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our weary spirits, whereby we are from the power of sin and Satan unto comforted and blest; alas, the cause God; that is a most. blessed truth, is plain, for to be carnally minded is “ Where the Spirit of the Lord is, death, whilst to be spiritually mind there is liberty.; " inasmuch as it coned is life and peace. My brother, 1 tains in its very bosom, every blessing am sure there is a bappy connection, for the life that now is, as well as between the spirit of meditation, that which is to come. Liberty, to a christian communion, and soul pros- poor captive, sold under sin, is a perity, indeed unless the things of God blessing exceeding in value, ten become familiar and sweetly enjoyed, thousand worlds; for we are not in the exercise of devout contempla- redeemed with corruptible things as tion, and holy breathing after heaven. silver and gold, but with the precious Jy realities, our conversation will be blood of Christ, as of a Lamb with. dry and insipid, and will dót minis- out blemish and without spot. See ter grace unto the bearers, conse- the greatness of this mercy, as mani. queatly it may be asked of us, as it fested towards us, even when dead was of some of old, “ How is it, that in trespasses and in sins; at that time thou being a king's son, thou goeth we were without hope, and without lean from day to day.”

God in the world, and had it not With an earnest desire to avoid have been for the display of almighty falling into this unhappy state of love, should have been left to have feeling, I have taken up my pen to filled up the measure of our iniquities, communicate to you a few thoughts and so in the end have reaped the upon the wondrous theme, Christ bitter pains of eternal death, Jesus the Lord, and him crucified ; and what can a poor, ignorant sinner

" Preserved in Jesus when like myself say upon a subject that

My feet made haste to hell,

And there should I have gone is dark through brightness, and which

But he doth all things well, confounds the purest intelligence, In his dear bosom now I see even of angels in glory?

Eternal thoughts of peace to me." How can one so blind, 80 stipid, so vile, and sinful conceive a thuugbt It is well my brother, to look to upon a subject so infinitely great and the hole of the pit, out of which we glorious ? Of myself I can do no- were dig ged, for never could a change thing ; but oh what a mercy it is, 80 mighty, as to be translated, that an ample provision is made in from the power of darkness, intu the eternal covenant, for all the ne. God's marvellous light, be effected by cessities of those, who by rich and any power less than bis, who rolls the abounding grace, bave fled for a refuge stars along, who speaks and it is done, , to lay bold of the hope set before who commands, and it stands fast for them in the everlasting gospel. And ever. I am not now amusing myself do observe my friend, the effect with a vision out of my own heart

, produced in the mind of the sinner but only testifying that which I bave when the Holy Spirit arrests the seen, handled, tasted, and felt of the rebel in the midst of his way, in word of life ; for never was a poor which is made manifest the evil of Bioner, chosen by love divine, more his heart, and seals home upon his ignorant of himself than I was, and conscience the sentence of condemna- with more fixed determination, to fulfil tion. Take one scripture as a key the desires of the flesh, and of the to explain the mystery of God's deal- mind, proving that I was an open, ings with his children, and the mighty and an avowed enemy to God, by effects that follow, when the sinner is wicked works. turned from darkness unto light, and Well I remember the time when

first la ray of divine light entered into powers, mental, and bodily, his ears, my soul, whereby the hidden evils of his eyes, his hands, his feet; in ore my heart were made manifest, the word, body and soul are under, by nablackness and enormity of which ture, the fearful dominion of sin and filled my mind with terror and des. Satan, the spirit which now worketh pair. This was the commencement of in the hearts of the children of dis.. a life that never can expire ; the dawn obedience; this view of man's fallen, of that cloudless day, the light of degraded, and hopeless, condition, en. which will never go out. Nay, my dears to my heart the work, and per. brother, every such intimation of a son of the Redeemer, “ Who bath Saviour's love, and every time a sweet abolished death, and brought life and promise is applied to our hearts, immortality to light," by the shedding should be regarded as a certain pledge of his most precious blood; and where and foretaste of that blessedness, the else could I look for salvation, suffifull enjoyment of which will consti- cient to meet the extremity of my case, tute the bliss of immortality, in which but in Jesus ; no, as dear Hart, says, will be everlastingly exhibited the

“ None but Jesus, none but Jesus love, grace, and power of Jebovab,

Can do helpless sinners good.” Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. Yes, the love of the Father, as fixed And, indeed, it is only whilst gazupon our deathless isouls from before

ing upon him as the Lamb of God, the foundation of the world, will ever and repairing to him, as unto the prove to the church of the living great high Priest of our profession, God a fountain of unmingled, unin- that hope springs up in the soul, and terrupted joy. Hence that very sweet joy flows in like a river; then the scripture, “ Herein is love, not that fruit of a Saviour's-death becomes we loved God, but God loved us, and sweet unto our taste, and it is then, gave his only begotten Son, that and only then, we triumphantly whosoever believeth in him might not exclaim, “ He hath delivered my soul

man perish, but i have everlasting life.” from death, mine eyes from tears,and Christ Jesus, that dear Saviour upon my feet from falling, causing me to whom I have cast my soul for life walk in the light of the living.” and salvation, appears to me to be the brightest expression of the Father's How sweet and delightful the strain, glory; in whom we have redemption,

Salvation by grace to repeat ; through his blood, even the forgive.

Shall sinners redeem'd e'er refrain,

Who stand as in Jesus complete. nobs of all our sins; it is here'as through a glass darkly, even the soft From Him, as the fountain of life, crays of his humanity, we can gaze

His saints their existence shall draw, upon the uncreated splendour of eter

And live, tho' encompass'd with strife,

For Christ is the end of the law. nal realities, and thus through the medium of the man Christ Jesus, our I perceive my paper is nearly full; elder Brother, we have confidence irrto and, alas, what have I said upon a "the grace in which we stand, and re- subject of such infinite importance ; joice in hope of the glory, which is verily nothing ; indeed, when I atyet to be revealed, at the coming of tempt to grasp with my weak under. the Lord Jesus, with all his saints. standing the gluries of redemption, Apart from this blessed salvation, delivering a sinner from the bitter there is no light in the sinner's under- pains of eternal death, I feel it is standing ; his heart is as hard as the something like attempting to measure

Dether millstone, his conscience seared the circumference of the sun, or to das with a hot iron ; his mind earthly, count the drops of the morning dew. sensual, and devilish ; yea, all his Chatham.

J. M.

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and an abundant entrance into life for
ever more. Therefore it is well with

her that feared God, who feared be. Dear Sir,

fore him, and may much of the bles. It pleased the Lord in infi. sed mind of Jesus rest upon us, a finite wisdom and in great mercy to meek mind, a lowly mind, a submisremove our dear sister , last night sive mind, yea, in a word, a holy about half past eleven; may it please mind, saying with our whole hearts, the Lord to make it a sanctified be. it is the Lord, let him do as seemeth reavement, that if it be his heavenly him good. With kind remembrance will, her temporal death may be the to all. I remain, your's in the best spiritual life of other branches in our of bonds, family circle, " What the Lord doeth

JOHN INIGHT. we know not now," but there is the Barcombe. promise," that we shall know here.




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• His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour,

Dear Jane,
The bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flower.'

I am glad to hear that you have an

earnest desire after the Lord Jesus It was said to her :

Christ, who is despised and rejected • How sweet the name of Jesus sounds,

of men and abhorred of nations; the In a believer's eas.'

Lord increase it more and more. It

appears to me that wbat you found Yes, she said,

under the word preached was from

God, because it humbled you, and • It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear.'

because you felt an appetite for

Christ, the bread of life. There is She was asked, if she feared the nothing wanting on our part but valley ? No, no, Jesus is there, how spiritual poverty. Our sins are not precious Jesus is. She told her mo. so great a let in our way as our supther, not to weep for ber, saying I am posed goodness. It is no easy thing so happy, whose countenance as you to bring us to poverty of spirit; and witnessed manifested the same. Her in order to this, you will find deeper younger sister went to the bed-side and deeper discoveries of the deceit, to whom she said, I wish you many hypocrisy, pride, covetousness, &c., happy returns of your birth-day, with a thousand other things, vile and (which is next Sunday); seek the abominable, in your own beart: it is Lord while he may be found, call a cage of unclean and every hateful upon him, while he is near.

bird, and will very often terrify you, It was heart-comforting to hear, that you will say with Mr. Hart, with what child-like simplicity, and can ever God dwell here ;” and the godly sincerity, these words dropped more you know experimentally of from her lips ; it was' something like these things, the more you will prize a child in a natural sense when be. the Lord Jesus Christ ; you will sepaginning to talk, and may we not be rate more and more from worldly left to despise the day of small things. company, and like to be alone, tu acThe Lord has graciously answered knowledge and confess to the Lord; prayer on her behalf. His grace was which in time you will be brought to, sufficient for her, and his strength was I humbly hope; and when you have made perfect in ber weakness, an easy a full persuasion in your soul, that dismissal was granted her berefrom, rom the sole of the foot to the crown

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of the head you are full of wounds, mercy, he tempts us to believe that bruises, and putrifying cores.

You our convictions will end in madness, are just the character that the Lord that they are such as Cain, Saul, and Jesus Christ came into the world to others had; but let me tell you, that save; and that is sensible sinners : Cain, Saul, Judas, and others, never such as

are sick, and need the great confessed their sins to God, only to physician; and to such his commis. men, neither were their convictions sion reaches. There are four or five any more than of outward sins, but things that will break a sinner's not heart sins, neither did they ever heart : 1st. God's word cutting and cry to the Lord for mercy, and feel an condemning them at times, read appetite for Christ crucified; no, they where they will, " is not thy word were far enough from all this ; whereas like a hammer, to break the rock in God's family come after him in chains. pieces ;” and it often comes under with supplications and bitter weepings the word, as you found it at that he leads them, and they dread the night at P. C., when Mr. B. preached thoughts of being left to themselves, from, “But the bypocrite in heart for at times they feel careless of every treasures up wrath,” &c. 2nd. Such thing, and this appears worse to them are bound down with grief and sor. than all the rest, and they secretly row on account of their sins, and the wish to feel burdened and distressed burden gets heavier and heavier ; they again, for to the hungry soul every feel they are subjects of every abomi- bitter thing is sweet. Now various nation, and no power to help them- temptations help to break the heart, selves; for when the Ethiopian can

hence David says,

Sore broken in change his skin, and the leopard his the place of dragons (or devils), and spots, (which is impossible) then may covered with the shadow of death." ye that are accustomed to do evil But, lastly, the poor sinner is now learn to do well: and such, like Job, brought to venture upon Christ Jesus, are afraid of all their sorrows, fearing to sink or swim, and he is then comthat God will not hold them iunocent; pletely broken, for he that falleth, sometimes they fear it is only the saith Christ, upon this stone, that is sorrow of the world, wbich worketh himself, the corner stone, shall be death ; and at other times they fear broken. Now this teaching is from that their end will be "a day of grief God, and here is work for the Lord and of desperate sorrow :" neverthe. Jesus Christ, to bind up the brokenless, it is “ bv sorrow of heart that hearted. This is the new bottle that the spirit is broken.” 3rd. Such at the wine must be put in. A new at times are much reproved; and it is bottle is a broken heart, and the wine because they are separate írom the is the love of Christ : Thy love is world, and having the fear of God, better than wine.” And this wine is they cannot be in heartfelt union the blood of Christ : Drink ye all with them; they are reproached also of this, for it is the cup of the new from conscience, and from hypocrites. testament in my blood that was shed Hence David says, "reproach hath for you," This Mary had at our broken my heart. 4th. Satan is suf- Lord's feet, hence she was bumbled fered to tempt, wrong, accuse, and and broken all to pieces, and Christ condemn them; he is called the ac- discovered his love to her, saying, cuser of the brethren; he tempts us “ Thy sins which are many are all to sin, telling us there is no harm in forgiven thee.” There was the blood it; and when committed, he tempts of Jesus, the new wine brought into us to believe there is no mercy, for her heart, and it is said, “ She loved our sins are too great, and that we much." Here was Christ's love in have sinned beyond the reach of her that was better than wine. Now

November, 1845.

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Hart says,

all the time you are bearing these opens, because of the cross, for go
lessons, the Lord Jesus will often give where we will, if we belong to God,
you a lift under the word, reading a we shall have a cross, and woe be to
good book, or conversing with his us if we are without one.
people, and this is called his looking
through the lattice, and it is to keep
us from despair, to prop up our hearts,
and to raise us to hope of better days.
But after these soul melting times,

Dear Gyou will sink more and more, as Mr.

I have no doubt you have been ex•

pecting to hear from me long ere this, “ When lower and lower we every day fell.”'

but if I must tell the truth, the want Now may the Lord help you to of matter having prevented me. Mr. take my advice, I know it will be for

S. arrived here the 29th of September, your good : be singular and separate and preached four times and left Ocfrom all worldly people except what tober 4th, the people in general heard your business calls you to: this is

him to real profit, and to the glory of lawful. 2, Encourage every convic- God. I have a very comfortable tion for sin, and entreat the Lord to

time with him, and beard to much search you, and make you honest, for

settlement aad establishment. I have the charge brought against Jerusa- been amazing dull, dark and stupid lem is, that she obeyed not the voice.

of late; my mind has been kept down God's rod has a voice, “ hear the rod

much under legal fears and bondage, and him that bath appointed it.” peevish, fretful, obstinate, and rebel- . She received not correction. 3. Do

Jious as an ass. What a mercy that not try to excuse yourself before God, there is treasured up in the fulness of but confess and plead guilty, for he

the covenant head, gifts for the rejustifies the ungodly by faith. Lastly, bellious, on purpose that the Lord Pray in secret to the Lord, for a ma.

God might dwell among them. One nifestation of Christ to your soul, and

day last week, the Lord having bid which your mother has obtained after his face, the devil came in with the waiting nineteen years.

Read Goil's most horrid and fearful temptations, word, and beg the Saviour to open

the worst I ever passed through, his your understanding. God bless you his workings and the corruption of with a teachable spirit. Sow to the my own heart together, drove me in. Spirit, and you shall reap life ever. to confusion, hastiness and deep disJasting. I hope to keep calling upon

tress, so that I could hardly bold my God in

I add po more,

head up, or go about my daily calling. than kind love from

This set me to fall into that easy pit, my Your affectionate Father,

self-pity, till it was worse than the devil. Oh, what a mercy, G- for

you and me, that salvation is of the P. S.-Let me beg of you, Lord, and secured to us by an unal. by no means to give warning, or to terable covenant, were it not so, I leave your place, seeing it is contrary should be as sure of damnation, as I to the revealed will of God, which am this moment writing, for I must says, “ If the spirit of the ruler rise say, of all cases I ever heard, at times up against thee, leave not thy place, my own seems the most perilous, and for yielding pacifieth great offences.” was it not for the unchangeable mercy It is in Ecclesiastes. You know you and goodness of the Lord, I should did wrong in leaving

Do not

never hold up my head, even to a dis. let us try to shut a door that God tant expectation of mercy, my naked,


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