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the best robe, that was put on the providence prospered him; bence prodigal, “ bring forth the best robe, Paul writes as follows :

Now I say and this is none other than the im- that the heir, as long as he is a child, puted righteousness of the Lord Je

differeth nothing from a servant, sus Christ, and this is essential to

though he be lord of all, but is un. salvation, for the unrighteous shall der tutors and governors, until the not inberit the kingdom of God; now time appointed of the father.” Gal. iv. Paul, Peter and John, who were all 1, 2, and here we all are under fathers, brought forth to their children, these tutors and governors, and have this best robe; Paul tells them that by only a little spending money. But Christ's obedience they should be who are these tutors and governors, made righteous. Peter tells them that I answer, they are letter preachers

, they will suffer for righteousness sake, who are sound in the letter of God's so it was then, and so it ever will be, truth, and they will talk of the be. for the wicked bate the just and liever's inheritance very largely, and gnasheth at him with his teeth.” John set it forth in a wonderful way,

that also tells us,

" he that doeth righte- he is an heir of life, of righteous, ousness is born of him, and what is ness, of salvation, of the kingdom of this doing but believing, called the God, of glory, an heir of God, and a obedience of faith, so that when we joint heir with Jesus Christ. But are enabled to exercise faith on the the child of God, is full of doubts righteousness of Christ, we then are and fears, and oh, how he looks and clothed with it, and are righteous, longs, wishes and craves to get full even as Christ is righteous; but ano. possession of these blessed things ; ther part of our clothing is a created he hears and reads, he prays, he conrighteousness, and this is the new

verses, but seems further and further Now these fathers all enforced off. One and another come to their this clothing, Paul calls it the righ- estate, but he is still in the back teousness on the left, “ by the word ground, and although he is told, that of truth, by the power of God, by the there is an appointed time, yea, a set armour of righteousness on the right time to favour Zion, yet he is sadly hand and on the left.” Peter calls it plagued and tormented ; Satan sug; the hidden man of the heart, a being gests, you are not one of them, and a partaker of the divine nature, and unbelief says the same.

However John tells us it is the love of God; after innumerable fears and doubts, thus they all brought forth this robe. the time being come he takes full Once more, humility was a robe that possession of his inheritance, and his these fathers brought forth to their soul rejoices in it, and it is impossible children. Paul says, Serving the to tell what he is worth. Was I to Lord, with all humility of mind,” fill a large volume, I never could des“ unto me who am the least of all cribe it, but one text swallows up all, saints, &c.

“ be cloth. and that is this, " God is his poro ed with humility, for God resisteth tion;" now although I might bring the proud, but giveth grace to the ten thousand things, that he is an humble," and as John enforces, heir of, yet this takes in all, for only all through his epistles, the love consider how rich a man must be,

God, so Paul tells that that has God for his portion, Father, charity vaunteth not itself.” Ha- Son and Holy Ghost, and this is con. ving treated of the food and clothing firmed by some, that after long seekI bave one thing more in view, and ing, have come to their estate. Jerethat is this : it lays with a father to miah was one,

“ the Lord is my por: settle estates on his children, and to tion, saith my soul, therefore will I Jortion them off, as God has in his hope in him," Lam. iii. 24. David


Peter says



is another, “ The Lord is the portion own hearts, “ for by the law is the of mine inheritance, and my cup, knowledge of sin.” However they thou maintainest my lot.” Ps. xvi. 5. keep on growing in grace, until they Asaph is another, after all his sad get to be young men, and engaged in complaints he says, " Whom have I the fight of faith, " being strengthin heaven but thee, and there is none ened with might by the Spirit in the upon earth, that I desire beside thee. inner man, they are strong in the My Aesh and my heart faileth, but Lord and in the power of his might," God is the strength of my heart, and they stand fast in the Lord, they my portion for ever,” Psa. lxxiii. 25, stand fast in the liberty, and they 26. I will mention one more, and stand fast in the faith, and after that is Abraham ; " after these things, many ups and downs, ins and outs, (ab, fellow traveller, what numberless and hard fightings they grow up to things, there are that come in our be fathers in Christ, and are useful way so that we shall often concluile, in communicating the same grace and that we shall never gain the point, spirit unto others, and were these that we are far enough from having things properly attended to, it would any thing to do with this inheritance, remove much of that strife and conbut we are wrong, for, after these tention which there is in the church things).“ the word of the Lord came of God, which arises from ignorance unto Abraham in a rision, saying, of God's work, and you may see all Fear not Abraham, I ans thy shield, and that I have wrote on this page in thy exceeding great reward,” Gen. Job's experience. I can see him a xv. 1. A shield to defend thee from babe, first, quickened, he had the fear every enemy and thy eternal portion, of the Lord, there is life. Then a therefore fear not. Tbus friend T. I suckling, “ the rock poured him out have

gone through the little work, in rivers of oil.” After this, a law-work, which

you see the various sorts there “ thou writest bitter things against are in the Lord's family, babes, such me," and as a little child he wants to are babes, when once light and life know his pardon. After this he enter their souls ; they are regene- goes to fight, and he fights hard too. rated and born again of the Spirit, and declares that the root of the mat" the incorruptible seed, the word of ter is found in him, neither will be God, that liveth and abideth for give way to any, hut declares that ever,” such desire the sincere milk of his Redeemer lived. Thus you see he the word, and therefore, are sucklings, was a young man in Christ, and after and they suck and are satisfied with this a father, and no doubt but he the breasts of Zion's consolations ; was like John very useful in his old but as they grow up to little children, age to the church of God. Now they hear talk of a law work, and these things cannot be contradicted now they conclude that they are all upon the ground of truth, and you wrong, that they have been deceived know we are told to cleanse our way, all througla by Satan, that they are in by taking heed according to God's an unpardoned state. Now Jobo, a word. Life in the soul proves to father in Christ, writes to such, to God's saints that I am born again, try to encourage them, “ I write unto but perfect love casting out all fear you, little children, that ye may know and all torment proves to ourselves that your sins are forgiven you for that it is so. May the Lord enable his name sake,” this shews that these us friend T. to persevere in all little children were under a law work, good things. I shall conclude with that the thing they greatly feared was the following blessed text, « Now he come upon them, and that they had which stablisheth us with you in deeper and deeper discoveries

of their Christ, and anointed us is God, who

J. R.

" This



also hath sealed us and given us the The end of it. The exbilvition of earnest of his Spirit in our hearts." the adorable riches of his sovereign “ Assure my conscience of her part

grace in the final glorification of the In the Redeemer's blood,

objects of it.

“ God hath not apAnd bear thy witness with my heart pointed us unto wrath, but to obtain That I am born of God.”

salvation, by our Lord Jesus Christ." Farewell.

As many as were ordained to eterDal life believed.” “God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation."

The Lord hatb made all things for A SERMON.

himself, for his own glory." Preached at Bethel Chapel, Cheltenham, people have I formed for myself

, on Sunday Evening, March 9, 1845.

they shall shew forth my praise.” Observe that amazing scripture, Rom.

ix. 23. “ And that he might make (Continued from page 152.)

known the riches of his glory on the Then all Israel gathered themselves vessels of mercy which he had afore to David unto Hebron, saying, Behold, prepared unto glory.” are thy bone and flesh.—1 Chron.

Again, Israel was a circumcised peoxi. l.

ple.Hear the great apostle Rom. ii

. The flood-gates of heaven were 28, 29. “ For he is not a Jew, which loosed. The mighty deluge of Jeho is one outwardly, neither is that cir. vah's wrath, came upon him, “ all cumcision, which is outward in the thy waves and thy billows are gone flesh. But be is a Jew which is one over me," says Christ. So the poor inwardly, and circumcision is that of children of God experimentally feel the heart, in the Spirit and not in the that there is no fury in him. “ No letter, whose praise is not of men, condemnation to them in Christ but of God." The author of this Jesus, who walk after the Spirit, and circumcision, “ The Lord thy God not after the flesh.” So that will circumcise thy heart.” It is a fleshly religion, will not suit them, painful operation, it is a cutting off they must have a supernatural reli. the foreskin of our righteousness, it gion, a religion of everlastings, felt is under this operation that we are and experienced in the soul. Now brought into the stripping room, to they have a little reviving in the the place of stopping of mouths, it midst of their bondage. “ But of strips us of our conceitedness and him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God fleshly wisdom, thwarts our plans, cuts is made unto us, wisdom, and righ- off all fleshly prospects and props,

it teousness, and sanctification and re- cuts us from self-importance, brings demption.”

us to wbisper out of the dust, have Its purity. It is an act of the mercy,

« God be merciful unto me a Holy One.

It brings us into near. sipner.” “ Lord save, or I perish.” ness, oneness, and fellowship with This is a work of continuation, for the Holy and great God. Where 18 there is a needs be for this work, and the licentious tendency of this truth? indeed God does teach his people, by It emanates from the source and “ terrible things, in righteousness. fountain of unsullied holiness. It is This is a very unpleasing operation, the destitution of it, in its power, flesh does not like it. It is said of unction and holy effects in the soul Enoch, that he was not.

Why? that leads to ungodly practices. because God took him, he translated Nothing will make a man pray so ear- him. So it might be be declared of nest, spiritual and importunate as a of all God's dear spiritual people, hungering after this glorious truth. they are not resting on flesh, fleshly


api say,

schemes and religion and why are we Propitiation, our Redeemer, Surety, not, because we are translated out of Substitute and Husband. 4th, And the kingdom of darkness, into the king- by showing us, through all our dom of God's dear Son; because God doubts, infidelity, and wickedness, hath taken us into everlasting rela. that Christ is a friend that loveth at tiouship to himself, and is now causing all times, one born for adversity. the poor soul to be cut off from every They were a peculiar people, so Israel thing, that he might enjoy this sacred spiritually, they have peculiar troubles, indestructible union to Jesus ; bring- troubles that the mere professor knows ing them experimentally to rejoice, nothing of, often tried about their

“ For we are the circumci. troubles, whether they are the pecu. sion, which worship God in the Spi- liar trials, marks, and spots of God's rit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and children, or whether they are troubles bave no confidence in the flesh,” peculiar to the world : a mere profestheir ears are circumcised to hear the sor, a hypocrite, is never exercised in truth, their hearts to feel the power this way. They have peculiar battles, of it, and receive it, so that nothing within, a warring of two principles, or but truth, spiritual and experimental powers, and no one is acquainted will suit them. Truth in its power, spiritually and experimentally with savour and unction, they want to this warfare, but they who have the live upon. What do we, my friends, incorruptible seed within them; the know about this important matter ? implantation of the divine nature, feel.

Again Israel was a saved people.-Soing something of the power, vitality, spiritual Israel; "who is like unto thee, and verity of the religion of Christ, oh people, saved by the Lord.” In his “When they are weak, then are they love and pity he bas redeemed us; strong.” Peculiar revelations of God's Israel shall be saved with an everlast- love are made to them under severe ing salvation in the Lord. Who saved trials, in their relationship to God, in us? our most blessed Immanuel worked their dwelling, they dwell on high, they salvation for us, he was the accom- dwell alone, in a word, in God; they are plisher of it, “The angel of his pre- peculiarly described in God's word, solsence saved us. Its source was the diers, kingdom of priests, boly nation, love of God. “ God so loved the city of truth, city of the living God, world that he gave his only begotten building, husbandry of God, a garden Son." there is an eternity of meaning of nuts, clothed in royal apparel, in that particle, so. Jesus is the un- sometimes, notwithstanding all they speakable gift of God, “ He gave have talked and professed to enjoy, himself for us, that he might redeem constrained to break out in bitter us from all iniquity,” Titus ii. 14. complaint, “We see not our signs.” He saved us from its curse, by being What a mercy, God abideth faithful, made a curse for us, bringing a poor no variation in him. soul by the powerful, invincible Let us now consider under what operations of the eternal Spirit, to feel circumstances, they gathered them. that there is no condemnation to them selves? We read in 1 Samuel xxii, who are in Christ Jesus. The Spirit 2, “ Every one that was in distress, works salvation within us. 1st, By every one that was in debt, and every leading us experimentally to feel our one that was discontented, gathered lost condition as sinners. 2nd, By themselves together unto him.” Hark, causing us to cry out in our perilous says the Arminian, they gathered situation, “ Lord save or I perish, God themselves, yes, mark how and when be merciful to me a sinner." 3rd, By they did it spiritually. 1st, The des. showing us that Christ bore all our cription of persons: in debt, in distress, sins, that he was our scape goat, and discontented, God's dear family


are brought to feel they are truly from troubling, and in him the debtors, and have nothing to pay with, wearied with self, sin, the world, either their destitution felt is what causes professing or profane, are at rest. them to be in distress; they have gone The thirsty, he will give to drink of down to Egypt for help. trusted in the water of life, the water of the man and have found a curse upon it, well of Bethlehem; his word says, tried every physician, found them to Ho

every one that thirsteth, be physicians of no value, tried all ye to the waters, and he that hath no refuges, found them to be refuges money, come ye, buy and eat, yea of lies ; they have put confidence in come, buy wine and milk, without fleshly efforts and found themselves te money and without price;" when this be fools ; hence they are discontented is brought home to the heart, by God with all the several schemes of the day, the eternal Spirit, then there is a parwith self, doings, prayers, in a word taking of these gospel blessings. they are discontented with every

III Their testimony,

• Behold we thing, and think they shall perish, but are thy bone and thy flesh." " the great trumpet shall be blown, The place where this testimony and they that are ready to perish was given, Hebron, which signifies, shall come.” Hear, my people shall society, friendship, enchantment or come, "and him that cometh I will in invincible influence, overpowering deno wise cast out.” 2nd. The manner light. This place was formerly called by of their coming, “They shall come the name Arba or Kirjath-Arba, which with weeping, and with supplications signifies awaking, uncovering, then will I lead them ;” no presumptuous before we are brought experimentally confidence ; where is the man breath. into the blessed, ravishing, animating the vital air, living under the ing, supporting society of Jesus, we vaulted arches of heaven, who is not must know what it is to awaken, a debtor to God? but how few in this inwardly to feel the quickening, lifeday of abounding profession feel it giving and life-supporting influences spiritually; but some, bless God, are of the eternal Spirit; we must know brought to feel it, and have been the import of the apostle's language, brought to feel that Christ bath paid it

hath he quickened, who

were all by the shedding of his own blood, dead in trespasses and sins.” When justified us in the high court of hea- the law came home in the hand of ven, and made us blessedly to feel the Spirit, the apostle says it by an application of atoning mercy. vived and I died,” he saw sin tben They now sing with dear Toplady, as he never saw it before, yes and felt A debtor to mercy alone,

it too. It signifies friendship, being Of covenant mercy I sing."

brought into sweet communion with

our most blessed Lord, through union It is said, in 2 Samuel xvii. 29. street; he appears unto us a friend in“ the people are hungry and thirsty deed, and we bave experimentally felt and weary in the wilderness.” Christ him a friend in need; he is a friend says, Blessed are they that hun. that sticketh closer than a brother, å ger, for they shall be fed,” he will friend that loveth at all times, one born cause them spiritually to feed upon for adversity, he became poor, that this truth, upon Limself, the fat- we through his poverty might be made ted calf, the shew-bread, the cakes rich, rich we are if interested in Jeand the oiled wafers, he will give sus, heirs of God and joint heirs with them honey out of the rock; the Christ; oh, what dignity, and honour, weary he will give to rest in him. king's sons, having a royal education ; self, the true spiritual and everlast. it signifies overpowering delight; "I ing rest; it is in him the wickcd cease sat down under his shadow with great


• Sin re

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