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schemes and religion and why are we Propitiation, our Redeemer, Surety, not, because we are translated out of Substitute and Husband. 4th, And the kingdom of darkness, into the king. by showing us, through all our dom of God's dear Son ; because God doubts, infidelity, and wickedness, hath taken us into everlasting rela. that Christ is a friend that loveth at tiouship to himself, and is now causing all times, one born for adversity. the poor soul to be cut off from every They were a peculiar people, so Israel thing, that he might enjoy this sacred spiritually, they have peculiar troubles, indestructible union to Jesus ; bring. troubles that the mere professor knows ing them experimentally to rejoice, nothing of, often tried about their and say, “ For we are the circumci. troubles, whether they are the pecu. sion, which worship God in the Spi- liar trials, marks, and spots of God's rit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and children, or whether they are troubles have no confidence in the flesh,” peculiar to the world : & mere profestheir ears are circumcised to hear the sor, a hypocrite, is never exercised in truth, their hearts to feel the power this way. They have peculiar battles, of it, and receive it, so that nothing within, a warring of two principles, or but truth, spiritual and experimental powers, and no one is acquainted will suit them. Truth in its power, spiritually and experimentally with savour and unction, they want to this warfare, but they who bave the live upon. What do we, my friends, incorruptible seed within them; the know about this important matter ? implantation of the divine nature, feel.

Again Israel was a saved people.-So ing something of the power, vitality, spiritual Israel; "who is like unto thee, and verity of the religion of Christ, oh people, saved by the Lord.” In his “When they are weak, then are they love and pity he has redeemed us; strong.” Peculiar revelations of God's Israel shall be saved with an everlast- love are made to them under severe ing salvation in the Lord. Who saved trials, in their relationship to God, in us? ourmost blessed Immanuel worked their dwelling, they dwell on high, they salvation for us, he was the accom- dwell alone, in a word, in God; they are plisher of it, “The angel of his pre- peculiarly described in God's word, sol. sence saved us. Its source was the diers, kingdom of priests, boly nation, love of God. God so loved the city of truth, city of the living God, world that he gave his only begotten building, husbandry of God, a garden Son." there is an eternity of meaning of nuts, clothed in royal apparel, in that particle, so. Jesus is the un- sometimes, notwithstanding all they speakable gift of God, He gave have talked and professed to enjoy, himself for us, that he might redeem constrained to break out in bitter us from all iniquity,” Titus ii. 14. complaint, “We see not our signs.” He saved us from its curse, by being What a mercy, God abideth faithful, made a curse for us, bringing a poor no variation in him. soul by the powerful, invincible Let us now consider under what operations of the eternal Spirit, to feel circumstances, they gathered themthat there is no condemnation to themselves ? We read in 1 Samuel xxii, who are in Christ Jesus. The Spirit 2, “ Every one that was in distress, works salvation within us. 1st, By every one that was in debt, and every leading us experimentally to feel our one that was discontented, gathered lost condition as sinners. 2nd, By themselves together unto him.” Hark, causing us to cry out in our perilous says the Arminian, they gathered situation, “ Lord save or I perish, God themselves, yes, mark how and when be merciful to me a sinner.” 3rd, By they did it spiritually. 1st, The des. showing us that Christ bore all our cription of persons: in debt, in distress, sins, that he was our scape goat, and discontented, God's dear family

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are brought to feel they are truly from troubling, and in him the debtors, and have nothing to pay with, wearied with self, sin, the world, either their destitution felt is what causes professing or profane, are at rest. them to be in distress; they have gone The thirsty, he will give to drink of down to Egypt for help. trusted in the water of life, the water of the man and have found a curse upon it, well of Bethlehem; bis word says, tried every physician, found them to Ho every one that thirsteth, come be physicians of no value, tried all ye to the waters, and he that hath no refuges, found them to be refuges money, come ye, buy and eat, yea of lies ; they have put confidence in come, buy wine and milk, without fleshly efforts and found themselves te money and without price;" when this be fools ; hence they are discontented is brought home to the heart, by God with all the several schemes of the day, the eternal Spirit, then there is a parwith self, doings, prayers, in a word taking of these gospel blessings. they are discontented with every- III Their testimony, “ Behold we thing, and think they shall perish, but are thy bone and thy flesh.” " the great trumpet shall be blown, The place where this testimony and they that are ready to perish was given, Hebron, which signifies, shall come.” Hear, my people shall society, friendship, enchantment or come, “and him that cometh I will in invincible influence, overpowering deno wise cast out.” 2nd, The manner light. This place was formerly called by of their coming, They shall come the name Arba or Kirjath-Arba, which with weeping, and with supplications signifies awaking, uncovering, then will I lead them ;” no presumptuous before we are brought experimentally confidence; where is the man breath. into the blessed, ravishing, animating the vital air, living under the ing, supporting society of Jesus, we vaulted arches of heaven, who is not must know what it is to awaken, or a debtor to God? but how few in this inwardly to feel the quickening, lifeday of abounding profession feel it giving and life-supporting influences spiritually; but some, bless God, are of the eternal Spirit; we must know brought to feel it, and have been the import of the apostle's language, brought to feel that Christ bath paid it you hath he quickened, who were all by the shedding of his own blood, dead in trespasses and sins.” When , justified us in the high court of hea- the law came home in the hand of ven, and made us blessedly to feel the Spirit, the apostle says it by an application of atoning mercy. vived and I died,” he saw sin then They now sing with dear Toplady, as he never saw it before, yes and felt

it too. It signifies friendship, being " A debtor to mercy alone, Of covenant mercy I sing.”

brought into sweet communion with

our most blessed Lord, through union It is said, in 2 Samuel xvii. 29. street; he appears unto us a friend in“ the people are hungry and thirsty deed, and we have experimentally felt and weary in the wilderness." Christ him a friend in need, he is a friend says, “ Blessed are they that hun. that sticketh closer than a brother, à ger, for they shall be fed,” he will friend that loveth at all times, one born cause them spiritually to feed upon for adversity, he became poor, that this truth, upon Limself, the fat. we through his poverty might be made ted calf, the shew-bread, the cakes rich, rich we are if interested in Je. and the oiled wafers, he will give sus, heirs of God and joint heirs with them honey out of the rock; the Christ; oh, what dignity, and honour, weary he will give to rest in him. king's sons, having a royal education; self, the true spiritual and everlast. it signifies overpowering delight; "! ing rest; it is in him the wickcd cease sat down under his shadow with great

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delight, and his fruit was sweet to Mark the person, he, what he does :

Their delight is in the he keepeth all his bones. Lord, in the abundance of peace.

Preservation." Not one of them The testimony itself. We are thy is broken.” Notice that wonderful bone and thy flesh. What did Adam scripture, Ps. xxxv. 10., “ All my say, when the woman appeared : “and bones shall say, Lord, who is like unAdam said, This is now bone of to thee, which deliverest the poor my bone, and flesh of my flesh;" from bim that is too strong for and wben the eterual Spirit brings us him, yea the poor and the needy to Christ, as poor, forlorn, helpless from him that spoileth him.” singers, Jesus says unto his church : When the evil of sin is spiritu-' Thou shalt no more be termed for ully seen, its hcinous nature apsaken, Thy Maker is thine Hus- pears, its awful lurpiture is, in band, tbe Lord of hosts is his name, some measure, felt, every poor help. and thy Redeemer the Holy One of less sinner is brought to abhor Israel; the God of the whole earth, himself in dust and ashes, and he shall he be called.” Now when Jesus dies, that is to all hopes of saving tells his people he is married unto himself in the killing covenant that them, and this is applied with unctious he felt something spiritually of; then power to the soul, they are enabled to

no hope in a fleshly religion, no creasay then, “ behold we are thy bone, ture wisdom or power, could save and thy flesh.” Christ is the head of him ; well, it is through fire and his body the church, " he is the vine, through water, into the wealthy place, we are the branches,” having all our fire of the law, fiery trials, fire of afsap, life, nourishment from him." For fiction ; througn water, soul trouble, we are members of his body, of his spiritual tribulation, unto the wealthy flesh and of his bones.” This lan- place, blessed society, with our most guage is used to set forth the oneness, glorious Christ, to walk with him, to nearness, and unity there is between enjoy fellowship and nearness with Christ and the church; the apostle hiin, “ a people near unto him.” Again breaks out in this emphatic language, we must be uncovered, be brought “ This is a great mystery, but I speak into God's stripping room, stript concerning Christ and the church,” of our fig leaf righteousnés, see our. Eph. v. 30.

selves naked before God, an undone, We notice next the blessedness of helpless and hopeless sinner before this relationship. “ Not a bone of his him, he is brought like “the stone to shall be broken.' This was true of the cry out of the wall,” but what a paschal lamb, and of the true paschal mercy, “The beam out of the timber, Lamb, literally, so also is true of his shall answer it." Habakkuk ii. 2. The mystical bones. Not a bone of Jo. Lord takes the poor sinner, clothes seph should be left in Egypt; as it him in a change of raiment, puts upon was of the bones of Joseph literally, him the best robe, shews him the ring so shall it be of the antitypical Jo- of everlastiag love upon his finger, seph, and of the mystical bones of his brings him at once into the society body. It is said, " A good report of Jesus, then is the time of singing. maketh the bones fat,” a report of and making merry, because he that everlasting love, the gospel trumpet, was dead is alive, he that was naked the joyful sound, maketh the bones is clothed, the lost one is found. fat, and flourishing in the courts of Christ hath made the man free and God, yes the inner courts of God's he is free indeed, the time then of spiritual truth," he keepeth all his singing of birds surely is come, he bones, not one of them is broken.” that was afar off, is now brought nigh; by the blood of Christ, " whose blood reign mercy, that weans us from the cleanseth from all sin," " and the perishing things of time and sense, Lord hath laid on him, the iniquity of that leads us out of self to this ex. us all,” every demand of infinite in. haustless fountain of infinite grace flexible justice was met by him; he and favour for every new supply, for suffered in his character, in his per- every thing out of Jesus is like the son, by the cruelty of men, from his summer brook soon dried up. We professed friends, from the sword of obtain bere a few glimpses of eternal infinite justice; but what did he say blessedness in him, and then fall back in prospect of it all, I have a baptism upon earthly contemplations, this will to be baptized with, and how am I never be the case above in the regions straitened till it be accomplished, or

of eternal bliss : in this lowland state how ardently I long till it be effected, the eye of faith is too weak to gaze what did he say on the cross, I thirst, perpetually at the glories, which shed for what? human applause ? no, for cbeir radiance throughout the celesthe accomplishment of heaven's de- tial hemisphere, when Jesus arises to signs.

the view in all the fervent animation Unless we are brought in some ot his magnificent beams. When we sweet measure to feel this, dying work behold him now, it is as through painwill not only be new work, but it will ted glass, or through the frail vision be awful work; unless we are interested of dim mortality. Well, these forein the atonement of Christ, we shall tastes are reviving, we hail their apnever hear the sounds of heavenly elo- proach, we welcome their enjoyment. quence "come, ye blessed of my Father, But oh, how immeasurably short are inherit the kingdom, prepared for you they when compared with the glors from the foundation of the world." that is to be revealed in us.

I hope May mercy keep and lead us into it is your privilege now to live by the gospel mines.

faith of the Son of God, shortly you Now, unto him that hath loved us, shall enter that holy kingdom, where to him glory and dominion for ever. sin and sorrow, darkness and conflict Amen.

shall no more disturb your sweet repose, in Jesus for ever.

Here we rest in him by faith, but there we shall rest in full fruition, and see him

as he is. Here we are surrounded by Dearly beloved sister, in the Lord, a thousand obstacles, we hope against grace, mercy, and peace be unto you hope in a victorious Redeemer, there and yours, from the fountain fulness

sball enjoy more than all we of Jehovah Jesus, in whom it hath hoped for here, and cast our crowns pleased the Father that all fulness at his feet. He who hath ordained should dwell. The beauties of all to enter the kingdom through creation collected into one focus are much tribulation, hath also ordained but a ray from his fulness, all the and reserved that glorious inheritance treasures in the world are but a mite for us. But it

may be at present you of his worth, all are too mean to set are in heaviness, through manifold forth his incomparable excellencies or temptations, fears, and fightings ; fear shadow forth his unbounded great- not, my dear sister, in the furnace you ness and glory ; his friendship is a may be, but from the refiner's hands greater treasure than the smiles of all you can never fall, for in these places the human race. The smile of Jesus he comes to hold the sweetest fellowbegets the serenity of heaven. That ship and communion. Would you experience is most to be coveted which have your faith found unto praise lays us low at the footstool of sove- honour and glory at the appearing of




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our own.

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Jesus Christ, then expect it to be of perfection in the heavenly world, tried. Would you sing of delivering we shall have need of patience. A mercy without preceding dangers ? life of faith is a waiting life, for Impossible. The way to take hold though we receive the earnest, yet we of Christ's strength, is first to lose all wait for the inheritance. It is Jeho

The way to be more than vab that says to the poor buffeted conquerors is first to be overcome.

weary pilgrim, “ Gird up the loins of The Lord works his free grace won- your mind, be sober and hope to the ders by such means as to reason ap- end,” for the grace which shall be pear quite contrary to his designs. brought unto us at the appearing of He that took care that Peter's faith Jesus Christ; what that grace should not fail, will take care of us

are positively told, that and our faith too. We are now in “ when he shall appear we shall be the lowland territories of the King of like him, and see him as he is.” Then glory. Now it is the kingdom and indeed Christ shall be admired in his patience of Jesus Christ. Shortly saints, and they shall bear his glori. we shall be in the kingdom and glory ous image. What difficulties and of Christ, when patience has had sorrows have many dear saints gone her perfect work. Ah, my dear sis. through in pressing towards this ter, our compassionate High Priest, mark, for the prize of their high calknows our inward sighs and groans. ling? To be like Christ is an honour That which cannot be uttered and dignity, which awaits all the by us is all quite intelligible to him. royal family of heaven, such are the He is no unconcerned spectator of our consequences of being joint heirs with various conflicts, he knows the bleed. the royal heir of all things. Then ing sorrows which a base ungrateful shall not we who are expecting ere heart occasions in the breast of one long to shine as the stars of heaven, that is born of God. And in him for ever and ever ; be content to be alone there is a balm for all our made of no reputation for Christ's wounds. The very sins which now sake? What is a little worldly resload

your troubled soul, once burden- pectability ? What is the applause of ed your suffering Lord, or you had frail mortals to the honour that com. Dever known such trouble : all were eth from God only? The more closely known to him and were atoned for, we follow the lowly despised harmless long before we drew our breath, by Lamb of God, the more we may ex, the spotless Lamb of God, we have pect to be reproached and persecuted no curse, like him, attends our trials by wolves in sheep's clotbing. The and inward conflicts, but suffer we more we taste the sweetness of peace must while we are the subjects of sin, in atoning blood, and the more the “ For as much as Christ bath suffer- Holy Spirit opens the grand scheme ed for us, in the flesh, arm yourselves of love in Christ's cross, the more we likewise with the same mind.” “ But shall be crucified to the world, and the if we suffer with him we shall also world to us. By this the Holy Spirit reign with him.” We receive strength melts the chosen sinner's heart, to by the Spirit to tread in his steps. shew forth Jehovah's praise whilst And all our short comings and sinful passing through this desert land, to deviations are freely forgiven through his kingdom and glory. As tried and Christ's precious blood. What love tempted souls go through the most is here, that all our poor services distress, so they usually have the should be washed in blood divine, most affecting and striking discoveand presented by him whose inter- ries of the wisdom, power and glory ceding breath perfumes every sacri- of the Lord and acquire a sympathy fice. Until we are brought to a state for afflicted minds. But no words

August, 1845.]

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