his warfare is all over, extent and spirituality of the law of and his enemies all slain—expecting God is held up to his view, his own to meet with no more difficulties, impotency, insufficiency, and help- thinking all his foes swallowed up in lessness is felt; and all hope lo merit

the Red Sea, and a fair passage acceptance before a holy and heart. awaits him till he arrives at the Ca. searching God is banished, his false naan of rest. But alas ! his enemies peace destroyed, and refuges of lies have only retreated for a season, to taken away, and the poor soul sinks gain fresh strength, to assault the down in despair, and looks for no. poor soul with more fury than ever, thing, neither does he expect any watching the best opportunity to thing, but the curse of God resting commence a fresh attack; the poor upon him through an endless eternity. soul, not expecting this, is off his But even this, my dear friend, is a guard, and by and by barrenness is blessed position for a soul to be felt in the soul—no sweetness enbrought into, for the Lord by these joyed in prayer,

comfort in things stops his mouth of vain boast.

reading the word

of God, the ing, kills him to all creature good, Lord's sensible and supporting pregives him to feel that “ by the deeds sence is withdrawn, worldly mindof the law no flesh is justified in his edness gains upon him, and he is alsight," and in God's own time is de most choked with anxiety, he begins livered from this state, by being to feel his darkness, corruptions bcgia enabled to look from self to Christ. afresh to rage and rave (faithful spies And as the Lord is pleased to call of Satan within the citadel) no comforth faith into exercise, and the soul fort under the preached word, and led to see by the eye of faith the allo scarcely any disposition to attend sufficiency of merit in the doing and upon the means of grace, and when dying of the Lord Jesus, and the there, the heart wandering, like the Holy Ghost is pleased to reveal fool's eyes, to the end of the earth, Christ Jesus in the beauties of his and the poor soul left to betray himperson and official character, and also self, in numberless instances, in at the same time to create in the soul thoughts, words, if not in actions, such longings after him, that nothing guilt increases upon the conscience, for the time being will satisfy the his spiritual feelings become bepoor soul, but to be enabled to claim numbed, all the graces of the Jesus, and say concerning him, “ My new man lie dormant, and to the Beloved is mine, and I am his”-in view of the poor soul, wholly fled ;


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